A discussion of children, their welfare, well being and lives. We must protect them, they are our future.
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PostSubject: Lillian Glass, Kathi Belish, and Cheney Mason   Wed Oct 06, 2010 9:03 am

Lillian Glass, Kathi Belich, and Cheney Mason

Below is an article from Dr. Lillian Glass in which she covers Cheney Mason dealing with Kathi Belich.

Statement Analysis follows in bold type.

Interviewed by a group of Orlando reporters, Cheney was first asked, “What do you expect here today?” His attempt to come across as humorous fell flat, as he sarcastically replied “Lets see. I expect it to rain and you get caught in it. “

Note that this man has spent almost 40 years using his skills in speaking in order to persuade juries to acquit his clients.

He was then asked “Which experts are gonna be here today?”

As soon as he replied “ Besides myself?”it just conformed to me what I saw all along. The man appears to me to be completely ego driven and full of himself. He clearly sees himself as the top legal expert here

Dr. Glass is correct. Statement Analysis views the words chosen, even at the attempt of humor, because the words that a joker chooses reveal much about himself. Later, they may defend themselves by saying, "I was only joking" but know that their words come from somewhere; they are not from the void. Cheney Mason, here, reveals a weak point of himself: he is vulnerable due to his ego. If we have learned anything from Cheney Mason, it is how easily defeated he is, with his advanced degree and 39 years experience, by Kathi Belichi, time and time again. His own words reveal his fear of her.

Then Orlando 9’s Kathy Belich who is an excellent and thorough reporter asked him the legitimate question, “Do you think Henry Lees problems with the Spector case is going to cause problems? “
Instead of answering a simple “No” or “Not at all” He got very defensive. He rushed past the reporters as his whole physical demeanor changed. He was now wearing an angry scowl as opposed to his previous smug, arrogant smile.

As he rushed away he replied what sound like “ Shhh” stopping himself short of continuing what he perhaps really wanted to say- “ Shit”.

Imagine the great orator so easily defeated by a reporter who asks simple and pointed questions.

My favorite Kathi Belich moment? When she called out to Casey Anthony as she walked on her parent's front lawn:

"Casey, why do you strut like that?"

Priceless. Kathi Belich recognized an issue that would impact this case: that Casey Anthony was actually enjoying the spotlight. This narcissism helps others understand how Casey could overcome maternal and human instinct to protect a child, in order to sucessfully take Caylee's life from her.

If Kathi Belich writes a book on the case, I will be the first on line to buy it.

He then said in a sassy school boy defensive sounding tone “ No . I Think YOUR problems are causing problems.”
WHAT???? This school boy tone from an alleged seasoned criminal attorney?

Statement Analysis does not care for his tone. It is his words we care to view: Here Cheney Mason reveals the problems he is having persauding the public that Casey Anthony didn't kill Caylee comes from Kathi Belich. Mason fears her.

Kathy couldn’t believe her ears either. S o she loudly asked “What was that now?” Cheney ignored her and entered the building.

Kathi Belich sought to get Mason to repeat (and own) his own words. No need. He revealed more of the defense thinking than hours of press conferences could have.

Since the comment was directly leveled against Kathy Belich, she promptly did what any good reporter would do and followed Cheney into the building . She was the only reporter who followed him into the building and understandably so. She heard Cheney make a hostile comment directed at her and she wanted to follow up.

As she stood in back of him she asked “ You don’t think it will cause trouble?” She realized Cheney was getting out his ID and following the procedures of the Sheriff’s Department. So she stood quietly behind Cheney until he completed his business with the reception desk.

Then she spoke up and asked “ Are you worried about that ? That the problems …”

Cheney then turned to her and replied in a childish cadence like something you would her on a grade school playground during recess, “ I worry about YOU- that YOU’RE always bothering me.”

Statement Analysis removes the description of childish cadence and focuses in upon the words that Cheney Mason's brain relayed to him in a microsecond, revealing his inner thoughts. "Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh" said Christ, 2000 years ago. The heart is the seat of the intellect and the emotions. From this place, the mouth of Cheney Mason spoke and he revealed what it is like for him, perhaps late at night, as he watches his self described sterling reputation go down the drain on this nightmare of a case: Cheney Mason doesn't stay up at night worrying about Casey Anthony, or even Cindy Anthony: it is Kathi Belich who he has anxieties over.

Kathi Belich "bothers" him. Do not other journalists ask tough questions? I imagine that he may fear that Kathi is assisted by attorney Bill Shaeffer, who I find to be straight speaking. Her on air discussions with him reveal a journalist who is actually listening and learning from the attorney. It is a powerful combination that has provoked local jealousies.

Kathy rightfully asks in a calm and professional tone “ Why do you worry about that ?”
Cheney replied with his back turned to Kathy in a defensive tone” You’re always bothering people.”
Kathy calmly replied “ I’m just doing my job.”

Listen to the questions she asks. They are intelligent questions, but they are not earth-shattering Solomon-like pronunciations. I think that Mason must sense Belichi's ability to discern truth from deception, at least on some level. He fears her. Belich is intelligent and asks relevant and observant questions, but she is not asking him rocket science geo-astro-physics questions. (Is rocket science geo-astro-physics even a real topic? I don't know).

Then like an immature child with his continued to be turned against Kathy he replied” I don’t intend on answering your question. They are always too STUPID!”

Now it wraps up with the obvious projection: Kathi Belich makes Cheney Mason feel stupid because she makes him look stupid to the nation, via television. This is a man of tremendous ego; so much so that after damning Casey Anthony and the defense, after joining them, not only boasted that he would end his career walking arm and arm with a free Casey, but that he thought even the judge would bow to his "good ole boy" act and just "trust me" on things.

Not so fast, Col. Sanders. Judges like things done properly.

As a professional Kathy continues to ask “ Do you think that’s the reason the judge insisted that the Sheriff’s department videotape your search of the evidence because of the problems?”

Dr. Glass is correct. Composed and professional, she continued with the proper line of questioning and did not reduce herself to the junior high taunts.

Cheney’s knee jerk reaction was “You have to ask the judge.” Then he got angry and said” No he did not! I’m sure of that….

Note the weakness in his assertion with the additional words that attempt to repair or strengthen the weakness: "...I'm sure of that" following the denial.

Kathi Belich continues to embarass Cheney Mason with simple, honest, and straight forward questions. She has uncovered his soft, white underbelly of weakness which will contribute to the collapse of the defense: Mason's inflated ego.

Posted by Seamus O Riley at 2:42 AM
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PostSubject: Welcome To The Rottentrolympics!!!   Thu Oct 07, 2010 3:11 pm

Welcome To The Rottentrolympics!!!

Oh I am sure you have at one time or another, had the misfortune of dealing with them. They pop on and play very stupid, while all the time they twist and turn each and every statement, around to suit their frame of mind. I believe their headquarters are located next to if not in a public restroom. The filth and manure they spew as facts would be proof that their information, was fed to them from the rim of a latrine, where they rapidly lap up like hungry little guppies, in a mold bowl. They post and spew their beliefs based on zero facts liken, the twist and turns of a belly full of gas! None are creditable, their sole game play is to disrupt the blogger. Quite a lot can be said about them according to their name choice. Let's see in this corner we have "yellow snow", "dumber than shite", "feminine backwash" (my personal favorite as to click on this pig's moniker, takes you to a porn site, probably a "lick n stick" girlfriend of the accused), just to mention a few. No facts no tacks and they think they have what it takes. A favorite line for example the dumb shite one said if Baez said it she must believe it...RMAOL!!!! Some of them have been removed from sites because of the abusive manner they eventually display, however there are still a couple of places where they are free to roam and insult, moderator must like the smell of crap! Shame isn't it? So today is a free for all....tell it like it is.....reasons why trolls spit clown crackers crumbs for facts!!!! Couldn't be because they sniff and follow clown shoes....hmmmmm. Question of the day...If a tree, in the forest falls on a troll and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

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PostSubject: Casey Anthony: Two Years, $67K Later   Fri Oct 15, 2010 9:50 am

Casey Anthony: Two Years, $67K Later

Thursday Marks Second Anniversary Of Murder Indictment

POSTED: 4:25 pm EDT October 14, 2010
UPDATED: 6:12 pm EDT October 14, 2010

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- Thursday marks two years since Casey Anthony was indicted for first degree murder in the death of her daughter, Caylee Anthony. Anthony has been locked up without bond since then.
Anthony remains in a protective custody cell 23 hours each day. Her confinement in the 7-foot by 12-foot cell is costing taxpayers well over $30,000 per year.
“I don't think Casey Anthony has it good by any means,” said Orlando defense attorney Richard Hornsby.

Hornsby is not connected to the Anthony case, but does have a client,” said Orlando defense attorney Richard Hornsby.
Hornsby is not connected to the Anthony case, but does have a client in the same wing. He said he saw her in a classroom near her cell about a month ago.
“She was leaning back with her feet on a chair next to her and she was watching a soap opera on the TV,” Hornsby said.
According to Hornsby, women in protective custody often talk to one another.
“All the cells are made of metal so everything echoes,” he said. “You hear people whispering especially when they're not supposed to be talking loud back and forth."
Anthony has been behind bars for 730 consecutive days. Jail officials say the cost of feeding, housing and guarding her is about $92 per day, meaning her incarceration has cost taxpayers more than $67,000.
Corrections officials said cost figures that are not yet in for the past year will push the figure even higher.
As of now, she is the 40th longest serving inmate in the Orange County Jail. The jail houses more than 3,600 inmates.
"Casey Anthony has been very cooperative with officers and staff and is not considered to be a problem inmate,” a corrections spokesman said in a statement.
Anthony’s murder trial is not expected to begin until May.
If she is convicted and sentenced to death, Anthony would be moved to women’s death row at Lowell Correctional Institution in Ocala.
Copyright 2010 by WESH.COM.
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PostSubject: Casey Anthony's Driver's License Suspended   Sat Oct 16, 2010 8:27 am

Casey Anthony's Driver's License Suspended

Suspension Comes From Outstanding Court Fees, Fines

POSTED: 4:43 pm EDT October 15, 2010
UPDATED: 5:14 pm EDT October 15, 2010

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- Casey Anthony’s driver’s license has officially been suspended for non-payment fines.
According to court records, Anthony owes $381 as a result of her guilty plea in January to theft charges. A court sent the amount this week again to a collection agency.
The county often suspends driver’s licenses of those who don’t pay court costs and fines.
For the past two years, Anthony has been jailed without bond on charges of murdering her daughter, Caylee Anthony.
Copyright 2010 by WESH.COM.
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PostSubject: State: Cost Estimates From Casey's New Lawyer TOO High   Mon Oct 18, 2010 6:18 pm

State: Cost Estimates From Casey's New Lawyer Too High

State Agency Argues Taxpayers Shouldn't Pay For Travel

POSTED: 4:36 pm EDT October 18, 2010
UPDATED: 6:12 pm EDT October 18, 2010

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- The state agency responsible for distributing funds for indigent clients like Casey Anthony is fighting how high the cost of the case could go after the addition of a new defense lawyer.
Anthony’s new death penalty expert, Anne Finnell, has filed paperwork informing Judge Belvin Perry that her expenses in preparing for a possible penalty phase in the case could cost taxpayers $20,000 or more.
Orlando defense attorney Richard Hornsby, who is not affiliated with the Anthony case, said penalty phase costs are unavoidable.
“The defense has to incur all those costs before the case goes to trial,” he said.

Finnell estimates an expert psychiatric witness could cost $7,500, but lawyers for the Justice Administrative Commission said the cost should be far less.
“While an indigent has a due process right to the assistance of experts in his or her defense, that right is not unfettered,” the filing read.
Finnell also estimated her travel costs to be $4,000, but the commission said those costs should come out of the $89,000 fee that Jose Baez has already collected from Anthony.
"The state should not bear the responsibility to cover travel expenses for a privately retained attorney who chooses to use the services of yet another attorney,” the commission said.
“If they're unwilling to pay their own costs, they're going to have to withdraw, or Jose Baez is going to have to pay for it out of his own pocket. It's fair and that's the way it works,” said Hornsby.
The commission is asking Perry to hold a hearing on the issue.
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PostSubject: Worthless Parasitic Twit Seeks Mate   Wed Oct 20, 2010 9:49 am

Worthless Parasitic Twit Seeks Mate

Posted by eggtreenews in Casey Anthony Trial. Tagged: Satire news, Parody News, Casey Anthony, Caylee Anthony, eggtreenews, casey anthony's cupid profile.

