A discussion of children, their welfare, well being and lives. We must protect them, they are our future.
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PostSubject: Dunn, Law Enforcement Debunk Nancy Grace Reports   Fri Jan 21, 2011 11:48 pm

Dunn, Law Enforcement Debunk Nancy Grace Reports

Reported by: Tiffany Tatro and Austin Kellerman
Friday, January 21 2011

Billie Dunn couldn't be happier about having her missing daughter's face on TV sets across the country. While Dunn appreciates all the attention Hailey is receiving, she's not happy with everything that is being said.
Hailey Dunn's disappearance from Colorado City has been featured on HLN's "Nancy Grace" four nights this week. Billie Dunn says some moments in the show have been difficult to watch and experience.
"It makes me mad. It frustrates me that ratings are more important to some people than my daughter being found," said Dunn.
Billie Dunn tells KTAB News that not everything that's been said on the show is entirely true.
"Anything bad that they can find on us, true or untrue, they put up there over and over and over again," said Dunn. "I just wish we would get back to this 13-year-old Hailey Dunn isn't in her house -- she's missing."
Dunn said she agreed to do the show to get Hailey's face out there. But now, it's gone in a completely different direction.
"It does scare me and it upsets me when I'm sitting on Nancy Grace and they say they're at the landfill with cadaver dogs," Dunn said. "That scares me. I do know law enforcement has told me, 'Billie, you'll be the first one that we tell if we get a big breakthrough in the case'."
Dunn said when most show broadcasts are over, she calls law enforcement "scared to death." Often, officers have to calm her down.
Colorado City's City Manager Pete Kampfer has told KTAB News that he'd likely know if there was a major development of that nature. He continues to tell KTAB News he can't confirm anything after previously labeling the search in Abilene "unsuccessful."
On Friday, Mitchell County Sheriff Patrick Toombs essentially said the report on Nancy Grace wasn't true.
"As far as I know, there's not anything that was found over there pertains to the investigation," said Toombs.
Sheriff Toombs also told KTAB News Thursday's searches in Colorado City and Snyder didn't turn up any evidence.
After learning the reports were inaccurate, Dunn says she's though twice about participating in the show. At one point during Wednesday's broadcast, she even walked out.
"I wish they could get back to the way the show was at first," said Dunn. "We were all looking for Hailey and all wanted information on Hailey."
Dunn says, either way, she'll continue to do whatever it takes to get her daughter's face in the media.
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PostSubject: The Death of Hailey Dunn (Statement Analysis)   Sat Jan 22, 2011 7:42 pm

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Death of Hailey Dunn

by Peter Hyatt

Hailey Dunn is dead.

Billie Dunn has told us so.

Billie Dunn did what mothers of missing children cannot do.
She spoke of Hailey in past tense language. This is something mothers do when they know or believe that their child is dead. Susan Smith did it. Casey Anthony did it. Now, Billie Dunn has also.

But how did Hailey die? When did she die?

Billie Dunn is involved in the death of Hailey Dunn and is a co-conspirator in Hailey's disappearance with Shawn Adkins.

Expect both to be arrested. Police aren't the backwoods bumpkins that Billie made them out to be.

Hailey Dunn isn't "missing" but her body has been dumped and likely moved on morning she was reported missing. This is why Shawn's cell phone pinged him in a 50 mile radius.

What happened to her was likely not intended, but it happened.

