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PostSubject: Casey Anthony - Defense Lead Baez Dodges A Bullet   Fri Mar 04, 2011 11:23 pm

Casey Anthony – Defense Lead Baez Dodges A Bullet

Posted on March 4th, 2011
by Simon Barrett in crime
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Today saw the (at least weekend closure) of the pre trial hearings on the Casey Anthony case that have been dragging on for three days. It is but a brief respite, Judge Belvin Perry will have the players back in his court at 2pm Monday.
A court case should never be equated to an NFL game, but the analogies abound. Quarterback Jose Baez seems to have figured out that ‘faking a throw’, Zenaida Gonsalez, Roy Kronk, Tim Miller’s Equusearch group, oh the list goes on and on, but all roads lead to a disaster of epic proportions.
Late in Fridays hearing he was thrown a bone, the prosecution had been seeking sanctions against Baez for his wanton disrespect of court ordered deadlines to share discovery and information concerning his Experts, and their findings. In a move that I am scratching my head over Ashton announced to Judge Belvin Perry that the two sides had come to a resolution over the matter. Baez then put on his best smile and apologized to the court and to Ashton.

I would never disregard an order that your honor would issue in a case like this, I believe in what I’m doing as a defense lawyer. Many times in the course of a lawyer fulfilling his passion, sometimes a lawyer’s advocacy takes over for his professional judgment.
Of course Jose Baez was in a win/win situation. Lets face it, it is the tax payers footing his bill.
Earlier in the day Baez had detective Yuri Melich on the stand. Exactly what the objective of this boring and repetitive adventure was all about has yet to be discovered. Baez hammered on the subject of Melich trying to coerce testimony, but Baez was unable to make any of the ‘dung balls’ stick to the wall.
That is not to say that Baez did not win a few victories, clearly the subject of Casey Anthony and where and when her Miranda was given is of some importance in the exclusion of some evidence.
However this introduces a far larger question. It is rather like deciding to buy a high ticket item online. However, the only reviews permitted are the good ones. What happened to the one star reviews?
May is rapidly approaching. Can a few hollow victories by Jose Baez save Casey Anthony from a very long term all expenses paid vacation behind bars?
Simon Barrett
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PostSubject: Casey Docs Reveal Defense Expert Witnesses' Testimony   Fri Mar 04, 2011 11:26 pm

Casey Docs Reveal Defense Expert Witnesses' Testimony

Posted: 6:44 pm EST March 4, 2011
Updated: 6:55 pm EST March 4, 2011

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- Some of the most significant events in the case against Casey Friday didn't happen in the courtroom, despite a hearing. Instead, WFTV found them in a stack of documents released by the defense. The documents involve the defense team's expert witnesses.

TRANSCRIPTS: Bock | Bock #2 | Furton | Huntington | Huntington #2 | Fairgrieve
VIDEO REPORT: Docs Reveal Witnesses' Testimony

Among the 460 pages WFTV obtained are the transcripts of four experts being questioned. They talked about Caylee's remains, the smell in Casey's car, and the use of police dogs during a search. In every case, the experts negate the theories the state has about those things.
In December, January and February, prosecutors and attorneys in the case against Casey Anthony questioned the four expert defense witnesses.
Biology professor Dr. Timothy Huntington discussed his opinions about findings in Casey's car. He said he smelled the trunk several days after the car was retrieved and admitted it smelled bad, but couldn't determine if the scent was decomposition or the smell of garbage.
When asked if he agreed that remains were found in her car, he said: "I wouldn't have said that based on the evidence at hand. No."
The state argues there was a body in her car.
"This is the defense's witness to counter that. 'No. I don't reach the same conclusion,'" explained WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer.
A forensics expert reviewed materials pertaining to the use of human remains detection dogs. The dogs were used by law enforcement to search the Anthony's home and hit on something. The dogs also sniffed around her car.
"The use of a dog can be somewhat subjective because the dog is not a scientific instrument," Dr. Scott Fairgrieve said.
Fairgrieve said dogs aren't calibrated, so they're not reliable.
"This is an attempt by the defense to refute or dispute the state's expert by way of cadaver dogs," Sheaffer explained.
A biologist was also questioned. She claimed Caylee's remains were surrounded by plant growth, and said the body had been in the woods anywhere from a week to six months.
"This witness is going to say, 'No, it was placed there after Casey was in jail,'" Sheaffer explained.
Sheaffer told WFTV it's common for one side to use experts to try to poke a hole in the other side's theories, just like what's been done here.
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PostSubject: Cindy Testifies, Baez Apologizes At Casey Hearing   Fri Mar 04, 2011 11:37 pm

Cindy Testifies, Baez Apologizes At Casey Hearing

Posted: 8:55 am EST March 4, 2011

Updated: 6:56 pm EST March 4, 2011

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Casey Anthony and her attorneys were back in the courtroom Friday morning as a scheduled 2-day hearing pushed into a third day. Prosecutors and defense attorney's furthered their cases over the admissibility of conversations between Casey and her family, but not before taking up a matter concerning WFTV.

CASEY ENTERS 03/04: See Images | Raw Video
BELICH RULING: Watch Raw Video | Motion
BILL SHEAFFER: Pre-Day 3 Analysis
CINDY ANTHONY: Raw Testimony
PERRY CRACKS WHIP: Judge Chastises Attorneys
BAEZ APOLOGY: Regarding Contempt Allegations
DETECTIVE MELICH: Part 1 Of 2 | Part 2
IN COURT 03/04: Key Players In The Case
VIDEO REPORT: Day 3 Of Hearing Ends
READ: Motions To Be Heard March 2-3

Friday afternoon, the judge announced he will hold a hearing next week on a set of key remaining pretrial motions he heard arguments on this week. While Ninth Judicial Circuit Chief Judge Belvin Perry ruled on a handful of small motions Friday that the defense and prosecution argued on over three consecutive days, he has called another hearing for 2:00pm Monday. It is then that he is expected to rule on other motions that could affect the strategies both the defense and state will employ in the upcoming trial of Casey Anthony.
Things got heated fast Friday morning with Judge Belvin Perry reprimanding Casey Anthony for arriving to the courtroom late. The hearing was scheduled for 8:45am, but Casey didn't arrive until around 8:50am.
Judge Perry explained that he would not wait for "clothes" to start the hearing and said that when he sets a hearing for 8:45am, it needs to start at that time. Apparently, Casey's clothes were late arriving for her at the courthouse.
After that bit of procedural reprimand, things got started with WFTV's own attorney, Greg Thomas, arguing to strike WFTV reporter Kathi Belich from the defendant's witness list (read motion).
Defense attorney Cheney Mason argued that it's not a guaranteed privilege for journalists in all cases and said this is an exception. In addition, Mason argued that two inmates, Robyn Adams and Maya Derkovic, are involved in a conspiracy against Casey; Belich had interviewed Derkovic inside jail.
Judge Perry then quoted Florida Statute 90.5015 (statute details) that provides a journalist privilege regarding be called in a case, and that to overcome that privilege they have to make a reasonable argument with specific guidelines.
"Journalists, by their nature, talk to witnesses each and every day not knowing the magnitude or how important or how less important a particular person is," Judge Perry explained. "This was designed to protect journalists and help protect the First Amendment right of freedom of speech ... to protect news-gathering sources."
With that statement, Judge Perry granted WFTV's motion to strike Belich from the defense's witness list.
After the ruling, the defense continued to try to block statements made between Casey and her family from the trial. The defense has suggested that law enforcement tried to use Casey's family to sidestep her attorney, but the lead investigators in the case denied that.
"Is it your intent, as has been suggested today, that you manipulate them to do your bidding?" prosecutor Linda Drane-Burdick added.
"No," lead investigator Yuri Melich replied.
Melich told Judge Perry that it was the Anthony family that asked on numerous occasions how they could sidestep Jose Baez, and it was not the other way around.
"They brought it up and asked for someone to go talk to her in that context we would say again we couldn't talk to her. But if she reached out and wanted to talk to someone, we would make sure that happened," Melich said.
"At any point in time did you tell George Anthony to have Casey write a letter to you?" Drane-Burdick asked. "Did you tell George Anthony to have Casey write a letter to anybody?"
"No, not directly, but we did suggest that if she wanted to contact us she could do so by several means. Writing a letter was one of those included," Melich replied.
George, Cindy and Lee Anthony have also testified that they were motivated by the desire to find Caylee and not by law enforcement. Casey's lawyers are trying to get certain statements Cindy made to deputies tossed out, but she more likely helped prosecutors.
"Not knowingly or willingly," Cindy said when asked about acting as an 'agent' for law enforcement.
Defense attorneys tried to make the case that investigators wanted to use Casey's family to go around attorney Jose Baez. Cindy told the judge that investigators asked them numerous times to go directly to Casey for information, without Baez knowing about the exchange.
Cindy tried to take that a step further and told the court that Orange County sheriff's investigators expressed dislike for Baez.
"Sgt. Allen made it very clear to me and my husband in the very beginning that he didn't trust Mr. Baez and didn't like him," Cindy said as she was interrupted. "I'm trying to answer."
As that exchange continued about Baez, Casey at one point seemed to console him by patting him on the thigh. It seemed an awkward moment after Cindy said investigators thought Baez was "full of s***."
However, Cindy also said much of her motivation was simply to find Caylee.
As the hearing wrapped up, with little actually ruled on thus far, the hearing turned to the contempt allegations against Baez. Instead of hearing the motion dealing with the prosecution's claims of contempt, both sides agreed that they had reached a resolution and Baez will only get a slap on the wrist. Baez then gave an apology to the court and prosecutors.
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PostSubject: Casey Anthony experts show how defense plans to attack   Fri Mar 04, 2011 11:52 pm

Casey Anthony experts show how defense plans to attack

By Anthony Colarossi, Orlando Sentinel

7:20 p.m. EST, March 4, 2011

Three days worth of hearings may have captured most attention in the Casey Anthony case this week, but a series of transcribed depositions filed Thursday show fresh new details about how the woman's defense may develop at trial.

The depositions cover questioning of four defense expert witnesses during six separate sessions in December, January and February. The witnesses challenge some of the most critical and scientifically oriented evidence expected to be presented by the prosecution, according to a review Friday of hundreds of pages of depositions.

Collectively, the experts could help cast doubt about: the accuracy of canines alerting to the presence of decomposing remains early in the case; the length of time 2-year-old Caylee Marie's remains were left in the wooded location before their discovery in December 2008; and the theory that a dead body was in the trunk of Anthony's Pontiac.

The 24-year-old's murder trial in the death of her daughter is fast approaching in early May. Casey Anthony faces a possible death sentence if convicted, but some defense experts and their testimony may be used to help create doubt in jurors' minds.


Early on in the investigation, dogs trained to smell signs of human decomposition alerted on the trunk of Casey Anthony's car. But Dr. Scott Fairgrieve, a Canadian-based forensic anthropologist, questions the abilities of so-called "cadaver dogs" and how their "alerts" are interpreted.

"The use of a dog can be somewhat subjective because the dog is not a scientific instrument," Fairgrieve said during his deposition in December. "It is an animal that is responding to external stimuli."

While the dogs serve as tools, they are not consistent, he said. "There is error involved with the scenting ability of a dog," he said.

Fairgrieve gave the example that a dog could sense decomposing blood from a cut or a wound.

"We do have tissue that is of human origin that is giving off decomposition odor," he said. "However, it's quite a leap in logic to say that it is coming from a deceased person."

Under questioning by the prosecution, Fairgrieve acknowledged he has not published in this area of study, but maintained dogs alerting on a location amount to "a non-specific indicator that human remains" were present. He has studied cadaver dog behavior and said he watched dogs indicate on locations where no human remains were present.

He knows of "anecdotal evidence" that dogs can alert on fingernails, but said no journals or peer-reviewed research that he knows of discusses this.

Plant growth

The prosecution maintained through its botany expert that Caylee's remains had to be in the location where they were ultimately discovered for an extended period based on plant and plant root growth there.

This helps establish a timeline from December 2008, when the child's bones were discovered, back to the summer of 2008. The child was first reported missing that July.

The defense team's forensic botanist, Jane Bock, a retired professor affiliated with the University of Colorado, said vegetation she observed in pictures at the scene immediately under and around the remains suggest growth of one or two weeks, according to her deposition taken during two sessions in late December and last month.

Asked if plant growth and leaf fall around the remains could have happened in a week, Bock agreed they could. When asked if the vegetation could have accumulated or grown during a six-month period, she said, "That would surprise me…because there is a lack of accumulation and there is a lack of decaying stuff there."

Root growth Bock observed on the child's remains, she said, also could occur in a week. When asked by the prosecutor what kind of plant grows that fast, she said, "A lot of them do. Poison Ivy can send out rootlets at an incredible clip when the environmental conditions are right."

What has to happen to a cadaver in order for roots to grow on it? Bock responded, "I don't know about cadavers. Roots can grow through concrete."

She later acknowledged never before examining a skeleton on which some vegetation had grown. And when asked directly if she could render an opinion about when Caylee's remains where placed at the recovery location, Bock said she could not.


An insect expert for the prosecution, Dr. Neal Haskell, found "coffin flies" in a bag of trash found in the trunk of Casey Anthony's car. They are drawn to decaying animal flesh and also feed on other organic matter, Haskell wrote.

But defense team's forensic entomologist, Tim Huntington, reviewed Haskell's report and questioned his use of "coffin flies."

"They're not coffin flies," he said at one point. "I wouldn't have put this into my report."

Perhaps more importantly, Huntington testified he couldn't say one way or another if a decomposing body was present in the trunk of Casey Anthony's car based on the evidence given.

"If a body was there I would expect a whole slew of other evidence," he said. "There's an awful lot of insect evidence missing from this particular location, the car trunk, that should have been present if a body decomposed inside of the trunk.

"I would expect to see a number -- and by number I mean hundreds, maybe -- of blow flies in the trunk, blow fly maggots in the trunk…," Huntington said. "There would be dead flies everywhere, dead maggots potentially."

He also noted that he smelled the odor in the car last summer, during a visit to review evidence. "Knowing that a bag of garbage had been in the trunk, that would easily account for that smell," he said.