-Orlando, FL
Old news flash, I know, but hysterical nonetheless. As it turns out, prior to her incarceration for murdering her baby girl Caylee, local parasite Casey Anthony set up a laughable profile on, hoping to attract a new host to feed upon. Everyone get out your shovels and goggles, and put on your Hazmat suits, cuz this mountain of Anthony bullsh*t surpasses Everest. Even the most experienced sherpa wouldn’t attempt scaling this monumental dungpile. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll make your best “this dumb f*ing b*tch” face ever, as you shake your head and roll your eyes at the sight of all this nonsense.
She starts off deep. Really deep. Either she was listening to the profound Jennifer Lopez hit “I’m Real” as she was filling out this trivial questionnaire, or she had just finished watching a “Flavor of Love” marathon on VH1 (where every vapid contestant feels the need to proclaim the authenticity of their personality right off the bat), because she immediately describes herself as a “genuine girl.”
Clue #1 that she’s a liar.
The simple-minded mooch, who rarely ever got off the phone with her million and one Facebook friends long enough to take a piss, goes on to claim she’s “just looking for someone to spend time with…Really. It’s that simple.” It should be noted here that the Anthony Family Lexicon defines “spending time with someone” as “spending all their money, usually without them knowing about it.” Really. It honestly is that simple.
The next truckfull of manure is dropped when the freeloading thief describes how much she “cherishes family and friends.” In typical Anthony fashion, she pours on the syrup, claiming she “strives to prove it to them everyday.” For totally seriously….just ask her elderly, ailing grandparents whom she robbed blind. Or her BFF Amy Huizenga, whose checkbook she stole to stock up on necessities like beer, bras, and bug-eyed sunglasses from the fine retail outlet known as Target. Or her insufferable mother (if you enjoy conversing with gum-smacking dingbats), whose credit cards she stole to rack up a $40K debt. Or her baby, who she says she “spends as much time as possible with,” yet waited 31 days to report missing. I’m sure they all felt cherished in that special Anthony way.
But the real comedy starts when the unemployed high school dropout squirts a whopper or fifty about not only having attended college, but also raking in nearly $35K a year, almost like a real grownup! She fails to explain why she chooses to live with her parents while rolling in that kind of dough at the tender age of 22, but really flexes her intellectual muscle with discussion of her love of potatos.
Starchy food obsessions aside, Our Damsel of Doritos goes on to describe her innate “motherly instinct.” “I am a mom to everyone,” she gushes. “It’s always been in my blood.” You know, the kind of mom who doesn’t tell anyone she’s pregnant for 7 months, who then brings her toddler to night clubs, doesn’t keep a phone number for her “babysitter,” doesn’t lift a finger to provide for her child, hustles everyone she knows for whatever she can get out of them, may or may not use chloroform and her car trunk as a babysitter, and doesn’t report her kid being kidnapped for a month. That kind of mom.
What a catch.
Fellas, line starts behind Bullstopper!

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PostSubject: Casey Anthony badk in court Oct 29   Wed Oct 20, 2010 4:38 pm

Casey Anthony back in court Oct. 29

Updated: Wednesday, 20 Oct 2010, 4:15 PM EDT
Published : Wednesday, 20 Oct 2010, 2:54 PM EDT

Casey Anthony will be back in court October 29 for a status hearing during which two motions filed by her defense team will be heard.
The motions that will be heard are a Motion to Determine Reasonable Budget for Due Process Costs in a Capital Case and Motion to Incur Certain Specified Costs.
Anthony has pleaded not guilty on charges that she killed her daughter, 2-year-old Caylee Marie, claiming a babysitter kidnapped her toddler. Caylee was last seen in June of 2008, but she was not reported missing until a month later. Her remains were found in woods near the family's home in December 2008.
Anthony's trial is scheduled to start in May 2011 and they are still on schedule to meet that date.
The hearing is scheduled to begin at 1:30 p.m. in Courtroom 23 and will be streamed live here on
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PostSubject: Tampering with a witness, victim, or informant.   Thu Oct 21, 2010 9:54 am

914.22 Tampering with a witness, victim, or informant.--
(1) A person who knowingly uses intimidation or physical force, or threatens another person, or attempts to do so, or engages in misleading conduct toward another person, or offers pecuniary benefit or gain to another person, with intent to cause or induce any person to:
(a) Withhold testimony, or withhold a record, document, or other object, from an official investigation or official proceeding;
(b) Alter, destroy, mutilate, or conceal an object with intent to impair the integrity or availability of the object for use in an official investigation or official proceeding;
(c) Evade legal process summoning that person to appear as a witness, or to produce a record, document, or other object, in an official investigation or an official proceeding;
(d) Be absent from an official proceeding to which such person has been summoned by legal process;
(e) Hinder, delay, or prevent the communication to a law enforcement officer or judge of information relating to the commission or possible commission of an offense or a violation of a condition of probation, parole, or release pending a judicial proceeding; or
(f) Testify untruthfully in an official investigation or an official proceeding,

commits a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.
(2) Whoever intentionally harasses another person and thereby hinders, delays, prevents, or dissuades any person from:
(a) Attending or testifying in an official proceeding or cooperating in an official investigation;
(b) Reporting to a law enforcement officer or judge the commission or possible commission of an offense or a violation of a condition of probation, parole, or release pending a judicial proceeding;
(c) Arresting or seeking the arrest of another person in connection with an offense; or
(d) Causing a criminal prosecution, or a parole or probation revocation proceeding, to be sought or instituted, or from assisting in such prosecution or proceeding;

or attempts to do so, is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.
(3) For the purposes of this section:
(a) An official proceeding need not be pending or about to be instituted at the time of the offense; and
(b) The testimony or the record, document, or other object need not be admissible in evidence or free of a claim of privilege.
(4) In a prosecution for an offense under this section, no state of mind need be proved with respect to the circumstance:
(a) That the official proceeding before a judge, court, grand jury, or government agency is before a judge or court of the state, a state or local grand jury, or a state agency; or
(b) That the judge is a judge of the state or that the law enforcement officer is an officer or employee of the state or a person authorized to act for or on behalf of the state or serving the state as an adviser or consultant.
History.--s. 3, ch. 72-315; s. 44, ch. 75-298; s. 14, ch. 84-363; s. 4, ch. 88-96; s. 12, ch. 91-223; s. 225, ch. 91-224; s. 1, ch. 92-281; s. 33, ch. 2004-11.
Note.--Former s. 918.14.
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PostSubject: Smoke & Mirrors Indepth Timeline......Casey Anthony case   Fri Oct 22, 2010 7:58 am

Smoke & Mirrors Indepth Timeline --- Casey Anthony case

Timeline July 13 – 19, 2008

SUN, July 13, 2008 – While outside doing yard work, Cindy claims she saw a certified registered letter notice on the front door.
10:33:10 a.m. Cindy texted Casey. The message read, “Last minute?”
MON, July 14, 2008 – Prior to leaving for work, Cindy texted Casey. The message sent at 7:35:03 read, “Remember me?”
Cindy was at work 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. at Gentiva Health Services. George said he just started a new job about a week ago, which is why he was not able to go to the post office to pick up the registered letter today.
11:24 a.m. Casey tells Iassen Donovan in an IM that she is going to get her own apartment for just her and “the kid.”
1:26:56 p.m. The image of the “move the F on” quote by Tupac was last accessed on Casey’s Laptop computer.

  • 8:30:10 p.m. Cindy texted Casey. The message read, “Can u call me soon? i ll b going to bed soon.”
  • 11:33 p.m. Cindy (Anthony hm ph) call to Casey’s cell – left voice-mail message
  • 11:33 p.m. Casey retrieves Cindy’s voice-mail message.
  • 12:00 midnight (approx. time) Cindy’s sent a message to Casey’s MySpace. The message shown below has been deleted.

Dad said he went to work at 9am and he got home at 630p, he said he did not come home in between. I don’t know who or what to believe anymore. You’ve told me everyday that you were going to call me and you haven’t but you choose to call when you know I won’t be home. What the hell is going on?” I’ve tried not to bug you to death but I still haven’t gotten to see pictures of Caylee or gotten to speak to her. It’s been over a month now. Am I ever going to see her again? Are you still with Jeff? Are you going back to work? I saw on the news that Anheiser Busch* is being bought by a foreign company that does not want the theme parks only the beer part of the Co. What is that all about they’re talking Disney or Universal may get to buy the theme parks. I thought Universal already merged with them? I’m not sure how much longer I can continue on this day to day course. I’m going freakin nuts not knowing whats going on with you. I had a breakdown at work, can’t take much more stress. [discovery doc p. 2801]
InBev and Anheuser-Busch MergerPress Release
TUE, July 15, 2008 – George picked up certified mail at the Post Office then proceeded to Johnson’s Wrecker East located at 7777 Narcoossee RD, Orlando, FL to retrieve Casey’s car. He arrived in the morning prior to noon. George spoke with Ms. Lett inquiring about the cost and other requirements to get the car out of impound. He asked Ms. Lett where the car was towed from and she told George the car was towed from the AMSCOT located on SR 50 & Goldenrod.
Ms. Lett also advised George of the types of documents he would need and mentioned they only accept cash payments. George said he would have to come back… did not have enough cash. George called Cindy to let her know the cost to get the vehicle out of impound. Cindy left work and went to withdraw $500 from an ATM, then met George at the Anthony home.

  • 12:48 p.m. Cindy calls Casey’s cell phone (missed call)
  • 12:58 p.m. Casey calls Cindy’s cell phone = 213 secs.
  • 1:11 p.m. Cindy calls Casey’s cell phone = 89 secs.

Cindy said, “… I told her that she was not in Jacksonville. I told her that we found the car, so obviously she wasn’t where she said.” [Page 383 - CA’s deposition by Prosecution on 7/29/09]
Cindy meets George at the Anthony home then she drives him to Johnson’s Wrecker. She debated the notification time and the charge ($35.00) for the certified letter. Cindy demanded a discount. DENIED! Ms. Lett observed that Cindy appeared to have been upset upon her arrival.
1:30 p.m. (approx. time) G & C showed the car title and their driver’s licenses as proof of ownership and identification because Casey’s car (1998 WHT Pontiac SUNFIRE SE Coupe 2-DR) is registered to George & Cynthia Anthony. [VIN# shown in discovery doc pp. 5207 -5208] Cindy paid the Johnson’s Wrecker invoice in the amount of $466.78. [discovery doc p. 374]
George and Cindy acted surprised to learn the car was in the Orlando area. They told Mr. Birch, Facilities Manager and Ms. Lett they thought this car was in Jacksonville, Gainesville or the FL Panhandle. [discovery doc pp. 819, 837, 839 & 847]
G & C Anthony said they hadn’t seen their granddaughter in a month; their daughter was lying to them and would not let them speak with the child. Cindy remaiined in the office while George and Mr. Birch went into the impound yard to retrieve the car.
When George opened the drivers door of the Pontiac with a spare key, he and Mr. Birch smelled a foul odor (the smell was pungent). George looked inside the car and saw Caylee’s car seat; Casey’s purse (with her ID inside); clothes and some other stuff. George said he remembered thinking at this time, “please don’t let it be Casey or Caylee.”
Then he proceeded to open the trunk, as Mr. Birch witnessed, and found armor hammer laundry detergent; blue bends; an old pink backpack of Caylee’s and a white kitchen size trash bag with a yellow tie-string.
A pizza box and some papers were inside the trash bag with maggots and flies crawling on the outside. Mr. Birch tossed the trash bag in the dumpster.
George saw the stain (size of basket ball but not completely circular) near the spare tire area in the center of the trunk. He put his noise down close to it and got an overpowering dose of the decomposition odor.
George took gas can from his SUV and put gasoline in Casey’s car. It seemed to Mr. Birch that George knew in advance the car was out of gas. Note: [It was later proven by LE the car was not out of gas and the gas gauge worked properly]
1:24 p.m. Casey went to Bank of America at 2701 S. Conway RD. (1/10 of mi. from Sawgrass Apts.) She wrote the fifth chk. #146 for $250.00.from Amy H’s checking account Payee: Casey Anthony. Casey presented ID # A 535-113-86-599-0 (FL Drivers License) to the bank teller to cash the check and $250 in cash was dispensed.
Chk # 145 in the amount of $92.62 payable to Win-Dixie #2383 was returned to Winn Dixie unpaid due to Amy H.s forgery claim. ($10.00 returned check fee was also charged back for a total loss of $102.62).
During Charles C’s interview with LE, he mentioned that Debbie B. (co-worker at Gentiva) told him that Cindy had mentioned the argument she had with Casey on Fathers Day. [discovery doc p. 5063]
1:55 p.m. – 2:05 p.m. Casey’s vehicle was released to George. He drove the Pontiac with the windows partially down in the rain. At the Anthony home, he parked the car in the garage. Because of his Sheriff Detective background, George immediately recognized the smell in Casey’s car as that of a DECOMPOSING BODY …That is a smell you never forget.
That said Cindy and George agreed to stick with the story of a rotting pizza in the car for several days sitting in the hot Florida sun caused the foul odor.
2:00 p.m. Casey stopped by Cast Iron Tattoo. She scheduled an appointment for herself and a friend for 7/19/08. Mr. Colamarino asked about Caylee. Casey told him she would bring Caylee when she comes back for her next appointment. [LIE]
2:04 p.m. Erica G. cell phone call to Casey’s cell phone = 4 secs. Missed call goes to voice-mail box.
2:06 p.m. Casey returns Erica G.’s phone call and they talk for 842 secs. Casey tells Erica she is on her way to OIA to pick up someone. During the conversation, Casey made a statement along the lines of “sit down Caylee,” but Erica did not hear Caylee’s voice at all during the entire conversation.
2:10 p.m. (approx. time) Cindy found a hand-written note with a phone number for Amy H. and a copy of Amy’s resume in Casey’s car. She removed a dinner knife and Casey’s gray pin-stripped slacks from the car and WASHED THEM! Cindy took Caylee’s favorite doll, Momma out of the car seat and sprayed it and the car seats with febreeze.
2:30 p.m. Casey picked Amy H. up at the Orlando International Airport, and then she returned to Tony L’s apartment at Sutton Place.
2:30 p.m. George left the Anthony home to go to work. However, sometime after parking the car in the garage and before he left, George removed the battery from the Pontiac.
3:00 p.m. (approximate time) Cindy returned to work at Gentiva Health Services, Winter Park, FL Cindy told her co-workers (Debbie B. and Charles C.) at Gentiva Health Services, 1375 S Semoran Blvd Bldg 5, Winter Park, FL about the terrible odor in Casey’s car. Charles C. said when Cindy returned to work she was angry and made the statement about the smell in Casey’s car it [1998 WHT Pontiac SUNFIRE] smells like a dead body.
Sometime after 3:30 p.m., Cindy’s Supv. and Area Mgr. sent Cindy home to handle her business.