What about sex? Is this a sexual homicide?
It may be, but I don't think so.
In Statement Analysis, sexual homicides usually have linguistic indicators having to do with water. It may be "I washed up and went to bed" or, "I showered..." or anything that has to do with 'water' entering into the language. Although we all wash our hands, do laundry, and shower, when the subject feels that it is important enough to state it, it is to be taken seriously.
But sexual activity, prior to the homicide, including sexual abuse of Hailey by Shawn needs to be viewed.
Shawn Adkins made some concerning statements including telling police that 13 year old Hailey was not only a drug user (Shawn and Billie likely provided drugs for her) but that Hailey was "promiscuous." Unusual language to use to describe a 13 year old, we also had Shawn say that he loved her and that she "loves me with her whole heart" sounding more like a lover than her mother's boyfriend. Shawn was almost as close in age to Hailey than he is to Billie. Shawn may have been sexually abusing Hailey even coercing her. This was on the mind of the paternal grandmother when she told Nancy Grace she feared that Shawn raped and murdered Hailey.
Statement Analysis has concluded that Hailey's mother, Billie Jean Dunn, has consistently lied on her appearances on the Nancy Grace Show, but why has she lied?

As we have pondered Billie Dunn's reasons for lying, or covering up for Shawn, she has spoken out enough to reveal to us that she is part of the fabricated story about Hailey planning to go to a girlfriend's for the night.

Billie Dunn told the nation on the Nancy Grace show that Hailey was to go to a friend's house to sleep over, but never made it.
Billie Dunn has made up this story.
It is a fabrication, from A to Z.
There was never a plan for her to sleep over because she was already dead.
Billie and Shawn never went to sleep that fateful night. The next day, they had to move the body, so Shawn went to work to be seen, and Billie went too, tried to stay calm, but finally left when they put their plan in motion, around noon, to report to the police that Hailey "never" made it to her friend's house and "never" stayed the night there. This is what Billie said, in the free editing process that comes when Nancy Grace asked her to tell us what happened.

It is a conspiratorial plan.

Shawn Adkins likely has made it up too.

Billie Dunn has attempted to build an alibi while telling Nancy Grace "what happened" and the indicators of sensitivity and of deception point directly back to her. Before the revelation of the police affidavit, we had the linguistic indicators of sensitivity, but not the "why" behind the sensitivity.
Now we do.

It is likely that police never thought Hailey was a runaway. One glance into her room and seeing her favorite jacket, mp3 player and personal belongings told them that immediately. Next, Shawn Adkins and Billie Dunn's reaction to the request of taking a polygraph told them even more.

It may be that police played 'stupid like a fox' to keep Billie Dunn speaking, as they have gathered information and are attempting to locate the body so that they can charge Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins with the murder of Hailey Dunn. Billie Dunn enjoyed the attention of being on the Nancy Grace Show, so talk she did.
At first, viewers who saw that Billie was being deceptive wondered if Billie Dunn was covering for Shawn Adkins.
As they now consider the analysis of her statements, they may begin to wonder:

Is it that Shawn Adkins is covering for Billie Dunn?

Billie Dunn's words reveal that she knows that she is lying and the story of the sleep over and the cell phone is not only a fabrication, but it is a fabrication that Billie Dunn is deliberately spreading as a lie, and is not something that was made up by Shawn Adkins and simply repeated by Billie Dunn.

Billie Dunn is attempting to deceive police about what happened to Hailey Dunn.
Shawn Adkins has an attorney and is keeping quiet now, except for the continual contact between him and Billie.

In spite of what Marc Klass is telling the world about stranger abduction and sex offenders in the area, near the highway, and about Billie being courageous in the face of slander, and brave:

Billie Dunn knows where Hailey is right now and can tell police so Hailey can be put to rest properly.

Looking backwards, here is Billie Dunn's first appearance on the Nancy Grace Show from January 3rd, 2011, about 7 days from when Hailey Dunn, 13, was reported missing. The first appearance is important because subsequent appearances will have her using the deceptive self reference of "like I said before."
On January 3rd, the police affidavit had yet to be released.
Hindsight, using the information we have gained since this appearance, can be now compared with sensitivity indicators.
The Statement Analysis, along with information from the affidavit can give us a reasonable understanding of what likely happened to Hailey Dunn, before Billie Dunn went to work that morning. What happened to Hailey took place before Shawn dropped off Billie at work, and went to his job, only to stay for a few minutes and leave.
Please note that in the transcripts (which are in plain text) there is some bold type. This is emphasis added by me. The statement analysis is in bold type.

