A discussion of children, their welfare, well being and lives. We must protect them, they are our future.
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PostSubject: Billie Dunn's Statement Analized Part 1   Wed Feb 02, 2011 2:40 am

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Billie Dunn's Statement Analyzed Part 1

by Peter Hyatt

What do Billie Dunn's words reveal to us?

Below are the transcripts with Statement Analysis in bold type. The statement is plain text and any bold text is added by me for emphasis.

I'm going to apologize because my throat is scratchy. I've got a sore throat. Is everybody ready

I'm going to read this because I don't want to forget anything xx I wanna give a complete very detailed xx statement of everything that went on the day before the day Hailey disappeared and the day after just everything I could remember xx I want to thank everyone for coming this afternoon and giving me an opportunity to make a statement.

Note that Billie Dunn claims that these are her words in that it is "everything I could remember"

First I want to speak directly to Hailey in case she's listening xx

This is a marked change from the previous 5 weeks since Hailey went missing. This may be due to the influence of Marc Klass.

wherever you are Hailey I'm lookin for you.

Note that Billie has been criticized for not searching, and that police have stated that Billie refused to tell them where Hailey is, and even threw a party on New Year's while Hailey remained missing.
Hundreds of people are lookin for you. We all want you home safe. xx I just want to see and touch your beautiful face xx I really love you. I desperately need you home and xx There's not a minute goes by I'm not praying for you or crying wishin you were in my living room. xx I can't handle not knowin where you are or if your safe. You're the most beautiful girl I've ever laid my eyes on, and I'm very proud that God chose me to be your mother. 1:36

Note pronouns that switch from the plural to singular.
Note also that Billie wishes she was in "my living room" which is, apparently, where Hailey slept. The "living room" should be considered sensitive.
Note the need and emphasis is upon Billie, herself, what she needs and that she herself was chosen by Providence to be her mother. Concerns have been expressed that in a domestic homicide the mother may be a narcissist or have narcissistic behavior. It was what Billie can't handle, and about Billie's needs.

Next I want to say is if someone out there has Haley please let her go just turn her loose drop her off at a church, a school a police station anywhere that she can get to a phone and call police or call her family,

Note unusual language:

1. Drop her off
2. Turn her loose
Note that "if" is conditional. This is important as to what Billie Jean Dunn believes has happened to Hailey.

Previously, she has said that Hailey ran off and she gave public messages to Hailey that they could fix their relationship.
Other times, she insisted that this was a kidnapping, even mocking the police for initially saying it was a runaway case.

The lack of consistency, especially when given emphatically, indicates deception. Billie Dunn is not committed to any theory, confirming to police what they said after the polygraph: That Billie Dunn knows where Hailey is and is withholding the information from them.

Note "drop her off" is the first choice, but "turn her loose" is the second choice, which sounds casual. We would not expect to hear casual language regarding a kidnapper who has had a woman's daughter for 5 weeks. We would expect to hear tense language, increased nervousness and anxiety, and a deep sense of fear. None of these things is evident.

Ask yourself what you would say to the kidnappers?

You would likely have to use self-restraint in order not to provoke nor insult them, but appeal to them personally, so that your daughter is viewed, not as an object, but a person.

Police, likely well educated and trained federal law enforcement, would be coaching you on how to address the kidnappers. Note that this is not the case here.

The FBI does not believe that this is a kidnapping and likely have left telling locals, "domestic homicide" with the strategy of pressuring boyfriend (naming him 'suspect') and keep Mom talking as one who is 'cleared' as a "person of interest"

Question: Does Billie Dunn read online articles (blogs, media) about her words?

even if anyone has any information on Hailey's whereabouts,

Note now that it is not "if" but "even if", further weakening commitment. (sensitivity)

where she might be please call the police even if they think the information is not relevant

Note: "even if they (police) think the information is not relevant" as Billie Dunn is displeased with the police.
Why might she be displeased with the police? The obvious answer is that they have not located Hailey. But given her other statements that she has made: Billie told us that the police accused her of not telling them where they can recover Hailey.

or too small to worry about or that it's already been reported.
Please call it in any way any information you might have may tie somethin together or make something click for investigators xx

Someone out there knows where Hailey is or knows something that can help find her.

This is a truthful statement. Note that "someone" is singular, and "out there" would be not where Billie Dunn was at the time she made this statement. She may have been thinking of Shawn when she said this.

I feel like I need to go over the days surrounding Hailey's disappearance again for several reasons, many people who were not close to the case seemed to be confused because there are so many conflicting accounts of what actually happened

Note that the "many people" she wishes to address were "not close" to the case. This is interesting and may be an indication that Billie Dunn, or friends, have kept up with analysis and commentary outside the local media.
Note that "conflicting accounts of what happened" is sensitive. On the Nancy Grace Show, Billie Dunn was asked "what happened" and gave an account. On the next day, she was asked again and the account changed.
On the third appearance, details had changed again. The source of the confusion was Billie Dunn.

After watching many of the interviews. I'm beginning to see why myself.

Likely the videos on the Nancy Grace Show. Note that she is only "beginning" to see for herself.

xx I have yet to see an entire interview aired or printed.

Note that she has yet to see one; not that they do not exist. Billie Dunn was permitted to speak for herself on HLN

They are cut or pasted, edited for time and space, and often I'm not quoted in correct context.

This may be a legitimate concern, particularly with local media and may cause her to pick and choose which media outlet she speaks to. Note that this would 'hinder' Hailey's picture getting 'out there', but would help with Billie's concern over being taken out of context.

My words are sometimes picked apart and twisted around in such a way that I don't even recognize them.

Note that this happens only "sometimes"

I've been flat out called a liar by some people. Others speculate on my possible involvement in Haley's disappearance

Billie Dunn does not identify "some people" who have called her a liar.
Note "my possible involvement" includes the possessive pronoun, "my" which is something ingrained within us since our earliest days of speech. Possessive pronouns are exempt from the principle of "personal subjective internal dictionary" for each person.

Possessive pronouns are instinctive. They are often used to solve crimes, even in just a single word.

Possessive pronouns show ownership.

Note that innocent people do not take ownership of that which they are not guilty of.

or wonder if I'm covering up for somebody.

An embedded admission should always be noted, even if in the form of a denial or a question. It is noted, though can be discarded later if:

a. It is a direct quote from another
b. And that there are no other indicators of deception/elevated sensitivity.

Here, it should be taken in account with other indicators.

This may indicate that it is, in deed, Shawn Adkins, who is responsible for Hailey's death, and that Billie Dunn's involvement has been in the aspect of cover up, in particular, having him hide the body and she likely has the most involvement in inventing and floating the story of Hailey sleeping over a friend's house.

This leads to the natural question:

Why is she covering for Adkins?

She failed her polygraph and police indicate that she knows where Hailey's body is.

What does Shawn have "on her" that would keep her silent?

If her involvement in Hailey's death is "cover up", we will look for linguistic indicators that may point to how Hailey died.

Since she spoke of Hailey on several occasions in the past tense, we know that Hailey is dead. Since she used such words as "living breathing Hailey" we may have an indication of Hailey stopped breathing.

We also have a very close indication of drugs; where they were mentioned early on in interviews, first regarding the polygraph. Billie Dunn claimed it was a "tooth" problem, but later Shawn told police that they purchased drugs.

Some people accuse me of withholding information and not cooperating with law-enforcement

Billie Dunn may be referencing police, or she may be referencing her reading of blogs. I have not read of media accounts where media has accused her of "withholding information."

"Withholding information" is a specific phrase used repeatedly here, and in the comments section.

These things are not true

Note that "these things" are not true, but we do not precisely which things she is referring to that are "not true" Is it that she was "flat out" a "liar"?
Is it that she is "withholding information"? Is it that she is "not cooperating"? Without a distinct denial, we cannot conclude that she has made a strong denial about a specific allegation. Note that"these" things; note that "these" is close; whatever she is referring to, is close to her heart and bothers her.
This is then to suggest that Billie Dunn's reason for the media event is because she is bothered by reports, rather than an address to Hailey. Note the number of lines dedicated to Hailey, versus the number of lines dedicated to defending herself.
but I now feel that I have to defend myself from ridiculous accusations slander or defamation of character.

She now feels that way, but will she actually defend herself, or just talk about defending herself? It is one thing to "feel" to do something, but it is another thing to actually do something.
Note the order:
a. ridiculous accusations
b. slader
c. defamation of character

Recall that the information that caused her the most reaction was the police affidavit, which was sworn to by investigators before a judge.

That said, I want to start out by saying that there was no blowout on Christmas. There were no arguments or disagreements everyone was getting along fine. xx Everyone pretty much got exactly what they asked for

Given the nature of this investigation: This is a frightening statement.
There was no "blowout" on Christmas. Note the language: "blowout". Next, there were no "arguments", which is different than "blowout", but then she adds in that there were no "disagreements". It is difficult to imagine any holiday with even a disagreement. The change of language does not appear justified in context and is likely an indicator of deception. If Shawn reported to police that there was an incident in the home, it may have been on Christmas, or it may have been on Decemeber 26th, which would mean that Billie could still be telling the truth about "on" Christmas. Note that the additional "on Christmas" is added by Billie which should lead us to ask, "was there a blowout the day before? was there a blow out the day after?" and on to the same questions, but now substituting "argument" and "disagreement" in the questions.
It is likely, from this statement, that an incident involving temper took place on or about December 25 or Dec 26, which has impacted Hailey Dunn.

"everyone pretty much got what they asked for".

Was Hailey "asking for it"?

In the least, is a family "blow out", argument, or disagreement only avoided when everyone gets what they want?

Note that we will view Part 2: The Time Line, in the next analysis.
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PostSubject: Billie Dunn and What David Knows   Wed Feb 02, 2011 11:23 am

Billie Dunn and What David Knows

One of the newer problems that Billie Dunn is facing, it past quotes and articles.

What did David see? What does David know? Perhaps more importantly, what did David tell police?

It is likely that David left the home at 9PM that fateful night due to the fighting and drug abuse that went on in the family. He may have been Hailey's protector in the home. The next day, Shawn locked him out and refused to let him in.

Where is David now? What has he told the police? He is likely a valuable source of information.

This is an article from January 8th, just a bit more than 3 weeks ago. Note the analysis and commentary in bold type.

COLORADO CITY — A few streets away from where Hailey Dunn lives, Tim Beights surveyed a quiet street. As evening’s chill began to subtly spread Wednesday, he gestured, a sadness seemingly washing over his gaze.

“This neighborhood has 10 to 15 kids that play every day,” Beights said. “It’s vacant.”

Like most in this Mitchell County town, Beights said he pines for the return of the 13-year-old who vanished from the community of 4,500 on Dec. 27.

But deep down, most everyone also is afraid, he said, that the days without Hailey are hurrying on now like an approaching dark.

“It’s getting too long, and no one can find her,” he said. “She should have shown up by now. A 13-year-old girl is going to tell somebody something — a friend, somebody.”

Note that this is the common sense response sometimes missed in the emotional turmoil of it all.

Four days have passed since Beights spoke those words, and no one still knows exactly what happened to Dunn, who, without fail, has been described in sunlit terms by those who knew her — from family and friends to teachers. Some say, however, they detected moments of storm and shadow in certain areas of her young life that may — or may not — factor into her disappearance.

Thus far, the search for Hailey Dunn has been a long march — a path through accusations that law enforcement had been too slow to react to her disappearance, to failed lie detector tests on the part of her mother and her mother’s live-in boyfriend. Helicopters have searched the skies while an endless stream of both the professional and the passionate walked the streets and searched the countryside below.

At Dunn’s home, located at 1804 Chestnut, family members and close friends have expressed an increasing — albeit cordial — reluctance to speak except certain national media, a noose that has seemingly tightened as time has worn on and more attention has been paid to the case.

Attempts to contact Billie Jean Dunn, Hailey Dunn’s mother, as well as her birth

father, Clint Dunn, for extended interviews were politely put off, as were attempts to contact the family of Billie Jean Dunn’s 25-year-old boyfriend, Shawn

Adkins, who is believed to be staying in Dunn, about 15 miles north of Colorado City, where Adkins’ grandmother lives.

Briefly speaking to media openly Thursday night after an appearance on HLN’s Nancy Grace, the girl’s mother admitted to frustration and fatigue, and a hope that — though not extinguished — had begun to gutter with the passage of each long day.

Others attempt to stay strong for Hailey, as well, whether they know her or not.

A citizen-led search Saturday, the second in as many days, combed parts of Mitchell County north and west, while law enforcement extended the search to the community of Dunn.

The small community is what a Texas Department of Public Safety news release issued Saturday called one of possibly several new staging areas as the search for Dunn continues and broadens in scope.

After addressing gathered volunteers with a bullhorn Saturday morning, Bubba Limones, 30, said that a vast number of the people gathered that day to look for

Dunn didn’t necessarily know the family personally. But they all wanted to see the girl returned safely.

“People here care,” he said. “People want to help.”

Like Limones, volunteer Woody Kidd, 57, does not know the Dunn family, but he planned to comb the stretch of the county devoted to Saturday’s search just the same.

“The people in Colorado City stick together, and that’s good,” Kidd said.

From the time neighbors reportedly saw Dunn using her mother’s cell phone around noon on the Monday she vanished to the present, a massive search has evolved that in time has focused national attention on Colorado City, located off U.S. Interstate 20 between Abilene and Odessa.

“We break down when we’re alone, my son and I both,” Billie Jean Dunn said, referring to Hailey’s 16-year-old brother, David. “Break down and lose it, and sometimes you feel like you’re never gain your composure. It’s tough to stay strong in front of my son, but I do it.”

Shawn Adkins, who reportedly said he came home around 3 p.m. Dec. 27, is, by official accounting the last person to see Dunn alive. She planned, he said, to walk to her father’s house, then spend the night with a friend, Mary Beth Garcia.

But Clint Dunn never saw her. And neither did Mary Beth, or her mother, Cecilia Garcia.

As far as she knew, Cecilia Garcia said earlier in the week, her daughter hadn’t even been in touch with Hailey the day she vanished.

Billie Jean Dunn reported her daughter missing the next day and initially, the case was treated as if the girl had run away. Later, that choice would come back to haunt the law enforcement, with some insisting that police and others waited too long to involve other law enforcement authorities or to accelerate the investigation.

“I’m really upset because I feel our police department is not doing their job,” said Magin Jones, 32, who has lived “more on than off” in Colorado City since she was 16. “I think 72 hours or two days to wait and call it a runaway is too long when it’s a 13-year-old little girl.”

A candlelight vigil last Sunday, attended by about 750 people, seemed to be the catalyst that began to vault the case into ever-widening public consciousness.

By Tuesday, HLN’s Grace featured the case, though the coverage was called “sensational” by City Manager Peter Kampfer.

Widely-distributed reports that dogs had traced Hailey Dunn’s scent to a Colorado City hotel Dec. 31 were diminished by Kampfer, who called them “inaccurate” and the scents attributable to “any number of things.”

In a further example of the confusion that has swirled around the investigation, Billie Jean Dunn and Adkins took polygraph tests Wednesday, saying during another appearance on Nancy Grace Thursday that both had “failed” the tests.

But on Friday, Kampfer said that the while Dunn and Adkins were polygraphed, neither were told whether they passed or failed. No matter what happened, Dunn apparently asked Adkins to leave her home after those results.

Law enforcement have said repeatedly they know his location, believed to be in nearby Dunn.

In a brief interview after Grace’s Thursday night program, the girl’s mother reiterated that she would never choose to protect “anybody,” including Adkins “if I thought he had anything to do with it.”

Note the conditional "if"

“I had put a lot of faith into those, and that faith is gone,” she said. I would have came forward a long time ago,” she said, though she added that she was convinced that the lie detector tests were destined to “clear everybody.”

This is likely the reason she submitted to the test. It would have been helpful to have the entire quote.

On Thursday, a helicopter took to the air in an effort to find the missing girl. By

that point, there were 30 law enforcement officers, working for nine agencies, actively participating, said senior Department of Public Safety Trooper Sparky

Dean, while a “whole slew” of other agencies offered to help in other manners.