  • 4:27 p.m. Cindy sent Casey text message Call me ASAP major problem
  • 4:40 p.m. The Diary of Days.doc was last accessed on Casey’s laptop
  • 4:44 p.m. Casey sent Cindy text message
  • 4:45 p.m. Cindy sent Casey text message Call me
  • 4:48 p.m. Casey sent Cindy text message
  • 4:57 p.m. Mark sent Casey text message Ok

Note: Above text messages shown in Casey’s cell phone inbox.
5:00 p.m. (approx. time) Cindy called Amy H. in an attempt to locate Casey and Caylee. [discovery doc p. 242]
Amy H. is at the Florida (FL) Mall with friends. Cindy offered to pick Amy H. up at the FL Mall so she could take her to Casey. According to Amy H., Cindy sounded panicky and told her if I don’t find Casey, she would end up in jail.
While in route to Tony L’s, Cindy tells Amy about getting Casey’s car out of the tow yard earlier that day and she also told her the car smelled like something had died. Cindy stated that the odor was coming from the trunk of the car. Amy recalled Casey saying the odor came from the engine, but she did not mention that to Cindy.
Cindy admitted to Amy that she was worried about Caylee because Casey had prevented her from talking with or seeing Caylee in over a month. Cindy ranted about how Casey was an unfit mother and if her behavior (i.e., excessive partying, lying, stealing money, etc.) continued, she would sue for custody of Caylee.
Cindy gave Amy the impression that she and George had not seen or spoken to Casey or Caylee in over a month, which is why they feared the odor coming from the trunk of the car might have been because Casey and/or Caylee where in there [the trunk].
Amy H.s also learned from Cindy that Casey had hacked into her [Cindy’s] bank account over and over And Cindy goes on to say Casey has been stealing money from her for years, as well as, stealing money from her [Cindy’s] mom, Shirley P. Although Amy did not want to believe Casey would steal from her, this insightful information caused Amy to share the story about her $400 going missing on 7/2/08 with Cindy. Cindy simply replied, yeah your not getting that back!
6:04 p.m. Casey made a cash purchase of $88.45 at Winn Dixie at 7580 University BV, Winter Park, FL.
6:30:44 p.m. Incoming text message from AT&T on Casey’s cell phone reads AT&T FREE msg: Pmt. Conf #QPSCAC237316569. Bank Acct debit authorized for $574.60 on 7/15/08 and successfully posted to Acct 04985420-001-04 [discovery doc 2873]
7:00 p.m. Amy H. directs Cindy to Tony L’s at Sutton Place, Winter Park, FL. Tony L. said he had never met Casey’s mother until that point, and so he said, hello. Cindy responded I hope you’re rich because Casey’s going to take all your money and leave you high and dry.
They were at Tony’s for approx. ½ hour. According to Amy H. Cindy and Casey had a verbal confrontation outside of Tony L’s apt. Cindy asked Casey, where is Caylee? Casey replied, she is safe.
While driving Amy H. back to her place at 232 N. Glenwood AV, Cindy pressed Casey about taking her to Caylee. Cindy demanded that Casey take her to Caylee immediately and Casey simply refused.
George called Lee to tell him there was something upsetting his mom and told him to go check on her. George said to Lee, we got some news about your sister today. Long story would explain later. Lee went to his parents’ home. No one was there.
8:00 p.m. (approx. time) Tony started watching the All Star game and was worried about what was going on with Casey & Cindy, so he texted Casey. When the phone went off, Tony realized Casey’s phone was still in his apartment.
8:05 p.m. Cindy called Georges cell phone. He missed the call.
8:08 p.m. Cindy arrived at the Orlando Police Dept. (OPD) located on Pershing RD, Orlando, FL. While sitting in the parking lot, Cindy called OPD to have Casey arrested. The person who answered the phone told her the office was closed and based on her home address, she would need to go home and contact the OCSO.
8:28 p.m. When Lee arrived at the Anthony home, no one was there. He entered the home through the garage, as usual. The 1998 WHT Pontiac SUNFIRE was the only vehicle in the garage with the trunk open and windows down. Lee smelled a foul odor that filled up the garage. He waited until Cindy and Casey arrived.
8:30 p.m. Cindy and Casey arrived at the Anthony home.
8:30 p.m. After Cindy dropped Amy H. off at her residence, it dawned on her that she should check her bank account. Cindy’s comment about Casey hacking into her bank account was finally resonating with Amy H. Upon accessing her checking account on-line, Amy H. was shocked to find a $0 balance the account had been WIPED OUT! She contacted the Bank of America Fraud Division and filed a forgery claim.
8:35 p.m. George said he spoke with Cindy on her cell phone and that she inquired about what time he would be coming home.
8:44 p.m. Cindy called 911 from the home phone. She requested to have Casey arrested for stealing money, her car and her granddaughter may be missing.
Initially Casey told Lee, during a 45 min. conversation, that Caylee was safe and that she knew where Caylee was. She would take them to see her tomorrow morning.
Lee claims Casey told him for the first time, that Cindy accused her of being an “unfit Mother” maybe she’s right maybe I am.. Casey also said Cindy told her that even though Caylee has been the best thing and the best mistake that she was indeed a mistake! [discovery doc p. 1430]
When Lee asked Casey why she wouldn’t allow them to see Caylee, according to Lee, Casey said, well maybe I’m a spiteful bitch maybe this should have been done a long time a go I’ve stolen money from mom and you I’ve been untrustworthy. I’ve been a bad mother, daughter and sister.
Lee told Casey that Cindy had called 911 to report Caylee missing and that LE would say, if Caylee is at the Nanny’s then lets just get in the car and go get her. Casey started crying and said, I haven’t seen my daughter in 31 days the Nanny kidnapped her!
Cindy comes into Casey’s room and said, “what have you done?! what’s going on?!” Casey responded by saying, “I don’t know where Caylee is.” Cindy asked, “who took her?” Casey responded, “the Nanny did, and she was kidnapped, mom.” [LIE]
9:25 p.m. Cindy called (321) 331-2291 AGAIN! This is the same phone number she called on 7/3/2008. Perhaps she forgot, while in a panic-stricken state of mind, that there was no Zany at this number.
9:27 p.m. Tony L. called Amy and she told him about Casey stealing her money. Amy asked Tony L. to go through Casey’s things to look for her checkbook. He found it and held onto it for her until they could get together for a face-to-face meeting.
9:41 p.m. Cindy called 911 from home phone again. This time she says in part, there’s something wrong, it smells like there’s been a dead body in the damn carCasey just admitted that she left Caylee with baby-sitter and she kidnapped her over a month ago. (Cindy sounds hysterical!!)
The 911 Operator asked Cindy to put Casey on the phone. When the operator asked Casey, what’s going on? Casey calmly states, “Caylee has been missing for 31 days.” VIDEO
Casey claims she received a call from Caylee around 12 noon today. [LIE] There were ABSOLUTELY NO PHONE RECORDS OF ANY CALLS ever made to or from Casey listed in the name of Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez. [LIE]
OCSO LE responded to 911 calls at C & G Anthonys home 4937 Hopespring Drive, Orlando, FL. LE interviewed all family members in the home.
9:50 p.m. (approx. time) According to Tony L., Lee called him about 20 30 minutes after he spoke with Amy H. At this time, Lee told Tony L. that Casey didn’t know where Caylee was and that Caylee had been missing for 31 days.
While Casey was being interviewed by LE, Cindy called her Supv. Ms. Polisano. Cindy was crying and almost incoherent, screaming, I found Casey and the baby’s gone. The baby’s missing. We cant find the baby! Cindy also said, OMG Debbie, if something happened to the baby or if the baby is dead, I don’t know what I’m going to do! [discovery doc p. 3068]

  • 10:11 p.m. OCSO Detective took Cindy’s initial statement. [discovery doc pp. 34 & 35]
  • 10:16 p.m. OCSO Detective took Lee’s initial statement. [discovery doc p. 32]
  • 10:16 p.m. OCSO Detective took George’s initial statement. [discovery doc pp. 36 & 37]

LE Interviewed Casey and took her 4-page written statement of the events detailing when Caylee Marie Anthony (2 yr. old) went missing on 6/9/08. [LIE] Actually, Caylee was last seen on 6/15/08. [discovery doc pp. 28 31] Casey claimed ZFG was Caylee’s Nanny for the past 1 ½ 2 yrs. and her friend of 4 yrs. [LIE]
11 p.m. (approx. time) Cindy called Amy H. She told her Caylee was missing and that the Nanny ran off with her about a month ago.
Amy H. told Cindy that Casey had emptied her bank account, which she asked Casey about. Amy H. said Casey admitted to the fact that she had done this in front of her mother and the police officers.
11 p.m. (approx. time) According to Lee, OCSO detectives went to Tony L’s apartment and confiscated Casey’s cell phone. They used Casey’s phone to call her contacts.
WED, July 16, 2008– Lee called Tony L. to make arrangements to retrieve Casey’s personal belongings.
12:00 a.m. (midnight) Lee drives to Tony L’s and picks up Cindy’s laptop, leopard print duffel bag, white backpack, large purse.
Lee told Tony L. and his roommates that he wished he had met them earlier to warn them about Casey and that she had become a pro at passing bad checks. Lee told them they needed to check their bank accounts and their belongings. He also told them that Casey lies.
1:00 a.m. (approx. time) Deputy Awilda McBryde confiscated the white trash bag from the AMSCOT dumpster. Upon inspection of the contents inside the bag, CSI Bloise found some food items; small flies; maggots and a pizza box. NO PIZZA! [discovery doc p. 2287]
1:05 a.m. OCSO Detective took Casey’s initial statement [discovery doc pp. 28 & 31] and questioned her regarding her “missing” child, Caylee Marie Anthony.
2 a.m. Lee leaves Tony L’s apartment. He returns to the Anthony home by 2:30 a.m. with Casey’s belongings she had left at Tony L’s apartment. He states the packing of Casey’s clothes and stuff probably was not done by her because it was too neat!! The Laptop was blue screened.
Other items Lee collected were a very large leopard print duffle bag full of Casey’s clothes; a white backpack with kind of a pattern or symbol on it containing more clothes; a large purse and her bathroom toiletries. There was also a more slender black bag which contained some paperwork that Lee used to house the laptop. [discovery doc pp. 1442 1443]
Cindy dumped them on the garage floor because she said they smelled of cigarette smoke. She proceeded to go through all of the stuff including the pockets. Cindy found her JC Penney and other credit cards in Casey’s wallet. Cindy quickly (removed the cash approx. $160 in $20 bills) from Casey’s wallet and pocketed it. There was a driver’s license and another white card which was behind the license, according to Lee. The 1st responding female police officer snatches the white card, which Lee describes as some sort of ID card, out of Cindy’s hand and left the room.
Cindy claimed the white backpack brought from Tony apt. was the same one George described [White Backpack with little Brown Monkeys] that Caylee had on 6/16/08. George said this was NOT the same backpack.
2:58 a.m. Sean D. received a call from Casey’s cell phone. The call appeared on Sean’s phone as a missed call because he was asleep.
5:00 a.m. Casey called Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Dale H., Sr’s home The phone rang twice. The caller ID showed Anthony, Casey ph #407-619-9286. The Hopkins did not answer the call and there was no voice-mail message. [discovery doc p. 1643]

  • 6:21:27 a.m. Someone in the Anthony home was using the HP Desktop computer searching for Zenaida on
  • 6:50 a.m. Tony L. texted Casey: where is Caylee. Casey replies: I don’t know r u serious?
  • 6:53 a.m. Tony L. texted: When did you find out?