GRACE: Joining me right now is Hailey`s mother. This is Billie Dunn joining us from Dunn, Texas.

Miss Dunn, thank you for being with us.

DUNN: Thank you for having me on the show.

Billie Dunn has put her wants before the needs of her children and since the time of her first appearance, and seems to have enjoyed the media attention.
She and Hailey were threatened with death by Shawn Adkins, police told us, but she wanted Shawn, so she moved him in, in spite of the risk to her children. This is the ultimate display of selfish behavior by Billie Dunn.
Other selfish acts?
On the night that Hailey met her fate, Billie and Shawn went to the ATM machine to withdraw money and admitted to police that they bought drugs.
We then learned on the Nancy Grace show that she held a party on New Year's Eve, staying up drinking with family and friends, to watch the ball drop in New York City.
Billie Dunn's statements continued in subsequent appearances to reflect her selfish nature.
After 3 weeks, and likely coached by Marc Klass, she finally decided to address her daughter directly. But even this was selfish as she told Hailey, not that she was loved or would be found, but that she didn't have her cell phone so "if" Hailey has to call, just dial 911. Nancy Grace was so shocked that she could not masquerade the surprise and asked Billie if that was what she wanted to say to Hailey.
Billie Dunn does not possess the ability to put anyone's needs before her own.
GRACE: Number one --

DUNN: And I really appreciate your media attention.

Statement Analysis listens to the words the subject chooses. Here, we have the first person singular, "I" and the wording, "media attention". This is unexpected from the mother of a missing child. We would expect to hear something about getting Hailey's name and picture out to the public, rather than thanking Nancy Grace for the "attention."

GRACE: Yes, ma`am. Number one, we are praying.

DUNN: Thank you so much.

GRACE: And when we look at the photo, the tip line is 325-728-5294. There`s a $10,000 reward. Help us find Hailey.

Miss Dunn, how far did she have to go to get to the little sleepover?

DUNN: Four to five blocks. It wasn`t rare for Hailey to walk a short distance during daylight. She wasn`t allowed out after dark especially to walk, but she only had four to five blocks to go.

This was the first appearance and the first use of past tense language. Since this appearance, Billie Dunn has spoken of Hailey in the past tense repeatedly. If this could have been viewed as referring to a past tense event, the references that followed show that even while talking about Hailey's personality, the mother spoke of her in the past tense.

In investigations, this is indicative of the mother's knowledge or belief that the child is dead. Mothers' own instincts lead them to natural denials of the possibility that the child is deceased and any slip into past tense language should be red flagged. This was what broke the Susan Smith case for analysts when she was crying on television and said, "my children needed me." Other examples include Casey Anthony ("Caylee loved the park") and Misty Croslin ("I loved that little girl like she was my own") using past tense to talk about missing children.

See full analysis for a deeper understanding of how this reveals that Billie knows that Hailey is dead.

Next, note "four or five blocks" is repeated, which means that it is sensitive. This sensitivity may indicate that the story of going to her friend's house is a fabrication, known to police. As we progress in analysis, we find more indicators that the story of attending a sleepover was an attempt to create a ruse, no different than Casey Anthony's story of 'Zanny the Nanny' taking Caylee.

Initially, the police appeared to bumble this case, at least as portrayed by Billie Dunn on television, including stating that Hailey was a runaway. It appears that police deliberately held back information from Billie Dunn to keep her talking and have succeeded.

GRACE: Tell me what happened the day she went missing, Miss Dunn.

This is a solid request and allows Dunn to speak in her own editing process. The information that comes from a subject's own editing process is best for analysis, as it is not simply repeating back words from the Interviewer.

DUNN: She went missing on Monday while I was at work.

This first sentence is critical. Where a subject begins the account of "what happened?" is essential because it shows the priority of the subject. What is most important to the mother?
That Hailey "went missing" while Billie Jean Dunn was at work:

Hailey went missing while Billie Dunn was at work; therefore, Billie Dunn can't be a suspect. This is what she thinks.