“To me it looks like an anthill,” Dean said the activity. “You’ve got people coming and going and chasing leads and coming back, saying, ‘This lead didn’t work, what’s next? Give me something else to do another lead to follow up on.’ There may be some they can sit down and do on the computer. There may be some they have to pound the pavement.”

That was the approach law enforcement agencies returned to Friday, a dozen groups of two each going to the north Colorado City neighborhood around Hailey’s home, conducting interviews and asking for assistance in locating her — and patently ignoring any other illegalities that they might come across to laser-focus on finding the missing 13-year-old.

At the same time, a group of residents, inspired by a Facebook group, took to the streets in the hope of locating the girl the group’s founder termed “a daughter, a sister, a friend and a child of God who has lost her way.”

The Lamar Sign Company, in the absence of the case meeting the requirements for an Amber Alert, donated more than a dozen digital billboards around the state to show Hailey Dunn’s face and description, with vinyl billboards also planned. Earlier in the week, standing among a throng of television and other media crews gathered across the street from the Dunn home, Kampfer described the search as “community-consuming.”

“Anything of a cooperative method or aspect that they (the community) can put

together, that’s what they’re trying to do,” he said, noting that police and other law enforcement officials, too, were “working diligently and all hours to get it right.”

Andra Maxwell, who teaches eighth-grade history at Colorado Middle School, was one of several people who eagerly stepped forward to praise that effort.

“I’m in full support of our local law enforcement agencies,” she said, adding that she believes national news coverage, especially, has added an unfairly negative spin to what has been happening in town.

“Nobody cares more or has worked long, hard hours than our local, small police department and our sheriff’s office,” she said, adding that many in town had been taking food to the impromptu command center created for law enforcement agencies downtown, since many officers wouldn’t otherwise even take the time to eat a meal.

In the downtown area, where errant cotton bolls bunch at the side of the streets

like drifts of snow, Deborah Wilson, realized her investment club meeting probably had been canceled Thursday when she saw the massive horde of police, sheriff’s department, and other vehicles gathered in front of the bank turned law enforcement center.

The sight, she said, heartened her, leaving her hopeful of Dunn’ safe return.

“Everybody’s pulled together,” she said of the effort.

Wilson said that she had lived in the community for 56 years and could not remember anything of the sort or scale happening in her lifetime.

“I think it’s touched everybody,” she said. ”I don’t know her, but she’s part of us. Everyone wants to find her. Everyone wants her to come home.”


Those who live near or otherwise know Hailey Dunn’s family paint a variety of portraits of her home life.

Betty Williams, 40, called the situation a “nightmare,” not just for herself, but for the Dunn family.

“It makes you uneasy, especially since it’s so close,” Williams said. “I never thought it would happen in little Colorado City.”

Williams, who said that she had known Billie Jean Dunn for about a year, admits she met the mother and her family in a perhaps less-than-ideal circumstance — a dog owned by the family had bitten one of her children.

“That’s how I got to know her,” she said.

But through such strange circumstances, she said, she found someone who was friendly, willing to “do anything” for her children, and someone she knows is genuinely heartbroken over the sudden disappearance of her daughter.

“If it’s the worst, her mom, she couldn’t take it,” she said. “She couldn’t take it when my son got bit ... And this, I imagine she’s going crazy.”

In the meantime, Williams has had to explain to her younger children, ages 6 and 7, as best she can what has been happening. But her oldest child, she said, perhaps has the greatest burden because he understands what is wrong.

“He said, ‘Gee, mom, could that happen to me?’” she said. “And I said, ‘Yes, baby, it can.’ And so you teach them.”

Walking with her children through the streets of Colorado City, Magin Jones, 32, agreed, saying the disappearance was in certain respects confusing because of the smallness and closeness of the community, including what she knew about the Dunn family.

Jones said her husband used to work with Billie Jean Dunn’s father in the oil field, and she knew Hailey’s mother through the daughter of a mutual friend.

“They were a close family, even though the mom and the dad were separated,” Jones said. “As far as I know, they remained friends and stayed, for their children, civil. ... From what I see on the outside, they all seem to get along just fine.”

Jones said that the size of the community makes it easy for people to notice new details, leaving her to speculate that anything especially anything out-of-the-ordinary should have been seen by others.


“You get this false sense of a security in a small town thinking that because you live in a small town that something like this couldn’t happen. But look: it did,” she said. “It’s really sad that something like this could put our small town on the map like that.”

Her family, including her children ages 8, 10-going-on-11, and 12, are all praying for Dunn’s return, she said.

“What parent wouldn’t want that child to come home, because we would all want to think our own child would come home,” she said.

Cecilia Garcia said she had never interacted with Dunn’s extended family.

The first time she saw Hailey’s mother was on television, she said. And Hailey never had spent the night at friend’s her house, even though two were close friends.

Mary Beth Garcia, her mother said, had visited the Dunns’ home overnight.

My daughter, I let her visit her and spend the night,” she said. “And the last time I did, I didn’t like it, because I heard they were walking the street with other kids

Drug abuse and negligence go hand in hand. This has been spoken about extensively. The mother made the decision to not allow her daughter to sleep over again due to Billie's lack of parenting.

Garcia said she never let her daughter spend the night at the home again.

Later, she said that her daughter told her that Dunn had expressed a desire to move in with her birth father, which Garcia said her daughter indicated led to a family altercation around Christmastime.

This was likely the source of trouble: Hailey wanted to move in with Clint. This may have pit Shawn, sticking up for Billie, against Hailey. Police should be looking into financial issues: Would Billie lose child support if Hailey moved out?
Would Billie lose state, or local aid, if Hailey moved out?

Billie and money---we saw this recently when she said she was "awarded" a grant and said she wasn't soliciting funds but did thank those who gave to her.

Donna Byerley met Hailey her through Byerley’s boyfriend, who had once dated a relative of Billie Jean Dunn. She described the girl’s home life as “volatile at times.”

Byerley characterized the 13-year-old as not getting along with her mother’s boyfriend, and Hailey herself as always wandering “here and there,” coming and going largely “as she pleases.”

But rather than a little girl lost, Byerley painted a picture of a compassionate person, whether it was taking care of a mutual friend of a family pet, a girl who remained “very much an individual,” with an honest style of communication whether talking about school, family or friends.

Dunn has stayed with Byerley and her boyfriend off and on, including the last two weeks of the previous school year, Byerley said.

“That was the school year that I think she started in Colorado City, went to Snyder a month or so, and then back to Colorado City,” she said.

“The last few weeks, perhaps month, she was living with her Dad because she doesn’t like the boyfriend,” Byerley said, referring to Adkins.

Her mother’s new relationship, and worries that it was preventing her parents from being together, served as a partial catalyst for Hailey’s difficulties with Adkins, Byerley said.

Billie Jean Dunn said she met on the social network site MySpace.

MySpace is where Adkins had all the videos.

“I know he yelled at her,” she said of Hailey’s relationship with Adkins, though she said she knew of no accusations of physical or other abuse.

Neighbors likely know too.
In public statements, Billie Jean Dunn has said that while Hailey initially had issues with Adkins, she had warmed to him as time went on.

Similarly, Byerley said Clint and Billie Jean Dunn’s relationship often was rocky.

They’ve always had blowouts — screaming, yelling,” she said.

Unlike the portrayal by Billie Dunn

A search of website reveals no criminal histories for Billie Jean Dunn or for Shawn Adkins. Clint Dunn, however, has multiple arrests, starting in 1994 for burglary of a building, a state jail felony. Following that are subsequent arrests in 1998 for possession of marijuana, under 2 ounces, one in March 1999 for driving with a suspended license.

He was arrested again Jan. 30, 2010, by Snyder police for possession of marijuana under 2 ounces. And he was arrested at his home Dec. 29, again for possession of marijuana under 2 ounces, and a Scurry County warrant.

In 2008, Billie Jean Dunn’s license to practice nursing in the state was revoked by the Texas Board of Nursing. According to the group’s formal charges, Dunn practiced as a vocational nurse without a license from June 1, 2007, to April 20, 2008, while employed at Cogdell Memorial Hospital in Snyder. Board records indicate her license expired May 31, 2007.

Dunn’s conduct “deceived residents, their families, fellow caregivers and the public,” who believed that her practice of nursing was in compliance with the board’s rules and regulations, according to the board’s findings. Dunn was, according to the board, given an opportunity to show compliance with state law to retain her license.

The case was heard in an open meeting in Austin on Nov. 12, 2008. Dunn did not appear, the record says.

According to tax records, the Dunns still collectively own their home at 1804 Chestnut, which they purchased in November 2001. Clinton Dunn owned 1143 Chestnut until 2008.


As for Hailey herself, Byerley characterized the teenage as open, honest, smart “not just academically but street-smart,” and the sort to run toward help, rather than away.

“It’s extremely out of character,” she said of the girl’s disappearance. “She would go to a friend’s house. She would come to our house. She’s done it so many times before. ... I hope she does it again.”

But Byerley said she doesn’t think Hailey is in town.

“Someone would have seen her,” she said.

Andra Maxwell, who teaches eighth grade history, and Tammy Johnson, who taught

Hailey reading, remember no warning signs. What they do recall is a vivacious, perpetually smiling teenager, a good student who worked hard, loved to pitch in, and took care of her business in the classroom.

“There was no change in her normal demeanor, her friends, her behavior, anything,” said Johnson, speaking of Hailey Dunn before her disappearance.

Hailey didn't run away in spite of Billie Dunn's portrayal.

Hailey’s fellow students, the women said, were taking in the disappearance in their own way.

“It’s not the normal junior high antics going on,” Johnson said of her classroom. “As far as in the classroom, I think for most the routine is comforting. They know it’s something they can count on. It’s security.”

Johnson said that teachers, as a united front, are not engaging in open speculation with students about what happened. There is no effort to rearrange classrooms, and so far structure is being maintained that anticipates Hailey’s return.

But one thing that they do know is that the Hailey, the one who tells Maxwell with an intense sincerity each day that she loves her, would be unlikely simply run away from problems — or probably, anyone at all.

“They’d have to be pretty stout,” Maxwell said. “She’s a sweet little girl, but she was always very tough. If she needed, to she could probably take half the boys in this school. I’d want her on my side.”Danny Galey, who teaches automotive tech at Colorado High School, remembers when the Dunns were his neighbors.

“The little girl, I can remember when she was just a little baby,” Galey, 65, said.

He recalls letting her use his sidewalk for her tricycle, since their home didn’t have one in front.

“Everyone is just praying to God that we find her alive,” he said, looking across the street at the school.

Overhead, small clouds bring in another wintry chill to what had been a fairly warm day.

“That’s what everybody is hoping and praying for,” he said. “That’s what we want.”

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PostSubject: Billie Dunn TimeLine   Thu Feb 03, 2011 12:53 am

Billie Dunn TimeLine

Note that this is the Time Line that Billie Dunn, herself, provided to media. It is not known if she wrote it, dictated it, or if another wrote it for her.

Billie Dunn, the mother of missing teenager Hailey Dunn, held a press conference in Colorado City, Texas on January 31, 2011 and released a timeline of events she hopes will be helpful in bringing Hailey home. The 13 year old cheerleader was reported missing on December 28, 2010.

Timeline of Events released by Billie Dunn

Sunday, December 26th
12:00pm: Hailey arrives home after spending the night with Clint.
2:00pm: Billie, Shawn, Hailey, and David have their Christmas dinner.`

Note the order listing Billie first and Shawn next. It is not in age chronological order, since Hailey is not older than David. Billie lists herself first.

8:00pm - 9:00pm: Hailey is playing X-Box in David's room. David leaves to spend the night with a friend.

Billie sought to clear this up, having originally said that David left between 6PM and 7PM, which would be dinner. At her press conference, she said he left at 9PM. Many believe, as I do, that David left due to the family pressure and escalation of temper.

10:00pm: Hailey is watching TV in her room. Billie tells her goodnight and goes to bed.

Note that Billie Dunn feels the need to declare "goodnight" to her daughter. When this enters a statement is is vital. Whenever someone feels the need to enter language into a statement, it is sensitive. See analysis of Billie Dunn's interview for understanding of what analysis shows regarding this statement.

Monday, December 27th
5:30am: Shawn leaves for work, using Billie's car.
6:00am: Shawn arrives at work.
6:10am: Shawn leaves work. Shawn says that he quit his job, and went in that morning to turn in his coveralls and clean out his locker. He claims that after leaving work
went to his grandmother's house in Dunn, but because no one was home, he decided to go to his mother's house in Big Spring. Shawn further claims that he went directly to his mother's house from Dunn, only coming into Colorado City to access I-20.

Note that on her national appearance (The Nancy Grace Show) Billie Dunn said that he had gotten into an argument with his supervisor, later changed this to an altercation with a co worker, and later changed it again to being fired. Here she reports that Shawn "says" (present tense) and reporting language is sensitive. This was a story that Billie and Shawn did not appear to get straight.

6:20am: Billie sees Hailey asleep in her room with the TV on.

This is the "peeking" Billie reported on.

6:30am: Billie leaves for work, getting a ride from a coworker.

Note absence of name. 7:00am: Billie arrives at work.
7:30 - 8:00am: Shawn says he arrives at his mom's house.

Note that only Shawn says, not that he arrived at his mom's house. Note "mom" not "mother's" without name.

10:30 - 1:00pm: A neighbor sees Hailey walking away from her house and then back towards her house. A young boy is with her.

12:00pm: A neighbor sees Hailey in the back yard talking on the phone.

Note significant change of report. Originally, Billie peddled that this was her own phone; now she is on "the" phone; with the article, "the" used when an item has already been identified.

3:00pm: Shawn arrives home.

3:15pm: Hailey leaves home to go to Clint's house and then to spend the night with friend.

4:00pm - 5:00pm: David and his friend arrive at home. The friend stays and spends night.

What time did David arrive? 4PM? 5PM? Has Billie left anything out here?
Shawn was home.
David came home but Shawn had him locked out.
Billie didn't lock her doors.
Billie said that Shawn was in "her" bedroom, not "our" bedroom, even though Shawn moved in with her. (indicative of bad relationship)
David broke in to get in and reported that Shawn had the "deer in the headlights" look, using the word
"deer", something Shawn described how to kill.

Billie likely just forgot to mention these few things.

6:15pm: Shawn picks Billie up from work.
6:20pm: Shawn and Billie make withdrawal from an ATM.

another small detail omitted.

Money was withdrawn for drugs.
Shawn told police that they sucessfully bought drugs on the street.

6:30 - 6:40pm: Shawn and Billie arrive at Billie's mom's house.
7:30pm: Shawn and Billie arrive home.
8:30pm : A woman sees Hailey, the friend she said she was spending the night with and a teenage boy who is unknown to her walking on Hickory Street in front of Alco.

Debunked by police, but even after telling Billie Dunn that this was false, Billie Dunn feels the need to report it as fact, anyway. Note that she does not say "woman says she saw..." similar to the way she described Shawn's claims. Billie reports it as fact in a time line.

9:00pm: Shawn and Billie go to bed.

Tuesday, December 28th

6:30am: Shawn and Billie leave the house.
7:00am: Billie arrives at work.
12:00pm: Billie calls David, who is home.

on her phone, the one she always leaves for her kids, as a good and careing mother; the one that Hailey was seen talking on, oops, no wait, need to change...This is why Billie felt a need to "clear up" a few things

David tells her that Hailey is not back yet. Billie tells him to text her friend and have Hailey came home. The friend says Hailey did not come over. David calls Billie back and relays this information. Billie tells him go to Clint's house to see if Hailey was there. Naomi tells David that Hailey came over on Monday, but did not stay there. Billie talks to Clint, and tells him that she is leaving work to come to Colorado City and report Hailey missing. Billie calls her sister-in-law to pick her up from work and take her to Colorado City. She goes home and to several of Hailey's friends' houses to see if she can find Hailey.

Note the order:

Billie went home.
and Billie went to several of Hailey's friend's houses.

Out of chronological order indicates deception. Is this out of order?