He noted that much of the entomological evidence discovered in the car was associated with the garbage bag, but a prosecutor told him more evidence collected in a vacuuming of the trunk was still to be provided. or 407-420-5447.
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PostSubject: Court Again on Monday - 2pm   Sat Mar 05, 2011 12:28 am

No decisions on the motions were made, except for a motion by WFTV to remove one of its reporters from a defense witness list. Perry granted that motion.
The case heads back to court on Monday at 2 p.m. Perry said he would hear more testimony then regarding the motions to suppress Anthony's statements. will stream the proceedings live. Anthony is expected to be present.
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PostSubject: Caylee Anthony Case: Magpie reports on 03/04/11 hearing   Sat Mar 05, 2011 12:33 am

Caylee Anthony case: Magpie reports on 03/04/11 hearing

Posted on March 4, 2011 by Valhall

Well…Miss Casey was late for her date with Judge Perry and he wasn’t having it. It was the same grey suit from yesterday but she wore the turquoise blouse that they brought for her yesterday when she wore the red sweater instead. The Anthonys and the defense team all typically leave right after court so I’m wondering how they got the suit back? Maybe they just left it in the anteroom of the court for today.
The gallery was its emptiest yet. There were a handful of media and a handful of lookyloo’s but very sparse. Everyone seemed more quiet and dare I say tired? If they get that exhausted after only 2 days the trial is going to be hell for them. Is there a way to work out and condition yourself for this?

Is it just me or does the Anthonys’ ire seem much more intense with Melich than Allen? What is it that law enforcement did or said that has the Anthonys feeling so justified in their anger? Didn’t they expect law enforcement to both encourage them to communicate with Casey while they also untangled her mass of ‘misstatements’. Do they see that starting with the 31 days, smell in the car, no one has seen Caylee, no one knows Zenaida, lies about work and the theft from Amy forced law enforcement’s hand. What if law enforcement wondered if Casey was constructing some elaborate lie to shield her daughter and her daughter’s kidnapper out of some sense of misguided fear. I don’t think anyone will ever get what they want out of this….the truth…so we’ll all settle in for a constructed justice.
Cheney sure does have some selective illness/out of town stuff. I’ve never seen anyone get over laryngitis so fast. It makes me want to go through past hearings and see if maybe he just refuses to participate in the motions he feels are bull.
I have to say that when Cindy said she would “Not knowingly or willingly have assisted law enforcement in building a case against my daughter” I was startled. She was willing to throw out all kinds of “She would have had to have help” and “Jesse, Tony, Amy are the nanny” insinuation crap. I can understand that no parent wants to face the possibility that their child might get the death penalty. But, if it’s proven that Casey did this, wouldn’t you need her to be punished for killing your grandchild? In all honesty I’ve thought about this a lot. It’s also been on the minds of several people following the case and we’ve concluded that we would need to see our child punished.
Not for nothing but when Linda Drane-Burdick was having problems with the surnames of some of the defense team’s added witnesses Casey was just all giggles and a knowing “Gosh, she can’t figure that name out” smirks. They really have to get a handle on that with her. If she allows her dad to break down on the stand and just has that typical blank pussed-mouth look but then is all giggles over something so silly it’s going to damage her with the jury. She doesn’t react at all to family and then giggles and coos with strangers. Don’t they want her to come across as all about family? That she would never have hurt her daughter because family is all she had? I watched her intently the last couple of days. I wondered if maybe it was a case of if she started to get emotional she might not stop, but I don’t think so. I wonder if Casey has the ability to have empathy for anyone? And if her relationship with her mom was as strained and volatile as some think. Why is her mom the only one who brought tears? I found out that she isn’t “allowed” to speak to anyone outside the defense in court, but that doesn’t prevent her from acknowledging her family with a quick glance and smile. It’s my understanding she can’t gesture or mouth words but simple eye contact can make such a huge difference.
I saw Brad Conway coming out of the courthouse today but didn’t have time to ask him anything. I need to prepare some questions for those circumstances if they ever present themselves again. He looked good. Much better than his last days of involvement in the case.
So, I think we were all impressed with Ms. Simms today. She had mostly memorized her argument and only briefly referenced her notes. She was succinct, polite, quick and restated the points that she wanted emphasis on a few times. There also seemed to be genuine cooperation between her and the State. It’s nice for a change. Funny how fast these attorney’s can blow through motions on a Friday, right? I was just beginning to think that we needed a court referee to call the plays when after the last sidebar the State sat back down at their table and the defense team went behind closed doors when VIOLA….. out they came with their answer to the State’s show cause motion. Judge Perry looked like the proud papa. Then to top it all off Baez made that self-promoting apology to the court and Mr. Ashton. Can’t he do anything just for sheer rightness? There were a few in the room who looked like they needed a barf bag when we realized what his speech was about. Once again it was more to say what he did he did because he’s so passionate an advocate instead of “Hey, I made mistakes, but I’m owning them and apologizing and will endeavor to never repeat”. I have to say that Mr. Ashton standing and just shaking his head and saying he accepted Baez’s apology seemed a little off, too. Again, if I was writing their script he would have said something more along the lines of “Well, we’re all passionate about our jobs here and in the fight for justice for Caylee Anthony”. But they haven’t turned around and asked me what I think. Judge Perry sure gets a kick out of Mason. I guess they both go way back in Central Florida.
All in all it was a fairly dull and quick day. So, that’s about all I have to add. We have more hearings next week and you’ll hear from me afterward.
Have a great weekend everyone.
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PostSubject: Expermentation versus Observation   Sat Mar 05, 2011 11:07 am

Experimentation versus Observation

Posted on March 5, 2011 by Valhall

In yesterday’s hearing we got to hear Ms. Dorothy Sims’ argument for why the defense is requesting Frye Hearings on two issues:

  • Dr. Hall’s opinions on root growth rates based on his observations and experience.
  • Dr. Vass’s statement in his report concerning testing the trunk liner for the presence of chloroform.

In this article we are going to center on the argument that Dr. Hall’s opinion qualifies to have a Frye Hearing. I am not going to speak on the legalities surrounding the qualification for a Frye Hearing, because I’m not a lawyer. There’s plenty of those talking about this case. What I’d like to center on is Ms. Sims’ statements in court that I take issue with from a scientific standpoint.

Ms. Sims argued that Dr. Hall’s examination of photographs using a ruler resulted in empirical data and therefore was an “experiment”. This is incorrect, scientifically speaking.
From Webster’s dictionary, which will suffice fine for illustrating the difference between an experiment and an observation (I will pull the definitions that apply as scientific definitions):
b: a tentative procedure or policy
c: an operation or procedure carried out under controlled conditions in order to discover an unknown effect or law, to test or establish a hypothesis, or to illustrate a known law.
3 : the process of testing.
2 a: an act of recognizing and noting a fact or occurrence often involving MEASUREMENT WITH INSTRUMENTS.
b: a record or description so obtained [i.e. with measurement with instruments].
3 : a JUDGMENT on or inference from WHAT ONE HAS OBSERVED.
And because Ms. Sims also used “examination”, let’s look at that definition from a scientific standpoint:
1 : the act or process of examining [circular definition so let's look at EXAMINE]
1 a: to inspect closely
b: to test the condition of
Okay, so let’s review what Dr. Hall did. He examined some photographs. He used a ruler to measure the growth of the roots he observed. In other words, he made and noted observations. He then referred to empirical data that he has accumulated over his 60 years of experience and he rendered an opinion.
Let’s stop there because Ms. Sims’ argument yesterday insinuated that because Dr. Hall’s examination included empirical data that made it an experiment. She was incorrect. Let’s look at the definition of empirical data.
1 : originating in or based on observation or experience
2 : relying on experience or observation alone often without due regard for system or theory[!!!]
3 : capable of being verified or disproved by observation or experiment.
There are two types of “data” recorded in both experiments and in observations. Those two types of data are qualitative and quantitative. Let’s be straight on their definitions:
: of, relating to, or involving quality or kind
I’m going to give you an example of a qualitative observation or of qualitative data:
“That is an igneous rock.” OR
“That root is of a species of wetland plants.”
Both of those statements are rendering a qualitative observation based on…guess what…empirical qualitative data. And no experiment need be done to produce these observations.
1 : of, relating to, or expressible in terms of quantity
2 : of, relating to, or involving the measurement of quantity or amount
3 : based on quantity
“There are 4 gallons of fluid.” OR
“The root was 10 centimeters long.”
Both of those observations are based on empirical quantitative data that was produced via measurement. And no experiment was conducted.
Back to Dr. Hall’s observations. His observations included both qualitative and quantitative data. He observed the roots and he classified them (in some instances he identified them, in others he could not). And he measured (with a ruler) the length of the roots. He then formulated an opinion based on 60 years of taking the same observations on various plant and root growth about how long those roots had been growing.
Empirical data is generated either by observation or by experimentation and can (and most times does) include measurements with instruments, in this case a ruler.
Dr. Hall’s work was based on observation and experience. He performed no experiment.
I do not believe that Dr. Hall’s work will fall under the requirements of a Frye Hearing. But as I said earlier, I am not a lawyer, I just have over 2 decades of scientific background. All I can say for sure is…Ms. Sims’ argument was flawed.
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PostSubject: Casey Anthony and Her Family's TOXIC Behavior and Image Leave Negative Impression In the Courtroom   Sun Mar 06, 2011 9:34 am

Casey Anthony and Her Family’s TOXIC Behavior and Image Leave Negative Impression In the Courtroom

March 5, 2011

Whether you like it or not, image is very important when it comes to how people perceive you. It can make a huge difference in terms of whether or not people believe what you say. This is especially important in a courtroom where a jury decides your fate.

Image wise the entire Anthony family needs a complete overhaul in my view. The way they present themselves is unacceptable and this will no doubt have a huge impact on how the jury relates to them.
One thing I can say for sure is that Casey’s family will not be endearing themselves to a jury. For one thing, Casey, Cindy, and Lee all look and dress slovenly. The entire family including George dress and comport themselves inappropriately. This contributes to each one of them coming across as unlikeable.


George may be the cleanest looking of the group, but as a witness he needed to show some respect and come to court in a suit, or at least a tie. He needed to show that he was the man in the household, not the boy, wearing casual attire with his purple casual shirt.
What is totally inappropriate is his constant gum chewing! Here is a personal message from me to George.
“ George you are not watching a ball game where you can casually chew away on your gum as you watch the innings. This is not a baseball field or casual sporting event. It is a courtroom where your daughter may die a very painful death if she is found guilty of killing your granddaughter.
When you enter a courtroom you must always be respectful. Being respectful is NOT CHEWING GUM and looking like a bovine chewing their cud! So before you enter the courtroom, take a Kleenex that Cindy no doubt carries in her purse to dab away the tears she knows she will be crying as she watches Casey either get life imprisonment or the death penalty, and SPIT OUT YOU GUM!
Next stop mugging and making those ridiculous “poor me victim” facial expressions. Sit there like a man and not a little boy. Stop mugging and responding nonverbally when you don’t like what is heard in the courtroom. It was disconcerting when you did it while detective Yuri Melich was testifying. It made you look like an immature baby. You had your chance on the stand and now it is his turn to speak his truth.
Remember that jurors will be watching you and if you keep acting like that you will be creating more harm for your “beloved” daughter Casey, Besides finding this behavior obnoxious, it will affect your credibility with them. If you can’t contain yourself, for goodness sakes, don’t bother showing up!
How you can show up in the courtroom to watch Casey in the first place is beyond me.Your daughter has accused you of sexually molesting her when she was a young girl . This is a very serious charge that could land you in prison if it is true since there is no statute of limitations for a sexual crime.
If it is not true, how can you show up in the courtroom and look at someone who falsely accused you and where your reputation is now destroyed forever? Where is your self-esteem?
If it is true how, how can you show your face in public? How can you have the audacity to show up in the courtroom and add insult to injury? If you did molest Casey, there is no doubt that you contributed to where she is today, If you did what she said you did to her, then you deserve to be in a prison cell just like your daughter.


Lee has been beyond repulsive to watch and has made a horrible impression in my view, as he gave his testimony. The first thing was showing up slovenly and dirty looking in a casual black golf shirt with a tee shirt underneath, baggy non pressed pants and white sneakers. He needed to at least show up wearing a dress shirt and a tie to show some respect. Instead he looked as though he just crawled out of bed.

Unshaven and unkempt, he kept picking at the side of his face as though he was about to squeeze a pimple. If he wasn’t squeezing his face, he was scratching himself like someone does when they have scabies or crabs. I am not saying that Lee Anthony has this, I am saying that it makes him look like one would not want to get too physically close to him. It was a turn off. Jurors would find his disgusting and sickening behavior difficult to watch for any length of time.

I already did a blog on the content of Lee’s testimony which I am sure would never endear him to any jury as no one likes a sneak , a self entitled, lying two faced betrayer , who has no boundaries, and who is more concerned about himself and getting an apprenticeship with a private investigator than finding his niece Caylee.


Cindy has put in a lot of weight over these past 2 ½ years and no one can hold that against her at all. She is either stress eating to cope with all that this before her or she has perhaps been given some medications like antidepressants which may have contributed to her weight gain. Whatever the case it makes no difference if a person is thin or heavy.
What does matter is how you dress yourself when your body has changed.That also includes one’s hairdo. When one has put on excessive weight the last thing they should do is get a short haircut. Cindy’s hairdo was less than flattering. She needed to keep it longer – chin length like she has it this summer.
Cindy has dressed in ways that are less than flattering. She came into the courtroom with a white sweater , a mismatched long dress and casual flat sandals She wasn’t going to a casual pool party or walking on the beach. She was in a courtroom. She needed to wear a closed toe shoe to show some courtroom decorum and not show her bare toes and feet through barely there sandals.
While you may think this is superficial, it counts when you are talking about jury perception and likeability.
And speaking of likeability, while Cindy was a lot better on the stand than she has been in the past (remember her finger pointing and insulting remarks to Zanaida Gonzales telling her she was no 10 and making her cry?) she still needs to lose the “attitude. ” and negative defensive whine.
She needs to answer the questions psoed to and not interject in victim- like fashion “I’m trying to answer the question!” We regularly see Cindy’s controlling nature emerge and it is disconcerting. It will work against her in the courtroom as jurors will find her unlikeable and not credible.
The courtroom is the place where the lawyers and the judge has control- not Cindy. her try and take control Her defensive tones and hyper precise answers and contentiousness are complete turn offs to any jury . After a while they tune out and just hear a series of mean sounding bitchy tones that have no more relevance to them.
Cindy’s ‘attitude “ comes out in her facial expressions, She comes across mean looking and nasty. This will definitely not endear her to any jury. They will not like what they see or what they hear. Their negative perception of Cindy will definitely not help Casey.
If she ever pulls one of her “Caylee is still alive” stunts, a jury will become deafened as to what esle she has to say.