It is the first step in Alibi building.

We later learned that it is not known when Hailey went missing.

Her brother saw her after 9PM on the 26th of December, playing video and her mother claims to have seen her by midnight and was not sure if she checked in on Hailey the next morning before work.
This is deceptive.
Any mother of a missing child knows the last time she saw her child; the last words, the last facial expressions, the time, the odor in the air of what was cooking, whether or not the room was clean, and so on, as details come in stark clarity as the mother revisits these thoughts over and over again.
Ask Kyron Horman's mother what her last moment with Kyron was like and you will hear stark detail about what he said, what she said, what he was like, what she was like and so on. She has relived that moment every day since Kyron Horman went missing last June 4th.
That Billie couldn't remember if she checked on Hailey at 5 or 5:30 that morning is not credible.
She didn't. Hailey was already dead.
The last sighting by someone other than Shawn Adkins and Billie Dunn places it at 9PM on the 26th. Therefore, it is not known if she went missing while Billie Dunn was at work.

The priority of the sentence should be of concern to investigators as it is the first thing, meaning of the highest importance, to Billie Dunn that she went missing while Dunn was at work. She has now called attention to what appears to be alibi building.

My boyfriend - - he came home from work about 3:00 -- or he got to my house about 3:00.

No social introduction means a problem with the relationship, usually a bad relationship. We now know that Billie Dunn still considers unity with Sean Adkins, therefore, this sensitivity should not be assumed "bad relationship" in terms of them not getting along, but that something "bad" is within the relationship.
It is sensitive and what they have done "together" is what is bad, or sensitive.

Note that he came home from work or he got to her house left open the change of story that showed up the next night: that Shawn was fired proved to be false; but that he got to work, had a soda, and left within 5 minutes. Billie Dunn reported that he got into a fight with a coworker, and then with his supervisor. This minor detail showed that she was asked a question that they had not discussed in their planning.

And he`s seen Hailey. Hailey was there. She told him,

short, choppy, repetition shows tension; sensitivity with Hailey, increasing our concern.
"told" is stronger than said, and if this conversation never took place, it is likely that Billie "told" Shawn, or that Shawn "told" Billie: 'this is what our story will be' in the alibi planning.

I`m running across the street to my dad`s house for a few minutes but I`m going Mary Beth`s, and I`m staying the night there. Let my mom know.

So that evening when he picked me up from work,

In Statement Analysis, "So, since, therefore, because, etc" are all sensitive since they tell us "why" something took place rather than simply reporting what happened.
When someone feels the need to explain "why", it is an indication that something quite sensitive is being said and should be noted by investigators.
This has now moved from telling Nancy Grace what happened to why something happened, which is not part of the question, making it sensitive. The need to explain is always sensitive. 'So that evening when he picked me up from work...' what happened?

we got home,

This is needless. In Statement Analysis, any unimportant detail is considered 'doubly important' since the subject feels the need to give us what would normally be considered an unimportant detail. We see this often in building stories.
In fact, in story telling, (fabricating) we often see slips into present tense language, needless words added, and the inclusion of emotions or thoughts put into the "perfect part" of a story. In reality, emotions and thoughts are added later, after the critical part of the story is told (as humans take time to process what happened) so that when emotions are in the critical part of an account, it is a red flag that the story is deceptive and the added emotions or thoughts are put there to convince.
"and without even thinking of myself, of course, I went back to David..." from Tiffany Hartley, showed that she was fabricating the account of moving through a hail of gunfire.
"So that evening when he picked me up from work we got home" is without need; but then, they get home, and get ready for bed. This skips over hours of time, and it is not a good sign. The temporal lacunae is sensitive and something took place within those hours which was not good.

Note that they got ready for bed, and not that they went to bed. This is a signal that the subject is being deceptive and needs to skip over time. The need to skip over time is in the context of Hailey going missing.