2:00pm: Billie goes to the police station to report Halley missing.
3:00pm: Billie goes back home to wait for an officer to come and take a full report

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PostSubject: Clint Dunn Speaks On Blog Talk Radio   Fri Feb 04, 2011 12:03 am

Clint Dunn Speaks On Blog Talk Radio

Clint Dunn recently spoke on Blog Talk Radio. Thanks to one of our commentators for diligence in finding the interview.

You may hear for yourself Clint Dunn on radio, along with his girlfriend, Naomi. The main host asked straight, good questions but the 2nd host took a different stance.

Naomi revealed that Hailey wanted to sit next to Clint and that Naomi sat first, but then got up. Naomi then said that she and Hailey never never fought.

Note that when "sit, stood, stand, sitting, standing, etc" enters a statement, it is an indication of increased tension.

Clint sounded broken, with little understanding of the circumstances around him. He has searched and said that he contacted media but froze in front of the camera and told them to interview Billie, who "threw me under the bus."

Clint, Naomi and 'our newborn' searched by walking, going through abandoned buildings. He said that he doesn't have a vehicle, so he walked and did so every day, constantly. He was then asked about Billie searching, in spite of the 2nd host stating that she was not going to allow questions about the family.

Clint said: Billie and Shawn did not search for Hailey. Billie just "sat in her house waiting for her daughter to walk through her door" and they don't "see eye to eye" because she just sits on the couch, comfortable, watching a television program thats why we butted heads so hard.

He said "they had a nice little party they had on New years 2 cases of beer and stuff I was watching over the house waiting for Hailey to come. I walk down the alley, take out the trash, looking both ways."

He was asked about money:

He heard that someone donated a van to Billie. The longer it has gone on, the more animosity. They haven't spoken in more than a week and someone gave her a van, opened an account for her, and gave her a grant to pay her bills. He said that no one has been trying to make money off of him, but people on facebook offer pyschics.

The 2nd host refused to ask strong questions regarding Billie because "we don't get between families" which the chat room sought answers to. This appeared to frustrate listeners and the chat room.

By the 2nd host stopping what she classified as "family questions" it renders the show mute, as the mother's boyfriend has been formally classified as a "suspect".

The callers asked better questions, including the gentleman, "Michael", who used Shawn's initials in order to circumvent the host.

He likely was cheered by listeners.

He sought information for the sake of Hailey Dunn.

Clint said that David "had to leave the home" and is placed at his uncle's home, near Clint.

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PostSubject: Hailey Dunn: Follow The Money   Fri Feb 04, 2011 12:08 am

Hailey Dunn: Follow The Money

by Peter Hyatt

Well, that didn't take long.

Billie Dunn has cashed in after covering up Hailey's death for Shawn.

Clint has now posted a web site where the public can donate money to him. This after stating that Billie got herself a free van, and an account opened for her, and a grant to pay her bills.

This, he said, after she would not get off the couch to search for Hailey.

He said that "the three of us, me, Naomi, and the newborn" walked the streets, checking abandoned buildings and

He said he might not be able to work because of his back.

Note that back pain and dental pain are the two most often used excuses by doctor-shopping pain pill addicts when they go into an ER on nights and weekends demanding a script.

Clint has his own drug issues with criminal background for theft and drugs.

He is now seeking money to help in the search.

Hailey's dead. Billie has told us this much.

Billie and Shawn know where she is.

Hailey died, likely after 10PM on the night of the 26th of December, during a time of acute tension where David left the house and drugs and violence collided.

While Clint and Naomi searched on foot, Clint told us that Billie stayed home, and enjoyed herself, sitting on the couch, watching television. She is now cashing in on the death.

Note that statement analysis indicates tension with regard to "sitting"; with Clint certainly tense about seeing his daughter's mother couching while he set out on foot to search anywhere he could for Hailey. No matter what he may or may not have accomplished, it was far more than Billie and Shawn even did for show. Even as a ruse, Billie never bothered.

This may prove important. Why?

Addicts need money to buy drugs. On the 26th, Billie said that they emptied their accounts. Shawn said the money went to drugs.

Shawn quit his job. His attorney may be working pro bono (or Shawn's mother could lose her house).

Clint said he can't work due to his back. He's got to find money to feed his child.

Billie's got the money rolling in now.

It is difficult to imagine that a drug mother who flunked a polygraph, boldly lied on national television, protects the only named suspect, whom she allowed to move in after threatening Hailey's life, would actually find people in this world to give her money.

I guess if Casey Anthony has men sending her money and marriage proposals that anything is possible.

How long will this last?

Imagine donating money to the woman of a missing 13 year old when that woman knows where he child is, but refuses to tell authorities.


If this was a Made-For-TV Hollywood production, we'd never buy into it. "Too much of a stretch..."

This gets weirder by the day. Clint Dunn is now talking and has put up a web site asking for money.

Billie says that she's not asking for money but wants to thank those, hint, hint, that are so generously "awarding" her with money.

Shawn ain't gonna like this.

Where is his cut?

He can't just sit back and watch them cash in, can he?

Is he too mature for such thinking?

I think not.

This may prove provocative to Shawn, who is not known for his intelligence. He appears to like to talk to police.

He was alleged to have threatened Billie and Clint. His response?

He admitted threatening Hailey too.

Billie told police that she made two ATM withdrawals.

Shawn went ahead and told them that it was for drugs, which were purchased the night of the 26th.

Shawn went on to tell them even more:

That Hailey was promiscuous, and that, by the way, 'we had a New Year's Eve party' after Hailey "went missing."

It must have filled police with anger and resolve.

Yet, there are people who have heard the lies, knew of the drugs, heard what police said in the affidavit, and even heard Billie defend Shawn after police said he was a suspect...

and still gave money.

Let's hope that Shawn sees the money coming in to Billie and Clint, and loses his temper, and spills the beans.

We don't know as of yet how much money it is costing tax payers to search for Hailey.

We don't know what the emotional cost is upon a community of good will, out searching in the cold, while Billie sits on her couch, high, and watching infomercials.
Follow the money as greed may cause Billie or Shawn to make a mistake, and say too much, and implicate themselves even further, perhaps finally giving enough hints that allow Hailey's remains to be found.

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PostSubject: Hailey Dunn: A Community in Sorrow   Fri Feb 04, 2011 9:48 pm

Friday, February 04, 2011

Hailey Dunn: A Community in Sorrow

by Peter Hyatt

The emotional toll continues as those of hope, goodwill, and kindness continue to meet together, to support one another, and map out strategy to continue searching for Hailey Dunn.

This morning, they were to meet at 9AM and release balloons. What does this have to do with searching?


Cold and snow conspire to discourage searchers, just as the ticking clock does.

Each day that has gone by has changed how the clock works: first measured in hours: the critical 24 hours, the first 48 hours, and so on.

Then, time began to be measured in days, as the first 7 days concluded with "1 week" since Hailey went missing. This soon turned into "weeks" until the next critical measurement arrived: 30 days.

This weighs heavy on the minds and hearts of those who search, but really don't want to find; not at least in the places they are searching.

They may still hold out hope that Hailey is, by some miracle, alive.

While walking in an open field, they don't really want to find her there.

But they search and press on.

How many of them have heard Billie Dunn slip into past tense language about Hailey, yet search on?

How many searchers saw her reluctance to address Hailey on the Nancy Grace Show, yet search on?

How many found their instincts on fire, even without training, when Billie stumbled over the cell phone details, yet searched on anyway?

They search, and they search with heavy hearts, but driven by a commonly shared belief in community.

But the psychological weight is upon them, and gathering together to send off balloons is an important reminder that they are working together; even as some let off balloons at remote locations. It gave them a feeling of solidarity.

As the weight gets heavier with each passing day, it may soon turn into measurement of months.

Clint Dunn has revealed the straw that may break some of the backs of searchers:

Billie Dunn sat on her couch, watching and "enjoying" television programs, instead of searching for Hailey.

This will not sit well with searchers.

He also said about the New Year's Eve party that there were two cases of beer brought in for the bash. It matters. How many beers? How many people?

This, while Hailey was left out there, somewhere, open prey to the elements?

She didn't even have her favorite jacket.

Billie Dunn, what have you done? What did Shawn do? Searchers are out there, day in and day out. They aren't begin given money, vehicles, "awards" or recognition. They are out in the cold, logging miles on tired legs and aching hearts while you are watching your favorite TV programs, giving interviews, holding court with the press.

This can't help but weigh upon those who feel their feet become numb from the cold, and the fatigue that leads to depression in their souls. Yet, they continue to search, don't they?

Then there are those police reports...especially the affidavit.

You said that it was A false report. You called together the press to "straighten" it out. The searchers were listening to you, ust as they listened to you tell Hailey to come home, as if it were in her power to do so. They searched on.
They heard you say that whoever had her needed to let her go.
They searched on.

They, the community of good will, searched on, while Billie Dunn...


Billie Dunn, herself, spoke about the police affidavit.

She told us that police kept up on her to just tell them where she and Shawn put Hailey. She told us she walked out.

She defended Shawn, the only named suspect, even while he was hold up somewhere, but not out searching. She defended him, even though She once called the police on him when he threatened to kill her.

After all was said and done, Billie told us that she failed a polygraph, as did Shawn, and that she and Shawn are still together.

Neither Shawn nor Billie have searched, but the community of good will has, every day, and every night, in all kinds of weather.

They heard Billie Dunn, the mother of missing Hailey, speak.

This may lead hard working searchers to feel a growing bitterness towards her.

Billie Dunn is Hailey's mother, and she is sitting home, warm, on her couch, watching TV and collecting money, while many who have never even met Hailey are pounding the pavement, searching bushes, abandoned buildings, fields and brush.

What they have heard from Billie will weigh upon them each day that they search.

How long will groups like "Hailey's Angels" be able to keep up interest?

They are people of good will, just as those who searched for Caylee were, while Cindy and George dined sumptuously upon crab at the Ritz. Different children, different states, but Cindy and Billie have much in common.

Searchers became a target in the Caylee Anthony case, as defense attorney, Jose Baez made much ado about nothing, when he flagged the list of searchers for an easy target.

Will Billie Dunn do the same?

Cindy knew where Caylee was, but left her there to rot.
Billie knows where Hailey is, but leaves her to rot.
Cindy knew where Hailey was while she dined.
Billie knew where Hailey was while she partied.
Cindy did not search.
Bilie did not search.
Cindy knew Caylee was dead while asking others to search anyway.
Billie knows that Hailey is dead but gets others to search.
Cindy sought out media until media asked tough questions.
Billie sought out media until Nancy Grace and others asked tough questions.
Cindy appeared to cooperate at first, but soon turned into an adversary of police.
Billie appeared to cooperate at first, but is now turning into an adversary of police.
Cindy cashed in while knowing Caylee was not "missing";
Bilie is cashing in while knowing that Hailey is not "missing".

Perhaps Billie's TV watching is paying off and she is learning lessons from the Cindy Anthonys of the world of mercenery hearts.

Something is wrong with this.

Can the Billie Dunn, er, the Hailey Dunn Memorial Service be far behind?

If not arrested, will Billie Dunn start a "missing child" foundation of her own?

Don't laugh at the idea.

She sees a good thing, here, and if not arrested, she will seek to manipulate the public in greater quantity.

Meanwhile, quietly and without publicity, in cold weather clothing, hats, gloves, tired legs and tired hearts, the community prods on, in the rain and in the snow, searching for the child that they could not save.

Billie remains at home, on the couch, bankbook in one hand, TV remote in the other.

Something isn't right.

This week, on The Peter Hyatt Show, Dr. Lillian Glass, author and body language expert, will weigh in on the deception of Billie Dunn. Join us at 6:30PM EST on BlogTalk Radio.

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PostSubject: Clint Dunn On The Peter Hyatt Show   Sat Feb 05, 2011 1:42 am

Friday, February 04, 2011

Clint Dunn On The Peter Hyatt Show

This week, father of missing 13 year old Hailey Dunn will answer your questions regarding the disappearance of his daughter.

Clint Dunn has opened up his life and continues to search for Hailey, broken from the loss. He is willing to speak out and has opened up about his early efforts to find Hailey, and the frustrations he experienced.

In an interview with Clint, he was honest, forthcoming, and answered every question without qualifiers.

Unlike a recent Blog Talk Radio appearance, Clint was asked direct questions, all relevant to the investigation into Hailey's disappearance.

Please leave your questions for Clint here in the comments section.

A separate article to follow on Billie Jean Dunn.

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PostSubject: EXCLUSIVE: Billie Jean Dunn Revealed   Sat Feb 05, 2011 3:00 pm

Saturday, February 05, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Billie Jean Dunn Revealed

by Peter Hyatt

The small, petite young mother who called her own press conference to 'set the record straight' and who has received money from the Somer Thompson organization may not be who they think she is.

Perhaps if they knew the danger Billie Jean Dunn had exposed Hailey to they would have thought twice about their support.

Perhaps if Marc Klass knew more about Billie Jean and Shawn Adkins, he might have felt differently about offering his counsel, where she, for the first time in month, directly addressed Hailey for the cameras. Perhaps he would have gone to Clint Dunn, Hailey's father, to offer support. After all, it is Clint who has searched for Hailey, not Billie Dunn. Marc is respected in his work and may not have had time to gather information. He seeks to help when kids go missing.

Who is Billie Dunn?

Is she the worried mother of a teen aged runaway as she has portrayed?

Is she the misunderstood mommy on The Nancy Grace Show when Nancy Grace asked her about a New Year's Eve party she held with Shawn, a mere days after Hailey 'went missing'?

Clint Dunn is her estranged husband, separated for about 2 years now, and the father of Hailey. He is now telling his side of the story.

Clint's mother expressed her darkest fear on The Nancy Grace Show, when she said she feared that Shawn had raped and murdered her granddaughter, Hailey. She feared the worst because Hailey had told her she feared Shawn, and how he crept around outside her bedroom door.

But Hailey was tight-lipped with her father, Clint.

If Hailey was so afraid of Shawn, why didn't she tell her own father?

I posed this question to Clint directly, along with many other questions.

Clint had read Statement Analysis and knew that Billie Jean had spoken of his daughter in the past tense. He knew what it meant when Susan Smith spoke in the past tense of her sons, as well as Casey Anthony speaking in past tense regarding Caylee.

"Did you kill Hailey?", I asked him.

"No", said Clint.

Then there was silence.

He answered without another word.

Did he know where she was? He didn't.

Did he believe she was dead?

Clint caught his own references to Hailey in the past tense.

"I'm confused", he said. He is torn, as each day he has searched and searched, yet, he cannot stop his mind from going back to those first days.

He could not understand:

Why didn't Billie search?

Why didn't Shawn search?

Why didn't David search? Why did David, whom he calls his son, sit and play video games, days after Hailey went missing, like nothing was wrong, instead of searching for his sister?

When New Year's Eve came, he saw that Billie had a party, with two cases of beer.

How could she party while his little girl was missing?

Clint didn't have an answer.

He said that the Billie he knew, for many years, could not have harmed his daughter, yet...

he wondered if she was "brainwashed" by Shawn?

What kind of man is Shawn?

This will help us understand what kind of man Shawn Adkins is. Shawn Adkins is a man who puts himself first.

Billie fretted about money always. Clint himself, years ago, had blown some rent money on drugs and it hurt Billie deeply. He knows how she frets over money.

Billie is also quite clever and knows how to manipulate or game the system. She even tricked Clint (and the local school district) into signing some papers that he thought gave him David in adoption, as his son, allowing David to use the name, "Dunn" legally. Clint is proud of David. Billie's papers didn't mean that Clint adopted David. Billie tricked him, and she tricked the school district. Billie is clever, he explained.

While with Shawn, Clint learned that she had a clever way as to how to pay the rent.

Billie thought she'd pay rent and some other bills in a way that had become familiar to her:

She bought cocaine.

She was pretty sure she had been ripped off by the dealer, but had gone home with it, "quartered it" for sales, and was set to make money.

She left it home and went out, but when she returned, she found that Shawn had taken all four quarters and snorted it up his nose; every last bit of it.

Shawn put Shawn's desire to get high over her desire to make money.

This may be an indication as to why Shawn rolled over and gave the police plenty of information for the affidavit. The instability that goes along with addiction is evident.