The first day of trial, Casey wore an inapproriate red sexy V necked tight form fitting pullover.

Maybe Baez’s jury consultant told Casey to put on a jacket over it which she did the next day. She wore an ill fitting grey jacket that was three sizes too big. Maybe it was one of the jackets that her former attorney Andrea Lyons left behind for her to wear. Needless to say, it was less than flattering. The shoulders were way too big and she looked ridiculous in it. This would be very distracting and annoying to a jury.
Day one Casey had her hair pulled back in a ponytail, yet she managed to fiddle with it and groom herself. A jury won’t like to see that behavior. They will perceive it negatively as Casey caring more about how she looks than about the trial.

Day three Casey had in the same ill fitting gray jacket with one of the Andrea Lyon puffy sleeved greenish blue blouses we saw early on.
The collar was too big as was the jacket and now Casey kept fiddling with the collar and with the jacket as you can see in the photo above. In addition, Casey did not tuck in the blouse. Instead, she wore it out and the bottom of the blouse could be seen under her short cropped ill fitting jacket. This made her look sloppy. It is perceived as her not caring – not caring to tuck her blouse into her pants.
Also gray is never the color you want someone to wear who may be facing death row. Unless it is a dark winter gray or a silver gray, it can be perceived as a sad color.
I am serious when I say sad color. Studies have shown that certain colors have a specific effect on people’s emotions. Pepto-Bismol pink or bubblegum pink has been show to have a soothing effect on people while red makes people feel agitated and light blue makes you feel sleepy. Gray has been found to be perceived as depressing. So never underestimate the perception of a color that is worn.
The Anthony family needs to take their lead from the attorneys and the other witnesses who have appeared thus far. Jose Baez is the best dressed with his crisp shirts, matching ties and matching pocket scarf and well fitted suits. Jeff Ashton looks decent with a suit and a tie. The Anthony men needed to have followed suit- literally!
The Anthony women needed to take their lead from Linda Drane Burdick. She wears a women’s suit to show respect. She does not wear a dress, a white sweater, or sandals or a form fitting sweater or an ill fitting jacket.

If Jose Baez’ team hired a jury consultant why has he not shared this information with the Anthony family? Why has he not informed each one them of how important their image is to a jury ?

Perhaps he isn’t aware of this. Some jury consultants may very well not be aware of this . They may be focusing on other things. But this is extemely important.

I certainly am aware of this as a jury consultant when I pick a jury. I make sure that all my clients are well groomed and appropriately dressed, and most of all that they and their families act appropriately so that they can get the fair trial they deserve.

I make them never forget that the jury not only watches them, but has an eagle eye out on everyone related to them and everything those people do as well. www.drlillianglass
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PostSubject: Casey Anthony Shocked As She Discovers Brother Lee Has Betrayed Her   Sun Mar 06, 2011 9:39 am

Casey Anthony Shocked As She Discovers Brother Lee Has Betrayed Her

March 4, 2011

Perhaps the most disgusting thing at the Casey Anthony hearing thus far in my view was watching her brother Lee testify. His unkempt , unshaven, and disrespectful sloppy appearance was appalling. His picking at his ears and face as though he was squeezing a pimple was downright repulsive in my view.
His inappropriate laughter, arrogance, and self entitlement spoke volumes . His testimony illustrated his arrogance and entitlement as he revealed how he thought he knew better than law enforcement and took it upon himself to conduct his own “investigation.”
In reality, the investigation had more to do with endearing himself to having an apprenticeship with the Anthony’s private investigator Dominic Casey. It had more to do with his letting police know that he was not changing sides as he testified at Casey’s bail hearing several years ago, than it was about finding poor little Caylee.
Lee clearly fancied himself as some type of detective and relished in his contact with law enforcement and their discussions with him about his sociopathic sister.
Lee admitted on the stand that he in essence lied to Casey during the jailhouse tapes as he lead her to believe he was on her team, when all the while he was about double cross her to get information.
It all makes perfect sense now when we look back at Lee’s behavior on the jailhouse tapes where he was acting “ large and in charge”

As Lee approached the stand, reporters stated that he waved at his sister., who in turn smiled a bright-eyed smile as you see in the photo above. By the way, this is the last screen shot you will see of Casey smiling at Lee after she finds out what he was up to all along.
His wave reflected Lee’s inappropriate behavior in the courtroom. The courtroom is one of the most serious places on this earth. It is no place for waves and meet and greets.

As Lee begins to give his testimony, Casey listens attentively. Instinctively she begins to feel vulnerable as she clutches her throat, the most vulnerable part of our body. She is in essence feeling self protective.

Here we see one of the many times Lee is completely inappropriate with his laughter. When asked if he knew that his father George was throwing up , he begins to laugh. It is a type of disconcerting sadistic behavior on Lee’s part.
As the now infamous jailhouse tapes are reviewed we hear Lee say ” I don;t give a shit about Baez” to which Casey chuckles.
This is very crucial information about Casey who does not reach out to defend her attorney with whom she has been flirting with all these years., Instead she goes along with Lee’s derogatory statement. It shows that she has no loyalty.

Apparently there is no loyalty with brother Lee either, In the above photo we see his lips purse as he holds back when asked if he LIED to Casey, pretending that he was on her side in order to get information.
Lee squirms in his seat and swivels his chair around, He looks away as he ponders whether to lie or tell the truth. Since he is more concerned about his own skin than Casey’s we see him looking up and making the immediate decision to tell the truth.
He doesn’t want to sound too committed to his answer so he qualifies it with an ” I guess so.” There was no guessing here. He clearly betrayed the brother sister bond he once said was unbreakable.

When Casey hears this she is livid, Her lips are pursed and the muscles in her neck are strained. Her eyes glare as she flicks her hand in a gesture that she would like to slap Lee.
Cheney Mason is acutely aware of Casey’s immediate change in her demeanor. He does not want her to create a scene like yelling at Lee and cursing him. He wants her to remain in control so he tries to calm her to reassure her in a comforting gesture by firmly placing his hand and cupping her shoulder.

Casey is livid, She looks down. Her jaw is tight with anger as we can see her clench her jaw and pull her lips forward in anger.

She looks down as she cannot bear to look at her once beloved brother whom she once called “the coolest brother in the world.”
Casey then looks up as she glares at her brother, She is angry beyond words when she discovers that he has betrayed her by working with law enforcement against her . Her anger is revealed body-language wise as you can she in the fist like position she holds her pen.
She places her fist-like hand up to her nose and mouth, , distorting the shape of her nose, This gesture seems to reflect a subconscious desire of literally punching Lee in the nose and mouth for his betrayal.

Here we see Lee looking down and squirming in his seat as he doesn’t want to admit that he has been working with Corporal Edwards.

Here we see Lee very nervous about revealing that he has indeed been working with law enforcement in an attempt to trap his sister. We see him grab the skin on his neck as though he was squeezing a pimple. It is a form of self-mutilation as he knows he was doing something wrong in being double-faced towards his sister. It was painfully embarrassing for him to admit this in front of Casey.

Here we see Lee give a snide smirk and inappropriate laugh as he makes the inappropriate response that law enforcement felt they need to ” keep your enemies close.” This is in reference to his discovering that law enforcement secretly videotaped him in a car during a conversation he had with Tony Lazarro.
Lee had been working with law enforcement to try and gather information up against his sister so he was rather surprised to hear that law enforcement didn’t trust him and put him under surveillance.
Lee could never be trusted int he eyes of law enforcement. As we discovered through his testimony, Lee had the audacity to go into Jose Baez’ private area in his office where he kept privileged information about Casey’s case and copy some receipts pertaining to the case. Lee then turned those receipts over to law enforcement and subsequently they were subpoenaed by the prosecution.
Lee had absolutely no right to do this. It was not his place. It clearly reflects his inappropriate behavior , his entitlement, and how he has no boundaries whatsoever.
His thinking he is above the law and that he is the central figure in information gathering for the case shows how delusional his thinking appears to be.

Lee is very uncomfortable with being outed as a betraying sneak. His discomfort can be seen as she suddenly leans forward and begins to fiddle with his fingers as he purses his lips and cocks his head to the side in embarrassment.

Casey is stunned as she goes from scribbling madly to glaring at her once trusted ally Lee, with whom she once shared a high five. She holds her pen in a position as one would hold a weapon as if to stab someone. No doubt this is what she must feel like doing to Lee.
Casey is angry as you can see by the tension in her lower jaw and by the fact that she has placed her thumb on her chin.

When Lee left the stand, there was no looking at Casey or mouthing the words “I love you” like he once did in the courtroom while he was on the stand . He simply walked by her as though she did not exist. She in turn kept her head down and ignored him as well.
When Judge Perry issued a five minute break and Casey was about to stand up, it was clear that she was pained and devastated by what she learned from Lee’s testimony.
She appeared to be in shock at her brother;s betrayal. As she began to stand up, it was as though she finally digested the gravity of the situation in terms of how Lee was manipulating and deceiving her.


As we have learned from watching Casey over these past few years, she has spent a lifetime lying, cheating, deceiving, and betraying others.

She constantly did this to her parents, her grandparents, and even to her best friend Amy Huizinga when she forged her checks. She did it to law enforcement when she sent them on a wild goose chase at Universal Studios where she no longer worked.

Now for the first time in her life she saw her own brother lie, cheat, and betray her .

She never had any emotion when she did this to others but now that the shoe is on the other foot so to speak, she is both shocked and livid.

We have just seen a glimpse of karmic justice served.

Lee apparently had his own agenda. He loved that he was having daily contact with law enforcement. It most likely made him feel special and important, when deep down he knew he was none of those things, but rather a wanna be looser.
Lee was only concerned about himself and his future career as a private investigator and being sponsored and working under Dominic Casey.
Knowing this may very well unravel the mystery as to who was on the other phone line talking to Dominic Casey and directing him as to where to find Caylee’s body in the woods.
Did Lee know where the body was? Did he help put it there? Anything is possible with this self entitled renegade who took law enforcement matters into his own hands in doing his own investigation.
Was Lee playing both sides? Did Casey finally confide in him that she did away with Casey? Did she tell him where she threw away Casey’s body? Did he take matters into his own hands in an attempt to locate the body and hide it in an even better place?
It is clear that his goal was not to help law enforcement to find Caylee as he said on the stand. His goal obviously to help himself so that he would have a new career.
We have seen who Lee is as a person, based on his testimony. We have seen that he is a self absorbed, self entitled individual with no boundaries and clearly no loyalty.
Watching him on the stand make one wonder if Casey was indeed telling the truth when she shared that Lee had sexually molested her when she was younger. Did he feel self entitled to have his own sister sexually that he crossed those boundaries?
Since Casey has now seen that there is no loyalty from her brother and that he essentially tried to dupe her and throw her under the bus, it would not surprise me if she began her act of revenge towards Lee.
Perhaps she will now file a legal claim against Lee for allegedly sexually molesting her when she was underage, as there may not be a statute of limitations on a sexual crime.
If this is the case, and he is found guilty of sexually molesting his sister, he may very well be joining his younger sister behind bars.
If he is found to have anything to do with tampering with Caylee’s remains he may also possibly find himself behind bars for that reason.
The fact that he had the audacity to go into an attorney’s private room where the attorney kept privileged information, and copy relevant material and turn it over to the opposing side says it all. It was not Lee’s business nor his place to do such an egregious thing.
I certainly hope that Jose Baez , who by the way did an great job questioning Lee on the stand in uncovering the truth, will hold Lee accountable for his actions and prosecute him to the full extent of the law for tampering with and stealing evidence.
Both Anthony children need to know they are not above the law and that they will have to pay a huge price for their actions.
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PostSubject: Body Language and Communication Wise Jose Baez Wins Over the Prosecution Team Wiith His Apology   Sun Mar 06, 2011 9:41 am

Body Language and Communication Wise Jose Baez Wins Over the Prosecution Team With His Apology

March 5, 2011

Before I begin, I must say that both Jose Baez and Linda Drane Burdick have done an outstanding job in terms of presentation to the court and questioning their witnesses.
Linda Drane Burdick is truly a seasoned professional. She is a pleasure to watch as an attorney. She is articulate, well spoken, has great delivery , a well modulated and controlled voice pattern that makes her easy to listen to and presents herself with the utmost class and decorum. There is no doubt that if you were going to be represented by someone you would feel extremely confident having her as your attorney.
While Jose Baez has made some mistakes, largely due to his inexperience in my view, he has done an extremely good job under the circumstances. As a novice lawyer, it has literally been Baptism by fire for him. I can’t think of too many who would want to be in his shoes representing Casey Anthony, one of the most reviled people in America.
When he spoke before the court this morning to apologize for his behaviors, it was interesting to see his body language and that of the prosecution team. Initially, everyone on the prosecution team was very hostile towards him as determined via their body language.

As Baez spoke the prosecution was skeptical and rightfully so. They were angry at him and very closed off.
You can especially see it with Assistant State Attorney Jeff Ashton. He was having none of Jose Baez, as he sat there closed off with his arms folded across his torso .There was tension in his shoulders which indicated anger. This was confirmed by his angry facial expression with forehead tension and tight jaw.
Linda Drane Burdick’s raised shoulders showed that she was annoyed as well, She refused to even look at Baez. Instead, she looked down and had the expression on her face as if to say “Go ahead, I’ve heard this all before and I’m not buying it.”
The third gentleman at the prosecution table, at least gives Baez the courtesy of looking at him but his head is bowed and his shoulders are raised and jaw appears tense, This indicates that he too is skeptical.
Even those sitting in the audience have their heads bowed out of embarrassment. This shows that they are feeling uncomfortable with what is about to take place.
Then Baez speaks. He is eloquent. He is sincere, There is emotion in his voice and you can hear a few pitch breaks in his speech which verify that he is speaking from his heart. He stands straight with his head up as he speaks highly of the prosecution team . He says how he respects them and is very sincere about what he says.