What happened then?

we were getting ready for bed.

They didn't go to bed. This is needlessly given and is, therefore, doubly important to our account.

I didn`t get worried when I hadn`t heard from Hailey.

Here we are told what wasn't thought or felt. This is highly sensitive and alerts us that the subject is being deceptive and is including thoughts (or emotions) in order to justify and explain.

I thought she was at Mary Beth`s. I was kind of upset that she didn`t call and confirm it with me, but not worried at that point.

She has placed the thoughts/emotions in the "perfect" part of the story, indicating that this is likely a story being told and not at all what happened. How, then, can we trust that on Tuesday, she was back at work? Note as it is stated without qualifiers or without emotions or thoughts. It is plainly stated and trustworthy that she did go to work on Tuesday.

Tuesday, I was at work again, I left my cell phone at home for my kids to use when I`m working.

This now sounds like an alibi being explained: the cell phone. This fits the "so, since, therefore, because..." need to explain.
Later, a neighbor told police he had seen Hailey talking on her mom's cell phone. Police said he was a drug user and a friend of Billie and was not reliable

Tuesday, I called my son. I said tell Hailey text the little girl, her friend, tell Hailey she needs to go ahead and get home. This was around lunch. My son called me back within a few minutes and she said, mom, she said Hailey never made it over there. She never spent the night.

The repetition shows sensitivity and the needlessness of the 2nd part is to be noted. If she "never" made it over there, it follows that she "never" spent the night.

This is another indication that this alibi is deliberatley made up and told by Billie Jean Dunn.

Hailey never had plans to stay at a girlfriend's home and the story is floated by Billie Dunn, who is lying because she is involved in the disappearance of her daughter, Hailey.

So at that point I called Hailey`s dad and found out she didn`t over there

Note now that she says that Hailey didn't go over there; yet an earring was found. It is not known when Hailey may have left it there (or if Hailey left it there)

and she didn`t stay the night with him. I left from work and went to the police station in Colorado City and reported her missing.

"left" indicates sensitivity; 70% due to time/traffic/stress but 30% critical information withtheld. Note here that she tells us what she did when she left work: she went to the police station and reported her missing. Later, she was criticized for not doing more and added more words about calling family and contacting Hailey's friends; both activities were listed without pronouns, which means that it is sensitive and not reliable.

GRACE: Everyone, you are seeing pictures of a 13-year-old little cheerleader who by all accounts leaves home to go four to six blocks to a sleepover with a friend. She never makes it.

Now this would have been, Miss Dunn, the Tuesday following Christmas on Saturday?

DUNN: Right. She was last seen the 27th.

Note the passivity from the mother.
Also note that this sounds like a police report and not a mother. Note also the passivity which is related to withholding information, specifically, responsibility of who saw her last. may be true.

It may be that she was last seen, alive, on the 27th, after midnight, by Shawn Adkins and Billie Dunn, who then, did something to or with her, that kept them (and Hailey) from going to bed that night.

They didn't go to bed that night.

Billie Jean didn't "check" on her at 5AM either.

It may have be an overdose but whatever it was, they panicked the next day, in their planning, with him going to work to be seen, leaving immediately and likely being the one to dump or move her body while Billie Dunn stayed at work, tried to remain calm (this is why then went out to buy more drugs with the last of their money; though they may have admitted this to police because some of the money went to purchase items to help them dispose of the body) and when they concocted the story about going to Marybeth's house, the cell phone, and the sleepover.
It has also been suggested that he went to work to get chemicals that may have been used to destroy identification of the body. We will learn this when Hailey is found.

GRACE: And your boyfriend says what time was it she left the home?

DUNN: Right around 3:15.

GRACE: Did she have a cell phone?

DUNN: No, she didn`t have her own cell phone.