Billie fumed and broke up with him. It is one thing to threaten Hailey, but quite another to blow her drugs that were meant for sale.

Statement Analysis recently concluded that Billie Dunn and Shawn were still a couple and that they were in regular contact.

How was the analysis? Clint reports that Shawn went to her house to see her a few days ago.

Billie's finance skills only rival her skills as a mother.

Clint said that Billie once took a chemical and burned her own son's back with initials "UFC".

For those of us who don't recognize the letters, (I thought it was USC, as in University of Southern California; perhaps a football reference), it stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship. This may have had to been investigated by child protective services. Clint was going to call CPS when Billie heard of it, so, he said, she called first and reported that Hailey had seen a mushroom at his brother's house. She thought she could be the first to call, to deflect attention away from her.

Billie Dunn scarred by burning her own son's back the words "tap out" with an acid-like chemical after putting in "UFC".

It is not likely that Billie Dunn will be "Mother of the Year" anytime soon. What would the Somer Thompson foundation think of this? Did they consider supporting Clint, who searched, rather than Billie, who didn't?

Clint also reported that Shawn had a serious jealously issue. He was especially incensed when Billie took a new job...

as a stripper.

Experts have speculated that Shawn was domestically violent. This new profession could not have gone over well with a violent and jealous man.

Clint said that Billie was, early on, anti drug, in particular, against his use of marijuana, which he says he takes for pain rather than narcotics. Billie did, however, begin to take hydrocodone when they were together, though she had no pain, and likely increased her drug use greatly in the past two years with Shawn, who she has been with far longer than she likes to report. Just one week after kicking Clint out, Hailey told him that Shawn was spending the night there. He said she took it just "to get high" and didn't need it for any injury or painful condition.

"Clint, if Hailey was afraid of Shawn, why wouldn't she tell you?", I asked him.

Clint said that Hailey was likely afraid that he would be arrested for beating Shawn. Shawn is big, over 200lbs, but Clint, only 5'6" is a self-taught martial artist, and Hailey was a well advanced reader, who was someone parentified, in that she worried about Clint, and what he would do to Shawn. She could not bear to think of her dad going to jail over Shawn Adkins.

Hailey preferred to try to handle things on her own. Smart, independent and confident, she thought to keep this from her father.

Clint said he had big plans for Hailey going to college, and that she was tested at a junior college reading level while only in the 5th grade. He said she was a "unique" and "exceptional" girl, a "Daddy's girl" while David was a "momma's boy" who deeply loves his mother. David played Varsity football, wide receiver and cornerback, is very smart, and now placed with his uncle, as the State did, as reported, take custody of him. Clint is not his biological father, even though Billie wanted to deceive David into thinking so. Clint worries that David has already lost a sister, and cannot bear the thought of losing his mother.

Clint said that several times in the investigation, Billie tried to "throw me under the bus" and was playing games about the missing earring. He said that on Christmas Hailey had come over (he previously said that Billie got Hailey's upper ear lobes pierced and that she took out her earrings because her ears were sore) but on the next day, Hailey did not come over. She had taken them out and lost one of them.

I asked him about the broken window.

He said that it was he who revealed that David had to break open the window to get in since Shawn had locked him out. He told David, "you must tell the police!" but instead of telling the police, David told his mother.

David loves his mother and maybe, fears losing her as well as his sister.

Clint talks often to David and thinks that David is college bound and has a bright future. He is not David's bio dad, so David had to be placed with a relative by the State. Clint also is looking for a place of his own, and is currently staying with family.

Shortly after Hailey went missing, we heard that Clint and his girlfriend moved out of town. Clint didn't mind any tough questions and I asked him about this as well:

Where did he disappear to, moving so quickly after Hailey went missing?

Clint said he was arrested for possession of a small "bud" of marijuana. This may have been something that Billie could use to "throw under the bus" but he would rather be open about it.

I asked him about his criminal record and he said that he has gotten in trouble for marijuana, which, he believes, is a natural plant to use, better than synthetic pain killers which he had taken in the past, to help for pain relief and would eventually like to move to a State where it can be used legally. He said that he was arrested when he was 17 (theft) but hasn't gotten into trouble since. He said he is open about his beliefs that marijuana is better for pain relief than prescription medication.

I asked him about the police, in particular, since Billie has so heavily criticized them, and he said that he was frustrated, but has also thought things through. He had people say to him that they had real information for the police, but the police don't bother calling back. He said he also realized that the police, like others, probably know what happened to his little girl and aren't interested in nonsense.

He said that he has trouble sleeping and his eyes hurt from such deep fatigue.

We talked about various theories and Clint has thought through several including that Shawn may have gotten violent, or that they may have drugged Hailey, or, he said, "Hailey may have gotten into Billie's hydros" (hydrocodone; vicodin).

We did talk about his own mother's theory, which was not easy to talk about. He said "anything's possible" and that he has cooperated with the police from the beginning, but they haven't given him theories to go on. He said it is tough living every day, going back and forth, and that he is trying to think how to live for the rest of his family now.

It is tough.

He said that he and Naomi and their newborn, Chloe, searched on foot everywhere until his father gave him a car, which allowed him to cover more ground. He continues to search.

He wonders why a grant was given to Billie, who did not search.

Note that he is listing the money donated to help search.

Every day, he said, every day is a new theory thrown out at him, and he has become confused and distressed. He has some people telling him that she will be found alive, but then he has read the analysis here, and Billie and Shawn's behavior tell him that what he has read is true. As each day has passed, it has gotten worse and he has now become somewhat numb, and, perhaps, accepting of the worst.

Clint said that he has grown closer to God in all of this. He said that he can't do anything about Billie and Shawn, but that there will be justice, some day, and they will get what's coming. He doesn't fear being accused in Hailey's disappearance and anything he can remember, he will tell the police. He thinks of nothing else, though he knows he has to be a father to Chloe and a husband to Naomi, to whom he is engaged to be married.

He said that in his relationship with Billie, he learned to hold his tongue but that this was tested since Hailey went missing.

He said he was angry when he realized, right after Billie reported Hailey missing, that day after day, Billie would not search. She did not mourn, she did not act upset, but most of all, she would not search.

She would sit on her couch, enjoying television shows, as if nothing was wrong. Day after day he would frantically search, everywhere he could think of, but Billie would just sit home, watch TV, play video games, as if nothing was wrong.

He was first puzzled, but then angered.

He heard the past tense language.

Though she would not hurt Hailey directly, he said, she could be influenced so much by Shawn that she helped cover it up with him.

He loves Naomi and was angered on the first appearance of The Nancy Grace Show when a friend of Billie Jean's mother accused Naomi of trying to "cash in on Billie's name."

Billie's name? He didn't know what that "even meant" and was terribly nervous on camera. Why did they say "Billie's name"?

It was always about Billie and her appearance and now she won't have to strip and won't have to sell cocaine...

she can live off donations to find Hailey; that is, as long as Hailey is missing.

Hailey, whom had wanted big name college for her future. A 13 year old who loved martial arts and was an advanced reader, but who was with a mother who could burn a home-made tattoo into a 14 year old's back, just to be 'cool'; so terribly immature, that she has put her 25 year old boyfriend ahead of her own daughter.

Who is Billie Dunn?

Billie Dunn is a mother of a missing 13 year old, who has failed to act like a mother, who has lied, broken laws, and gamed others her whole life.

Billie Dunn is a mother who has a chance to do what is right for Hailey, and contact the police, and tell them where she can be found.

The details can take care of themselves.

She cannot blame Clint and Naomi.

She cannot blame David.

She can, however, take this horrible situation and make it right by ending this emotional drain upon her community, and tell the police where Hailey is, and let her daddy mourn.

Let a community mourn, and perhaps, heal.
Billie Dunn, find redemption in truth.

Tell Shawn to come forward and tell police where Hailey is. No more games, no more hints, no more publicity stunts.

Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins:

Where is Hailey?

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PostSubject: Search for Hailey Changes City   Sun Feb 06, 2011 8:45 pm

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Search for Hailey Changes City

Laughter and yells from the playground of a local elementary school carried two blocks to Billie Jean Dunn's front porch Monday, where she faced a bouquet of microphones.

When the recess bell rang, the voices disappeared and the pleas for her own little girl began.

"I'm so envious when I see mothers with their daughters in stores, or during the searches," Dunn said from her living room Wednesday afternoon. "I've learned how lucky I am to be a mother."

Note that Clint reported that she did not leave her living room couch to search for Hailey.

In Hailey Dunn's bedroom, her bed remains unmade, her cheerleading uniform thrown casually on her bureau and photos of her brother David on her wall. Dunn said she knows she should tidy up but can't bring herself to face the chore.

When addressing media, which Dunn says takes up much of her time, she speaks directly to Hailey or someone who might be holding her.

In the first week of January, local and national law enforcement conducted door-to-door searches of the city. Officers and volunteers have boarded helicopters, horses and four-wheelers.

Agencies, totaling more than 50 officers, that were headquartered in the CC Thompson Room for briefings and instructions have since cleared out.

More than a month after the disappearance of Hailey Dunn, investigators still have no hard evidence pointing in any one direction. Compared with the bustle several weeks ago, most of the city is on standby.

Formal volunteer search parties were put on hold Wednesday because of iced-over roads, but Dunn said some volunteers assured her they wouldn't let the weather slow them. Dunn said she rarely leaves the house.

"In the back of my mind, I think she could be at the house," she said. "I know it's good for me to leave the house, but I just don't."

Note that the living room was a particularly sensitive topic for Dunn. Note also that she did not leave the house during the early days when Hailey's father and fiance went searching on foot. She made media appearances but could not explain why she refused to search, and in the media appearances, she didn't address Hailey directly for the first few weeks. This puzzled some, angered others, but raised more questions for Billie Dunn. She was defensive and supportive of Shawn Adkins, whom the police have labeled for formal suspect in the "criminal" investigation of the disappearance of her daughter.

Dunn, who has lived in Colorado City since she was pregnant with Hailey, said she had heard about the gossiping and small-town politics associated with the city. What she didn't expect was the community, and strangers from across the state, to congregate for her family.

"I know the whole town feels like she's their child," Dunn said. "A lot of people have told me that."

Note that it is the town people who have been searching, not Dunn.

In the weeks before Hailey's disappearance, people in town worried about water issues, illegal dumping and getting enough support for the local mission to create holiday food baskets.

"In all towns, small and large, there are differences of opinion about government and things like that," said Mike Alexander, local farmer and search volunteer. "People dropped those things and pulled together, worked together, to find Hailey. And I think that's still going on."

Billie Dunn told us in her press conference that she walked out on the police when they kept insisting that she tell them where Hailey is.

For the past several weeks, search volunteers met at Dairy Queen to fuel up on coffee, burritos and biscuits before combing over more ground. Near the intersection of Texas Highway 208 and Interstate 20, the fast-food place reminds motorists of Hailey by posting messages about her on its reader board and keeping a flier near the menu.

Norna Huerron, a restaurant employee, said customers have come to her counter to ask for news and offer condolences since the message went up.

"They're praying for her and that she will come back to her mother," she said. "We're just trying to help out as much as we can."Snyder resident Freda Radcliff was one of the organizers of Hailey's Angels, a group that searches on foot and who helped memorialize and rename a small bridge in the town of Dunn. Radcliff said she drives to the bridge every morning and says a prayer for Hailey with whoever comes to search. On Monday, only two others showed up.

"I think it's pitiful people are giving up searching for Hailey," she said. "So many people took time off (in the beginning), and now it's like everyone's giving up."

People are angry with the suspicion that Shawn and Billie know where Hailey is, yet refuse to say so. They were also angry in the first few weeks that Billie Dunn not only refused to get off the couch and search, but didn't use the media to address Hailey directly. When Billie defended Shawn on television, people fumed and the number of searchers fell.

She said the spot on the bridge was chosen because of its proximity to where Shawn Adkins, Billie Dunn's former boyfriend and a person of interest in the case, is staying.

Like other searchers, Radcliff is frustrated nothing has surfaced lately.

Waning efforts

Home-cooked meals and groceries have been delivered to her house, Billie Jean Dunn said. Those gestures have slowed, just as law enforcement and media attention scaled back, but still exist. Local churches and civic groups organized meals for the two weeks investigators were stationed in the town.

Why wasn't this support delivered to Clint Dunn and Naomi? These were the two out searching, while Billie and Shawn did not search.

"Everybody wants to do something, but something constructive is kind of hard to find in a situation like that," volunteer Alexander said.

Sheriff Patrick Toombs, who has held that position in Mitchell County for more than 20 years, said fresh leads have slowed to 10 or fewer per day. One full-time officer is still assigned to the case.

"We'll never quit working on the case," he said. "We'll work on it as long as it goes on."

FBI, Texas Rangers and members of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice have been pulled off until new discoveries require them to return. Members of the Secret Service were in the city the first week, but have also since moved out.

City Manager Peter Kampfer said the city is planning on hiring additional patrol officers and is looking into buying a video system for areas near schools and parks. A curfew for minors was established in the fall.

In Hailey's case, Kampfer said one of the challenges is to keep a balance between being practical and keeping people motivated to keep searching and hoping.

"It's a seven-day-a-week job. (Now we look at) how do we refocus the investigation as we go forward with a limited amount of resources?" he said. "It takes its toll on us as far as overall energy."

Friend in need

Mary Beth Garcia, the 14-year-old friend Adkins told police Hailey was supposed to spend the night with, said she never made those plans.

The last text message Mary Beth said she received from Hailey asked what she was doing. It was sent the day before Hailey was reported missing, at 2:16 p.m.

"I didn't get a chance to reply back," Mary Beth said. "That was the last time I heard from her."

School is quieter now without a best friend to talk to in the halls and partner with in athletics, Mary Beth said. Although the two didn't have classes together this year — and didn't often visit each other's houses — they would catch up during cheerleading practices and at lunch.

"It gets really lonely a lot of the time," she said. "People ask a lot of questions, but it's faded."

After weeks of police questions and searches, Mary Beth returned to school, where rumors have flourished among her classmates.

Too young to help search but wanting to help, she is one of about 15 middle school students who have started a support group led by school counselor Emily Strain. On Thursdays during homeroom, the group brainstorms and implements projects to remind people about Hailey — creating T-shirts, bracelets and putting up banners in the cafeteria for students, faculty and family to sign.

Despite her family and counselor's help, Mary Beth said she misses Hailey and just wants her friend back.

Mary Beth must be suffering deeply as she is another victim of Shawn Adkins and Billie Dunn's lies.

"Sometimes I can't sleep at night because I think about her," she said. "I dream about her, too — you know how sometimes dreams make it feel real? I dreamed she was found, and I was happy. Then I woke up."

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PostSubject: The Case of Missing 13 Year Old, Hailey Dunn   Sun Feb 06, 2011 8:49 pm

The Case of Missing 13 Year Old, Hailey Dunn

by Peter Hyatt

Today, on The Peter Hyatt Show, we will cover the case of missing 13 year old, Hailey Dunn, of Colorado City, Texas.

I believe that police may have physical evidence that they have not shared with the public. I believe the police are a lot smarter than Billie Dunn has told us.

I believe that they are closer to charging Shawn Adkins and Billie Dunn.

Our expected guests are father of Hailey, Clint Dunn, and author and body language expert, Dr. Lillian Glass.

The show is 6:30PM Eastern Standard Time.

Hailey was reported missing after Christmas, 2010. Since that time, we have learned several things which are outlined below. The source of this information has been:

a. Police Affidavit
b. Billie Dunn, mother of Hailey, in public statements on national and local media.
c. Various media outlets including
d. Clint Dunn, father of Hailey.

1. Shawn Adkins, live in boyfriend of mother, Billie Dunn at the time of Hailey's disappearance, had previously threatened the lives of Hailey, Billie Jean, and Clint. In February of 2010, this was reported to the police.

2. Billie Dunn told The Nancy Grace Show that she and Shawn both failed police polygraphs.

3. Police said that on the night of December 26th, Shawn admitted that he and Billie Jean purchased drugs after withdrawing money from an ATM.

4. Billie and Shawn said that Hailey left the home at 3PM for a stop at Clint's and on to a sleepover at friend, Mary Beth's home.