7:27 a.m. Casey speaks with Tony on the phone after he questioned her about why she was texting responses to him. They talked for 2 hours and 2 minutes.
Another text message Casey sent to Tony L. read: If they never find her, guest who spends eternity in jail. According to Amy H., Tony L. read her this text message from Casey prior to her arrest.
Casey sent text message to Jesse G. Caylee is missing; she has been for 32 days. The second text said, her nanny took her.
Jesse G. checked Casey’s MySpace page and found that she had deleted over 200 pictures of herself and her with Caylee.
Casey also sent the same message Jesse G. received as a mass text to the following individuals: Mr. Crisp, Anthony R., Lauren G., Will W., Chris S., and Brittany S..
Brittany S. replied Casey replied, Her nanny someone I trusted took her. No calls until yesterday. a silver Ford Focus 4 door. Brittany saved the messages and submitted them to LE for evidence. OSCO retrieved text messages from the phone.
8:30 a.m. Cindy called Ryan P. Although he missed the call, Ryan P. did speak with Casey later in the morning.
Cindy overheard Casey on the phone in her bedroom talking to Tony L.
8:42 a.m. Casey sends a mass text message to several friends stating, “Caylee is missing. She has been for 32 days now. Please if you have any information call me on my cell or at home ***-***-****
9:30 a.m. Cindy said she heard Casey mention to Tony L. something about $14,000 and some kind of plan. She had been on the phone with him for about an hour, so Cindy told her to get off the phone and start getting the word out about Caylee missing.
Brittany S. text reply to Casey. Casey texted response was, “her nanny someone I trusted took her. No calls until yesterday. A silver Ford Focus 4 door.”
Another text message Casey sent to Tony L. read: “If they never find her, guest who spends eternity in jail.” According to Amy H., Tony L. read her this text message from Casey prior to her arrest.
LE went to 2863 S. Conway RD, Apt 210 Sawgrass Apartments in Orlando, FL to interview Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez (ZFG). LE found information for a ZFG who did not live there, but had visited Sawgrass apartments on 6/17/08 to show interest in getting an apartment there. A LE detective contacted ZFG in Kissimmee by phone to request a meeting with her. Note: [The original LE transcript had 4/17/08 in the narrative statement as the date ZFG visited Sawgrass Apts. - this was corrected later.]
10:00 a.m. Ryan P. (Casey’s best friend since 5 y/o) returned her phone call. Cindy proceeded to tell him about Caylee missing; Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, Jeffrey Michael Hopkins, etc. Ryan P. was certain Casey never mentioned the name Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez to him.
Corporal Yuri Melich called Sgt. John Allen and requested he have someone go to the Anthony home to pick up Casey and meet up with him at Universal Studios.
12:30 p.m. Sgt. John Allen and Deputy Appie Wells picked up Casey at the Anthony home and drove her to Universal Studios to investigate her story about being a current employee. Casey said she had an office at Universal Studios, which is where she told LE she left her other cell phone. [LIE]
Casey did not have a Universal employee ID, but the security guard let them proceed on the property at the request of LE. Casey led them to an administrative building supposedly going to her office.
After walking down the hall a ways, Casey finally turned to the officers and admitted she did not have an office there. The deputies told Casey they knew she had not worked at that location since 2006. They also let Casey know that EVERYTHING SHE HAD TOLD THEM HAS BEEN A LIE! Casey’s response was, not everything I told you
1:20 p.m. The OCSO deputies invited Casey into a conference room to conduct a tape-recorded interview with her. They advised Casey that the conference room door was not locked and that she could leave at anytime. The detectives gave Casey the opportunity to change her story from what she had written in her sworn statement yesterday. Casey’s position was one of, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!
The detectives had worked through the night investigating Casey’s story of what happened regarding Caylee’s disappearance and during the interview process they shared these findings with her.
Casey claimed that Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez worked for Universal Studios as a P/T seasonal employee. [LIE] She was not found in Universal Studios records as current or former employee.
Detectives learned that Casey was fired for job abandonment on 4/24/2006. They also learned that the two alleged outcry witnesses/co-workers DID NOT work at Universal Studios.
Jeffrey Michael Hopkins not found as current or former employee by Universal or Colorvision. [LIE] There is no evidence to show this person exists not an outcry witness for Casey. [Note: This person is NOT THE SAME Jeffrey Dale Hopkins, Jr. who was terminated from Universal Studios - 5/13/2002.]
Juliet Lewis not found as current or former employee by Universal or Colorvision. [LIE] There is no evidence to show this person exists not an outcry witness for Casey.
Casey said her direct supervisors name was Tom Manley. [LIE] There was no record found of him ever working for Universal Studios. Casey gave detectives her work ph # 407-224-1000 X104. Invalid phone extension [LIE]
After completion of the interview, the Detectives escorted Casey to a patrol car in the Universal parking lot. Sgt. John Allen showed Casey all of the Zenaida Gonzalez in their DAVID computerized database who were within the same age range.She did not identify any of them as the Zenaida in question. When shown the photo of the Zenaida Gonzalez from Kissimmee, FL Casey did not recognize her either and said, “She’s too old.” [discovery doc p. 2285]
Investigators said Casey also directed deputies to a complex on 301 N. North Hillside Drive, Orlando, FL. [LIE] This address was a seniors only facility which happened to be located across the street from where Casey’s ex-boyfriend (Ricardo M.) lived.
After that, they went to The Crossings at Conway, where Casey said Zany’s mother (Gloria) and stepfather (Victor) lived between mid-2006 to early 2007. LE canvassed the neighborhood knocking on several doors (i.e., 4279, 4283 & 4273) in an attempt to find someone who knew Gloria Fernandez. [LIE] No one knew of her or ZFG.
Casey claimed she went to Valencia College for about 1½ yrs after graduating Colonial High School. She told Ricardo M. that she was pursuing a certificate in event planning. Her classes held on Thursdays. [LIE]
Deputies stopped by to talk to Ms. Macklin, community manager at Sawgrass Apartments. All the individuals that are referred to in this case we have no active lease in our apartment community, Ms. Macklin said.
Ms. Macklin also stated the apartment located at 2863 S. Conway RD, Apt 210 Sawgrass Apts. had been vacant for 142 days (since 2/29/08). Mr. Turner, Maintenance person opened apt. #210 to show LE that it was vacant.
The Investigators from the OCSO retained a copy of the Guest Card. They called the cell phone number noted on the form and spoke with a Zenaida G. who lives in Kissimmee, FL.
She was shown a picture of Casey and Caylee Anthony. Zenaida G. said she did not know Casey and Caylee Anthony and signed the pictures of them stating same.
4:33 p.m. OCSO LE arrested Caseyand charged her with Neglect of Child (Felony); False Official Statements and Obstruction of Criminal Investigation. Throughout their investigations, the deputies who spoke with Casey noted her demeanor as unemotional and detached no signs of concern or remorse for her alleged missing child. VIDEO
[Note: Casey is wearing a Blue Hoody with the #82 on the front when she is arrested. Casey purchased this and several other items at Target on 7/10/08 caught on tape using Amy H.s checking account.]

K9 Gerus (cadaver dog) alerted on Casey’s car at the rear passenger side finder/trunk. Gerus alerted to the odor of human decomposition.
OCSO authorizes towing of 1998 WHT Pontiac SUNFIRE from the Anthony home. [discovery doc pp. 2286 & 2287]
7:40 p.m. Officer R. Wilson, OPD responded to 100 S. Hughey AV (OPH Economics Crimes Unit) in reference to a fraud. He met with the victim, Amy H. and took her sworn written statement regarding Casey Anthonys unauthorized use of her checking account while Amy H. during the week of 7/8/08 while she was on vacation in Puerto Rico.
7:46 p.m. (approx. time) Deputy Beasley impounded the 1998 WHT Pontiac SUNFIRE which was transported to the Forensic Bay by Johnsons Wrecker. Gerardo Bloise, CSI OCSO conducted an examination of Casey’s vehicle.
Cindy allegedly told Brittany S. that Casey was guilty of something… did not know exactly what, but she didn’t care if Casey was put behind bars for the rest of her life as long as she got Caylee back.
According to Brittany S., Cindy allegedly said, Casey had something to do for her job, which caused Casey to be in Jacksonville, FL for about a month.
11:16 p.m. From jail, Casey calls her family and talks with Cindy, Lee, and her friend, Kristina C. Casey was angry with her mother about Cindy’s TV interview (Casey referred to it as a “cameo appearance”). Casey demanded that Cindy put Lee on the phone so she could get Tony L.’s phone number… he was the only one she wanted to speak with. Casey expressed absolutely no concern for the whereabouts of her daughter, Caylee.
Cindy handed the phone to one of Casey’s close friends named Kristina C. with hopes that she would confide in her or to get some clues regarding finding Caylee. Kristina C. became emotional over the possibility of something bad happening to Caylee. She said, if anything has happened to Caylee, Ill die do you understand, Ill die if anything happened to that baby! Casey’s response was, oh well, OMG! Calling you guys is a waste a huge waste!
11:30 p.m. After her unsuccessful attempt to speak with Tony L. on the phone, Casey placed a collect call from the OC Correction Facility to Chris S. After hearing the announcement recording and Casey’s voice stating her name, Chris hangs up the phone. She called back about 3 to 4 minutes later, but Chris did not answer the call.
THU, July 17, 2008 Casey appears in court, during which time Judge John Jordan denies bond. He said Casey showed a woeful disregard for the welfare of her child. Officially charged with child neglect, lying to investigators and interfering with a criminal investigation.
OC Investigators decided to use search dogs, cadaver dogs and tools to look for clues in the Anthonys backyard. They worked for 5 hours up until midnight. Like everybody, I’m hopeful we find the child alive, but we want to be prudent and follow up every lead we get, said Sgt. John Allen of the OCSO.
Cadaver dog(s) alerted to these areas:

  • Playhouse (2)
  • Patch of ground between playhouse and covered sandbox (2)
  • Spot of ground at the corner of the screened porch (1)

3:35 p.m. Detective Appling Wells conducted an audio-taped interview of Brian B. while sitting in a vehicle parked in an H & B Trading company parking lot.
5:07 p.m. Detective Wells drives Brian B. to his home (next door to the Anthonys on Hopespring DR). They completed the 2nd part of the audio-taped interview. The shovel was taken into possession by OCSO. Brian B. stated the shovel had not been used since Casey borrowed it.
OCSO Deputies search Casey’s car and bagged several items as evidence, including dirt, samples of hair deemed to be the same color and length as Caylee’s, and a carpet sample that investigators have called questionable.
Amy went to Tony L’s apartment to pick up her checkbook. Although she had closed out her bank account, Amy just wanted it back and to have a conversation with Tony. They talked for approx. 1 1/2 about how Casey had deceived them.
The Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payment posted to Amy H.s bank account in the amount of $574.60.This payment was for AT&T Cellular service for Casey Anthony.
FRI, July 18, 2008 OC Investigators returned to the Anthony home around noon and worked for 5 hours with the cadaver dogs to search the Anthony yard with special interest on a new spot from the day before.
The EFT payment in the amount of $574.60 issued to AT&T for Casey’s cell phone bill was returned due to NSF. [discovery doc p. 934]
SAT, July 19, 2008A tattoo appointment at Cast Iron Tattoo was booked on today’s date for Casey and a friend (un-named). She made the appointment during her last visit (7/15/08) .
9:53 p.m. 10:12 p.m. LE Interview session with Kiomarie C. The OSCO Detective was sitting in front of the Hidden Oaks Elementary School at 9051 Suburban Drive with Kiomarie C. in the car.
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PostSubject: Casey's Attorneys Want $12K More For Investigators   Tue Oct 26, 2010 2:26 pm

Casey's Attorneys Want $12K More For Investigators

Jose Baez Files Motion To Double Investigative Hours

POSTED: 1:10 pm EDT October 26, 2010
UPDATED: 1:40 pm EDT October 26, 2010

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- Casey Anthony's defense team is asking for hundreds more investigative hours at a cost of thousands of dollars.
Jose Baez filed a motion in Orange County Court asking to double the amount of hours for his investigators.
So far, Baez said his team has spent 300 hours on the case, at a cost of $40 per hour -- $12,000 in all.
The motion asks for an additional $12,000.
In May, Judge Belvin Perry set a cap of 300 hours for the defense's in-state investigators and 100 hours for out-of-state investigators.
Anthony was declared indigent in March. A state commission now doles out money for her defense.
Baez also asked for clarification which travel expenses defense attorneys can be reimbursed for.
Her trial is scheduled to begin in May 2011.
For more on this story, watch WESH 2 News at 4 p.m.
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PostSubject: Casey's Defense Wants Experts Reimbursed   Tue Oct 26, 2010 2:31 pm

Casey's Defense Wants Experts Reimbursed

Posted: 12:54 pm EDT October 26, 2010
Updated: 1:13 pm EDT October 26, 2010

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- Casey Anthony's defense team is proposing set rates for travel cost reimbursements for its out-of-state experts.