Note that the cell phone issue is sensitive. Did she have "a" cell phone, is not directly answered. She answers that she didn't have her own cell phone which means that she avoided the question. The cell phone is part of the fabrication that Billie and Shawn have devised.

GRACE: Does she go online?

DUNN: Yes, she has a Facebook.

note that she has "a" Facebook.

GRACE: Have the police looked at her Facebook account?

DUNN: They have.
This answers the question, but Billie Dunn goes beyond the scope of the question and provides valuable information.
I know investigators are still doing a lot.
Note the general terms of investigators "doing a lot."
It doesn`t look like -- they`re not sure if Hailey`s logged in any.
The computer is sensitive, and police have even gotten Shawn's computer from his mother's house.
Note also that a broken sentence means the person has stopped and is withholding information. Here she tells us the investigators are "not sure". Investigators would know if the account was logged into or not but the issue may be if Hailey, herself, logged in.
We`re going to talk with investigators again tonight.
This shows distance with investigators; normally we would expect the "we" to be in cooperation including investigators. Even this early, there has been contention between the local police and Billie and Shawn.
They finally got some Texas rangers involved just barely yesterday, six days later.
So we do finally have the Texas rangers help. And that makes me feel a lot better.

"finally" is repeated, therefore, sensitive. There is a gap between Shawn/Billie and the local police.

GRACE: Thank God for that.

DUNN: Right.

GRACE: So this is the Tuesday afternoon after Christmas. Let me ask you this. Did anyone see her other than your boyfriend that day?

DUNN: There were some people came forward, a neighbor saw her around lunchtime on Tuesday out in my backyard talking on the cell phone.
Note that "some people" is plural, but "a neighbor" is singular. This conflict is likely due to fabrication. Note that only "a neighbor" not only saw her around lunch time, but in the backyard, not talking on a cell phone, but talking on "the" cell phone. The slip indicates knowledge.
In viewing people's language, we know that everyone has a personal, internal dictionary. Yet, there are two exceptions: pronouns and articles. With pronouns and articles, we have universal usage. Humans learn to use pronouns and articles ("the" and "a") from the earliest days of language.
"I saw a car" uses the article "a", as the car is unknown and not yet identified. But once identified, when referred back again, it will be "the" car.
When Billie Dunn said "the" phone, it is a specific phone she is referencing.
Police dismissed this as unreliable due to drugs. The neighbor then left town. He was likely a drug-friend of Billie's who peddled a false testimony to police for Billie.

GRACE: Talking on what cell phone?
Nancy Grace caught the slip in the article. She used Statement Analysis and then seeks clarifcation. Since Billie Dunn hadn't identified the cell phone, the deception has been uncovered by one simple word: the article, "the. "

DUNN: I mean Monday, I`m sorry.

GRACE: Talking on what cell phone?

DUNN: On my cell phone.
Lies are so difficult to keep track of, and when a subject speaks freely like this, humans will give themselves away. Even false confessions are readily seen, within the language used, as false or coerced. Billie spoke and Billie revealed much to us. Police likely already known that not only was the drug neighbor lying, but was doing it at Billie's behest.



GRACE: Well, that was Monday. Didn`t she go missing on Tuesday?

DUNN: No, I reported her missing Tuesday. That`s when I realized she didn`t make it to the friend`s house.
Note that 'that is when I realized she was missing'

GRACE: Now I thought you were at work. Why was your cell phone at home?

DUNN: Because I left it there for my children.
This sounds like a set up. Drug users cling to their cell phones. This may speak to premeditation, which changes my scenario of 'accidental' overdose (even if done for the purpose of sexual abuse) into question. If the 16 year old says that this is not something mom normally did, then it is part of the 'story' that she and Shawn worked up together.

GRACE: OK. So she goes missing Monday. You report it Tuesday after Christmas.

DUNN: Right.

GRACE: OK. So I know she`s alive at lunchtime. I know she`s fine, she`s at home. The boyfriend comes home at what time, did you say, around 3:00?

DUNN: Yes, ma`am.