Suddenly, Jeff Ashton uncrosses his arms and cocks his head to show that he is open to what Baez is saying. Ashton senses Baez’ sincerity.
Linda Drane Burdick now straightens her posture as well as her head is no longer titled to the side. It is upright and indicates that she is attentive to what Baez is saying. The tension is now gone from her face as she looks more attentive. She appears to appreciate what Baez has said.
Even the audience members perk up. Their heads are no longer bowed. Their head are upright as they now look at Baez.
Baez said some very kind and sincere things about the prosecutors and how passionate they were about presenting their case. He essentially said how he respected them. Baez also spoke about his own passion for the case and admitted that he oftentimes got carried away with his emotion.
When he turned around and faced the people he offended and apologized to them directly, I found that to be impressive, as it takes a big person to do something like that.

I wasn’t the only one who through that Baez did the right thing in his sincere and direct apology. Jeff Ashton felt the same way as he graciously stood up and said that he accepted Jose’s apology.
Linda Drane Burdick’s posture and facial expression indicated that she was pleased as well.
Jose was pleased as well as he leaned back and held his head high.
Just as it takes a big person to make an apology, it takes a bigger person to accept an apology.
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PostSubject: March 4 Hearing - Jose is sorry   Sun Mar 06, 2011 10:21 am

March 4 hearing – Jose is sorry
It was another fascinating day in the Orlando courtroom where the State of Florida v. Casey Anthony is being played out in pre-trial hearings.
The day began with a scolding by Judge Perry to the Defense for failing to ensure that Casey Anthony’s clothes were delivered to her before court was scheduled to begin. The hearing was scheduled at 8:45, but did not start until 8:50. Judge Perry promised that the next time, he will start on time and if the Defendant’s clothes are not there, so be it. She will wear her blues.
The motion regarding Kathi Bellich as a Defense witness was argued by WFTV’s attorney, Greg Thomas, and Cheney Mason, for the Defense.
As expected, Judge Perry granted WFTV’s motion to strike Ms. Bellich from the witness list. In his ruling, Judge Perry spoke about the First Amendment’s Freedom of Speech promise, and the sanctity of a free press. The Defense simply did not have a compelling reason to call her.
The defense motion to strike the jail videos as a result of the Anthony family being “agents of the state” went nowhere fast today. So far, not one of the Anthony’s could claim to be agent’s of the state. Cindy and George are/were definitely not fans of law enforcement, that was made very clear, but not one of the Anthony’s could testify about doing the bidding of law enforcement, i.e. being agents of the state.
Cindy Anthony once again took the stand and was her usual loquacious self, spewing words, words, words. She was argumentative when she was not given the time to explain her answers. Cindy loves to hear herself talk; Lee loves to hear himself laugh, and George simply loves to frown and argue.
At the conclusion of the hearing, Jose Baez was forgiven the contempt charge.
Yes, Jose ate his humble pie and apologized to the State for his behavior of late. It became clear that the apology and the final solution was brokered by Judge Perry, clearly he was pleased with the attorney’s ability to show common decency and work things out.
What enabled this turn of events is due to Defense attorney Dorothy Clay Sims who wrote the response that Jose was confused about. Ms. Sims also argued the Chloroform and the plant growth motion very effectively. She will be an asset to the Defense with regards to the forensic motions.
Jose Baez did some decent work yesterday and today. He had a very rough start on Wednesday and made some obvious blunders here and there; but there were times when he showed some promise and competence in his questioning of witnesses.
Then there was Lee Anthony. What has become of Lee Anthony? He looked horrible, unkempt, sloppy, unshaven…well, he looked like a bum. In addition, he is still laughing! Why in the world he laughs at the most inappropriate times is both baffling and disturbing.
At one point, Jose Baez asked Lee a question regarding an instance when Lee went into Jose’s inner office, where the Casey Anthony evidence and work is held, to copy evidence (credit card receipts). Jose asked Lee if he was directed by law enforcement to do this – take defense evidence. Lee said no, he did this on his own.
There is something about Lee that isn’t right…. He must have known that to walk into Jose’s office and copy evidence was wrong, and yet he did it anyway. Lee’s arrogance on the stand bothered me. His attitude didn’t fit the solemnity of the situation – the murder of his niece. He’s difficult to listen to because that laugh is like shivers up my spine.
There is another hearing on Monday, at 2:00. Presumably the Judge will rule on the motions that were heard these last three days
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PostSubject: Casey to Appear in Court Monday   Sun Mar 06, 2011 10:45 am

Casey to Appear in Court Monday

WFTV reported on the circus that was the Casey Anthony hearings but it was Dr. Lillian Glass who analyzed the continued insanity that is the Anthony Family, including Casey Eye Pokes to provoke a tear, and the continued hatred that Casey holds for her family.

Must read analysis at blog.

Below is WFTV's coverage.

Statement Analysis will cover Monday's hearing.

Things got heated fast with Judge Belvin Perry reprimanding Casey Anthony for arriving to the courtroom late. The hearing was scheduled for 8:45am, but Casey didn’t arrive until around 8:50am. Judge Perry explained that he would not wait for “clothes” to start the hearing and said that when he sets a hearing for 8:45am, it needs to start at that time. Apparently, Casey’s clothes were late arriving for her at the courthouse.

After that bit of procedural reprimand, things got started with WFTV’s own attorney, Greg Thomas, arguing to strike WFTV reporter Kathi Belich from the defendant’s witness list.

Defense attorney Cheney Mason argued that it’s not a guaranteed privilege for journalists in all cases and said this is an exception. In addition, Mason argued that two inmates, Robyn Adams and Maya Derkovic, are involved in a conspiracy against Casey; Belich had interviewed Derkovic inside jail.

Judge Perry then quoted Florida Statute 90.5015 that provides a journalist privilege regarding be called in a case, and that to overcome that privilege they have to make a reasonable argument with specific guidelines.

“Journalists, by their nature, talk to witnesses each and every day not knowing the magnitude or how important or how less important a particular person is,” Judge Perry explained. “This was designed to protect journalists and help protect the First Amendment right of freedom of speech … to protect news-gathering sources.”

With that statement, Judge Perry granted WFTV’s motion to strike Belich from the defense’s witness list. After the ruling, the defense continued to try to block statements made between Casey and her family from the trial. The defense has suggested that law enforcement tried to use Casey’s family to sidestep her attorney, but the lead investigators in the case denied that.

“Is it your intent, as has been suggested today, that you manipulate them to do your [color:91a1=#3333FF !important]bidding
?” prosecutor Linda Drane-Burdick added.

“No,” lead investigator Yuri Melich replied.

“At any point in time did you tell George Anthony to have Casey write a letter to you?” Drane-Burdick asked. “Did you tell George Anthony to have Casey write a letter to anybody?”

“No, not directly, but we did suggest that if she wanted to contact us she could do so by several means. Writing a letter was one of those included,” Melich replied.

George and Lee Anthony have also testified that they were motivated by the desire to find Caylee and not by law enforcement. Melich told Judge Perry that it was the Anthony family that asked on numerous occasions how they could sidestep Jose Baez, and it was not the other way around.

“They brought it up and asked for someone to go talk to her in that context we would say again we couldn’t talk to her. But if she reached out and wanted to talk to someone, we would make sure that happened,” Melich said.

Cindy Anthony also took the stand Friday. Casey’s lawyers are trying to get certain statements she made to deputies tossed out. Defense attorneys tried to make the case that investigators wanted to use Casey’s family to go around attorney Jose Baez. Cindy told the judge that investigators asked them numerous times to go directly to Casey for information, without Baez knowing about the exchange.

Cindy tried to take that a step further and told the court that Orange County sheriff’s investigators expressed dislike for Baez.

“Sgt. Allen made it very clear to me and my husband in the very beginning that he didn’t trust Mr. Baez and didn’t like him,” Cindy said as she was interrupted. “I’m trying to answer.”

As that exchange continued about Baez, Casey at one point seemed to console him by patting him on the thigh. It seemed an awkward moment after Cindy said investigators thought Baez was “full of s***.” However, Cindy also said much of her motivation was simply to find Caylee.

As the hearing wrapped up, with little actually ruled on thus far, the hearing turned to the contempt allegations against Baez. Instead of hearing the motion dealing with the prosecution’s claims of contempt, both sides agreed that they had reached a resolution and Baez will only get a slap on the wrist. Baez then gave an apology to the court and prosecutors.

Posted by Seamus O Riley at 2:07 AM
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PostSubject: Selfiincrimination - a balance between us and the Law?   Sun Mar 06, 2011 10:49 am

March 5, 2011

self-incrimination – a balance between us and the law?

The Miranda question is still bothering me. For weeks now I have vacillated back and forth on the question of Casey Anthony’s rights concerning self-incrimination while at Universal Studios, and being interviewed / interrogated by three Detectives of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO).
On the one hand, Casey was a willing participant in the interview, carrying on like she was the mother of an abducted daughter, though without any affect or caring about the well-being of her child. Still, she was talking to the Detectives quite willingly.
On the other hand, were her rights violated? Judge Perry knows the Constitution far better than I, certainly, and we can trust him to make the proper and right decision. However, until that time, this question is an intriguing one to me. I would like to know when a citizen, who is suspected of wrong-doing, should know when to stop talking and protect them-self against self-incrimination.
I would say, well an innocent person should have no fear of self-incrimination, right? Wrong. There are too many examples of wrongful convictions in this country, so a person cannot assume that Law Enforcement will protect them.
Casey Anthony was an adult when she was questioned by the Detectives of the OCSO. Certainly she could have advised the Detectives when they said to her, “things are not looking very good for you,” that she wanted a lawyer, but she didn’t.
When should a citizen assert their rights? When is it incumbent on Law Enforcement to preserve the rights of its citizenry and read them their Miranda Rights?
There were any number of times during that interview that Casey Anthony could have asserted her rights. But, because she wanted to play the role of a mother who’s child was missing, and not appear guilty in the eyes of the law, she didn’t back down and ask for a lawyer. Shouldn’t one of the detectives, given the fact she admitted to lying, have Mirandized her right then and there?
Will Lying to Law Enforcement be the Sticking Point?
By lying to the Detectives, she had just broken the law, and they knew it, but I doubt that Casey realized the trouble she was in, which is why Miranda exists – to protect citizens from incriminating themselves. My question, then, is since the Detectives knew she was lying – she even admitted to lying – shouldn’t they have read her her rights then and there? Because, the truth is, anything she said after the time she admitted to lying, would have (and ultimately did) cause her to incriminate herself further?
When John Allen got her to admit to lying, near the middle of the interview, shouldn’t she have been told – right then and there – that anything else she says will be used against her?
For me the question is this: When a member of law enforcement talks to you like you’re a suspect, is that when they must deliver the Miranda warning? What is the balance between law enforcement needing information from a citizen, versus placing that citizen in the position of incriminating them self? I believe that is what Miranda is for – to prevent people who are suspected of committing a crime from incriminating themselves further.
Granted, Casey Anthony was “supposedly” in the position of wanting to help law enforcement find her daughter, but at the same time, the Detectives knew she was deceiving them, perhaps to buy her self some time to form an escape plan.
There is no doubt had Casey not been arrested, she would have tried to cover her tracks, or attempt to move Caylee, etc., and I am sure the Detectives were fearful of something like that happening. But, why did they then take her to the station, photograph her for a flyer to publicize Caylee’s disappearance, then turn around and place her under arrest for “sticking to her story”?
The fact is, even if the Universal Studios statement is suppressed, there are a number of other witnesses who will testify to the make believe Nanny-taking-Caylee story. So, if the Universal Studio interview is thrown out of the trial, it won’t be a show-stopper.
The big question, however, is this: Will the interview prove to be a violation of Casey’s rights under the US Constitution?
I’m doing my research, but I just don’t know!
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PostSubject: Heartless Twit Outsmarts Sociopath Twat   Sun Mar 06, 2011 4:36 pm

5 Mar
Heartless Twit Outsmarts Sociopathic Twat

Posted by eggtreenews in Uncategorized. Tagged: Satire news, Parody News, egg tree news, Casey Anthony, Caylee Anthony, lee anthony, agent of the state.
-Orlando, FL
A bitter chill blew through the Orlando courthouse yesterday during the latest Casey Anthony hearing, when brother Lee “Chuckles” Anthony, the proud middle finger of the hand family, took to the stand and plunged a deadly spork into his sociopathic sister’s excuse for a heart. As it turns out, Chuckles, who was once considered Casey’s must trusted ally- Willis to her Arnold Drummond, if you will- was actually moonlighting as a secret agent of the state all along. The betrayal was outlined in a stunning chapter of courtroom drama yesterday, that left Our Shackled Damsel of Doritos seething with outrage in a powerful whirlwind of cheese dust. Indeed, her devil eyes bore holes right through him, as she glared a furious, jaw-clenched “What you talkin ’bout, Willis?” in his direction.
The drama began unfolding as the smarmy, unshaven, and underdressed giggler burst into the courtroom on a chariot carried by his own arrogance, then sat on his throne of entitlement- which the rest of us call the witness stand- and detailed his work as an ultracool double agent. According to Chuckles, law enforcement was so impressed by his innate investigative instincts, they solicited his superior services in their humble quest to find his missing niece, Caylee. He was instructed to pump his trusting sister (and not in the way she normally likes) for any information regarding Caylee’s whereabouts.
But Chuckles, in his infinite Anthony wisdom, sparked his OWN investigation to get to the bottom of the issue. After purchasing a standard detective trenchcoat, fedora, monocle, and smoking pipe, Chuckles cunningly grilled his sister in a series of gripping jailhouse interrogations only rivaled by the Pink Panther. He checked his loyalty at the door (along with all dignity and those pesky ethics), and tried with all his moronic might to squeeze a lil drop of ‘truth’ from the pathological liar’s ‘memory.’ Some analysts have even questioned if he resorted to speaking in Anthonybonics, a coded language devised by Mama Gremlin Cindy, and decipherable only to her, and subject entirely to her interpretation, which can change at any given time, depending on who she wishes to frame for her granddaughter’s murder. Or something like that…
But his Herculean detecting efforts did not end with the mere questioning of the homicidal harlot. Nay, the bold, unlicensed amateur even admitted to sneaking into Baez’s office/loveshack, and stealing evidence that would assist him in his personal investigation.
Well played, Tubesox. Well played. Einstein’s got NOTHIN’ on you.
Upon hearing of Lee’s betrayal, Casey’s eyes filled with hellfire. Soon heavy dark clouds gathered in the courtroom, and Our Damsel of Doritos arose, shooting flames from her fingertips while cursing a pox on Castle Hopespring.
Not really. But you get the drift…
Stay tuned to Egg Tree News for developments in this breaking story.
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PostSubject: The 3-Day Hearing Marathon In Caylee's Case & More   Sun Mar 06, 2011 4:59 pm