The defense wants its experts to be able to stay at $150 per night hotels at taxpayers' expense and wants them to be reimbursed for business calls and mileage.

Attorneys are trying to get Chief Judge Belvin Perry to approve the reimbursements.

The defense is also asking the court to double the expense allowance for its state private investigator. Judge Perry set a limit of 300 hours for the Florida private investigator and 100 hours for an out-of-state investigator.

The defense said it's used up all that time, costing taxpayers $16,000 and now wants taxpayers to pay for another 300. Its private investigator has been accused of harassing prosecution witnesses who helped search for Caylee.


Casey Anthony is headed to court with her defense team this week to fight for more taxpayer money to pay for her case.

At a hearing on Friday at 1:30pm, Casey's attorneys will ask a state agency to reconsider a recent request for thousands of dollars in funding to cover lodging and travel expenses. will provide a livestream online for the length of the hearing.

The Justice Administrative Commission had previously challenged that request, saying the defense needs to prove the money is really needed for the case.


WFTV is working to find out why two defense depositions that were scheduled for Tuesday morning in the case against Casey Anthony were suddenly cancelled.

WFTV had reported that Casey's former fiancé Jesse Grund and his father Richard were both set to be deposed.

However, late Monday night that hearing was cancelled.

Casey and her family had previously tried to cast suspicion on Jesse Grund as someone who could have abducted Caylee.

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PostSubject: Casey Anthony Defense Churning?   Wed Oct 27, 2010 8:09 am

Casey Anthony Defense Churning?

As the money turns and the pro Bono attorneys continue to drop one by one, is the Casey Anthony defense imploding upon itself?

Gone is the bravado swagger that each "savior" defense attorney expert portrayed upon joining the team, replaced by excuses and demands for still more money.

Attorneys appear to tire quickly of both incalcitrent Casey Anthony and equally high minded Jose Baez.

WFTV reports that Baez wants another 300 hours for a full time private investigator, who, by the way, wants to be able to stay at $150 per night hotels. Yet, the private investigators have not located Zanaida Gonzalez, Zanny the Nanny, who babysat Caylee for Two years while Casey pursued her dual careers of Event Planner and Professional Photographer.

Meanwhile, depositions were suddenly cancelled for Jesse and Richard Grund. Jesse Grund has been suggested by Cindy Anthony, as being the Zanny the Nanny, in this capital murder case.

WFTV is working to find out why two defense depositions that were scheduled for Tuesday morning in the case against Casey Anthony were suddenly cancelled.

WFTV had reported that Casey's former fiancé Jesse Grund and his father Richard were both set to be deposed.

However, late Monday night that hearing was cancelled.

Casey and her family had previously tried to cast suspicion on Jesse Grund as someone who could have abducted Caylee.

Posted by Seamus O Riley at 12:04 AM
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PostSubject: Casey Anthony: Investigative Money "Used Up"   Wed Oct 27, 2010 9:14 pm

Casey Attorney: Investigative Money 'Used Up'

Defense Asking For 300 More Hours At Cost Of $12,000

POSTED: 3:33 pm EDT October 27, 2010
UPDATED: 4:38 pm EDT October 27, 2010

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- One of Casey Anthony's attorneys gave more insight on Wednesday into a request from the defense team asking for more funding for investigative hours.
This week, defense attorneys filed a motion asking Judge Belvin Perry to double the amount of investigative hours permitted for review of new evidence. The request would total up to $12,000.

In May, Perry set a cap of 300 hours for in-state investigators and 100 hours for out-of-state investigators. The new request asks for an additional 300 hours.
On Wednesday, Anthony defense attorney Cheney Mason told WESH 2 News the hours that were originally approved have already been used.
"Investigators have used (them) up. We just need more, that's all," Mason said.
Mason and other attorneys deposed lead investigator Yuri Melich on Wednesday.
Anthony was declared indigent in March. A state agency now administers funds that are used for her defense.
A case status hearing will be held on Friday afternoon. Perry is expected to address several money-related issues at the hearing. Court officials said Anthony will be present at the status hearing for the first time in months. will stream Friday's status hearing live.
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PostSubject: Casey Anthony: Paper Wants to Keep Jail Records Open   Wed Oct 27, 2010 9:18 pm

Casey Anthony: Paper Wants to Keep Jail Records Open

Posted October 27, 2010 by kreuzer33
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The Orlando Sentinel has filed a motion arguing against the defense team’s efforts to have Orange County Jail records sealed in the case against Casey Anthony.
Click on the link below for the full story from the paper.
From the Orlando Sentinel:
Citing a new appellate court decision in South Florida, the Casey Anthony defense team recently filed a motion to seal the woman’s jail commissary records and telephone and visitation logs.
But today the Sentinel responded with its own motion, saying the Casey Anthony team’s “argument is misplaced.”
” Florida’s Constitution and Public Records Act contemplates the disclosure of all records made or received by an agency in connection with the transaction of official business,” states the Sentinel’s motion to intervene. “The fact that there is no exemption for the public records at issue means that the legislature never contemplated that the documents would remain secret.”

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PostSubject: The Latest In Caylee's Case......Is Casey's Defense Trying To Pull A Fast One or Two?   Wed Oct 27, 2010 9:21 pm

The Latest In Caylee’s Case……..Is Casey’s Defense Trying To Pull A Fast One Or Two?

I may not have been writing much on this case lately, but I have pretty much kept up on what is going on. It seems the latest in the saga of Caylee’s case shows that the defense is trying to pull a fast one or two. They are going after more money for one of the newest attorneys, Ann Finnell, I believe, which I find utterly amazing as they have a death penalty qualified attorney in Cheney Mason, therefore, it’s not necessary, unless of course he’s planning to bail. Speaking of bailing, Linda Kenney Baden finally bailed, which is really not surprising to me. I saw that coming, starting about when she and her hubby were doing their book tour. I wondered then how she could really have time to keep up with her obligations to Casey’s defense, but I think there is one more thing to add to that decision and that was all of the ruckus over her and Dr. Lee’s performance in a prior case. Will Dr. Lee leave? Probably not, he doesn’t care about his reputation, obviously.
Now in addition to Ms. Finnell’s request, you have a new request by the defense for lodging and travel for the experts. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I think this was already addressed. But the latest request was for $12,000 in additional funding for investigative work. They claim they have already used up their limit, which is $12,000. Of course I see this all playing together in a lot of things that have been going on with the defense. They have done everything in their power to look the part for Casey’s indigency. Jose Baez has 2 homes under foreclosure, yet he could afford a vacation in Paris. Andrea Lyon claimed it was about the money restrictions that she left, and we know that is not true, but she helped them to paint the picture with that. Linda Kenney Baden claimed she left for the same reason as Lyon, and yet we know that’s not true, but like Lyon, before she left she helped them paint the picture. The Anthonys had their little foreclosure stunt, which also helped, and they’ve even let princess Casey go in the red a few times with her account (not for long though). Bottom line, they are milking the money thing for all it’s worth. Punish the State Of Florida, that’s what it’s all about, yet it’s we the hard working tax payers of the State Of Florida that they are punishing and I personally do not appreciate it. They were given a budget for a reason, and they do everything in their power to be as lavish and wasteful as possible. Let’s hope the Judge nips this in the bud.
Speaking of the Judge, there will be a hearing on Friday at 1:30pm Eastern. I will be here with beverages. I think this will be a good one as it is primarily about the money. The JAC is fighting them on the money issue, so this should prove to be interesting. Casey will be there, sadly she will be unshackled.
Okay, so the State deposed Roy Kronk’s son in order to get a good handle on the defense’s accusations against Mr. Kronk, you know the dreaded exes’ accusations. Now if you remember the little videos the defense put out with Kronk’s exes ripping him to shreds and lying their butts off, with the tape so poorly edited that you could tell it was a scam, was done by Mort Smith and Jeremy Lyons, the defenses PI’s that replaced Dominic Casey and Jim Hoover. Well it seems that Mr. Jeremy Lyons has been accused of witness tampering, because he was twisting the stories of one or more TES volunteers. Why am I not surprised? I suspect the whole Kronk’s exes debacle should be looked into as well. In fact I wonder how much money they were paid to spew that venom??? Oh and on that note, I finally found a clear video of Jill Kerley’s interview, that was not as edited, and it is clearly stated at the beginning that Mort Smith is doing the interview and Jeremy Lyons is present and was said to have previously interviewed her. It also has in tact the part where she says who that Brad person is, that was always telling her what must of happened or what Kronk must have done. It was not Brad Conway, but her best friend Brad who introduced her to Kronk. That whole thing still amazes me, because she couldn’t even remember what month they were married and it took her a bit to remember that they were married 4 months, and they started out the videos having her tell what her illness is. What a scam! The youtube videos were not that great. Here is the link, the video is with the story:
Jill Kerley Interview
Okay, so the Grund’s depositions were canceled, last minute, no reason given, yet the deposition deadline is fast approaching. I find that strange.
I find it interesting that a while back there was FBI evidence that was turned over to the defense and we have not seen it. Guess they didn’t want to make that public. Interesting…………..
That’s a wrap. That covers the latest.
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PostSubject: Greased Pig Ditches Anthony A$$ Clown Rodeo   Thu Oct 28, 2010 8:38 am

Greased Pig Ditches Anthony A$$ Clown Rodeo

Posted by eggtreenews in Casey Anthony Trial. Tagged: Satire news, Parody News, Casey Anthony, Caylee Anthony, eggtreenews, anthony defense team, linda kenny baden.
-Orlando, FL
Someone get me a valium, because my head is spinning trying to count all the slick, porky, amoral attorneys who have ditched homicidal harlot Casey Anthony to waddle on to more lucrative pastures. This time around, it’s Miss Piggy impersonator Linda Kenny Baden who gave Our Damsel of Doritos the shaft, in search of mo money, mo money, mo money!
Baden, who specializes in tampering with forensic evidence and distracting courtroom spectators with her cheap snap-on hair extensions and unflattering wardrobe of hog-casing dresses and miniskirts, announced last week that she’s got serious problems with the cash-flow situation. Specifically, that the state won’t foot the bill for her to travel in the manner she’s accustomed.
For you see, Miss Piggy flies first class to selflessly defend the innocent indigents of America, or she doesn’t fly at all. Miss Piggy stays in five-star hotels with turn-down service and imported chocolates on silk pillows, and showers and bidets that flow with Evian water blessed by Jim Henson. Miss Piggy scoffs at Motel 6′s as she cruises to court in her rental Hummer limo to offer her legal “expertise” to the falsely accused. Without these most basic amenities, Miss Piggy is unable to effectively argue the forensic points of a death penalty case for a client she KNOWS is innocent.
Basically, she took one look at Team Pork Chop’s current budget and exclaimed, “Moi?!?! Minimum wage?!?! Never!!” And with that, the ultra-glam muppet, donned in a pink spandex unitard and aviator goggles, flapped the origami wings scotch-taped to her back and said, “So long, suckers!”
Ahhhh, the benevolence….it is soooo rich….

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PostSubject: Casey's Lawyers Depose Lead FBI Agent On Case   Thu Oct 28, 2010 11:24 am

Casey's Lawyers Depose Lead FBI Agent On Case

Posted: 11:06 am EDT October 28, 2010
Updated: 11:16 am EDT October 28, 2010

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Casey Anthony's lawyers are deposing the lead FBI agent on the case Thursday, Special Agent Nick Savage. Savage and other federal agents were called in to investigate the out-of-state leads.

Former meter reader Roy Kronk's son was to be deposed Thursday as well, but court records show Brandon Sparks is not cooperating. Sparks claims Kronk, who found Caylee's remains, appeared to have inside information.

On Friday, Judge Belvin Perry will again hear arguments on whether to seal some of Casey Anthony's jail records. The new argument is based on a recent appeals court ruling.

However, prosecutors say the ruling isn't relevant in the case, because it applies to personal phone calls and not phone, visitation and jail account records.