5. Mary Beth's mother said that there was never a plan for a sleep over and expressed concerns about the last time her daughter stayed at Billie Dunn's.

6. Police Affidavit said that on New Year's Eve, Billie and Shawn had a party. Nancy Grace quizzed Billie Dunn about this until she admitted watching the ball drop at midnight. Later, Clint reported seeing them carry in two cases of beer for the party.

7. Clint Dunn was reported to have gone searching for Hailey every day, on foot at first, and later in his father's car. Clint reported that Billie and Shawn did not search for Hailey.

8. Billie Dunn told the Nancy Grace Show that she failed a polygraph and later told media that she walked out on police because they insisted that she tell them where Hailey was.

Several things to think about before the radio show that are personal and particular to this blog, this program, and to me.

I want justice for Hailey.

I believe Hailey is deceased and have said so since early January.


a. Billie Dunn's language.

Verb Tense: Billie Dunn, in my opinion, has been deceptive about the disappearance of Hailey. In fact, she has spoken of Hailey in the past tense, an indication of either knowledge or belief that Hailey is dead.

Lack of Personal Address: It took Billie Dunn weeks to address Hailey, and that at the prompting of Nancy Grace. Even then, she seemed, in my opinion, to shock Nancy Grace when her only message was about her cell phone. "That's it?", asked Nancy.

Lack of Mourning:

2. Behavioral

a. Protecting Shawn. Shawn failed a polygraph and she had him move out, but since that time, has repeatedly used the "we" in her statements and has publicly insisted that other suspects be looked at. She recently admitted speaking with him. Clint reported that Shawn and Billie have been seen together.

b. Not searching.

Billie Jean did not search.
Clint Dunn did.

The press covered organizations publicly supporting Billie rather than Clint.

I cannot imagine not searching for my child. Nothing anyone could say to me would keep me from searching until I dropped with exhaustion, which appears to be where Clint is at now: exhausted, physically and emotionally.

Next is my personal belief not based upon anything but my opinion:

I believe the police have more physical evidence than they have led on.

I believe they are a lot smarter than Billie Dunn has portrayed them.

I think an arrest of Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins is getting closer.

NOTE: The city manager has publicly stated that Billie Dunn has been "cleared as a person of interest" according to several media outlets.

Note that all persons are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law and that the opinions expressed here are mine only, posted as a private citizen concerned about justice, in particular, for missing, abused and exploited children.

Our radio program has a unique theme to it:

We carefully analyze the statements made by those closest to the crimes we cover.

The internet has made it easy to follow breaking news and have almost instant access to quotes, 911 call transcripts, and even the transcripts of police interviews.

Our program hopes to cover the trial of Casey Anthony, accused of murdering her daughter, Caylee, in 2008, with nightly coverage of the statements made within the court.

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PostSubject: Frigid Temperatures Hinder Hailey Search   Sun Feb 06, 2011 8:52 pm

Frigid Temperatures Hinder Hailey Search

From Big Country News:
Officials have said there are no new developments in the search for Hailey Dunn while volunteers gathered Saturday morning to renew search efforts.
Colorado City city manager Pete Kampfer said he had no comment about the Billie Dunn press conference last week other than “she is trying to do what she thinks is best to find Hailey I’m sure.”

Note that the police have said very little since the disappearance. .

Kampfer said that investigators have continued working on the case, but have had to fight the cold over the last several days.

Results from several pieces of possible evidence are still not available, he said.

Volunteers from around the area have also continued their search for Hailey.

People from throughout the state and nation started looking shortly after the teen went missing.

Search organizers have called a press conference for 11 a.m. Saturday in Colorado City to discuss their cause.

Billie Dunn said she planned to attend the event and remind people to keep looking for her daughter. The 13-year-old girl was last seen leaving her Colorado City home on Dec. 27 and was reported missing the next day by her mother, Billie Dunn.

Shawn Adkins, the mother’s former live-in boyfriend, said the teen left the house around 3 p.m. Dec. 27 to spend the night with a friend, but she never arrived.

We will be on air at 6:30PM EST with Clint Dunn and Dr. Lillian Glass on The Peter Hyatt Show found here:

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PostSubject: Hailey Dunn - Billie Jean Dunn Story Unfolding Or Unraveling?   Sun Feb 06, 2011 8:59 pm

Hailey Dunn - Billie Jean Dunn Story Unfolding Or Unraveling?

Posted on February 6th, 2011
by Simon Barrett in crime
Read 614 times.

The question that law enforcement must answer is a simple one, where is Hailey Dunn? Is she just another 13 year old runaway, a youthful hellion? Or is she the victim of a deadly crime? It is easy to make snap judgments, but they can be wrong. I know someone that did indeed run away in his early teens, many years later he is now a very successful businessman. It can happen.
Of course from a statistical point of view the overwhelming odds are that something bad happened to Hailey Dunn.
To a large part that while the police investigate, the press pontificate on the story. Mother Billie Jean Dunn has been portrayed as the young grieving mother, a woman who would never harm anyone, much less her own daughter. This view was bought into by HLN’s Nancy Grace. Do I see shades of the Ronald Cummings story?
Not everyone buys into Billie Jean Dunn. Is there a side to this lady that we don’t know about? What about her boy friend Shawn Adkins?
My kids are adults, they have flown the nest, but somehow I suspect that had one of them suddenly gone missing over the Christmas holiday I might have canceled a planned party for New Years Eve. But hell, thats just me, and what do I know!
While Nancy has been pouring out her syrupy lines to Billie Jean Dunn, other investigators have been in the trenches looking for facts rather than fructose.
I have a huge respect for Peter Hyatt, we do not always agree 100% but he makes well researched and carefully thought out arguments. One of the tools in his tool box is Statement Analysis. Much can be gleaned by the way people phrase answers to questions. Rather akin to a polygraph it is not a black and white situation of truth and lie, but rather an exploration of the varying shades of gray. You can determine the probability of truth or deception.
Peter is impressive in his accuracy. I have to admit that with there only being 24 hours in the day my wife Jan and I cannot follow every case as closely as we would like, and my knowledge of the Hailey Dunn case was based solely on some rudimentary poking around.
It did seem to me that Billie Jean Dunn’s actions were a little hard to fathom out, holding a party a few days after Hailey Dunn’s disappearance hardly spoke of a caring parent.
Peter Hyatt has followed this case very closely. Peter and I are friends, and we talk quite often. One thing that has become very apparent. Peter Hyatt is no longer just an analyst, he is moving into the role of investigative journalism and doing it very well.
While the Nancy’s of the world are fawning over Billie Jean Dunn, Peter has struck out in a new direction, one that provides a great deal of insight into the family dynamics. Clint Dunn is Hailey’s father and has been estranged from Billie Jean for two years. He has very much avoided the press, he is a quiet man who seeks no publicity. Peter Hyatt has managed what few news organizations have, an exclusive interview with Clint Dunn.
To say the least, his revelations about the family dynamics are eye opening. Of course, many marital breakdowns are acrimonious events, and some might view Clint as merely using his missing daughter to fester old wounds. The classic he said, she said scenario. However I do not believe that is the case.
It will be interesting to hear what Clint Dunn has to say on air.
Simon Barrett.
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PostSubject: Dr. Lillian Glass on The Peter Hyatt Show   Mon Feb 07, 2011 10:19 am

Dr. Lillian Glass on The Peter Hyatt Show

Dr. Lillian Glass, on tonight's Peter Hyatt Show, was insightful and on top of each issue in the Hailey Dunn case. We look forward to more analysis from Dr. Glass, on this case, as well as the upcoming Casey Anthony trial.

Regarding the case of missing 13 year old Hailey Dunn, Dr. Glass gave her unique insight, an understanding into human nature and communication that has made her into a best selling author and a well respected commentator.

Some of her key points:

-the monotone. Dr. Glass said that this was the very first thing that jumped out at her, when she was on The Nancy Grace Show along with Billie Jean Dunn: the monotone voice of Dunn.

Dr. Glass made the connection between Billie Dunn, Casey Anthony, and Susan Smith.

These three were not only connected via Statement Analysis (all 3 mothers spoke of their "missing" children in the past tense, (see prior analysis) indicating knowledge or belief that their children were all deceased) but all 3 spoke of their "missing" children with less emotion than someone does when their puppy is lost!

Dr. Glass dismissed drugs and domestic violence as excuses. She said that there were enough television appearances by Billie Dunn to discount that she was so intoxicated that it impacted her affect (monotone voice) and that even under drugs, she should have shown more reaction.

Dr. Glass also dismissed domestic violence as an excuse. Not that Billie Dunn isn't necessarily a victim of a violent boyfriend, but that even if she was a victim, her role as mother should have come first.

--Billie Dunn's parenting.

Dr. Glass commented on the lack of parenting by Billie Dunn, the immaturity, neglect, and, most frightening:

that she may have seen Hailey as a competitor.

Hailey was the cheerleader, smart, and with a bright future.

Billie was getting older, and had a much younger boyfriend of whom she might have perceived Hailey as a threat towards.

Was Hailey a threat to Billie?

Dr. Glass said it may explain Billie's lack of emotional response to Hailey's disappearance.

It may explain what really happened to Hailey.

Is this why Billie Jean stayed home, "enjoying" television, while Clint as well as strangers were out searching?

But Dr. Glass raised another point:

What about a mother's instinct to protect her daughter?

Dr. Glass pointed this out, as alarming, especially when Billie Jean was confronted by Nancy Grace with what Shawn had said about Hailey being promiscuous.

She did not defend Hailey.

Dr. Glass said she would have expected any mother to rise up and say, "not my daughter!" but instead just mumbled to herself, "why did he say that?"; again, in a monotone voice.

--Marc Klass. Dr. Glass said that his heart was in the right place but he was supporting the one who did not search and who has had such an alarming affect and monotone voice throughout. She said that this was the only time Billie seemed to pick up her emotion; enjoying Marc's attention and almost "smirking" at the camera with a 'see, he believes me!" in a childish way.

What is most alarming, perhaps, for those considering what happened to Hailey Dunn is not just that

Billie didn't search for her daughter,
or that Billie didn't defend her daughter,
or that Billie invited a man into her home who threatened her,

But that Billie Dunn did not grieve her daughter?

Why did she speak in monotone while her daughter was missing?
Didn't she care? She didn't sound like she did.

Why did she actually have a New Year's Eve party?
Was Billie Dunn celebrating the 'defeat' of her 'rival'?

Had Billie Dunn only been covering up for Shawn, and not directly involved, she would have been upset and would have had to fight that instinct, in order to protect Shawn.

Her reaction suggests that she isn't just covering up for Shawn, of whom she has publicly said "we are friendly",

but she is directly involved in the disappearance of Hailey Dunn.

We look forward to hearing Dr. Glass again on this case, and continue to hope for justice for Hailey Dunn.

Many of us believe the police are quietly doing a good job in the investigation, playing it 'close to the vest', 'crossing the t's and dotting the i's,' and preparing an indictment.

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PostSubject: Hailey's Father Backs Stranger Theory   Mon Feb 07, 2011 10:25 am

Hailey's Father Backs Stranger Theory

Recent reports indicate that the father of missing 13 year old Hailey Dunn, now thinks that Billie Dunn's theory that Hailey was kidnapped by a mystery stranger is valid.

In spite of police naming Shawn Adkins a "suspect" in a "criminal investigation", father, Clint Dunn, wants this theory investigated by police and doesn't feel that Billie Jean is being evasive.

Reportedly, Billie Jean Dunn will be on Blog Talk radio tonight to discuss her latest theory.

Originally, when police thought she had run off, Billie Dunn said that she was not the kind to run away, but in recent days has directly addressed Hailey through the media telling her to come on home, and that they can work out any problems they may have had.

Shawn Adkins remains the only named suspect by police.

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PostSubject: Hailey's Dad: Yes, There May Be Anther Person To Look At   Mon Feb 07, 2011 10:42 am

Hailey's Dad: Yes, There May Be Another Person To Look At

Reported by: Tiffany Tatro
Sunday, February 06 2011

A week after Hailey's mom said there is another person who should be looked at, Clint Dunn reacts.

Hailey's father says yes, there is a potential person to be looked at. "He needs to be looked at because we knows the family good. People who know Hailey the best need to be looked at first. He's up there at the top of the list of people that need to be looked at," said Dunn

Dunn said nobody can be ruled at. "
We don't know what's happened here. There's not a clue so we have to expect the unexpected," added Clint Dunn.

The unnamed person, who authorities are yet to indentify, may be a person close to the Dunn family. Both Billie and Clint said this person is somebody who knows the family well. They said investigators haven't been able to find this person to bring in for questioning. "
That brings us to the point where we think that the police are not doing what they're supposed to be doing. They're sitting there twiddling their thumbs , which we don't know, he may just be a hard person to find," Dunn said.

He added he does not think Billie Dunn is bringing this person up just to get the blame off of her or her former live in boyfriend and only named suspect in the case. "
We may not be on the same page but I don't think she's intentionally trying to get the attention off of herself," said Dunn.

He said the attention needs to get back where it belongs: on his missing 13-year-old daughter.

**The BigCountry
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PostSubject: Hailey Dunn Case: Father Says to Look At Mystery Person   Mon Feb 07, 2011 9:53 pm

Hailey Dunn Case: Father Says to Look At Mystery Person

From Big Country News:
A week after Hailey's mom said there is another person who should be looked at, Clint Dunn reacts.

Hailey's father says yes, there is a potential person to be looked at. "He needs to be looked at because he knows the family good. People who know Hailey the best need to be looked at first. He's up there at the top of the list of people that need to be looked at," said Dunn

Dunn said nobody can be ruled at. "We don't know what's happened here. There's not a clue so we have to expect the unexpected," added Clint Dunn.

The unnamed person, who authorities are yet to indentify, may be a person close to the Dunn family. Both Billie and Clint said this person is somebody who knows the family well. They said investigators haven't been able to find this person to bring in for questioning. "That brings us to the point where we think that the police are not doing what they're supposed to be doing. They're sitting there twiddling their thumbs , which we don't know, he may just be a hard person to find," Dunn said.

He added he does not think Billie Dunn is bringing this person up just to get the blame off of her or her former live in boyfriend and only named suspect in the case. "We may not be on the same page but I don't think she's intentionally trying to get the attention off of herself," said Dunn.

He said the attention needs to get back where it belongs: on his missing 13-year-old daughter

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PostSubject: Billie and Shawn's "Mystery Man"   Tue Feb 08, 2011 8:31 pm

Billie and Shawn's "Mystery Man"

Billie Jean Dunn, mother of missing 13 year old, Hailey Dunn, said that police should be looking at a "mystery man."

She even gave us the mystery man's name.

How plausible is this theory?

In naming a relative of Shawn's, sources close to the family tell us that he has not lived in Texas for about a year, and has been already questioned by police.

Brian Glasco was named by Billie last night on a radio show.

Is he the new Cousin' Joe in her quest for a scapegoat?

But don't let that little detail stop Billie and Shawn as the noose tightens around their necks in the quest for justice for Hailey.

Besides, I thought I remember hearing Billie, after weeks of silence, speak directly to "Hailey" and say, "come on home, now, we can work it out..."?

Hailey lived near an interstate; lots of on and off traffic in which a predator could grab Hailey, especially if she walked alone. At least, this is what Billie wants us to believe now. In a latter news conference she said, "turn 'er loose, now..." to the daughter that she has repeatedly referred to in the past tense; something a mother of a missing child only does when she believes or knows her child is dead.

Susan Smith did it.

"My boys needed me..."
Casey Anthony did it.

"Caylee loved the park."
Misty Croslin did it.

"I loved that little girl like she was my own."
Clint Dunn, father of Hailey, said that this needs to be looked at, and that police weren't doing enough to look into this. He also said that Billie wasn't just saying this as a way to distract police from Shawn Adkins, her boyfriend, and the formally named suspect in the criminal investigation into the disappearance of Hailey Dunn.

Mystery Man theory considered.

It sometimes helps to step back from a case, especially back to the beginning, and where the first media appearances began.