GRACE: So 3:00. Between 12:00 and 3:00, did anybody see her beside the boyfriend?

DUNN: Just my next-door neighbor.

GRACE: OK. And that was at noon.

DUNN: Yes.

GRACE: Did anyone see her out walking at all? Can we confirm that she was out walking to the friend`s house?


First, how would Dunn know what wasn't seen? Did she speak to each of the neighbors?

Was Hailey getting on their nerves that night so they gave her some of their oxys to shut her down and she never woke up? Did they see her breathing become shallow because she demaned more than one? Was Hailey feeling affects of withdrawal and demanding more? Did they go out to buy some for her, or did they buy for themselves, after overdosing Hailey? Did Shawn give her something to reduce her resistance to his sexual advances? After all, he said she was "promiscious" and "boy crazy" as if he was the jealous (controlling) boyfriend.
When Billie Dunn said she wanted people looking for a "breathing" Hailey, was this because Hailey had stopped breathing?

Thus far, we have not seen any verbal use of "water, washing, laundry, showering, etc" enter the language as a sexual homicide; though we did have Adkins saying that she loved him with "all her heart" and he called her promiscious.

It may be that Hailey Dunn died of a drug overdose on drugs she got from her mother and from Shawn Adkins.

Billie Dunn knows how to end the search: by telling police where Hailey is.

Hailey never "went missing" but was killed by those she trusted.

GRACE: We are taking your calls. Out to Susan in Kentucky. Hi, Susan.

SUSAN, CALLER FROM KENTUCKY: Hi, Nancy. How are you tonight?

GRACE: I`m good, dear.

SUSAN: Great. My heart goes out to the Cornwell family and also to Hailey`s family. My question is Hailey`s case, is -- have the police already talked to other students?

GRACE: Good question. What about it, Billie Dunn?

SUSAN: You know, maybe someone has --

DUNN: We have, and since the Texas rangers came in today, they`re starting re-questioning. They`re starting from the top.
In another interview, Dunn was asked what steps she took after she learned Hailey was missing, stating that she called some family and touched bases with some friends. Her other answer showed increase in sensitivity (including dropping pronouns) which means that she may have glossed over, quickly, with a few friends, perhaps even texting them, but she did not thoroughly question Hailey's friends. This is something police would likely lay out as they describe the post crime behavior of Billie.

GRACE: Let`s go to Marc Klaas, president and founder of KlaasKids Foundation.

What do we do, Marc?

KLAAS: Well, first of all, the local police chief suggested that the evidence indicates that she ran away. As far as I can tell, there`s absolutely no evidence. So I really don`t know how he can say that.
Klass could have asked the police why he said that. Klass may have learned that he had good reason to disarm Billie Dunn. It would be expected that the president of a missing children's organization would be familiar with police strategies in these cases. Later, Klass was to show anger at people questioning Dunn's story and said that she was brave to stand up to such "slander" aimed at Dunn.

GRACE: Look. Look, Marc. Marc, look at the sex offenders in this area. This girl did not run away.

KLAAS: Listen, this case reminds me of others. Lindsey Baum, Ashley Pond, Amanda Ghettis (ph), three girls who left home to go from point A to point B, that never got to point B. In the case of the first -- in the case of Amanda and Ashley, it was a local pervert who had kidnapped and murdered the children.
It reminds me of Casey Anthony.

In the case of Lindsey Baum it still has not been solved. They still say it might be a runaway. I don`t believe it in any of these cases.