Meanwhile, one of Casey's defense witnesses, who is under investigation for allegedly falsifying records, has a new lawyer. Texas EquuSearch volunteer Laura Buchanan has hired a Fort Lauderdale attorney.

Buchanan is accused of trying to help Casey by falsifying search records to make it appear that Caylee's body was not in the woods three months before she was found there.
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PostSubject: Casey Anthony To Attend Court Hearing   Thu Oct 28, 2010 5:10 pm

Casey Anthony To Attend Court Hearing

Mother Charged With Murder In Death Of Caylee Anthony

POSTED: Thursday, October 28, 2010
UPDATED: 11:25 am EDT October 28, 2010

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Casey Anthony, who is charged with murder in the death of her daughter, Caylee, is expected to attend a court hearing Friday in Orlando.

The Orlando Sentinel has filed a motion seeking to keep Anthony's jail records open to the public, an issue scheduled to be debated at the 1:30 p.m. hearing, which will be streamed live on
The jail records include telephone and visitation logs and other items, such as food purchases.
Anthony's defense team wants the records sealed to protect her privacy.
Anthony is jailed in Orange County on first-degree murder charges in the death of her daughter, whose remains were found in a wooded area in December 2008. Caylee was 2 years old when she was reported missing in July 2008, about a month after she was last seen alive.
Anthony, 24, has pleaded not guilty. Her trial is scheduled to begin in May.
Watch Local 6 News for more on this story.
Copyright 2010 by Internet Broadcasting Systems and
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PostSubject: Casey Status Hearing Friday: What To Expect   Thu Oct 28, 2010 8:19 pm

Casey Status Hearing Friday: What To Expect To Stream 1:30 P.M. Hearing; Anthony Expected To Be Present

POSTED: 4:53 pm EDT October 28, 2010
UPDATED: 5:42 pm EDT October 28, 2010

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- Casey Anthony heads to court for the first time in months on Friday for a status hearing.

Anthony hasn’t attended a hearing in her case since July, when several family members took the stand. The month prior, Anthony fell while exiting a courthouse elevator and could not attend the hearing. She is not required to attend case status hearings.
Judge Belvin Perry is expected to hear the defense’s arguments next week over two recently filed motions.

One asks for Perry to reconsider previous rulings over the public’s access to Anthony’s jail records, such as commissary purchases and visitors logs. The second pertains to a motion asking for Perry to set a budget for penalty phase costs that new defense lawyer Anne Finnell would incur.
Finnell estimated her costs could reach $20,000.
The Justice Administrative Commission, the state agency that doles out funds for indigent clients like Anthony, doesn’t fully agree with the cost estimates. In a response filed last week, the commission said some of the cost estimates were too high and others should not be paid for by the state.
Anthony defense attorney also filed a motion this week seeking to double the amount of investigative hours granted to the defense. Perry set a cap in May of 300 in-state investigative hours. The new motion asks for another 300 hours, at a cost of up to $12,000.
Perry may also consider motions filed by the defense to limit how many records from the Orange County Jail are made available to the public.
Right now, records such as Anthony's jailhouse account balance, commissary purchases and visitor log are a matter of public record.
Anthony's defense team argues that public access to such records only serves to embarrass their client and invade her privacy. Similar requests have been denied in the case before.
Friday's hearing is scheduled to begin at 1:30 p.m. will stream the hearing live.
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PostSubject: Casey Anthony case: Hearing today, mish mash and a rehash   Fri Oct 29, 2010 8:33 am

Caylee Anthony case: Hearing today, mish mash and a rehash

Posted on October 29th, 2010 by Valhall
Casey Anthony will be present at one of her status hearings for the first time since July. The reason being that it isn’t just a status hearing. The defense for Casey Anthony will never be accused of taking no for an answer, and, yes, it does take them a long time to look at a horseshoe (old joke). Once again they are going to attempt to get a favorable ruling concerning the privacy issue for Casey’s jailhouse visitor logs, and her commissary purchases because that’s what is real darned important right now. Actually, they claim it embarrasses Casey. And if it does, that’s saying something, considering the pictures she publicly posted of herself and the atrocious, uncaring and lying behavior she exhibited after her daughter went missing (murdered) didn’t seem to phase her!
And…they are going to ask for more money. The request comes because one of the new attorneys, Anne Finnell, needs some travel funds to go to Ohio and do something. Nobody is real clear on what yet, but it would appear to be to get dirt on Cindy and/or George that can be used in the mitigation phase. It couldn’t possibly be to find out anything pertinent to what happened to Caylee, or even anything directly related to Casey, since Casey hasn’t lived there since she was a baby. Finnell thinks she’ll need $20,000 for this buckeye expedition.
In addition to Finnell’s requested funds, the defense will also be asking to DOUBLE the investigative hours they were originally granted. They were originally given a budget for 300 hours of billing by a private investigator. Now they want 300 more hours. This is most likely because of the “150 searchers” they claim to have found who were on Suburban Drive at some point in their lives. This will require $12,000 from JAC.
This thread will serve as a place to discuss the hearing, which is scheduled to begin at 1:30 pm ET.
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PostSubject: Casey Defense Request To Seal Jail Records DENIED   Fri Oct 29, 2010 3:21 pm

Casey Defense Request To Seal Jail Records Denied

Posted: 6:18 am EDT October 29, 2010
Updated: 3:11 pm EDT October 29, 2010

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- Casey Anthony returned to court Friday afternoon. Casey's legal team was in court to try for a third time to seal all public records pertaining to her stay at the Orange County jail, including her phone calls and visits, as well as her commissary purchases, and to try to get more taxpayer money for its defense.

However, Chief Judge Belvin Perry denied the defense's request to seal her jail records.

WATCH LIVE: Casey In Court
INSIDE COURTROOM: See Cindy, George, Lawyers

Casey walked into the courtroom shortly before 1:30pm, with her hair pulled back in a bun and wearing a green blouse. Casey looked thinner, and at times seemed like she was going to cry.

Casey wiped her eyes and nose as she sat down along side her attorneys, Jose Baez and Cheney Mason. Cindy and George Anthony were also in court.

Aong with the request to seal records Casey's lawyer were in court because they say they don't have enough money to defend her. Her defense lawyers have exceeded limits already set by the judge, and now they're trying to dig deeper into the pockets of the taxpayers after spending more than $200,000 of Casey's money, which she got for selling photographs and videos of Caylee Anthony.

"When you start talking about taxpayer money, that's a different story," Judge Perry said to Baez.

Casey's defense team says it needs more than the $40,000 in tax money it's spent already on her case. It wants thousands more, even though it spent $275,000 of private funds in the first year and a half.

The state commission, which oversees its spending, has already balked at some of the recent requests from Casey's new death penalty expert, such as travel expenses and more money for Casey's mitigation specialist.

The defense is also asking for thousands more for its private investigator, who has been accused of harassing EquuSearch witnesses and trying to change their testimony about the flood condition of the woods where Caylee's remains were later found.

WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer says the defense team's focus seems to be off and some of its reasons for wanting more tax money do not seem reasonable.
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PostSubject: Judge to Casey Anthony attorney: 'I'm not going t writh an open check.'   Fri Oct 29, 2010 3:45 pm

Judge to Casey Anthony attorney: 'I'm not going to write an open check.'

The overall cost of defending Casey Anthony so far has approached $300,000.

Defense attorney Cheney Mason, left, and Casey Anthony, 24, stand during a hearing Friday, October 29, 2010 at the Orange County Courthouse. Anthony is in court on several issues including an attempt to seal jail records in the case. This is the first time we have seen Casey Anthony since July of this year. (RED HUBER, ORLANDO SENTINEL / October 29, 2010)
By Anthony Colarossi, Orlando Sentinel

2:43 p.m. EDT, October 29, 2010

After denying a request to close jail records, the judge in the Casey Anthony case told her attorney to be careful about public expenditures for her defense.
"I'm not going to write an open check," Judge Belvin Perry said.
Perry is now hearing arguments from the defense about more funding for a mitigation expert and additional investigative hours during today's monthly status hearing in the Anthony case.
Perry just warned defense attorney Jose Baez: "Taxpayer funds do not allow you to go off on a fishing expedition."
Earlier today, Baez failed to convince Perry today that his client's jail records, including phone and visitation logs and commissary records, should not be released to the public.

Citing recent case law, Jose Baez said: "If it's not official business of the jail, it's not a public record."
In response, Judge Belvin Perry just read from the Florida constitution and Florida statutes and denied the defense motion. The jail logs and records will not be sealed.
Anthony, 24, charged with first-degree murder in the 2008 death of her daughter Caylee Marie, is in the courtroom today.
She faces the death penalty if convicted of murder. Her trial is set to start in May.
The overall cost of defending Casey Anthony so far has approached $300,000, according to disclosures of private funding made in court earlier this year and recent billing totals for publicly financed costs.
That public financing total will no doubt go up as the first-degree murder trial approaches in May.
Death penalty attorney Todd Doss, the Death Penalty chair for the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, says his fee in death cases starts at $100,000, not including costs. But a case like Casey Anthony's, Doss said, would run significantly higher because of the size of the investigation, number of witnesses, complexity of evidence and intense media attention given the case.
"I surely would not quote Casey Anthony that [$100,000 figure]," Doss said. "I don't think $100,000 would be enough for that case. It would absolutely be well past the $100,000 mark. You need multiple attorneys to be able to handle the enormity of the case."
Asked about the costs in the Casey Anthony case, Baez said, there has been "no abuse of funds whatsoever in this case."
"Anyone who wants to complain about the costs should ask: Is this something I would have a problem with myself?" Baez said. "It's extremely difficult to say this is how much it should cost to defend a capital case. You can't put a price on a human life or what it costs."
Check back for updates.

How much has Casey Anthony's defense cost?

By Anthony Colarossi, Orlando Sentinel

October 29, 2010

Casey Anthony's
attorneys are expected to go to court today and propose a budget for
more state funds to defend Central Florida's most high-profile murder

Some have questioned why Anthony's defense is now publicly financed through the Justice Administrative Commission.

Jose Baez, her lead defense attorney, maintains his team must provide a
comprehensive and competent defense against what he called the "open
checkbook" enjoyed by the prosecution in this murder case. Anthony, 24,
is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Marie.

has been no object in the prosecution of this case," Baez said, adding
that his ability to hire experts, to investigate and interview witnesses
is essential to "level the playing field."

Here's a breakdown of the public financing for the case:

$38,672.38 This
is the total amount the defense team has billed the state since a judge
declared her indigent in March. It includes the $18,405.40 that's been
paid so far, payments still pending and invoices returned due to
insufficient documentation or duplicate filings.

$8,118.92 Expert witness Dr. Henry Lee – made famous by the O.J. Simpson murder case - in September billed JAC for travel and services. He said that fee included a 50 percent discount.

Jeremiah Lyons Investigations has billed at least this much for
interviewing witnesses, picking up law enforcement records, making
public records requests and consulting with attorneys.

$6,413,88 The defense has billed at least this much for court reporting and transcription services

Here's the approximate cost of incarcerating Casey Anthony for more than two years at the Orange County Jail:

$68,629.40 as
of Thursday.Anthony has been held continuously since Oct. 14, 2008. The
per diem rate for inmates is $92.12.Jail officials say Anthony's actual
cost of incarceration is likely higher because she is in protective
custody and has special travel needs. Jail records show Casey Anthony is
the 40th longest serving inmate at the facility.

Prosecution costs:

$42,200.16 The
prosecution would not itemize the expenses because it would reveal work
product. This total does not include salaries of the prosecutors
working on the Casey Anthony case. Two of those salaries exceed $100,000
per year.

Before being declared indigent, Anthony's private funding totaled:

$275,00, including$200,000 paid by ABC News

Of that, $121,954.83 went to attorneys and a media consultant.
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PostSubject: Will Jusfw Perry cause a Cheney reaction?   Fri Oct 29, 2010 6:15 pm

Will Judge Perry cause a Cheney reaction?