Billie Dunn reported that her live in boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, said that Hailey went to her father's, and then to a sleep over at her friend's, Mary Beth, and that she never made it there "and never stayed the night." It was approximately 3PM that Billie said Shawn last saw her.

Billie reported that this information came from Shawn Adkins, her live in boy friend.

This could have been the time period, 3PM, that Hailey "went missing" due to a mystery man, someone who knows the family well, boh Billie and Clint said.

It is also during this period of time, during the morning of the 27th, until 3PM, that Shawn's cell phone pings do not match where he said he was.

We then learned that when Hailey left the house, at 3PM, to go to her dad's and on to her friend's house for the sleep over, that she did not bring her favorite jacket, her mp3 player, nor her personal belongings.

Most people believe that a 13 year old girl would not go to any sleep over without her "things".

So, the police, looking first at a possible run away, learn that if she was going to her friend's house, she wouldn't have left without her belongings, but Shawn said that she did. They also learned from Marybeth's mother that there were no plans for a sleepover.

So, did Hailey lie to Shawn when she said she was going to Marybeth's to sleep over, or did Shawn lie?

So, the police give Shawn a polygraph.

After walking out and stalling police, Shawn failed.

The man who is credited with the story of the sleepover failed the police administered polygraph.

On the Nancy Grace Show, when asked about Shawn taking a polygraph, Billie Jean said that he was cooperating and that he was scheduled "tomorrow" as proof that he was cooperating.

We then learn that police said he wasn't cooperating and had walked out at least twice before failing his polygraph.

Billie Dunn then went back on the Nancy Grace Show and said that she also failed her polygraph.

Billie said that she was upset because police told her, just before she took her polygraph, that Shawn failed his, which so upset her, that she then failed her polygraph. (on the next Nancy Grace Show, media reported that police said that they didn't tell Billie Dunn the results of Shawn's polygraph).

On this show, Dr. Lillian Glass reported that Billie spoke in "monotone" which was a "red flag" for Dr. Glass.

Next, a police affidavit was obtained by media.

In it, police said:

Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins went out on December 26, and purchased drugs.

It also told us more about Shawn Adkins, the man who originally said that Hailey said "tell mom I am going to dad's and sleeping over at Marybeth's".

Police said that he was reported to police for threatening the lives of Billie Dunn and of Clinton Dunn. Police said that Shawn admitted this and admitted to threatening the life of Hailey. This took place in February, of 2010. Billie Dunn let him move in with them, anyway.

After reporting Hailey missing on December 27th, Billie Dunn and Shawn Dunn did not search for Hailey.
Clinton Dunn, Hailey's father, did not have a vehicle, so he searched on foot.

The police affidavit also stated that Shawn Adkins admitted that they had a New Year's Eve party, even though Hailey was still missing.

Why would this be important? Was it just "ugly coping"? Could it be that this was, in some small, minor, but, oh, so important way, Billie Jean and Shawn's method to search for Hailey, strategizing on where to search (or if to bother) next, while throwing down a few dozen bud lights?

The behavior of the two who failed polygraphs is important. It can speak to attitude towards the victim.

What is the attitude towards the victim by Shawn?

Shawn told police that Hailey was promiscuous and that Billie Jean had spoken to her about birth control. He also told police that she used drugs.

What is the attitude towards the victim by the mother, Billie?

Dr. Glass said it best in that she had little reaction, and none of the expected outrage when she heard what Shawn said about her daughter, and that she did not appear to grieve nor be upset about her missing daughter.

Dr. Glass went on to say that Billie seemed to enjoy the appearances on the Nancy Grace Show, even smirking while sitting next to Marc Klass.

Now she and Shawn have more to say about the police affidavit.

Shawn was caught lying by the polygraph.
Billie Jean was caught lying by the polygraph.
David left the house at 10PM and now is safe with an uncle.
Shawn was caught lying by his cell phone pings.
Billie told Nancy Grace 3 different stories about Shawn's job ending.
Police said Billie and Shawn partied on New Year's.
Billie and Shawn never searched for Hailey.

After all this, Billie would now like us now to forget all the lies and all the bizarre behavior, the police affidavit, the cell phone pings, and now consider a new mystery man as a new suspect, so much so that she and Clint have both chided police for not following up on it.

Sound plausible?

Not since my big sisters' used to play "Mystery Date" had I seen so many revolving door suspects as I did from Jose Baez.

He and Cindy Anthony had a revolving door of new Nanny the Zannys, or Zanny the Nannys, both male and female.

The longer this case drags on, the more suspects we will likely hear named by Billie and Shawn.

Shawn, san's mask, appears to be back in the picture; just as Statement Analysis said...

weeks ago.

Next, we will look at Shawn Adkin's transcripts and reemergence into the spotlight (that didn't take long) and tackle the topic of motherhood and missing children:

“It’s completely ridiculous how people who don’t know me judge me or my home life or the way I parent," said Dunn. "I feel like I’m a wonderful mom. Although I lost my daughter, I did the best I could and I will continue to do so.” Billie Jean Dunn

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PostSubject: Statement Analysis of Shawn Adkin's Press Conference   Tue Feb 08, 2011 8:33 pm

Statement Analysis of Shawn Adkin's Press Conference


Analysis by Peter Hyatt

Shawn Adkins have given us much information. How close did he come to confessing?
Article from KTAB.
Well, nearly a month and a half after the disappearance of 13-year-old Hailey Dunn, the only named suspect in the case, Shawn Adkins breaks his silence.

Shawn Adkins spoke exclusively with KTAB's Tiffany Tatro. Tiffany is in the studio with part of that conversation .
"I have nothin to do with Hailey's disappearance."

Note that this is a denial, expressed in the present tense, and is not the same as saying, "I didn't do it", due to the elements of this case. "I had nothing to do..." would have been stronger, since this took place on December 26 or Decemer 27th. The present tense denial is a weak denial. It can be said truthfully, as, presently (and likely since December 27th) Shawn does not (current) have involvement with her disappearance.

This is not the same as "I didn't do it". Did he cause her death, but Billie planned her disappearance? We need to see if he goes further in his denial, or if evidence shows him to be truthful or lying.

A present tense denial can be made truthfully, and without sensitivity.

It is not reliable.

Shawn Adkins, the only named suspect in the Hailey Dunn investigation hasn't made a public comment.

" I cooperated with em at first and then I just feel like I couldn't trust the police anymore. And that's why I decided to get a lawyer. And then my lawyer told me just t' lay low, keep quiet"

Note that he "cooperated" is past tense, but "I just feel" is present tense.

The change in verb tense is significant.

He then goes back to the past tense "couldn't trust" which is an inconsistency.

The inconsistency is noted as deceptive.

He could have said, "I felt". It is not reliable to say that he doesn't feel, now, when referring to a past tense decision. This is an indication that he is being deceptive and that he stopped cooperating with them as they got closer to arresting him.

Note also that when a subject begins a sentence with the word "And" there is more information that is not revealed.

Note that what is absent is "I didn't do it" in his statement. Here he simply tells why he didn't cooperate: the police were looking at him. This isn't a denial.

Note that on the Nancy Grace Show, Billie Dunn complained that Shawn was no longer cooperating with police.

That is until now. He spoke exclusively to KTAB telling us why he hasn't been cooperating with investigators

"I just felt like it was a witchhunt at the time, and they were just trying to pin it on somebody - which was me - and I didn't want that happening so I just stopped talking to em."

Note "it" is used. What is "it"? Is "it" the disappearance of Hailey that he didn't want pinned on him?

Billie Dunn finally spoke directly to Hailey and told her to "come on home" and that they could 'work out' any 'problems', why would police need to pin "it" on him, back then, if she was out hiding?

Note that he didn't want that happening which causes us to conclude that if he kept on talking, they would have pinned it on him.

This is not something an innocent person would say.

What does Shawn tell us:

His words, if he kept speaking, were going to lead them to charge him with Hailey's disappearance, therefore, he needed to stop talking.

Note that he only "felt" like it was a witchhunt "at the time" and he didn't want that happening. He does not deny here, either. Here is a perfect place for him to tell us he didn't do it, and that police are wrong in looking at him. Here, it only "feels" like a witchhunt, not that it is a witchhunt. When asked who the police should be looking at, he is alleged by police to have answered, "both of us", that is, he and Billie Dunn.

Because he is freely speaking we listen for a first person singular, past tense, specific denial. Thus far, he only has told us that police were looking at him, so he stopped cooperating, and how this felt to him, not what was fact.

But he didn't stop talking before the affidavits were released. As we told you when they were first available some pretty disturbing facts of the case were brought to light including Adkins admitting to threatening both the lives of Billie and Hailey Dunn.

"That was incorrect. I never made any threats towards Hailey, that was just towards Billy"

Note several points:
"that was incorrect" is not saying "it is incorrect"; it may have been incorrect in the past, but we cannot say that it is incorrect now, because he didn't say so. Did anything change from that time until now?
"never" is not "no" and should not be accepted as a denial. But more importantly:

He acknowledges making a threat against Hailey's mother. By moving him into the house, this makes Billie guilty of child abuse under the heading "Failure to Protect". Woman may subject their own selves to danger, but in our society, they do not have the right to subject their children to danger.

If it had been known, Child Protective could have asked a judge to order him out of the house, and into anger management, batterers', or domestic violence counsseling, and he would not have been allowed back in until his therapist, counselor, testifies that he has sucessfully completed the program, and no longer poses a risk to anyone.

This is not what happened.

Note that he "never made threats towards Hailey". Did he make threats to Hailey? Did he make threats about Hailey? Did he threaten Hailey to Billie, and not directly to Hailey?

The affidavits also revealed Adkins and Billy Dunn's collection of serial killer and mass murderer literature found in their bedroom.

"I don't see the difference in me collecting that 'n someone's collecting you know Star Wars er Star Wars memorabilia, or anything else. It's just a hobby."

It may not have been "just a hobby" for Hailey. Here he does not see, but he also does not deny.

We asked if that hobby could give him the knowledge to create a murder or a disappearance

The question is not quoted here, but appears to be:

Could your movies give you the knowlege to create a murder or disappearnace?

"That's just what people think. and I know myself I would never do nothing like that. That's not why I look at stuff like that or why I watch horror movies"

He does not answer the question, therefore, the question should be considered a very sensitive question to the subject. Note next that he "would never" and not "didn't. Future tense (conditional upon unforseen future factors) is not reliable. Also note that he would never "do nothing like that"; what is "that"? He spoke to an uncle about killing a deer in reference to Hailey gone missing.
He tells us what he doesn't look at those things for, but not what he looks at those things for. Note the negative structure.
Note that he "looks" at "stuff" rather than "reads" them. Is there an arousal at "looking" at rather than "reading"? He watches movies, (in relation to movies) but he "looks" at the other "stuff". Remember, a subject chooses a word in less than a microsecond and his brain told his tongue to choose the word "look" and his brain chose "watch" for movies.
What does "look" mean?
This is concerning.
We "look" at pictures.
What "stuff" has police confiscated that is causing him to be nervous as to tell us in the negative? This is certainly a senstive topic. I would not be surprised to learn that Billie may be in some of the videos confiscated by police.

According to the affidavits Adkins said he was fired from his job but his boss claims he really quit about 10 minutes into his shift.

"I told investigators I quit my job.. But I told Billy that I got fired."

Note that this is an admission of lying. This is important. Why?

Because the audience he addresses, like all of us, must decide who to believe:

Shawn Adkins or the police who swore to the affidavit.

Shawn Adkins here tells us, on what may appear to be an insignificant point, that he told one story to police, but another to Billie Dunn.

If one can lie on a small point, he cannot be trusted on major points, where the stakes of consequence are much higher.

We asked him to explain why investigators say he claimed to have gone straight to Big Spring after leaving work that day but phone records place him in Colorado city.

"They never asked which specific places I went, they go "Where did you go Monday, when uh, Hailey supposedly disappeared?" And I told em I went to Big Spring and that's where I was at. They didn't ask uh which way did you go to your Mom's house or anything like that. They just asked where I was, so they could verify that."

Note that he tells us that he went to other places, non-specific, than what he told police.

Note that he blames the police for not asking which specific places he went.

This is something police must review carefully. They must follow his pathway, as it may lead to the recovery of Hailey's body.

Note: "they go" is present tense, reducing reliability.

Note "where I was at" is not where he went to, nor where he stopped along the way, nor the direction and roads he took. This is critical to finding Hailey. This is the answer. Hailey is somewhere between point A and point B, and police must keep him talking to learn where he stopped. This is where searching must be concentrated.

This should be considered a "temporal lacuane" or a skip in time and is highly sensitive to the subject. This is likely truthful, yet deceptive for the information he withheld. This is key to finding Hailey. This is when he disposed of her.

If Shawn Adkins keeps talking, he will help police recover Hailey Dunn.

Note that he says "Hailey supposedly disappeared" in his reply. He says that they didn't ask him which direction he drove in to get to his mother's home. He may have "taken the long way". This is akin to deception by omission:

Boy is told that he can eat two cookies.
Boy ate three.
Boy is asked, "Did you eat two cookies?"

Boy says, "Yes, I ate two cookies" (which is true, but it is not the entire truth) only later to say, "I wasn't lying, I ate one, and I ate two. They didn't ask me if I ate a third, so I didn't lie." Lying is stressful, so it is avoided whenever possible as the direct lie causes the body internal stress. Deception by withholding information is far less stressful. This is why it is vital to ask the right questions.

This deceptive answer will not help Shawn. It does not fool anyone, but shows that he is withholding information and it is related to Hailey's disappearance and this time period should be considered highly sensitive, and is key to locating Hailey Dunn

Through it all Adkins maintains his innocence and says his story hasn't changed

"There's been some things that uh I didn't remember to tell em at the time and later I did remember and then I told em. That's how my story could've changed"

Dr. Eckman: the number one method of lying is 'failure' to remember.

When a story changes, new details are recalled. When a story is contradictory, it is deceptive (see Tiffany Hartley)

According to Adkins majority of the information released is inaccurate but investigators stand by their documents and continue to name Adkins as the only suspect in the case.

Statement Analysis highlights the missing time in Shawn's statement.

He says that he did go to place B, from place A, but the police didn't ask me which route I took.

This is indicative of deception and shows why he failed a polygraph.

He did not fail a polygraph due to police incompetence, as Billie Dunn has attempted to portray on the Nancy Grace Show. Rather, Billie and Shawn failed polygraphs because they lied about what happened to Hailey and where Hailey can be found.

In this statement, Shawn reveals a gap of time in an attempt to excuse his contradictions, yet actually helps focus the investigation and highlight his sensitivity towards the time period immediately following leaving his job.

Hailey is somewhere along the path that he travelled.

The more Shawn Adkins speaks, the quicker Hailey will be found.

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PostSubject: A "Wonderful Mother"?   Wed Feb 09, 2011 11:29 am

A "Wonderful Mother"?

by Peter and Heather Hyatt

It’s completely ridiculous how people who don’t know me judge me or my home life or the way I parent," "I feel like I’m a wonderful mom. Although I lost my daughter, I did the best I could and I will continue to do so.”
Billy Jean Dunn, mother of missing 13 year old, Hailey Dunn.

I know a lot of great parents but I don't know one who would describe themselves as "wonderful." Most parents are too exhausted from parenting to boast. I do recall some, however.

Cindy Anthony described her daughter Casey as a great mother. Casey stands trial in May for killing her own child, Caylee.

Good parenting is exhausting.

Wonderful parents don't boast. They're too tired.

Telling stories to little ones can be exhausting, especially after dinner, dishes and bath time. Finding the inspiration to read to children can be difficult, especially in today's temptation of allowing the television to babysit.