The 3-Day Hearing Marathon In Caylee’s Case & More

The 3-day hearing marathon in Caylee’s case finally came to a close on Friday, and at points like many of you, I wondered if we would be watching it all weekend, especially the way they drug it out with the witnesses. Some of it was hard to watch, yet some of it was very interesting. We did find out a few things we didn’t know. First we found out that Casey was cuffed and put into a patrol car that first night without being read her Miranda Rights, because she was not really under arrest. Most of us had no idea that happened, so that was a shocker. We also found out a definite defense strategy, the one that prompted them wanting so much evidence to be thrown out………It’s all a big conspiracy and law enforcement and the FBI were corrupt and trying to violate Casey’s Constitutional Rights, especially by using the Anthonys as agents for them. They were trying to get around Casey’s attorney and set her up to find Caylee. Yes, the Anthonys now say they were working for the cops. I’m sorry, but that doesn’t line up with they won’t call me back and they are not following up on all of the tips, all they are trying to do is put Casey away, they aren’t looking for my granddaughter, they leak, they lie, especially since they are now claiming that they all talked and visited daily. I know the defense is supposed to do all they can to create reasonable doubt, but I just find this conspiracy a bit much. The Anthonys apparently believe themselves to be Hollywood stars now, as they are playing their flip to the hilt. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but they don’t have what it takes. They have the right mentality, but they don’t have the talent. I predict there won’t be any Oscars for their performances.
There definitely won’t be any Oscars for Baez’ performance. He, like the Anthonys has the right mentality, but no talent for acting. His apology was so disingenuous, I couldn’t believe it. I do realize that apparently this was worked out behind closed doors, or at least away from the hearing, as Jeff Ashton did announce before Mr. Baez’ apology that they had worked things out. Mr. Baez, to me appears to be the most self-absorbed of the whole bunch. He never actually apologized for his indiscretion. He apologized in a more general sense, because he is so passionate and such an advocate. He does seem very passionate about considering himself an advocate, but I wonder……..An advocate for what? Criminal behavior? He’s contributed as much of it to this case as the Anthonys have. An advocate for acting like a dunce? Again, he’s their equal. An advocate for arrogance, to the degree that he feels the rules don’t apply to him (or his client), he’s right there with them. UGH!!! I’m sorry, but even in his arguments, he will spin things around to himself, if he can. What relevance does how law enforcement feels about him have to the case? Answer: About as much as how I feel about him does. IT DOESN’T, yet he had to make emphasis of how law enforcement felt about him and how the Anthonys felt about him. Who hired an extortionist for a public relations person? He did. How many criminal connections, and bogus charities were connected to this case by him and the Anthonys? Who made the media rounds and leaked like a colander, while accusing the other side of leaking? He did. Who brokered deals for his client and her family to sell pictures and videos of the victim in this case? He did. He had good motive for that one too, because he made good money off of it. Who tried to set up innocent people for the crime his client committed? He did, and he knew he was setting up innocent people too. I could go on and on, but Mr. Baez is not an advocate for anything but himself, deceit, and criminal behavior. Now, I do realize that some of these things the Anthonys are as guilty of, but they may not know any better (though, really, we know they do), but as a lawyer, he should (more so than them as an officer of the court). In my honest opinion, if the Anthonys didn’t trust him or like him in the beginning (which if that is true, it didn’t last long), they had good reason to feel that way. The reason Mr. Baez is constantly being looked at, and people don’t like him is because he’s been up to a lot of no good, though he’s never really been held accountable. He has done questionable things, and I would expect that law enforcement would be very suspicious of him and should have been. I hope they still are, because in the end, the broken rules, and dirty dealings behind the scenes need to be dealt with. Accountability, and I don’t care if he doesn’t like it, it’s true, and he knows it. He’s so sensitive to criticism, because he knows he’s done things that could be considered breaking the law in this case, and at the very least UNETHICAL.
The Anthonys are trying to save their daughter from the death penalty, and I do realize that, but they could have done that a long time ago before Caylee’s remains were found. The truth for a deal, would have done it. Maybe that is why they were agents of law enforcement…….Right? NOT! Of course Baez did convince her not to listen to them or speak to them at a point. I was amazed at how Baez questioned them on every critical thing they said or did in regards to him. Not Casey, HIM. I do get why after the video tapes of the visits that did take place were released to the public, the visits stopped, but there was all of that time she was out on bail, and in their home. The public could not be privy to that, and amazingly Baez was a regular visitor, in spite of the long hours Casey spent at his office. I really don’t think that the Anthonys were powerless on this issue, just as Baez was not, and I don’t think they were ever at odds, but more like in cahoots (Remember the PI’s in the woods near where Caylee’s remains were found, 1 month before they were found?). The Anthonys, well, while I may have compassion for their position, I struggle to have compassion for them as human beings, because they are as dirty as Baez. They just can’t play it straight. I thought I would roll on the floor laughing when George was trashing law enforcement and went on to say that they had to turn to reputable organizations like Kid Finders, that actually help people. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? That spoke volumes, as I can never forget the criminal records of the Milsteads, including their kids, and they have never found a kid, and I remember how Dennis and his wife acted when they were confronted about it, and the cross bashing and chasing down of those that sought to leave things at the memorial. Right! Great people. George, That was an idiotic statement, but one I’m glad you made, because it shows the kind of person you really are. People that like to hang with criminals and have their backs are usually criminals. It saddens my heart to realize how much the Anthonys and their daughter have exploited Caylee’s memory, to save Casey and make a buck, and anyone that has ever tried to help them has been trashed by them, except their criminal friends. It just speaks volumes.
Mr. Baez may have argued better than he’s argued in the past during this hearing marathon. He may have seemed sincere to many in his apology, though it was obvious to me that somebody got a stern warning at some point for that to have happened, so it was about his own butt. Judge Perry was just so pleased, that I just know he said something to him, likely to both sides. Mr. Baez may have come up with some valid and arguable points, but I think he had help from Ms. Sims and Cheney Mason, and he’s had so many attorneys and experts jump ship, that I think it may have dawned on him he might need to straighten up just a bit. He may have made the arguments, but I think he was advised on it, and some of his arguments were ridiculous and self-absorbed still. I just can’t give him high marks for this one. I can say some of it is to be expected, but he usually doesn’t do things that are to be expected, so someone else had the steering wheel on this. I know it wasn’t Casey. Again, Cheney Mason and Dorothy Sims come to mind. Speaking of Ms. Sims, many felt as though she did a good job in her presentation, but our friend Val did an excellent piece showing us the truth about that argument. I highly recommend reading it. Take a look:
Experimentation versus Observation
Now that I’ve gotten some of my ranting about it out of my system, I would now like to hit on some of the most important points. I am concerned about Casey being cuffed and put in the cruiser, if she was not read her Miranda Rights and placed under arrest. That is really bad, and I know it is being explained as a mistake, and I get how that could have happened, but it opened the door for ugly. It’s really obvious that the Anthonys were coached on their roles in this conspiracy theory. Part of this conspiracy includes the Universal trip, in which the detectives finally got tough with her about lying to them and how it wasn’t helping them find her daughter. She was not in custody at that point, but the defense is trying to paint it as though she was. This is a serious matter, no matter how you look at it. I think that we should look at what Bill Sheaffer said when he was asked about this matter.
Bill Sheaffer’s Take On The Matter
We also need to look at what Richard Hornsby had to say about this matter, which I found to be very interesting, and informative.
Richard Hornsby’s Take On The Matter
Both men did a fine job of helping us to better understand what is at stake.
I do think that if the evidence that is in question with this theory is stricken from the trial, that the State still has a good case, but it still hurts a lot, and I cannot help but wonder what else the brains behind this strategy are coming up with or have come up with. We shall see if this strategy works, but if nothing else this trial will be an emotional one. I think we do see how the defense will pick a part anything they can get a hold of, and that is to be expected. I do feel like the State has a good case in spite of what the defense is throwing out there. I just hope there are no more surprises, though I’ve been telling you that there is a lot we have not been privy to, and I think we learned that at these hearings. I think both sides have information that will come in at trial that will be surprising to us, though it will not be surprising to the other side. They are only really bound to share with the other side, and the Florida Sunshine Law cannot violate Casey’s right to a fair trial, thus the reason one document dump can look good for one side, and another for the other side. Whomever came up with the argument for the conspiracy theory and did the research on that for the defense, it was a smart move on their part, and I have to say that, whether I like it or not, and if it was Baez, well, A for effort, but his overall performance was still not that great, and I still have misgivings about him. I think we all agree over the reasons why.
Speaking of the defense and document dumps, they released documents yesterday. The documents are the depositions to reveal the findings of defense experts on some of the forensics and this was released by the defense. They are as follows:
Bock 2
Huntington 2
Video Report From WFTV
More On This Story And The Hearings From WFTV
Wesh 2 On The Hearings
Judge Perry is having another hearing on the matter of the Anthonys testimony on Monday at 2 pm Eastern. I truly hope he doesn’t bar their testimony, as they really show themselves and the jury really needs to see all of that dysfunction, as well as Casey’s response, or lack there of, to them.

The Anthonys just speak for themselves. While at times I feel so sorry for them, at other times the reality of who they really are hits me all over again. The tattoos, the diamond earrings, the cruise, courtesy of bootlegging Caylee’s story to the media, or should I say bootlegging Caylee to spin Casey’s story. I can never forget how law enforcement was digging in the muck on their hands and knees to find every piece of their granddaughter and they were living it up dining on crab puffs and steak, with all of their dirty friends, including Mr. Baez, courtesy of ABC Disney. I’m sorry, they are just not good people. Their fruits speak. Shame on them for the way they have treated everyone that truly tried to help them. They deserve their criminal friends.

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PostSubject: Agents of the State?   Sun Mar 06, 2011 5:05 pm

agents of the state?

On Monday, March 7th, closing arguments will be heard with regards to two important Defense motions: The motion to suppress Casey Anthony’s statements to Police during a Universal Studios interview, and the motion to suppress the jail video interviews with the Anthony family and Casey.
As I’ve said before, the argument about the Universal Studios interview could go either way in terms of legality. But, the motion calling the Anthony’s agents of the state, is a stretch and may fail. However, I have read that Judges tend to rule with favor to the defense in cases where the death penalty is involved. Perhaps the defense will win one and lose one. Is it possible? I think so.
In the “agents of the state” motion, the Defense wants jail-video statements by Casey kept out of her trial. The defense argument? Casey Anthony already had counsel, therefore it was improper for anyone to elicit details from her about the missing Caylee Anthony.
Ah, but it is not against the law for Casey’s family to speak with her while she is in jail. She could have declined their visit, certainly, but she didn’t. Unfortunately for her case, those videos portray her as a callous person without care for anyone but herself. Her demeanor in those videos was at no one’s urging – Casey was being Casey. Cold, self-centered, inappropriate, and hostile.
The defense badly needs those videos thrown out of the trial. But, how do they get them thrown out?
They know it is lawful for the jail to video all that goes on at the jail. The defense can’t fight that. So, they have to find some grounds to get the videos tossed, and so they came up with the notion that the Police used the Anthony’s to elicit illegal statements from Casey.
The argument is a pretty good one, I have to give them that. However, it is not, on its face, true.
The Anthony’s, admittedly, were not agents of the state. They were trying desperately to find answers from Casey about the whereabouts of Caylee. Law enforcement was equally as interested to learn as much as they could from the videos. From what I recall, there were times that Yuri Melich was able to watch the videos live, as they happened.
The Defense charges that the family tricked Casey by being in collusion with law enforcement and therefore unwittingly hurt Casey’s right to a fair trial.
The problem with regards to this motion, during the recent hearings, the Anthony family could not state they were willfully acting as “Agents of the State.” Baez was unable to elicit the testimony he wanted from the Anthony’s.
Why was Baez concerned that the Anthony’s didn’t like him? So what! Cindy Anthony was happy to testify how the Detectives didn’t like Jose Baez. So what! It’s not a crime to dislike a lawyer, just embarrassing to be the lawyer they don’t like!
George Anthony said, with regards to finding Caylee, he would have done anything legally or illegally to find her. And now, would do anything to save Casey, his other little girl. And Lee Anthony a.k.a. Sherlock Holmes, was acting on his own, not on the urging of law enforcement when he talked to Casey.
Although law enforcement had a keen interest in learning anything they could from Casey via those videos, the Anthony’s had the same goal. Both law enforcement and the Anthony’s were solely focused on finding Caylee. The State did a good job of making it crystal clear that the Anthony’s and Law Enforcement shared a common goal: Find Caylee.
There but for the Grace of God go I
Like a seesaw, my feelings for the family of Casey Anthony run high and low. Never would I want to be in their shoes, and surely they wish they did not have to wear the shoes they’re in. Given that this case is under the microscope, anything that the Anthony’s say or do is magnified, then criticized.
The Anthony’s are broken emotionally. In a recent hearing, George Anthony went from being arrogant, rude, and spiteful with prosecutor Linda D. Burdick, to being humble and barely able to speak through his emotions when questioned by defense counsel, Jose Baez.
So, in a sense, I would expect them to be hateful toward the State Attorney and Law Enforcement, as they are going to convict their daughter. Of course their anger is displaced, and they have so much anger in them! They feel they must take sides, but for the sake of Casey’s life, they should not because they end up looking as callous as Casey.
But, what about Caylee? Where are the feelings for justice for Caylee in the hearts of Cindy and George? Have they forgotten that this is all about Caylee?
No, they remember Caylee, of this I have no doubt,
For the Anthony’s, it’s now about saving the life of their daughter, Casey. Therefore, they are hateful toward law enforcement and the prosecutors who, they fear, will take Casey away from them for good.
Is this indicative of the undying bond of a parent? Despite how much your children hate you, or no matter what they have done, do you love one child so much that you will forgive the other one for taking their life?
On the one hand, I can appreciate their tragic conundrum – having their heart twisted, torn, and sucked dry over the loss of their beloved Granddaughter. On the other hand, I don’t appreciate their hatred of law enforcement and the Prosecutors who are seeking justice for Caylee. George and Cindy, as much as we all have criticized them (deservedly so), are lost in the middle of a sea, in a ship-wrecked boat with no life raft – and they see sharks everywhere.
For their sake, I hope they will come to realize that by humbling themselves in the wake of the tragedy they have endured, and continue to endure, will help to bring their broken boat safely ashore. If they continue to act aggressively and like monsters toward the law, it will make Casey look like a monster, too. But, if they are quietly humble in their pain, people would be able to sympathize with them. If they calm down the jury should be able to see Casey as a product, not of a crazed family, but that of a young girl who has severe mental issues that went unchecked for years.
George and Cindy have lost Casey’s love. Surely by now they have realized this, but I doubt they’ve admitted it to themselves.
I must admit, it was painful to see George cry on the stand; I felt for him, I really did. The jury needs to feel for him, too. But, if he or Cindy, after garnering sympathy, in their next breath shoot daggers at the state, as if they have Jekyll and Hyde personalities, it will be disastrous for them, and for Casey.
It’s that damn death penalty that they need to be cognizant of! It’s a sure bet that, as Yuri Melich explained to Casey, “things are not looking good for you”, it’s looking good that Casey may be a candidate for the death penalty.
Judge Perry, as you may be aware, has no qualms about following the law with regards to the death penalty. The good and honorable Judge was once a State prosecutor and tried the case of the “Black Widow”, Judy Buenoano. Prosecutor Belvin Perry won that case and won the death penalty phase. Judy Buenoano was murdered by the State of Florida, in 1998.
Many believed this “Black Widow” deserved to be murdered after the deaths she caused. Indeed, the law said she should die. She did die, and Prosecutor Belvin Perry was there to witness it.
That is what worries me.
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PostSubject: If looks could kill   Sun Mar 06, 2011 5:23 pm