This week, defense attorneys filed a motion asking Judge Belvin Perry to double the amount of investigative hours permitted for review of new evidence. The request would total up to $12,000.
In May, Perry set a cap of 300 hours for in-state investigators and 100 hours for out-of-state investigators. The new request asks for an additional 300 hours.
On Wednesday, Anthony defense attorney Cheney Mason told WESH 2 News the hours that were originally approved have already been used.
“Investigators have used (them) up. We just need more, that’s all,” Mason said.
Mason and other attorneys deposed lead investigator Yuri Melich on Wednesday.
Anthony was declared indigent in March. A state agency now administers funds that are used for her defense.
A case status hearing will be held on Friday afternoon. Perry is expected to address several money-related issues at the hearing. Court officials said Anthony will be present at the status hearing for the first time in months. will stream Friday’s status hearing live.
Ann Finnell is asking for $20,000
Dorothy Sims may be attendance at Friday’s hearing.
Tomorrow should be an interesting day.
Casey’s defense wants set rates for travel reimbursements…
Short video~WFTV
The defense wants its experts to be able to stay at $150 per night hotels at taxpayers’ expense and wants them to be reimbursed for business calls and mileage. Attorneys are trying to get Chief Judge Belvin Perry to approve the reimbursements.
The defense is also asking the court to double the expense allowance for its state private investigator. Judge Perry set a limit of 300 hours for the Florida private investigator and 100 hours for an out-of-state investigator.
The defense said it has used up all that time, costing taxpayers $16,000, and now wants taxpayers to pay for another 300 hours. Meanwhile, the defense’s private investigator has been accused of harassing prosecution witnesses who helped search for Caylee.
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PostSubject: "All Around The Mulberry Bush, The Monkey Chased The Weasel"......Casey's Defense Is Not Wanting Us To See Something!   Sat Oct 30, 2010 11:08 am

“All Around The Mulberry Bush, The Monkey Chased The Weasel”……..Casey’s Defense Is Not Wanting Us To See Something!

Image via Wikipedia

This case, as of late reminds me of the old children’s song. “All around the mulberry bush the monkey chased the weasel. The monkey thought ’twas all in fun (or ’twas a joke). POP! Goes the weasel.” The words vary from culture to culture, but it still fits. Usually when this case gets like this, and it has many times, it’s an indication that the defense has stepped in something not so nice. There is something Casey’s defense does not want us to see. The defense is the monkey and they are chasing the fairy tales they try to create on their client’s behalf, round and round, until it POPS! Right in their faces. There is a big hearing coming tomorrow and it’s big, because it’s about the money issues that the defense is trying so desperately to win. They want more money. Sadly they never budgeted the money they have received or spent. I’m not really sure what they have spent as any time their spending was an issue, we found they didn’t pay somebody, and that was keeping them from getting information they fought for in court at times. You remember those pesky tips they fought for, and we found out the real reason they kept fighting for them in court, instead of going to the Sheriff’s Office to pick them up, as they were told to do, was because they didn’t want to pay for the certified copies of it all. They wanted it for free. They also never paid Dominic Casey. Of course Mr. Baez doesn’t pay his house payments either, and it did take him 8 years to be admitted to the Florida Bar, because he had that pesky habit of not paying his bills. I think we see a pattern here.The hearing is also about Casey’s jailhouse visitations, calls, and her account information being made private and because in another case this was granted, the defense is trying it once again. The jail is disputing it as well as the Orlando Sentinel.
By far the biggest weasel the monkey(defense) has been chasing round and round that mulberry bush is the one that makes someone else, anyone else the perpetrator, but their client. Remember Andrea Lyon and Linda Kenney Baden did a media blitz exclaiming that Roy Kronk should be a suspect. We know others have had the finger pointed at them, including, but not limited to the Grunds, and their depositions were canceled. Why? Because they are no longer focusing on them, they have moved on, it didn’t fit, after they harassed them and tried to ruin their lives. No, by far the biggest catch they tried for was Roy Kronk, the man that found Caylee’s remains, and we know they tried hard to implicate him. From the bogus exes’, lying, very edited videos to the media blitz with the 2 attorneys that have since bailed, siting money as an issue. I wonder if that money is really the issue, because now, Brandon Sparks (Roy Kronk’s son) was supposed to be deposed by the State, you know he claimed that his father was given inside information on where to find Caylee’s remains, and he is refusing to cooperate. Interesting…………… Guess it really was all lies………Hmmmmmmmmmm? If it weren’t why would he have such a problem with being deposed, under oath? I suspect he wouldn’t. A great deal of what Crystal Sparks, Brandon’s mother said about Roy and Caylee’s case, was based on what Brandon supposedly said.
Laura Buchanon has her a new high powered attorney. I’m guessing because she tampered with documents or better put has been accused of falsifying documents, and if you remember that was her platform for being a defense witness, claiming falsley that the area where Caylee’s remains were found was searched, and then we found, she lied.
And that pesky PI, Jeremy Lyons, that did those Kronk exes’ videos with his pal Mort, well he’s being accused of witness tampering, and leading, with at least one TES searcher. Hmmmmm………Yet the defense wants more money for PI’s. To railroad who?
The FBI recently released what was said to be the last of their testing and it was turned over to the defense, and they had whined a while back that they were missing things from the FBI, and the State had said they had not released it yet, so I’m guessing that was it. It has not been released to the public. Was it damning to Casey?
I suspect the defense has about chased all the weasels they can chase. Or have they? They are all stirred up about something. There is something they want to distract us from with all of this money quest, and blog trolling. What is it? Hmmmmmm……….Is there a weasel that has not yet popped?

Now when you click on that video to play, it will say embedding disabled. Watch on youtube. Click watch on youtube and it will take you right to it. When it’s finished, you can click off the tab at the top and be right back on this post. No matter which version of this song I’ve found, it fits.

If you find a better one, feel free to share, and let me know what you think.
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PostSubject: Casey Anthony's Lawyers: Uncomfortable Day In Court   Sun Oct 31, 2010 8:36 pm

Casey Anthony's Lawyers: Uncomfortable Day In Court

Casey Anthony made her first appearance in court yesterday for the first time in months. As I watched the hearing, I noticed that she was very subdued and did not seem in the least pleased with the proceedings. While there is no way to accurately tell what has caused her to stop primping and never sport any expression other than one of unhappiness, I'm sure she wasn't pleased at all by the motions hearing or the verbal gymnastics of her attorneys.

Casey's parents were also in court and presented a somewhat united front, if only in their increasingly haggard appearances. Again, we can only take a guess as to what information about the case they may have to cause such obvious emotional devastation.

The hearing opened with Judge Perry addressing the defense Motion for Reconsideration. Jose Baez was up first to speak in support of his motion. He also asked Judge Belvin Perry to include the letters Casey received in the jail in the motion. He explained that he had earlier spoken to Tamara Gappen, the lawyer for the Orange County Jail and had mentioned the letters to her. There is no need to go into all of Baez' arguments, we've heard them all before in his other attempts to have various and sundry records sealed from public view.

He mentioned that nobody needs to know how many packages of Skittles Casey orders (at least he didn't mention bras this time) and her personal business in general. Her Constitutional rights as a person being detained in the jail awaiting her murder trial outweigh the public's Constitutional right to know about it all. He brought up all the pre-trial publicity the case had garnered and how the light of media scrutiny wasn't fair to her case.

Judge Perry then brought up the numerous press conferences that had been held by members of the defense team (too bad he didn't mention all of their appearances in the national media to opine on the case and bad-mouth LE and the State). Baez replied that his press conferences dealt with the case, never with Casey's private business. What Baez forgot to consider in his reply was the amount of publicity and media attention he and the ever-changing defense team brought upon itself. (I won't even start to talk about the media attention drawn to the case by the Anthony family!)

Orange County Corrections attorney,Tammy Gappen was next to speak to the motion. She pointed out that the jail was not a part of the case against Casey Anthony, but that they had been invited to speak to the motion. She quoted Ch. 119 and other laws as she has done before. She also indicated that the County needs Court to tell them what to do in light of the Bent decision since the Court had previously denied all previous requests to seal jail visitation logs and Bent did not mention logs. She also objected to the issue of mail as it had not been not presented prior to this hearing. Aside from previous denials by Judge Perry, Gappen stated that the Bent decision holds that recordings of inmate calls are not public record because they are not part of the jail business as are call logs, visitor logs, and commissary logs. She said it was VERY NARROW DECISION which only applies only to visitor calls. (The one thing not mentioned in Baez' motion.)

Attorney Gregg Thomas spoke on behalf of the Sentinel. He gave the same arguments he gave in his original motion which I discussed in depth here. The two key items he brought up were that the Bent decision was not yet final and there were appeals pending in the case and that the decision only addressed private family calls. The only calls that could be made public under this ruling, were it final, would be those which contained inculpatory information such as a confession or security issues. (Gee, Casey could chit-chat with her family and friends, should the ruling ever become final!)

I had to go back and listen to the hearing twice more to figure out what Jose Baez was saying in his reply. The only note I had about it was, "I'm NOT getting what he's saying!". He started by saying that he was "shocked" that Ms. Gappen had made her reply considering "she had no dog in this fight." Upon re-listening, I realized that Ms. Gappen had said that she was here NOT because of this particular case, but because the jail needed clarification concerning the Bent issue. It may not be for Casey, but her dog in the fight is the Orange County Jail's responsibilities.

I also noticed that Baez, in his verbally twisted way, somehow made the link between phone calls and phone logs, as if they were the same thing. Once phone logs was made part of his issue, he then included ALL logs. He wanted the judge to take the one narrow position expressed and spread it widely across all sorts of records.

In the end, Judge Perry denied the motion in very strong terms, by saying, "In balancing the interests..., courts generally take a narrow construction and does not extend beyond that opinion concerning personal phone conversations." He again cited decisions concerning the Constitution of the State of Florida and Florida Statute 119. (We've heard those words before!)
There was a bit of commotion at the defense table and I notice Ann Finnell clearly mouthing the words "phone calls" to Baez. Baez then addressed the judge, asking for clarification as to whether the decision applied to "phone logs, phone calls, visitation logs.... The Judge affirmed that he had denied the motion and the previous ruling still applied. His decision was also based on the premise that the Bent decision were in effect. End of story.

Next, Judge Perry called for motions concerning the JAC. First up was Casey's new death penalty lawyer, Ann Finnell. The first words out of her mouth told me that what I had thought concerning her motion were true.

Ms. Finnell had been sandbagged by the other members of the defense team, including her long-time friend, Cheney Mason. She had apparently been told that the budget for the guilt portion of the trial had been previously worked out and that she was here to obtain funds to do her job in the penalty phase.

WRONG! At the May 6 hearing, there was no distinction made as to what portion of the trial for which the hours were allocated, with the exception of the hours granted to Jeanene Barrett, the mitigation specialist from out of state who joined the team along with Andrea Lyon, the preceding death penalty attorney.

Judge Perry said that he thought they had already done this.

Finnell, who practices in the Jacksonville area said that she'd been asked to prepare penalty phase budgets in other trials. As we learned in the previous JAC hearing, Judge Perry has the practice of giving out hours and asking the attorneys to return with detailed records as to how the money was spent prior to granting more funds. He tends to give money for the development of the case and deals with trial expenses when they arise.

Judge Perry said that he'd already granted the funds in his previous order dealing with trial preparation. Jose Baez had already argued the motion and was given the mitigation expert of their choice and 384 hours for her work were approved. The judge asked if they had used them all up. Finnell said that they hadn't, that Ms. Barrett had 1/3 - 1/2 of her hours left. The judge had also assumed that the mitigation expert would be doing the investigation portion as well.

Finnell stated that she was estimating the maximum hours she might need to complete the job. She mentioned that there was quite a bit of work still left to do. There were a large number of potential mitigation witnesses that needed to be talked to. As usual, Judge Perry wanted to know how many witnesses had been talked to and how many people needed to be talked to. When the hours are used up, and she comes back and gives a detailed explanation of how they were used, he could give them more.

Ms. Finnell agreed with the judge and mentioned that she would have to get more detailed information from Ms. Barrett. She then brought up the hours she needed for an in-state investigator. Judge mentioned the 300 hours of in-state investigators already given to the defense.


I'm putting little stars here because at this point, Baez, promptly hijacked Ms. Finnell's motion and started discussing the amount of PI time that he had already used up. Remember, he was also asking for 300 more hours for an in-state PI.!

This was quite a large digression which totally interrupted Finnell's motion! If you only listen to one portion of the hearing, this is the one to listen to at about 10:00.

Judge Perry indicated that the in-state PI was given 300 hours. Baez told the judge that those hours were completely exhausted and in his motion, he is asking for 300 additional hours.

Judge Perry then went into his now familiar explanation that to spend taxpayers funds, Mr. Baez will have to do a lot of explaining how he spent the, even if under seal so as to not to make public or let the State know his defense strategy.

At this point, Baez gave an extremely generalized idea of what types of work has been done. (All I could think at this point was that Mr. Baez needs a person to keep track of all the hours and expenses and what they were used for. This judge will not except vagueness when it comes to TAXPAYER Money!)

Baez brought up the dreaded Texas Equusearch documents and said that they were just scratching the surface of that, a lot of "them" don't want to get involved. (Can anyone wonder why?)

Then, the words I have been waiting for so long to hear from Judge Belvin Perry came out "TAXPAYERS DO NOT FUND FISHING EXPEDITIONS!"

Baez then made the usual complaint about access to records. I'll spare you the ugly details.