Good parenting is hard work, from instilling self discipline to setting boundaries, it is the most noble job a man or woman could undertake. It is a job when done properly, is noted by self sacrifice. The kids get the best piece of steak, the last ounce of energy when the parent is exhausted, their needs get placed ahead of the needs (and wants) of the parents. The sacrifices are constant and are made in every aspect of life. Good parents know that it is a short window of opportunity to cultivate a good son or good daughter, as sooner than anyone believes, they are grown and out on their own.
A good parent contributes good citizens to society and thinks, "how I instruct my 3 year old son will impact a young lady some day. I will teach him self control now, so that he will do good, and not harm, to some woman when he is older."
Dads think, "I will build my daughter's confidence, and invest myself into her, even when exhausted. She comes first so she will never accept maltreatment from anyone."
The good parent thinks ahead and are on constant alert for any threats, real or imagined, that come near the children.
"Wonderful" mothers protect, like a mother bear over her whelps, and no one better say a word against her child.
While negligent parents are filling our prisons at an unprecedented pace, good, hard working parents are doing homework with their First Graders, and showing up at parent-teacher meetings, driving to Little League, girl scouts, dance, soccer, and doing what it takes to prepare the child for his or her future.
Single mothers go lonely just because their kids come first. Better to be alone than to expose my precious little ones to danger. Some work two jobs and see their children less, just to provide for them.
Good parents teach by precept, and by precedent. They teach by telling and showing. They live an example of honesty, right living, owning up to mistakes, and always keeping the needs of their little ones first and foremost in their hearts.

In our society, parenting is so vital that we have set legal limits regarding what parents can or cannot do.

A parent cannot, for instance, withhold an education from a child.
A parent cannot, for instance, withhold medical care from a child. Should a parent refuse to allow a child to be educated or cared for with basic medical needs, society will step in, and can, legally, go as far as to terminate parental rights.

Of course, this is not an easy nor quick process, nor should it be, but it showcases how important parenting is.

Withholding education or medical care is called Neglect.

There are several classifications that are used when parents do not provide a nurturing, safe environment for a child. In this way, the parent does not have all the rights.

For example, the parent does not have a right to expose her child to danger.

If a woman wishes to date a violent man, there is little that society can do. It is a tragedy, but legally, she has the right to expose herself to a dangerous man.

If she has a child, however, she forfeits that right.

If there is a sexual predator in the neighborhood, and a woman with a child falls in love with him, she does not have the right to let him move in.

If she does, and it is reported, the State where she resides will investigate. If they learn that she has exposed her child to a predator, she is told, in no uncertain way, that he must move out. They may have her put it in writing, so that if she should sneak him in later, they will show the judge that she understood the risk, did it anyway, and now cannot be trusted with the child, and ask that custody be granted to the State.

At that point, the State, with police in tow, remove the child from the mother's home.

She has abdicated her role as mother.

She does not have the right to expose her child to danger.

When a woman boasts of her own mothering, it is usually a sign of deep and acute guilt.

The public was outraged when Cindy Anthony was reported to have snuck in a Mother's Day card to Casey in jail.

It’s completely ridiculous how people who don’t know me judge me or my home life or the way I parent," said Dunn. "I feel like I’m a wonderful mom. Although I lost my daughter, I did the best I could and I will continue to do so.”

Note first that this is an admission of loss. Hailey is dead.

Billie Dunn, the mother of 13 year old Hailey Dunn, has done what mothers of missing women don't do: she spoke of Hailey in the past tense.

Susan Smith spoke of her children in the past tense; so did Casey Anthony about Caylee.

But here, in this quote, she speaks of having "lost" her daughter, Hailey.

Note that it is not "ridiculous" but it is "completely" ridiculous, meaning that there are different levels of ridiculousness. The extra word shows the elevated sensitivity. It is weak.

It is completely ridiculous how "people", plural, gender neutral; judge Billie Jean.

In our country, this happens all the time. Judges make rulings without "knowing" the person they are ruling on.

Social workers make determinations about the safety of children without "knowing" the parents. They gather information, and make determinations. the information that has been gathered so far:
Billie moved violent man who had threatened her into her home with her children.
Billie bought illegal drugs with said boyfriend around the time Hailey "went missing."
Billie had few boundaries for Hailey, as her thirteen year old was allowed to decide where she wanted to go and when.

Billie tattooed her son's back with a chemical, her soon to be ex told us, scarring him. Now she explains it away as 'remember that time when he tried to give himself a tattoo?'.

Her ex also told us that Billie bought an ounce of cocaine, split it into quarters, and went to sell it, but the man she moved into the house has already snorted it away.

Getting involved in the drug trade automatically qualifies as "jeopardy" for children, exposing children of all ages to great danger.

What if an addict wants a 'refund'? Did she expect that she would give them a reciept for their purchase, say "thank you for your business; please come again" and go on with her life?

This is a "wonderful" mother?

The hits just keep on coming. These factors, lead to a determination of not only poor parenting, but risky, irresponsible behavior, unfit to care for children.

Billie Dunn moved into the home a man who threatened the life of her daughter.

It may be that Shawn Adkins made good on his threat.

People are judging
1. Me
2. My home life
3. The way I parent

Note the order as it speaks to priority:

1. Billie Jean is first
2. Billie Jean's home life is second
3. Parenting is last.

Each of these three entities is separated by the word "or", which means that they are separate.

Billie Jean, herself, is separate from her home life, which is also separate from the way that she parents.

Perhaps this is why she feels that she is doing 'wonderfully' as a parent, because she and her home life have nothing to do with parenting.

Perhaps parenting was a nuisance to her, or, as Dr. Glass suggested, she viewed Hailey not as a child to be parented, but as a rival for Shawn's affections.

Billie was getting older, but Hailey was coming into her own, as a beautiful, involved student, with a bright future that Hailey's father said included college.

Was this more than the undereducated, aging, immature irresponsible mother could bear? Is this why she partied on New Year's Eve, rather than mourned?

[b]"I feel like I'm a wonderful mother."

In spite of the assertion, this is weaker than "I am a wonderful mother."

Some might say "I feel that President Obama is doing a great job as president", while others have a different "feeling" about the matter. So in Billie's opinion she is a wonderful mother, and she recognizes that there are other feelings about the topic.

Billie cannot say "I am a wonderful mother."

Billie can only "feel" it, but not declare it.

"Although I lost my daughter..." Although is akin to the word "but" in a statement. In statement analysis we look at what follows "but" or "although" as the most important part of the sentence.

What is most important? "I lost my daughter."

[b]Daughters are not something to be lost. Keys are lost, paperwork, receipts, loose change, but not daughters

"Lost" is the language of death.

[b]"I lost my grandfather to cancer." "I mourn the loss of my uncle." Here Billie's language suggests her knowledge that Hailey is dead.

It is also interesting that Billie owns that she is the one who "lost" her daughter. If Hailey came and go as she pleased, and made plans that she informed her mother about, how is it that Billie "lost" her. Billie has claimed that Hailey "went missing" while she, Billie, was at work. This begs the question, if Billie wasn't in possession of Hailey, how did Billie lose her? This further highlights that the language of death has crept into Billie's language, as "lost" here does not mean "misplaced."

[b]When someone says "I lost my keys" later, they can say "I found my keys". Billie can't say this because she never searched. [/b]
"I did the best I could" is past tense. Billie recognizes that she will not parent Hailey in the future.

"And I will continue to do so" is added, as if Billie needs to tag onto the end of her sentence that she will do her best again in the future.

It is interesting to note that Billie didn't say that she "is doing" the best she can. This is likely reflective of the fact that David is no longer in her care.

Billie has no parenting obligations at this time.

Shawn is free to move back into the home as Statement Analysis has shown for weeks that they have been a couple.

"I did the best I could and I will continue to do so" is Billie's admission that she knows she has failed as a parent.

When someone says they did the best they could, it means that they recognize that they came up short, and they blame their inherent abilities as the reason that they came up short.

Note that doing the best she could do did not include searching for Hailey.
This short paragraph, which begins by Billie lauding the ridiculousness of those who judge her, her home life and her parenting, ends with an admission that she did the best she could.

Her "best" was to let Shawn Adkins move back into the home after threatening her life, her ex husband's life, and Hailey's life.

He promised to make it memorable.

It appears that he has made good on his word.

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PostSubject: Hailey Dunn's Life Impacted By Drugs   Thu Feb 10, 2011 11:15 am

Hailey Dunn's Life Impacted By Drugs

How did drugs impact Hailey's short life?

Likely more than we will ever know. We can, however, speculate on the impact.

Narcotics (pain killers)

We heard that David's father is in prison for drugs, leaving Hailey's brother bereft of a father's influence. This would mean that David would be raised without a father because of drugs. His life would then in turn impact Hailey's.

People close to the family say that Billie Jean Dunn lost her license to be a nurse due to drugs. This would impact income for the family.

Marijuana use is often minimized by users and it is sometimes portrayed as medicinal in its use. People who use it regularly will under-report the frequency of its use.

Marijuana impacts drive and initiative. The proverbial "pot head" stereotype is based upon the reality that chronic use in males may inhibit their focus and drive, leaving them without the necessary drive to provide for a family and be actively involved.

Hailey told relatives that she feared Shawn Adkins. Her father uses marijuana every day, he said, for pain. When his mother revealed that Hailey feared Shawn, Clint seemed to have little reaction. He said that Hailey didn't tell him about her fear of Hailey, perhaps to keep him from getting in trouble, and I don't doubt that Hailey, at 13, was parentified due to the abdication by Clint and Billie Dunn, but it also appears that no one knew Hailey. I get the sense from the parents' answers that no one seemed to listen to Hailey and all seem to just shrug their collective shoulders about concerns. Did marijuana leave him "high" and "buzzing" contemplating his navel rather than getting off his rear end and protecting his daughter?

Clint told us about Billie scarring David in a homemade tattoo and about Shawn blowing the family cocaine (meant for sale) up his nose.

Yet, he didn't take any action to protect Hailey?

Billie called the police because Shawn threatened Billie, Hailey and Clint.

Clint barely seemed to yarn.

Homemade tattoos, a loss of a nursing license, walking the streets at night, cocaine in the home, yet what is the dominant theme that comes from Clint?

No reaction.

If he acknowledges smoking marijuana every day, it is more likely day and night; this is the nature of drug use. But after all these years of smoking pot, a lifestyle punctuated by 'nothingness' and inactivity may be appealing to 'bang on the drum all day' but not for parenting.

Parenting is hard work.


Clint told us that Billie bought an ounce, was angry at the dealer's measuring skills, cut it into quarters to sell, but that Shawn blew it up his nose.

Cocaine and violence are linked.

I met a man once who was small, polite, respectful, well dressed, nerdy, and meek. He sat before me seeking counsel.

He grew up quiet, straight A's, lonely, and ostracized in school.
He didn't look like a guy who could survive 7 years in prison, but he did.

What did he go to prison for?

He ran out of cocaine and his elderly aunt denied him access to her purse, so he took a kitchen knife and plunged it into her chest repeatedly until she was dead, took the money from her purse and bought his drug. 7 years.
That is what the court valued an elderly woman's life at.

Prescription rx

Sources say that Billie has had a long term addiction to pain killers and tranquilizers. This is why she had a "tooth ache" on the Nancy Grace Show. Emergency Rooms are crowded, beginning at 5PM on Friday nights, continuing all weekend, with two major complains of those seeking drugs:

back pain
tooth ache

What does this mean for children?

Narcotic addiction generally means that the person is high, or comfortable, for up to 8 hours, but will begin to disipate from the body.

"Jonesing" begins...a subtle withdrawal with aches that mimick the flu, which gets worse at 24 hours. The person withdrawing becomes terribly irritable and can run a fever, vomit, diarehea, and so on.

The 'drug mommy' while high can appear kind, loving, and caring, but when the withdrawal begins, the monster comes out. It is a nightmare roller coaster ride for children, even babies, can recognize the dramatic face changes.

Next starts the search for drugs, doctor shopping, falsifying scripts and issues with money.

Billie and Shawn made two withdrawals from ATMS on December 26. Shawn said it was for drugs. This means food money, rent money, and money to buy kids' sneakers goes for vicodin purchases.

Neglect on side, hurts physically and emotinally, but then can be a relief if the drug addict has anger issues, which has been reportedly been Shawn's issues.
Did he really quit his job?

(Why did Billie Jean repeat that he dropped off his "overalls" at work and left?)

Did he have issues with co workers?

Addicts often trouble family members to the point of destroying lives and bonds.

I think that we will eventually, after arrests, learn how much drugs played into this horrible scenario.

Drugs and Lying.

Recovered Addicts will attest that lying is part of the addiction. The addiction is fueled with lies and the more one lies, the easier it gets.

Billie Jean flunked her polygraph, as did Shawn Adkins. The questions were plain:
Do you know where Hailey is?
Did you cause her harm?

Billie party'd about her New Year's Eve party where Clint reported that they brought in 2 cases of beer. Alcohol played a role. Many sexual offenses have alcohol as a part of the crime.

Clint's mother said she thought Shawn raped her and when she threatened to tell, he killed her.

Others have speculated that Hailey may have been impregnated by Shawn, though there is little evidence to suggest this (some point to the video of Hailey in school and some of Shawn's remarks as possible indicators) but own that it is speculation only.

When Billie called police, who did she seek to blame?


Lying comes easy to addicts.

Who searched for Hailey? Clint did, but Billie, Shawn and David all sat home, with David playing video games. Shawn even reported that Hailey was into pot.

On the day Hailey was reported missing, Clint was arrested for marijuana, which would have cast immediate suspicion on him. Yet his denial of causing her disappearance is strong and police do not show any interest in him. This did not stop Billie Dunn from throwing suspicion his way.

Posted by Seamus O Riley at 1:32 AM
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PostSubject: UPDATE: Professional Searchers Returning to Colorado City   Fri Feb 11, 2011 6:05 pm

UPDATE: Professional Searchers Returning to Colorado City

Reported by: Laura Kellerman
Thursday, February 10 2011

Two national missing child search organizations are returning to Colorado City next week for a two-day search next week in the hopes of finding Hailey Dunn, who has been missing since Dec. 27.

The Laura Recovery Center and KlaasKids came to help organize community searches last month and will do the same on Feb. 19 and 20.

Brad Dennis with KlaasKids said they are bringing K-9 teams and search teams in, and that they will spend Friday, Feb. 18 organizing the weekend search. They will need time to figure out what areas have been searched since the two groups left and come up with a game plan for the weekend.

The volunteers who were trained by the two private groups have been conducting searches every Wednesday and Saturday from 9 a.m. until dark.

Volunteers, especially those with ATVs or horses, are asked to join in any of the searches, but particularly the large-scale one coming up next weekend. They will meet each morning at the Colorado City Civic Center.

A limited amount of free housing will be available for searchers who come in from out of town, Dawn Davis of the LRC said. Those interested are asked to coordinate in advance by calling 866-898-5723.

The Laura Recovery Center, based outside Houston in Friendswood, Texas, organizes community-based searches using very specific mapping and communication techniques.

The organization was founded in 1998, a year following the deadly abduction of 12-year-old Laura Smither. Smither's body was recovered 17 days after her disappearance. The organization was established to honor the volunteers, document and publish their effective search methods, and educate families, communities, and law enforcement in working together to prevent abductions.
The KlaasKids Foundation was established in 1994 in an effort to help protect children. The group's founder, Marc Klaas, is the father of murder victim Polly Hannah Klaas.
The groups have organized and conducted more than 90 missing child searches in the United States.
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PostSubject: Shawn Adkins Video   Sat Feb 12, 2011 11:30 am

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Shawn Adkins Video

by Peter and Heather Hyatt

Warning: graphic

We learned from Statement Analysis that:

Shawn Adkins was obsessed with horror and slasher films. He wore his costumes more than Halloween and analysis of his interview shows that he enjoys the status of one that people fear. Like a freak and a monster in the videos he idolizes, he posed like a twisted killer but wants people to think this is no different than Star Wars.

A KTAB reporter told him that those interviewed did not want to go on record by name, due to being afraid of Adkins.

Shawn enjoyed the feeling of power.

The reporter also told Shawn that he had interviewed Hailey's school friends.

What did her friends tell the reporter?

They said that they told him that Hailey feared Shawn.

An important word to note in Shawn's statement is that he "looked" at stuff and "watched" videos.

It wasn't that he was reading the material, as Billie Dunn attempted to portray on Nancy Grace. Billie's defense of Shawn has enraged some, even as she feigned ignorance about the content of his videos, which, we may learn, might have Billie Dunn herself on some that police confiscated.