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If looks could kill

Posted on March 4, 2011 by mainstreamfair

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside of Casey’s head when she is sitting in the courtroom staring into space? It is almost impossible to avoid watching Casey’s reactions as the cameras are focused on her the majority of the time. I often wonder if she envisions that last frantic look on Caylee’s face or when her daughter finally stopped fighting for breath and her eyes opened wide as she became unresponsive. Will we ever know what happened leading up to Caylee’s final moments? I doubt that very much but we will still wonder and imagine it in our own minds and silently pray that Caylee did not suffer long.
I have to disagree with Dr Lillian Glass here. I think Casey did cry momentarily when Cindy took the witness stand. The color of Casey’s face changed and she became flushed for a few minutes. I don’t think Casey was crying because she noticed her mother’s appearance had changed. Cindy did look like she had aged about 10 years in the past two. If Cindy is on anti-depression medication, it may be the reason for her extra pounds.
Casey’s tears were for herself. When the questioning began and Cindy told of her desperation to find Caylee, Casey’s attitude changed. It was almost like she wanted to scream, “I am here mom, look it’s me, Casey, your princess, Caylee is out of the picture now. It’s just you and me , mom.” By the end of Cindy’s time on the stand, Casey was livid, so much so that she never even raised her head when her mother glanced towards her in the hope of a knowing smile.
There were no tears for George when he got emotional on the stand. Casey sat glaring at her father and it was obvious why, her father’s focus was on Caylee. By watching Casey’s reactions when Caylee’s name is brought up, it is easy to see that Casey was insanely jealous over the attention given to her own daughter, in life. Now, even after death, the jealousy is still there.
I am going to disagree with Dr Glass, once again. It seems that Lee Anthony has a nervous laugh. I do not think he was being disrespectful, in fact, he gets my respect for being honest, even to the extend of making his sister grimace. Casey soon wiped that “hello big brother” smile off her face as Lee started to answer the questions posed to him. Maybe this was payback time for Lee after the allegations of sexual abuse Casey made against him.
Lee Anthony did not look scruffy and unkempt for a court appearance. He would have looked out of place in a shirt and tie. I would rather see him in a natural getup instead of a monkey suit. Lee has a very dark complexion. Even if he was clean shaven, he would still appear to have that ‘five o’clock shadow’ so the beard was much nicer to behold.
It is always interesting to watch a sociopath doing some man–i–pul–ating, by a long stretch. Casey has manipulation down to a science. She knows that her sexy come on smiles are turning her counsel’s head. What older man doesn’t like attention from a young woman? I noticed that she was flashing a few smiles in the direction of Cheney Mason. There are just no limits a professional manipulator will go to in order to fullfill their own desires and Casey’s wants are; a get out of jail free card and a plane ticket to some remote island off the Gold Coast of Africa. Maybe Casey’s pat on Baez’ thigh in court today was a ‘motherly’ good job, son. Forget it, you will never make Jose believe it.
This is going against the grain for me but I am going to write what I observed several times about Casey. I see a very sophicated psychopath. One who is able to fool even the best psychoanalysts. Casey has a deep evil look that comes across her face and, even to me, it is frightening. Have you ever noticed her ears? When Casey has her hair pulled back tightly, it does not do justice to her ears. Next time Casey is in the courtroom, make sure you get a good glimpse of her ear lobes, very pointed at the top.
This whole case has touched so many lives, ruining many while others will, in some way, always be identified with Casey Anthony, her boyfriends, her best friends, etc etc etc….the list is a long one.
Now back to those ears and that evil look. I am off to google a pic of where I have noticed ears like Caseys.
Okay, I am back. I googled ‘ satan’ and look what popped up.
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PostSubject: Casey Anthony Hearing Day 9: Bits and Pieces   Mon Mar 07, 2011 2:34 am

Casey Anthony Hearing Day 3: Bits and Pieces

We will be having closing arguments at a hearing tomorrow, March 7, at 2 PM.

I'm back but I can't "shwallow" and only saw the hearing "in a backwards-sort of way." I watched the end of the hearing on Friday online, then I watched the beginning of the hearing on InSession and the pieces posted by WFTV online. What I got out of the hearing was no-where near complete. Rather that attempt a full-blown recap, I'll fill you in on things that came out at the hearing and some thoughts on the hearings in general.

While I've been taking it easy during the weekend, I'm sure Judge Perry hasn't been doing the same. I'm sure he's been reading, viewing, and listening to the exhibits proffered by both parties over the past few days.

He's heard from the Anthony family and the detectives involved. Earlier in the proceedings, he had mentioned "changing stories" and I'm sure he was especially referring to those of Cindy and George Anthony. There is also the issue of differing stories from Casey's parents as well. As with the jurors when the trial comes, the judge will have to decide the credibility of the witnesses and decide who is more believable. Will he believe George, Cindy, Melich, and/or Allen? Will he believe Dep. Eberlin as to the reason and amount of time of the handcuffing? Was Casey erroneously handcuffed because Cindy wanted to press charges on theft so that she couldn't run away?

One example of differing testimony that bothered me the most was about the interview Yuri Melich had with Casey Anthony at the home when he arrived. Cindy said it took place in the spare bedroom (Lee's former room) with the door open. She also said that Melich began in normal tone of voice but got intimidating and demanding of Casey. She also said that the interview lasted about an hour.

Over the weekend, I hunted down the interview, which lasted approximately 19 minutes. Listen for yourself. Melich went over Casey's handwritten statement and never raised his voice or attempted to intimidate Casey. Part 1 Part 2 He also advised her that if there was anything untrue in the statement, now was the time to make any corrections.

George Anthony testified that the interview took place in Casey's bedroom with the door closed and later amended that to the door being partially open or closed.

Yuri Melich testified that the interview took place in the spare bedroom. What I found interesting is that, since the spare bedroom was now a computer room, it would have probably had a bed and desk in it. It is more than likely that Casey sat on the bed and Melich sat on the chair. In George's version, they would have both had to sat on the bed. We've seen plenty of pictures of Casey's room and there was no chair there.

I have no idea if any of Casey's statements to law enforcement after her being handcuffed will be admitted into the trial, but there are other bits and pieces that will come into trial. There is Casey's original statement which is replete with the lies Casey told. We will hear Casey's voice on the last 911 call. There will be the phone call Casey made to her mother the night she was arrested.

The first motion to be heard on Friday was the Motion to Strike Kathi Belich From Defense Witness List. Judge Perry quickly denied the motion after a rather convoluted argument from the defense. Roughly summarized, they needed Kathi Belich to testify to impeach Maya Derkovic if she were to testify. The Cheney Mason tried to explain that Robyn Adams was a State witness made known to the State by Maya and Kathi interviewed her and "fed her" information. The State isn't going to call Maya and the defense said it wasn't sure if they were. But if they did, they would also need Kathi Belich. Got that?

Motion to Suppress Statements Made to George, Cindy, Lee Anthony, Robyn Adams and Sylvia Hernandez.

Testimony continued on Friday about the issue. On Thursday, George Anthony had stated that he felt "tricked" by law enforcement into helping them build a case against his daughter. He firmly testified that he was an Agent of the State only in retrospect. Lee Anthony testified that he was not an Agent of the State. He was playing detective to find his niece, Caylee and worked with anyone who could help him do that.

Witness: Yuri Melich

Jose Baez spent time going over how Melich "helped" George Anthony arrange a meeting with Casey. There was a lot of back and forth as the last time he was on the stand. Baez accused Melich wanted the parents to visit Casey as "false friends". Melich stated that was not the reason they were sending George Anthony in. Baez went laboriously through the deposition and brought up the situation that Melich told him about the Duckett case. Melich did say that one of the reasons that Casey was arrested was that they wouldn't get information from Casey to locate Caylee. There was talk of the jail "hierarchy" and the possibility that Casey might commit suicide. Melich didn't want that to happen if someone was holding Caylee. There was discussion of the bad pictures and listening to the 911 calls. (In a sense, I'm glad I watched this while still somewhat woozy from anesthesia!)

Linda Drane Burdick, in her cross examination, brought out that the Anthony's were constantly calling Melich during the first eight days that he, or someone from the Sheriff's Office should talk to Casey to get answers from her because they were unable to see her at the time. Her cross-examination helped explain the role of the police in dealing with the next of kin of a missing child. He was not there to manipulate them to do his bidding.

Melich denied telling George to tell Casey to write a letter to the Sheriff's Office. Melich agreed that it was Jose Baez who was blocking the family from access to Casey. (At this point, Jose Baez was tutored by Judge Perry that leading questions were permitted on cross examination.) The gist of a lot of his conversations with the family included the fact that he (Melich) couldn't talk to Casey but that there were ways Casey could reach out to them.

In Melich's cross, it was also stated that the family started complaining that the police were not doing enough to find Caylee. He never told anyone in the family to go to the jail to get information from Casey. In fact, neither he nor any member of law enforcement ever encouraged any member of the family to do this.

Baez re-directed and wanted to know how many times he told the family to talk to Casey themselves. (At this point I didn't need the anesthesia to feel dizzy.) One interesting point that Baez did elicit was that the OCSO did not issue a notice that Caylee was missing until after Casey was under arrest.

Witness: Cynthia Anthony

Next, it Cindy Anthony's turn to testify. Cheney Mason spent his opening moments asking Cindy about her communications with the detectives early on in the case. Cindy explained in detail how she was speaking to them regularly in her quest to find her granddaughter. At a point where Cheney Mason used the phrase that the detectives were "exploiting" the the family by using them as Agents of the State. There were accusations that Melich told Cindy that Baez was arranging false tip calls to put the blame on someone else. With that, he sat down.

Did it seem to anyone else that the defense spent a great deal of time getting the family to admit that the detectives were constantly badmouthing Baez to the family? I can't figure out why this would have anything to do with saying that the family members were acting as Agents of the State. It seems as though Allen and Melich were fielding more questions from the family about Baez than vice-versa based on what I've heard and read in the early interviews with family members. If anyone can enlighten me, please do!

Linda Drane Burdick spent a good deal of time going through all the efforts she had made to find Caylee, from the time Amy Huizenga took her to Casey. Cindy testified that even if the police had dropped the case as a domestic matter, she still would have searched for Caylee. In fact, Cindy said that she did not "knowingly and willingly" assist the police in building a case against her daughter.

One thing I noticed was that the defense did not call Robyn Adams or Sylvia Hernandez as witnesses. Did the defense decide to drop these? Not having seen the live stream, I'd love to know if they were mentioned at all.

We got our first glimpse of attorney Dorothy Clay Sims in court. Jeff Ashton argued his motions to strike the Fry portion of two of the science motions (chloroform, root growth). His arguments were brief and to the point. Sims responded. Unfortunately, a portion of her response was cut off by a commercial on InSession. I'm hoping that Judge Perry rules on these Monday.

Some of the other motions were actually settled in court Friday. First, was the State's Motion in Limine which I discussed briefly HERE. Cheney Mason readily agreed with parts 1, 2, 3, and 5 (they are basically good court procedure). It was agreed that parts 4 and 6 could be addressed in side bars in trial.

Finally, the State's Motion To Show Cause was addressed. It was obvious that Judge Perry had sat both parties down and discussed the issue and told them to get it settled without an ugly court fight. Any of you who read Baez Reply know that it would have been very entertaining for us to watch, but very bad for the case. Dorothy Clay Sims wrote a brief response that "satisfied" the State's need and Jose Baez made what I consider to be a very self-promoting apology to Mr. Ashton. Mr. Ashton accepted the apology and the men shook hands.

If you didn't watch the hearing, do watch Baez' apology HERE. As for the handshake, you have to check it out HERE.

I'm sure I've left something out, but I do promise to be with you all in court tomorrow, promptly at 2 PM!

Source for videos:
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PostSubject: Casey, Attorneys Return To Court Today   Mon Mar 07, 2011 9:39 am

Casey, Attorneys Return To Court Today

Defense Wants Evidence Tossed

POSTED: 6:10 am EST March 7, 2011

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Casey Anthony will return to an Orange County courtroom on Monday, where her attorneys will ask a judge to toss out a handful of evidence before her murder trial in May.