Judge Perry stopped the whining by asking, "what problems have you had when THIS COURT, several weeks ago... I supplied a special master... there are some forms on my desk now, submitted under seal..." (Paraphrased)

Baez replied by saying that the defense was trying to conduct a task with handcuffs on, TES had the worst kept records on the face of this earth, being closely monitored, and so on and so on...

The Judge took some umbrage and that, telling Baez that he gave them every opportunity and he had no complaints. He had made himself available by phone and NEVER got a call asking him to resolve and disputes. (I again recommend you listen to this.)

(Had I been there, I might have said it a little differently! "Mr. Baez, I gave you everything you asked for and you're still whining to me? Do you think Texas Equusearch's main function is to keep perfect records so you can call every searcher and look up their history and send out investigators to hassle them and make them say things they don't believe to be true? Those people gave their time and hearts to finding that little girl. Her name is Caylee and that was what they were there for!)

To make a long story a bit shorter, Perry indicated that he had understood the reason the defense wanted the records was that they didn't trust TES to tell them who had searched Suburban Drive and wanted to see which records showed a person had searched there. He then said that Baez is now telling him that he wanted a laundry list of names to make phone calls to them all and conduct his own investigation! Judge Perry then repeated, "If that's what you want to do, then that's a fishing expedition." Perry also told Baez that if he wanted to do it on his own, it was fine, but it wasn't something he could do with taxpayers money.

At this point, Cheney Mason got up and spoke to the issue. Referring to himself as a "significant taxpayer" he said he had "a dollar in this fight". Then, he misspoke when he said that TES had only identified 32 people who had searched Suburban. That is absolutely NOT true. When making the original order, Judge Stan Strickland allowed only those searchers who searched withing 200 yards of the site to be given to the defense. They would be the only ones to have any information about the ground conditions at the time.

He then goes on to say that they are only looking for people who searched the relevant site, about 17'5'' wide and smaller than the judge's bench. He said that people who searched "over here" weren't relevant at all! He says they are calling all these people so that they can eliminate those who searched Suburban on their own and didn't search that area! He also claimed that they were sending out investigators to talk to these people to eliminate them so they don't have to depose them. (I'm sorry, that STILL sounds like a fishing expedition.) Then, he makes the claim that they have found people who weren't on TES documents who searched that exact area and claim there were no remains there and that the area was dry! (I'm sorry, I do have a tendency to believe people like Tim Miller and the searchers who have already been deposed and haven't been Jeremy Lyonized.) In addition, Mason said that some of the people they have called don't want to cooperate with them or have been instructed not to speak to them. (Probably by friends who don't want to see them dragged into the case. I recall Tim Miller telling the searchers to simply tell the truth.) Mason also added that this is going to be a Federal issue quickly. And that's why we need the investigators.

Judge Perry said that what he explained was different from saying somebody is hiding records and that's what Mr. Baez was saying about TES. The Judge tells Mason that all he has to do is say that that is why he needs them (the PI hours) particularly.


At this point in the hearing, Ann Finnell takes the reins back and points out what SHE is asking for is different. Finnell goes through all the kinds of records, investigations, she needs and that she is going by the ABA rules. The judge tells her that he has to go by the rules of the Constitution and Laws of Florida.

The judge stated he wants to split investigative hours for guilt/innocence/possible penalty phase and also mentions that he had thought Mr. Mason had been brought in for penalty phase. Mason pretty much brushed that idea aside by saying that he didn't think there would be a penalty phase!

Finnell indicated it was her understanding that no investigative time has been used in the penalty phase. Judge Perry said he was LED to believe the mitigation person was going to do all the investigation. Finnell said that Barrett was from Chicago. Finnell stated that she want's someone local (Orlando, Ft. Meyers) for no more than 100 hours. The judge asked if she knows that she was asked for and that it would save money?

Judge Perry told her that he is not going to give her more money for Barrett and a local investigator. He told her to consult with the others and make a decision between someone local or Ms. Barrett.

Ms. Barrett wants to leave Barrett's hours the same and get 100 hours more for someone local to help her out with the bits and pieces.

Finnell then asked for a max of $7500 for the total cost of a mitigation psychologist. She mentioned that this would cover all expenses through trial. The judge then told her not to consider the expenses for the trial itself. At that point, Finnell asked for $2500. If she needs more, she will approach the judge about it. (She's on a rapid learning curve today.)

When asked for the $1000 for copying expenses, Judge Perry wanted to know if Ms. Barrett had already obtained copies of information. Finnell responds that she has, but has some ideas of her own. She said it would probably be substantially less than $1000, more likely $500.

Finnell skipped the next item as it deals with the actual penalty phase and moved on to the reimbursement for travel expenses. She explained her position after Judge Perry asked her opinion about the JAC rules concerning privately retained attorneys. She also said she would remain with the case even if she weren't reimbursed.

She then brought up expenses to travel to Warren, Ohio. When asked by the judge, she indicated that Casey lived there until about the age of 3. She stated she needs to interview potential witnesses about the family dynamics, for birth records, medical record, any childhood trauma. (I thought Jeneane Barrett had already been to Ohio.)

When asked by Judge Perry why she couldn't do this over the phone, Finnell replied that the had tried but had met with resistance. The judge then asked why she thought they will talk to her in person? Finnell stated that, based on her experience, it works better in person. She also said that she feels she is required to TRY based on ABA guidelines.

The Judge again reminded her that he is not bound by ABA guidelines and went on to mention all the laws and the Constitution he is bound by. He did say that if she were are able to demonstrate to him that these people will talk to you in person, he might approve it. Finnell then asked to ex-parte the court on that... (I guess we'll never get to know which Anthony friends, family, or work associates are unwilling to cooperate.)

JAC attorney Brad Bischoff then got a chance to speak. He stated that penalty phase funds may be premature at this time. He also asked for some clarification concerning the 100 hours of out-of-state PI time that is left. At that point, Judge Perry then told Finnell she has 100 hours for investigation in Ohio, and they do have investigators there.

Bischoff also stated the JAC had already disallowed attorney travel expenses before and hold the same position in this case.

He felt that the $2500 may be premature at this time. Judge Perry pointed out that "in capital cases you have to put the cart before the horse" and granted the $2500.

Copy costs... Judge asks Baez if he has any money left in copying costs? Baez said he didn't believe the judge gave him copying costs. Baez says he gave money for public records and rambles on a bit, he doesn't have an answer.

The judge, as patient as a second-grade teacher leads Jose Baez through a word problem. He gave him money to obtain public records and when we get public records we have them ____. (The correct answer is COPIED). Baez continues acting dazed and confused until the judge tells him he is playing WORD GAMES. (Clearly, the judge isn't pleased with that at all.)
Judge: Playing word gymnastics!

In the end Baez didn't know how much he had left and indicated he wants Finnell to have her own copying money.

Judge broke down and gave Finnell a starting amount of $500.

Judge Perry did put his foot down when it came to the issue of in-state investigator hours. He said that he has to have defense give accounting of hours already used. When asked, Baez told him all the hours were used up. Baez tried to save face a bit by saying that it wasn't just a TES issue and mentions all the State witnesses.

At that point, Perry insisted he get an accounting, he'll be around all next week, before he gives the defense more.

Perry, perhaps feeling a bit sorry for her predicament, gave Finnell 100 hours of her own, just what she asked for.

Oh! Baez just came up with his records! Surprise! Surprise! After a short trip up to the bench,
Baez gets another 60 hours! One thing is clear here. If Baez wants more time for PI services, he'd better show the judge some extremely detailed records. The judge also told Baez that if ne needs more PI time he can do a telephonic hearing

Perry doesn't award expense money for Finnell due to the privately retained attorney. (And I'm supposing trying to get expense money from the retained attorney would run into just as many difficulties as getting some money to make copies.)

Judge Perry then heard the Motion for Clarification. I never understood that one, but it seems that none of the issues were being disputed. The judge said that expenses for experts would be straightened out and paid at 9th Judicial Circuit rates.

Linda Kenney's Motion to withdraw was dealt with next. When asked if there were any objections, the only voice heard was that of Mr. Ashton who said he liked working with her. The motion was granted. I only wonder here if Casey Anthony understands just what losing this lawyer could mean to her case.

State: Extend time for depositions. The defense has no objections. (How could they?)

Linda Drane Burdick spoke to the motion and repeated a lot of what is in motion and discussed here in my previous article.

The judge asked a few questions about one of the witnesses who can't be located. Believe it was Travis Sanders, whose address was given as Northern California. When Drane Burdick asks if the defense knows what he is going to testify about, Baez pointed out that he's in a video!

Judge Perry grants her motion for a 30 day extension.

Perry then asks Ms. Finnell if she is aware that November 30 is the deadline for mitigation witnesses. Finnell stated that she is working on it and will do her best to meet the deadline. Perry informed her that she may be able to get an extention for mental mitigation, but Bennett has been on the case for a long time. It's obvious that Finnell and Barrett need to become very well acquainted very fast and Ms. Finnell will need to be brought up to speed on everything that has been done.

As the status portion of the hearing continues, Jeff Ashton is asked about expert witness depositions. He says the defense has 2 to go by extended deadline and that all people from the
Body Farm are done

The judge asked the defense if they are anticipation filing any Frye motions. Cheney Mason mumbled something about waiting on transcripts. Jeff Ashton pointed out to the judge that Jose
Baez had personally recorded them!

Judge Perry then told Mr. Baez that Mr. Mason said that he couldn't make Frye motions until he got transcripts (which need to be paid for) why couldn't he use audio?

Ashton, pointed out that the burden is on defense to prove scientific method is new and that some is new, some isn't.

Ms. Finnell made some suggestion about the transcription and then Judge Perry said he can get it done cheaper than "that" if Baez gives him the tape. He told Baez to give the audio to his clerk and the transcripts would be done.

Ashton helpfully told the Court that he doesn't have witnesses for Frye hearing to depose. (I'm wondering if the defense has any at this point.)

What I may not have reported earlier was that there was a brief discussion concerning the TES documents collected in Texas. Judge Perry brought up the topic again at this point in the hearing:

I'm going to summarize it here for the sake of brevity in an already to long entry!

Back in February, Mark NeJame filed a document with the court which explained how additional TES documents had been located in a search of Tim Miller's garage. (Hey TES is an all volunteer organization with one volunteer clerk in the office. It burns me up whenever I hear the defense and the Anthony family knock their efforts and record keeping. They sure aren't in this for the money, media exposure, and fame... and that includes the searchers as well.)

Jose Baez accused the prosecution of playing 3-card Monte with them and had denied the defense access to them. Linda Drane Burdick, for the first time in the 2+ years, lost it a little for the first time. She got up and carefully explained to the judge that these documents had been brought by Yuri Melich back to Orlando and booked in as evidence. The documents were copied and the copies returned to TES. She spent a day (of her summer vacation as I recall) going over the evidence lists with the defense team and it had been their choice NOT to ask for them.

After a little bit of discussion, Perry gave the defense two weeks to go take a look at them. Actually, I thing the defense should have checked out what NeJame had to say last February!

12. The above mentioned additional documents that were recently located are now placed with the other approximately 4,000 documents located at the undersigned counsel's office. The previously mentioned documents along with the recently located documents are available for review by the counsel for the Defendant and the State.

At this point in the hearing, Cheney Mason mumbled something about needing some "psychological" tests. The judge asked if he needed the results.

Linda Drane Burdick came to the rescue (again) and explained that FBI Special Agent Nick Savage had been depositioned yesterday. He did NOT administer the "tests". Rather, two other FBI agents utilized background sheets (which we can all observe in George and Cindy's videotaped interviews with the FBI). However, there had been discussion about the forms and Baez probably realized they existed.

Drane Burdick said that Baez and Mason DIDN'T find out about the forms yesterday. Yesterday, Baez asked if she had them. She said "no" the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit uses them (to profile people) and doesn't provide copies.

Judge Perry simply told the defense to file a motion to compel, soon.

Drane Burdick then informed the judge that Mr. Mason wants to conduct depositions with 18 law enforcment in November. Three had previously been extended to Nov 18. She said that Mason told her that the court's order was uninforceable and they would do depos when they pleased (sanitized version).

As to the excess "searchers" ON Suburban as witnesses, Drane Burdick said that Mason said that there are 6 to 10 who MAY apply and it's been past 5 days and don't have the names.

Judge Perry, on hearing about the law enforcement depositions said, "Then I don't think they'll do any more depositions.".

For those folks who don't comply with deadlines, and if we have to take a deposition, we will have to take a deposition at the convenience of the court, not either side.

He said that he would be present in court to hear these depositions which would NOT occur during normal working hours.

"I will choose the time, place, and method"

Judge Perry close the long, drawn out, contentious session with some stern words to both parties about "disagreeing without being disagreeable".

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

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