Shawn "looked" at "stuff". This is different than reading or watching.

His obsession with blood, killing, slasher, and so on, was not simply a fan of horror movies, but an insight into his twisted mind.

Regarding the material Shawn had Billie Jean print out for him at her job, one researcher went through the list. What did she find?
"The commonality really was just deviance, perversion, and raw twisted malice. Most of the perpetrators had been caught eventually, but some stories included multiple murders where the perpetrator was never captured. Most had a sexual element to them, and many involved young, female victims and entire families.
The scary fact was the use of the word "look"...this material was found in the bedroom; this was their 'porn', their bedtime reading material, and could well have been read as foreplay, before switching out the lights."
"Calling this memorbilia strikes me as deeply connected with the 'trophies' that serial killers keep of their victims. Did Shawn keep some 'memorabilia' of Hailey's?" (equinox)

He "looked" at "stuff" which is likely an arousal for Shawn Adkins.

We may learn that Shawn Adkins was aroused by the killing of deer and other animals and his fantasy was eventually played out in real life.

Was Billie part of this sick, perverse world of enjoying bloodshed and pain of others?

Shawn, in the video, holds up a piece of flesh and looks forward to the day when he can "remove" the "heart" of someone. Shawn made videos like this because it is what he thought about and what interested him. Like fans of hockey make hockey videos, and people who are interested in playing acoustic guitar make and watch acoustic guitar videos, people who are interested in killing and violence make and watch videos like this one starring Shawn Adkins.

Add this sick obsession to drugs and his love of violence and Billie Dunn's Failure To Protect, and it is a recipe for doom for Hailey.

When Billie called police to report that Shawn threatened her life, she knew he posed a risk that went beyond a t-shirt. She told police that he had threatened the life of Clint, as well. This was in February, 2010. Shortly after, she let him move into the house.

A few months later, Hailey, who told friends and family she feared Shawn, would be gone.

Billie Dunn Failed to Protect Hailey. The one person charged with protecting, invited the monster into the home, and now defends him. Billie not only chose this immature, grown man who walks around in his silly halloween costume playing Shawn of the Dead to scare children, but even after learning he failed a polygraph, chose to defend him.

Now, caught by Statement Analysis, she has admitted they are still together. She even said that this material was like 'true crime' stuff, like Nancy Grace material.

This video may, one day, be seen by a jury.

As Shawn Adkins and Billie Dunn continue to deceive, we will continue to follow their statements.

Justice for Hailey is counting on it.

Those who care for Hailey should be willing to listen to what Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins are saying.

Just as the police said to Billie, we say to Billie:

Tell us where Hailey is!

When Billie Dunn spoke repeatedly of Hailey in the past tense, she told us that Hailey was dead. This is no different than Susan Smith, or Casey Anthony.

Our concentration is upon finding Hailey and getting justice for her.

There are no irrelevant facts; everything matters.

Shawn Adkins told police that he did threaten Billie and he did threatened Clint.

He also told police that he threatened the life of Hailey.

It appears that he kept his word and should be considered a very dangerous person. He may enjoy the status of being the monster that scares others, with or without his mask, but rest assured, a day will come when it will be Shawn Adkins, not Hailey Dunn, who is afraid.

Justice for Hailey.

Posted by Seamus O Riley at 5:11 AM
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PostSubject: The Peter Hyatt Show   Sat Feb 12, 2011 11:20 pm

The Peter Hyatt Show

On The Peter Hyatt Show, Sunday, February 13, 2011, at 6:30PM we will examine the case of missing 13 year old, Hailey Dunn, who was reporting missing shorly after Christmas.

With the search now 6 weeks old, are the police getting closer to an arrest?

What Happened to Hailey Dunn?
Shawn and Billie Involved
Shawn Alone
Stranger Abduction
Taken by Drug Dealers free polls

Why did the police name Shawn Adkins a suspect but not Billie Dunn?

What is the significance of stating that Billie Dunn has been cleared as a person of interest?

What was Hailey really like? What do you make of the internet rumors being posted by those who claim to be neighbors?

What do you make of the Shawn Adkins video on Youtube?

What was it like to be raised by Billie Dunn, and, for the last 3 years, by Shawn Adkins?

We'd like to hear your thoughts on The Peter Hyatt Show on Blog Talk Radio.

Our poll question:

What happened to Hailey Dunn?

Do you think Hailey ran away?

Was she abducted by a stranger?

Is Billie Jean Dunn wrongly being classified as having a role in this?

Did Shawn Adkins cause her disappearance?

What do you think a child would be like, at age 13, raised by someone who fits Billie Jean Dunn's profile?

We will examine your views and take your questions and comments.

Posted by Seamus O Riley at 2:50 PM
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PostSubject: Hailey: Volunteers Searching Where Shawn Told Them To   Mon Feb 14, 2011 5:14 pm

Hailey: Volunteers Searching Where Shawn Told Them To

Searchers should listen to Shawn Adkins. They should be searching Scurry county, where he said they should search.

Those interested in bringing Hailey home should listen to Shawn Adkins and Billie Dunn. To say 'we're not going to talk about Billie, we just want to find Hailey' is to ignore the means of finding Hailey. Billie Jean Dunn and Shawn Adkins know where Hailey is. They failed the polygraphs and police demanded that Billie tell them where Hailey may be found.

She walked out.

She refused to tell them where Hailey could be found, but instead went off to "do the media".

When Clint, Hailey's father began his walking search, Billie Jean refused, again, and let others search instead. But she was there to receive the cameras and the money, even while seeking to cast suspicion away from the named suspect in a criminal investigation: Shawn Adkins. Clint said she was sitting on her couch, enjoying her tv programs. David was playing video. Now she makes her media appearances, collects the money others worked for, and makes excuses for Shawn.

Even as numbers dwindle with discouragement, some still press on.

Police are saying little but perhaps have much more evidence than we know.

We hope that an arrest is forthcoming.

Should the police arrest both Billie and Shawn now, they can expect a race to see which will throw the other under the bus first.

The two-month mark is approaching in the search for Hailey Dunn.

During that time, searchers have trudged, ridden, and flown around Scurry County looking for any sign of the missing 13-year-old.

This weekend, searchers took to the water for the first time, using a small boat to search a creek in Dunn.

"We can see down in the water area, out in the middle of it," said searcher Mychelle Grissom.

A local landowner gave crews permission to search the area.

"We got some tips from several people that concern this creek," volunteer Freda Radcliff said.

Many have given up on the grueling searches, but those dedicated to Hailey's cause continue their quest day in and day out.

Note that Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins never searched.

"We cry every morning, we cry every night. My motto is, 'I will not give up,'" Grissom said.

Although those involved have several theories of their own, they're continuing to pray for Hailey's safe return.

"I think that the boyfriend has something to do with it, but hopefully we can just find her safe and unharmed," said searcher Joshua Corzine.

Despite the circumstances, volunteers said they won't give up hope.

"Wherever we need to be, whenever we get a lead, we're on it day or night," Grissom said.

National groups KlaasKids and the Laura Recovery Center will organize a massive search of the area next weekend.

Posted by Seamus O Riley at 4:45 PM
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PostSubject: Billie Dunn, Nancy Grace, and The Affidavit   Tue Feb 15, 2011 5:17 pm

Billie Dunn, Nancy Grace, and The Affidavit

When Statement Analysis uncovers truth, it allows for the proverbial "20/20 vision" looking backwards at prior statements. The same can be said of the police affidavit, as we first heard Billie Dunn's side of the story, the wonderful home life, the A student cheerleader, and the perfect unity of estranged parents.

The police affidavit shook Billie Dunn to the core.

The first thing it did was declare her an unfit mother, who's own daughter was threatened with death by mother's boyfriend, only to have mother move the monster in, allowing him to make good on this threat.

Who do you believe, the sworn affidavit by police, or Billie Dunn?

Statement Analysis and commentary are in bold type. Bold type found within the statements are added for emphasis.

Note the exchange from the Nancy Grace Show after she took the affidavit to her audience.

GRACE: Well, what I find significant is that I`m reading exactly the same affidavit you have, Michael Board, and it claims that the drugs were purchased in Scurry, Texas. And as you recall, last night, Jean Casarez reported that while talking to police, the boyfriend says, You can find her over in Scurry Texas. That`s where you`ll find her.

Note that Scurry, Texas is significant to Shawn Adkins and it is significant to the investigation. It is likely that Hailey was either there and moved, or is there currently. Scurry is connected to this case, offered by Adkins. It may be the connection with the drug purchase in Scurry (drugs were part of the death, whether they were given to Hailey or whether by the ingestion into Billie and Shawn; drugs were involved.

It is a remarkable occurrence but it happens: a suspect gives information that is reliable.


We would need to learn more about Shawn Adkins in order to give a more precise answer, however, we may speculate:

a. guilt
b. pride

a. It may be, as is more of a norm, that a subject speaks from guilt, and not from a vacuum. That Adkins himself tied Scurry county to this investigation is highly sensitive. When this case is solved, we will learn that there was a reason why he spoke these words.

b. pride

It may be that he is taunting police due to his ego. He failed the polygraph, after balking to take it. This suggests self preservation.

But the affidavit also shows us that he gave up valuable information, including drug purchasing with Billie.

Is this part of who he is?

Last February, Billie Dunn called police to report that Shawn Adkins had threatened her life, and the life of her estranged husband, Clint. When police spoke to him, he not only admitted threatening their lives, but added that he threatened Hailey's life as well.

He seems that he may enjoy this sort of thing.

Perhaps it is that Scurry county is a boasting and a taunting of police, due to his immense pride. He appears to enjoy scaring people, by way of his childish mask wearing, but also by his threatening posture. A reporter said that locals who know him will not go on record, due to fear of him.

He told police to look at him and Billie.
He told police to look at Scurry county, Texas.

He is likely right on both accounts.

Nancy Grace: OK, Billie Dunn, I`ve got the police affidavit right here in my hand verbatim. I`ve got hundreds of pages of documents that we have combed through. And they say you used (ph) -- at 6:19, 6:20 PM, you withdraw $60, then $80 cash. It was then determined through a volunteer -- voluntary admission of you, Billie Dunn, the money was used to purchase illegal narcotics from a person in Scurry County.


The assertion: the money was used to purchase illegal narcotics from a person in Scurry County.

And I read that, too. The only narcotics I had were prescribed to me, and I even showed those to Priscilla to get them on tape.

Billie refutes the assertion but Nancy Grace recognizes a simple way for Billie to be deceptive and still tell the truth:

She purchased the same drugs previously prescribed to her.

GRACE: OK, so are you telling me that you got, basically, a refill of prescription drugs not from the drugstore? Is that what the illegal narcotic was?

Nancy Grace has now taken an oppositional posture to Billie Dunn. It may be that she has sensed deception from the first appearances and has grown impatient.


Like the affirmation above, we cannot tell (due to compound questions) what Billie Dunn is denying. "No", however, is immediately weakened by the tangent:

I`m not even sure what day I got the prescriptions. I think it was before then.

Note that she avoids answering Nancy Grace's question by addressing the date of the prescription, which is not relevant to the question, nor the illegal drug purchase.

Notice, however, what Billie Dunn introduces:

There were two withdrawals, and it has been believed that drugs were purchased by one or both of the withdrawals. The claim is that Billie previously had a prescription for the drug.

Note that Billie Dunn said that she was not sure when she got the:


"Prescriptions" is plural.

We may conclude that on the night of the drug purchase, more than one drug may have been purchased.

We know that addicts often use Ativan and Ativan-like substances to increase the effects of pain killers.

Billie Dunn is a seasoned drug user; sophisticated enough to know where to buy cocaine, how to divide it, and where to sell it.

First she avoided the question, but then she gave us more information that she likely realized she was doing.

BILLIE DUNN: I`m scared to death that somebody hurt her.

Initially, when Billie Dunn spoke of Hailey in the past tense, indicating death of Hailey, due to the relationship of this case with drugs, I speculated that she died from an overdose, however, more insight into Shawn Adkin's bloodlust, including his video, suggests that "somebody" did "hurt" Hailey.

Billie knows it, which is why it creeps into her language.

I saw her Sunday night probably around 10:00. Monday morning, I looked in her room, and it was dark and it looked like she was laying in bed. But I didn`t go touch her, make sure that was her.

In hindsight, these words are chilling. "I didn't touch her...make sure..." are haunting words from a woman who let us know, early in January, that Hailey was dead.

My 13-year-old daughter isn`t in my house. Somebody knows where she is.

Both of these statements are truthful.

Right now, it`s not feeling good to me that I`m going to be able to hold my daughter again.

Can any parent imagine describing this thought as "not feeling good"?

NANCY GRACE, HOST: Who has changed their story?


UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Inconsistency within family members.

DEAN: We have several people of interest.

DUNN: They told me he failed it, I lost it.

JEAN CASAREZ, LEGAL CORRESPONDENT, "IN SESSION": Do you know the whereabouts of Hailey Dunn? It showed deception was indicated in his answer.

CASAREZ: He said she could probably be found in Scurry County.

GRACE: What significance is Scurry County?

DUNN: She has a lot of family and friends over there, that`s the only thing I can think of. I don`t have any explanation. I don`t want to defend him.

Note that she may have not wanted to defend him, but she did, repeatedly, and continues to.

The fact is, Hailey is not in this house, and nobody`s found her. Everybody needs to remember that the whole reason her face is being put out there is because she`s not in her house.

Note that it is not that she is "missing" but she is not in the "house" provoking thought that the "house" (not home) likely yields clues, as it is sensitive.

The change from "this" house to "her" house suggests deception.

DUNN: It`s a good thought and a good hope, and really the only hope - - the best thing we can hope for is that she would be hiding out, but she`s 13, she took nothing. I didn`t worry about her being a bad kid.

Billie also said that nobody worried about having a New Year's Eve party. By telling us what she didn't worry about, she seems to tell us what she should have worried about. The reporter on NG said that two friends talked about Hailey attempting to obtain drugs. NG passionately defended this as normal behavior for a 13 year old. I wonder if she will feel this way regarding her twins at this age..

Billie Dunn, have you heard the live-in Shawn Adkins talking about her being just a runaway? I mean, he did tell police how you can find her over there in Scurry County.

DUNN: Right. But from the get-go, I told them the first night I didn`t believe she would ever run away. I never gave Shawn a chance to say otherwise.

This speaks to the story constructed and who was leading whom. Billie is likely the author of the 3PM 'last sighting' of Hailey and indicates that Billie took the lead in what she "gave" to Shawn as part of the fictional account.

Regarding the New Year's Eve party she hosted:

DUNN: There definitely was no party. We`re not concerned with that at all. Didn`t even realize it was New Year`s Eve. I know I didn`t. Nobody was worried about that. We`re all worried about Hailey.

1. Note "definitely" as weakness added
2. Pronoun: "we're" not concerned
3. Additional words "at all"
4. note dropped pronoun:

"didn't even realize it was New Year's eve". The dropping of the pronoun is a signal that the subject is running away from comittment to this statement.

Note that it is not, technically, a lie. She did not say that she didn't know it was New Year's, nor did she say anyone else. This is a classic example of deception. Clint's witnessing of the two cases of beer brought in only confirm what Statement Analysis already saw: Billie and Shawn hosted a party 72 hours after reporting Hailey missing. This party is significant as it is post crime behavior that indicates celebration of being freed from Hailey.

5. I know I didn't is a self reference
6. "nobody was worried" showing what others didn't think (deceptive)
7. "we're all worried" is present tense; and reports what others think (deceptive)

It is important, not only to the post crime behavior, but it is important enough for Billie to need to deceive about.

DUNN: We failed the test.

Note that she reports the polygraph result in the plural. This is often done when a subject feels that if blame is spread around, it will not impact

GRACE: To Billie Dunn. Billie, at first she tells cops she is a great little girl, then says she is promiscuous. Why would he say something like that?

DUNN: Right.

GRACE: How did he speak about her to you?

DUNN: Well, how dare him say that in the first place, but he told me, I`ve done a wonderful job with my kids.

Note that she called herself a "wonderful mother" (see analysis)

Posted by Seamus O Riley at 6:30 AM
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