The fourth day of what was to be a two-day pretrial hearing in the case will begin at 2 p.m.
At issue are two major decision points: whether the family was coerced into getting information for detectives and whether Anthony was read her Miranda rights.
On Friday, Prosecutors agreed defense attorney Jose Baez should not be found in contempt of court.
Prosecutor Jeff Ashton had asked that Baez explain why he shouldn't be held in contempt of court for missing a court deadline.
Ashton dropped the motion after Baez apologized to the court.
"I would never disregard an order that your honor would issue in a case like this," Baez said. "I believe in what I'm doing as a defense lawyer. Many times in the course of a lawyer fulfilling his passion, sometimes a lawyer's advocacy takes over for his professional judgment."

Earlier in the morning, the court heard testimony in relation to a defense motion that hopes to get some of Anthony's statements thrown out. Her defense team argues that law enforcement used her own family as "agents" to get information.

Anthony's parents, George and Cindy Anthony, took the stand for the third day in a row.
Cindy Anthony said that detectives often encouraged her to try and get information from Casey, but stopped short of accusing law enforcement of using her to help them build their case.
The case's lead detective, Yuri Melich, denied that he controlled or coached the Anthonys in any way. will stream Monday's proceedings live.

Jury selection for Anthony's murder trial is scheduled to begin May 9.
Copyright 2011 by WESH.COM.
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PostSubject: Cindy Anthony's "Slip of the Tongue" in The Courtroom Referring Caylee As Her "Daughter" And Lee Anthony's Attorney's Similiar 'Slip of the Tongue"   Mon Mar 07, 2011 12:16 pm

Cindy Anthony’s “Slip of the Tongue” in The Courtoom Referring Caylee As Her “Daughter” And Lee Anthony’s Attorney’s Similiar “Slip of the Tongue”

March 7, 2011

When Cindy Anthony Cindy took the stand wearing her white sweater and beach sandals, she appeared nervous as evidenced by the twiddling of her thumbs over one another and her periodic cracking vocal tones.

Body language wise her thumb twiddling was a form of self soothing behavior as she tried to calm herself down.
Then the Cindy which we have all come to know over these past 2 and ½ years shortly emerged. We saw a controlling and oftentimes belligerent and whiney Cindy who remarked in a hostile tone I’m trying to answer the question!” as she looked in the direction of Judge Perry.
Oftentimes we observed where Cindy tried to take charge of the proceedings while giving her answers to both the defense and the prosecution. She quickly realized that it was the court and the court officers who were in charge- not her.
But the most poignant discovery of watching Cindy’s testimony was her “Freudian slip” or slip of the tongue.” Even though it may seem like an innocent mistake , calling one’s granddaughter their daughter, it is not a mistake at all. It speaks volumes as to what is really going on in a person’s psyche.
On the stand, Cindy spoke the following words:
My husband and I were cooperating with the police department to find our DAUGHTER Granddaugher Caylee.”
As you can see Cindy immediately corrected herself by saying granddaughter, but no doubt she has fancied herself as Caylee’s mother, ever since Caylee came out of Casey’s womb when she was the first to hold the baby and bond with the baby.
She also made it a point to let the court know that she did not knowingly cooperate with law enforcement to help build a case against her daughter Casey. I believe that this is true since she went out of her way to thwart all efforts by law enforcement, even though she was the one who contacted them in the first place. Remember when Cindy gave law enforcement the wrong hairbrush Casey’s instead of Caylees.’
I also believe that she made a point of saying “unknowingly” so that Casey would get the message.

Casey did give her mother a fleeting glance as we see here as Cindy tried to have some type of communication with Casey. Cindy is hunched forward and her back is rounded. Casey;s posture is the opposite with squared shoulders. Body language wise it shows how Cindy appears to be asquiesng to Cindy and in essence begging her for her aknowledgement and pleading for her daughter’s attention. In essence her daughter has the upper hand.

But then Casey quickly detacheds and averted her gaze from Cindy. Casey knows he is the one ion controla nd love it. Sadisticallys he will not give Cindy the peace of mind to lieratally make peace with her. She has dismissed Cindy as Cindy keeps looking at Casey assl the while Cindy walks out of the courtroom. Casey has the control and is loving it.
Cindy clearly looks like a broken woman in my view. She has gained a considerable amount of weight either from possible antidepressants or other medication, stress eating, or both. Who can blame her after what she has been through with a lifetime of living with her sociopathic daughter that culminated in her granddaughter’s murder, which may very well have occurred at the hands of her daughter.


No doubt that Cindy has gone through a lot. She had no idea that her initial 911 call to Law enforcement would essentially be the end of her life as she once knew it. We have seen her go through many phases during these past two and a half years. We have seen her anger, vitriol, lashing out at police and law enforcement, mean spirited, name calling, and ugly words as she degraded the real Zanaida Gonzalez by saying that she will never be a 10, which made Zanaida cry.

We have seen Cindy’s desperation to save Caylee by trying to throw others” under the bus” from a fictitious Zanida Gonzalez to Casey’s ex friend, Amy Huizinga to ex boyfriend , Jesse Grund.
We have seen delusional pleas where she repeatedly stated in the media that she believed Caylee was still alive even after Caylee’s little bones and skull were discovered and they were determined to be Caylee’s remains.
We have seen her inappropriate outbursts and witnessed even more inappropriate behaviors, where she rubbed her son Lees thigh during an initial interview one of the morning shows. We also witnessed her non- stop rubbing of Lee’s back during Caylee’s memorial service.
We have heard her defensive tones and hostile words as she blamed and lashed out at everyone from detectives to bounty hunter Leonard Padilla to members of the media, even referring to Orlando 9 reporter Kathy Bellich as “witchy poo” in one of her jailhouse letters to Casey. But Cindy always failed to lash out at the one she most likely knows in her heart killed Caylee -her own flesh and blood daughter Casey.
She did lash out at Casey initially by stating that the car smells like a dead body was in it which is perhaps the most honest thing that has come out of her mouth to day.
But then Cindy did everything in her power to backtrack and distance herself from what she knows really happened to Caylee.


In my view Cindy’s aberrant behavior has a lot to do with her guilt over her relationship with Casey and with what happened to cause Casey to leave the home with Caylee in tow, only to be heard from 31 days later.
My take on the situation was that she and Casey had a miserable relationship from early on. Casey learned to lie and manipulate her mother as Cindy thought she had Casey under control.
When Casey was pregnant, Cindy was in complete denial and told her own brother that Casey was not pregnant since she was a virgin. Casey could not even feel comfortable confiding in her own mother that she was having a baby . She had to hide her pregnancy until she could hide it no longer.
As soon as Caylee was born Cindy grabbed the baby and was the first to hold her and bond with her. Cindy became Caylee’s mother, for all intensive purposes. which rendered Casey the jealous sibling.
We hear that jealousy in the jailhouse tapes when Cindy spoke of what Caylee like to eat- bagels . Casey blurts out What about me? I like bagels too.” That statement speaks volumes as does the one where Caylee said in her jailhouse tapes Caylee is me.
Cindy apparently displaced her out of control daughter Cayey with a brand new “daughter” she could easily control- an innocent baby version of her daughter Casey but in a new and improved form – little Caylee. That is why her slip of the tongue in calling Caylee her daughter instead of Casey happens to often. So does the confusion of their names.
Apparently Cindy may have had a role in naming Caylee. It appears to be a combination of the names of her two children , Lee and Casey. Hence, Caylee.
For all intensive purposes Cindy was the mother of Caylee in comparison to Caylee’s irresponsible biological mother Casey, who most likely wanted nothing to do with of the baby. In fact she may have resented the baby. Cindy paid for the baby’s expenses, insurance, medical bills, clothing and food. She even gave the baby her own room. She was rarely away from her new “daughter” Caylee.

In the analysis I did several months back when Casey was filming Caylee without speaking to the child and ignoring her need for interaction

and even filming Caylee’s crotch, we see a sadistic Casey who clearly was anything but a nurturing loving mother,

So when there was no contact with Cindy’s “daughter” Caylee for 4 weeks the number one question is WHY? Why did Cindy not try and find Caylee, whom she had never been apart from for more than a few days? Why did she not try to locate Casey and get Caylee and take her home to sleep in her own little bed?
Why did she wait that long? Why didn’t she call all of Casey’s friends or hire a PI Dominic Casey after a week of her “daughter” Caylee being gone?
The reasons are simple to me. They are because of Cindy’s “ I’ll show Casey” attitude and her self pride, her anger at Casey, and finally, Cindy’s downright stubbornness. If she would have taken action when Caylee was away from her for a week, perhaps Caylee would have been alive today.


While Casey and Cindy always went head to head according to brother Lee, Cindy allegedly had a huge fight with Casey the day she left with Caylee. Cindy said to Caylee ” I AM THROWING YOU OUT AND KEEPING CAYLEE Apparently she said this to Casey after she learned that Casey took money from Cindy’s mother Shirley Plesea.
But this was not the thing to say to her disturbed daughter. These words Cindy allegedly spoke are what I believe pushed Casey over the edge.
While Casey was a low grade sociopath with lying and stealing in a cat and mouse game to evade and to “ get over” on her mother, I don’t believe she was ready to murder anyone until Cindy pushed her fatal button.
In fact there are reports from Casey’s friends that Casey was a “sweet girl”and a” nice girl” even though she was reported to have issues with the truth and lied constantly.
In fact I spoke to Casey’s ex boyfriend Jesse Grund’s minister father who reached out to me. I asked him what Casey was like. He said to me that Casey came from a troubled family, but that she adapted quite well into his family – the Grund family as everyone loved and accepted her.
After hearing that from Mr. Grund as well as the accounts of her friends, of which she had many, it confirms my thoughts that Cindy’s words and actions are what must have pushed Casey over the edge.


In my view, Casey took Caylee and most likely put tape over Caylee’s mouth and chloroformed her so she would sleep and not make any noise in case she woke up after Casey stuffed her in the trunk while Casey went out partying. When Casey opened the trunk the following morning, Casey found that Caylee was dead. Instead of telling someone , Casey kept it to herself and concocted the Zanny story. This is my view.

Casey had absolutely no feelings for Caylee because she never bonded with the child. To Casey, Caylee was a” troublesome sibling” who got in her way of partying and her love life. When her latest boyfriend let Casey know that he didn’t want kids, Casey may have felt justified in her actions with Caylee, in order to keep her man.

Casey was desperate. She felt she needed her new man because after all he gave her a roof over her head now that Cindy finally kicked her out of the house for good.
Casey was no doubt feeling great that she had a man, a place to live, freedom to come and go without Cindy’s watchful critical eye, and best of all- no and burdensome Caylee to hold her back. Now she could have a Bella Vida- a beautiful free life.
Even better was that she knew her mother Cindy would be pissed when she discovered there would be no more Caylee . Sadistically it is my belief that Casey was thrilled about the pain and anguish she knew would lie ahead for Cindy when Cindy discovered that “ a nanny stole Caylee”.
There is no doubt that Casey thought she could get away with her concocted story. Why shouldn’t she? After all she got away with telling her mother so many concocted stories like she had a job and a babysitter for Cayleee when she had neither.
I believe there was no doubt in Casey’s mind that she could have her cake and eat it too. She felt she could have a new life with her boyfriend and that everyone would believe her fake story about what happened to Caylee.
Casey was so arrogant, entitled, and manipulative that she thought she could “get over” on law enforcement, just as she “got over” on her mother all these years. That is why she sent them on a wild goose chase and had no remorse whatsoever in doing that.
She stuck by her Zanny story and never wavered. Why shouldn’t she? She always got away with lies in the past, so why wouldn’t Casey think she could get away with this one?
But now she is beginning to see the walls begin to close in on her. The shock of her life was discovering during her brother Lee’s testimony that he was not the loyal brother she once thought. The person she never thought would betray her was apparently the first one in line to do his sister in. He played both sides of the fence trying to get information for law enforcement, while making his sister think that he was one hundred percent loyal to her.


Lee’s attorney also once publicly made a “slip of the tongue” as well when he referred to Caylee as Lee’s “ daughter” not his “niece.” Casey also made numerous accusations that Lee sexually molested her. Whether it is true or not we do not really know at this point .

Apparently it may have been revealed to the public that George and Lee are not the father of Caylee. But the question remains as to what type of testing was done to prove that point.

After tests were done to determine George and Lee’s paternity, only recently, according to a recent article in USA Today, discuss the reach that came out of Baylor College of Medicine regarding new and improved gene tests that can now reveal children born of incestwithout the need to test for either parent’s DNA, doctors have recently reported. Here is a link to the article in USA Today

Having read this , it may very well be possible that the tests done on George and Lee may not have been as up to date or as sophisticated or accurate as this recent test which is now available.

I am NOT saying that George or Lee are the biological father of Caylee. I AM saying that there are now more sophisticated tests available to determine whether a child was born of an incestuous union than there were when George and Lee were tested a few years ago.

Since it has been recently discovered that one does not need the DNA from either parent any longer to determine if a child was produced by incest, I am simply asking if these new tests were conducted on George and Lee?

Was the child’s remains investigated with these new and improved genetic testing techniques? If not, perhaps it might be interesting to conduct such testing.

No matter what the result, suffice it to say that in my view, we are clealry seeing that the Anthony family members are extremely TOXIC.
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PostSubject: Defense: All statements Casey Anthony made to law enforcement should be tossed   Mon Mar 07, 2011 5:31 pm

Defense: All statements Casey Anthony made to law enforcement should be tossed

Prosecutors now arguing that the statements should be allowed at trial

Last week's marathon Casey Anthony hearings resume Monday with arguments by both sides on whether statements Casey Anthony gave law enforcement and other family members should be allowed at trial.

Casey Anthony's defense team wants to exclude statements she gave law enforcement officials early on in the case back in mid-July 2008. They also want to keep statements she gave her parents and brother while she was in jail out of her upcoming trial as well.
The defense team argues that Casey Anthony's family members and others inside the jail were "acting as agents of the state" and attempted to solicit information from her about her daughter's disappearance on behalf of law enforcement.
The prosecution disputes that George, Cindy and Lee Anthony were used as agents by law enforcement.
Prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick, who is making her arguments now, is emphasizing that law enforcement's initial involvement was "to help her and her family find her daughter. That's what they were there for. That's what they were doing there."

Casey Anthony was not in custody and was not a suspect at that point, Burdick argued.
She also noted that they were summoned to the home and it would be a reasonable assumption that deputies would be asking questions of the family members. She also noted that Zenaida Gonzalez was listed as the suspect because she was the individual who they thought was the suspect at the time, not Casey Anthony.
Burdick, the prosecutor, spoke about Casey Anthony being handcuffed for five minutes and then un-handcuffed that morning.
This amounted to a "temporary detention" and "not an arrest" after Cindy Anthony complained about credit card fraud.
"She was not in custody," Burdick said. She was then un-cuffed and was free to walk around her home for an hour before a detective arrived. Burdik said this was sufficient time to send a message to Casey Anthony or "any reasonable person" that she was not custody. She cited case law to support her arguments.
Defense attorney Cheney Mason earlier this afternoon had argued that all statements Casey Anthony gave law enforcement in mid-July 2008 should be tossed because she was never read her Miranda rights that morning.
At the same time, she was handcuffed (and later un-handcuffed), placed in the back of a patrol vehicle and driven around by law enforcement, Mason said. She was "in custody" throughout this period, he maintains, from her early contact when her mother called for her arrest to her questioning by detectives inside a room at Universal Studios.
"She was never informed that she had the right to leave or terminate questioning," Mason argued. He says detectives didn't want Casey Anthony to tell them, "I want a lawyer."
Because of the failure to inform her of her Miranda rights, Mason said, all her comments to law enforcement on July 15-16 should be excluded from trial.
Now Mason is arguing that detectives also violated her rights by attempting to get information from Casey Anthony, through her family members.
Mason says the Anthony family was "exploited" because they had a goal to find Caylee and the investigators wanted information from Casey but could not speak with her directly without her lawyer present.
"They (investigators) set them all in play," Mason said.
Mason said the family members became agents for the state "wittingly or unwittingly."
Burdick says law enforcement did not manipulate the Anthonys into doing anything they did not already want to do independently. And she says the Anthonys acknowledged last week it was not their intent to help build a case against Casey Anthony.
But Mason said earlier that investigators "directed family over and over to do what they could not." In doing this -- and capturing Casey Anthony in recordings and video -- they circumvented her defense attorney Jose Baez.
Tossing any of these comments would hurt the prosecution's case because they show Casey Anthony behaved soon after the disappearance of her daughter was reported to the authorities. But the legal standards to exclude these statements place heavy burdens on the defense.
The 24-year-old's first-degree murder trial is scheduled to start in May. If convicted in the killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee almost three years ago, Casey Anthony faces a possible death sentence.
Rulings on these issues and other science-related evidence in the coming days and weeks will largely frame the kind of evidence jurors will get to see in the case.
Earlier today, the defense team filed legal memos challenging the prosecution's positions on scientific evidence in the case.
The defense team is attacking one state witness, a botany expert, who is being used to help date the time Caylee's body was left in the wooded locations where her remains were found in December 2008.
The motion filed by defense attorney Dorothy Clay Sims says the state expert's "science is not legitimate, his methodology unscientific and experiment incomplete, not peer reviewed, his error rate unknown and his conclusions unscientific."
Sims is asking for a special hearing to "more fully advise the court as to why his conclusions should be inadmissible."
Sims' motion goes as far to suggest that the prosecution withdraw Dr. David Hall, the botanist, as a witness before that hearing is scheduled.
"It is the hope…after re-reading Dr. Hall's deposition the state would consider withdrawing him as an expert and thus remove the need for a hearing as [to] whether his testimony is admissible," Sims wrote.
The defense, through attorney Sims, is also challenging the prosecution's use of a device to detect "trace or unmeasured amounts of Chloroform" inside the trunk of Casey Anthony's vehicle. Again, the defense wants a special hearing, dealing with new or novel areas of science, to argue against this evidence from being used at trial based on the device.
This is a breaking news story. Check back for more details.
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PostSubject: Caylee Anthony case: Chloroform and GC/MS   Mon Mar 07, 2011 5:40 pm

Caylee Anthony case: Chloroform and GC/MS

Posted on March 7, 2011 by Valhall

My apologies for that outburst because this is to discuss some scientific information, BUT WHAT IN SAM-HILL IS HAPPENING IN THE DEFENSE TEAM? I’m getting skeered!
The defense team has filed Defendant’s Memorandum Regarding to State’s Motion to Strike Defendant’s Motion to Exclude Unreliable Evidenc Prusuant to Frye (Chloroform) [SPELLING ERRORS FROM ORIGINAL MOTION!] In this motion they finally detail what it is they take issue with about Dr. Vass’s report stating there were elevated levels of chloroform in the trunk liner above those expected just from a human decomposition event. And this is what they say…

The Defense Motion, for example, points out that the State is using Dr. Arpad Vass to claim that a test which did not measure quantity of chloroform, can somehow support claim the test results reveal high levels of chloroform. [Emphasis and weirdo grammar errors from original motion] Using a test which does not measure levels of a chemical to support the claim that a high level of the chemical existed is a novel use of such test. The test was not created for such use and application and the State has the burden to show the methodology complies with Frye. [Emphasis added by Valhall]
Please tell me you’re kidding!

Let’s talk about “Volatile Organic Compounds” (VOCs), which we’ve talked about before. VOCs are air pollutants and must be tracked and reported to each of the state’s departments of environmental quality, as well as the EPA, each year for any industrial facility that falls under permitting and/or reporting requirements for air emissions. A permitted facility that uses some mixture that contains a VOC must submit to the state how they will determine their annual VOC emissions for that mixture.
Guess how they do that? They take an indicative sample of the VOC-containing fluid and they use gas chromatography to measure the ppm (parts per million <== THAT’S THE LEVEL DETECTED IN THE SAMPLE!) in the head gases above the sample. Just like Dr. Vass did when he heated the carpet sample, volatilized the chloroform out of it and ran his test. Chloroform, by the way, is a VOC.
Every day, in every state across the Union, and in countries all around the world with any kind of air emission reporting requirements (and that’s just about all of them) analytical labs are using gas chromatographs to measure the level of VOC’s (including chloroform!) in samples. Somebody call the United Nations, because according to Casey Anthony’s “dream team”….the whole world is doing this wrong!
But wait…there’s more people we need to set straight who have the “kooky” idea that GC will tell them how much of a chemical is in something. For instance, we need to get hold of the entire carpet industry which is mandated by ASTM (<=== they need to be told too! because they are they are the international standard setter that tells people the standards by which testing must be done! And they’re so far off base they think GC will measure the level of chemicals! Holy moly, the world is about to grind to a halt.)….to test their production carpets for VOCs (which can be harmful to your health if your carpet is spitting them out) using gas chromatography!!!
Which flies in the face of this portion of the defense motion…

…the State has not met it’s burden to show that similar testing of a air/carpet samples of a vehicle such that the application of the results to support a scientific conclusion in this case. [Emphasis added by Valhall...extremely bizarro grammar errors from original motion]
WAIT…we’ve got more people we’ve got to get hold of. STOP THE PRESSES! The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), under the guidance of the US Department of Labor, mandates that gas chromatography be used to detect levels of chloroform in work environments.
EVERYBODY GO HOME NOW!!! Your employer has been testing your work environment wrong since about 1974! O_O According to Casey’s defense team you have NO CLUE if you’re sucking in dangerous levels of chloroform. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!
*This Public Service Announcement has been brought to you by Casey Anthony’s defense team, whose motto is…me take rock, break coconut!*
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PostSubject: Final Arguments Made In Casey Anthony Hearing   Mon Mar 07, 2011 5:50 pm

Final Arguments Made In Casey Anthony Hearing

Posted: 10:02 am EST March 7, 2011

Updated: 4:28 pm EST March 7, 2011

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- Attorneys for both sides in the case against Casey Anthony were back in court Monday to make their final arguments in a series of motions that could affect the strategies that both the defense and the state will employ in the upcoming trial.

RAW CASEY HEARING: Part 1 Of 5 | Part 2 | Part 3
BILL SHEAFFER: Pre-Analysis Of Monday's Hearing

Casey walked into the courtroom at 1:54pm with her hair pulled back in a bun, wearing a lavender turtleneck sweater and gray slacks. George and Cindy Anthony are also present at Monday's hearing.
The hearing began two minutes before the scheduled time of 2:00pm.
Casey's attorneys say comments she made to detectives after her daughter was reported missing shouldn't be allowed at trial since she wasn't read her Miranda rights.
After a brief statement from defense attorney Jose Baez, another of Casey's attorneys, Cheney Mason, delivered the final arguments for the defense in front of Chief Judge Belvin Perry.
Her attorneys argued on Monday that she was in police custody when detectives questioned her about, her daughter, Caylee Anthony. The defense attorneys say Casey was never was told that she didn't have to submit to the questioning.
"Everything that happened inside the home was without the benefits of Miranda," Mason said.
However, the detectives have argued that Casey wasn't in police custody and volunteered to the questioning.
At 2:50pm, Linda Drane-Burdick gave the prosecution's final arguments. She also discussed the night that officers questioned Casey in her home.
"Went back inside her residence and was not controlled in any way shape or form," said Drane-Burdick
The defense also argued that her family was working with police when those statements were made. They said her parents and brother were basically acting as agents for the state and that they were trying to get information from Casey to give to investigators.
WFTV's legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said her family would have to agree to work with investigators for that argument to work.
Casey's family said they did not agree to that.
During jail phone conversations, Casey Anthony gave a description to her parents about alleged nanny, Zenaida Gonzalez, who she said had Caylee. The defense does not want the jury to know about that conversation either.
Arguments wrapped up and the hearing ended at about 4:15pm. Judge Perry did not make any decision on Monday regarding the motions.
Anthony has pleaded not guilty in the death of her daughter and says a baby sitter kidnapped Caylee.
Casey's trial is set to begin on May 9.
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PostSubject: Casey Anthony : Central Florida News 13 apologizes for F-Bomb   Mon Mar 07, 2011 6:23 pm

Casey Anthony: Central Florida News 13 apologizes for F-bomb
Bright House Networks, Caylee and Casey Anthony, Central Florida News 13, Orlando[size=7] — posted by halboedeker on March, 7 2011 4:47 PM

Assistant State Attorney Linda Drane Burdick is shown in court last week. Photo credit: Red Huber/Orlando Sentinel
A version of the F-bomb went out today during Central Florida News 13’s coverage of the Casey Anthony case, and the channel quickly apologized.

“We heard a profanity uttered in the courtroom by one of the attorneys who was reading off a transcript,” anchor Adam Longo said. “We deeply apologize that that word went out on the air. We’re taking steps to see that doesn’t happen again. We appreciate your understanding in the matter.”
Assistant State Attorney Linda Drane Burdick read Anthony’s comment to a boyfriend. Anthony complained that she had been arrested on “a bleeping whim.” Anthony is charged with first-degree murder in the death of her daughter, Caylee.
On Thursday, when audiotapes played in court, a couple of variations of a scatological term went out over the cable news channel, which is available to cutsomers of Bright House Networks.
“It was unfortunate it happened. We didn’t know it was coming,” Robin Smythe, general manager of Central Florida News 13, said then.
“Knowledge is power,” she added, determined to avoid a repeat. “To be responsible, we can activate the time delay. It’s technology we can use when something untoward might get on the air.”
But something untoward went out today.

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PostSubject: Casey Anthony - Motions Arguments    Mon Mar 07, 2011 8:25 pm

Casey Anthony – Motions Arguments

03/07/2011 donchais

Well, the defense team apparently took the Judge’s admonishment to heart and brought Casey’s clothing to her in a timely manner and she is brought into the courtroom a few minutes before Judge Perry takes the bench.
George and Cindy are in attendance as well.
Baez read stipulations into the record that he and Linda Drane Burdick had agreed upon.
I took no notes and just observed because frankly I’m pretty tired of this bull crap. We heard it for three straight days and we all know the drill.
Mason takes center stage and begins closing arguments.
He is sarcastic and basically rants on about how Casey was never read he Miranda rights. Don’t forget, even though she was cuffed for 3-5 minutes, she was never placed under arrest! Mason continues to embellish and paints a picture of the house and yard crawling with large cops with guns and full uniforms. Ms. Anthony was patted down and put in the back of a patrol car – a caged area! She was questioned until 3:30 in the morning. She was never told she didn’t have to talk to the, she was free to leave, she could have an attorney. Why wouldn’t she think she was under arrest? She is a young 22-year-old woman with no prior experience with LE.
For God’s sake, at that point LE and the family was concerned with a missing child! All the were trying to do was find a little girl!
He then goes into the trip to Universal and how this tiny woman was questioned by three large men in a 10×10 conference room with the door closed! She didn’t know she wasn’t being detained!
Pardon me? We’ve all heard the tape of the interview. She was explicitly told the door was closed for privacy and she was free to leave! Also let’s not forget, all this time, Casey – enjoying the attention – repeatedly agreed to cooperate and help LE find Caylee!
Mason goes on to cite several legal cases regarding Miranda which he provided for the Judge!
Next he addresses how George, Cindy and Lee were agents of the State. They were duped by LE and repeatedly asked to get information from Casey for them!
Mason dramatically appears horrified that LE was rude enough to question Mr. Baez’s ability and reputation! He asks, ‘how dare they’.
Not much more to say that you haven’t already heard during the hearings!
Linda Drane Burdick begins the State’s argument by taking issue with the way the defense took many of the statements in their argument out of context.
She makes her case that Casey was never under arrest and reading the statements and transcripts clearly indicates that Casey was told numerous times she was free to leave. She was several times left alone in the home. Casey was also a willing and cooperative participant in trying to find her daughter.
She makes the point that if police are responding to a 911 call, a reasonable person would expect to be questioned.
With her usual professionalism, Linda takes the Judge through some case-law about whether being placed in cuffs automatically means you are under arrest.
What I found very interesting is the case-law referred to by both Mason and Burdick was already well know to the Judge! He did study all weekend! He was able to name the cases off the top of his head! Impressive, indeed!
Linda refutes each and every point that Mason brought up in his argument.
I have to say, Linda’s version is far closer to what I remember reading in the reports or heard on the recordings than what was presented by the defense.
Again, I took no notes because with the exception of the case-law, everything was already said last week, but Linda rocked as always!
Mason responds sarcastically and is his usual obnoxious self!
Judge Perry says he will have an answer close to the end of next week!
4:15 p.m. he leaves the bench!
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