GRACE: Tip line 325-728-5294. Where is Hailey?
Billie Dunn has been deceptive on each major point. Her failure of the polygraph is confirmed by Statement Analysis; which is a form of verbal polygraphy.
Billie Dunn knew how dangerous Shawn was, and moved him in anyway, putting Hailey in harm's way. She has spoken of Hailey in the past tense, consistently, indicating that she knows that Hailey is dead.
She and Shawn are still a couple.
Billie and Shawn are into the drug lifestyle and horror and killing films.
Billie and Shawn failed polygraphs regarding Hailey's disappearance.
Billie and Shawn invented a story of Hailey going to a girlfriend's house and not showing up, alerting the nation to a fake kidnapping, after killing Hailey, perhaps with drugs.
Hailey may have been sexually abused by Shawn.
Billie Jean has allowed Shawn to take the brunt of suspicion but police know better. Eventually, Shawn will protect Shawn and he will tell the involvement of Billie Jean Dunn in the death of her daughter, Hailey.
Billie and Shawn never did get to bed that night. When police spoke to co-workers of Billie, they likely learned that she showed up exhausted, without sleep. She was nervous bursting with anxiety, and phone records will show that Shawn called her several times that morning.
She knew he didn't get fired from work, she just didn't know what to say, as it was a detail overlooked in their scam.
They invented this story about sleeping over, but since it didn't happen, she cannot explain it from experiential memory, therefore, the slip ups, and needless repetition.
Billie Jean Dunn and Shawn Adkins will be charged in the death of Hailey Dunn.
The young girl, only 13 years old, had suffered in a household of drugs, and likely domestic violence, and came to a tragic end, even before she had a chance to live life, get an education, love, marry, have children, perhaps, and know what a contented, good life is all about.
As Billie Dunn struggles to manufacture tears on camera, or shows her inability to have empathy for anyone but herself, let your sympathy be for Hailey, who's body was left to rot while, on New Year's Eve, Billie sat on the couch, drinking and drugging with Shawn, watching the ball drop on New Year's Eve at midnight, from Times Square.
Now, searchers look for Hailey, with some holding out hope that Hailey might still be alive.
Billie knows better. This is why, even with Marc Klass' coaching, she could not muster an emotional plea to Hailey, or even say 'I love you'. Billie is defeated and knows it is a matter of time before police come to her door with an arrest warrant.
Billie can do something right.
Billie can give a simple word, just a whisper, and tell the searchers where Hailey is.
She can do one thing right. If finding Hailey's body will only bring evidence against Billie and Shawn, then it is not likely that we will hear Billie say those words needed for Hailey's recovery.
Hailey will eventually be found. Toxicity tests and other forensics will speak for Hailey.
Perhaps then we will stop hearing praises for Billie and we will begin to hear calls for Justice for Hailey.

Posted by Seamus O Riley at 10:03 AM
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PostSubject: "Look At Both Of Us"   Mon Jan 24, 2011 1:08 am

if (window['tickAboveFold']) {window['tickAboveFold'](document.getElementById("latency-6197184714364931147")); }

"Look At Both Of Us"

by Peter Hyatt

"Look At Both of Us" is what Shawn Adkins told to police shortly after Hailey Dunn was reported missing. He was asked by police, "Who should we be looking at?" Shortly after this, Adkins allowed police to look at his cell phone, and then proceeded to contradict what the cell phone revealed. He then took the phone and deleted information (calls and texts).

We will cover the latest details in the criminal investigation into the disappearance of Hailey Dunn, 13, of Colorado City, Texas on today's "The Peter Hyatt Show" on Blogtalk radio.
The police affidavit to obtain the vehicle reveals new details in the investigation.

In the sworn affidavit, police state that family and friends all agreed that Hailey would not have told Shawn that she was going to stay at a friend's house. This is "uncharacteristic" behavior.

Statement Analysis has revealed that the account of Hailey planning to spend the night at a friend's house was a fabrication given to the police and public by Bille Dunn.

Hailey never made such plans.

Read: "The Death of Hailey Dunn"


The police affidavit also reveals that "there are no witnesses" who saw Hailey walking that day.

Police will be likely charging Billie Dunn with making a false report to police, and will also likely be charging her with other acts, possibly witness tampering as her descriptions of the neighbor who claimed to have seen Hailey speaking on Billie Dunn's cell phone appears to be a falsehood.

Police reported that Shawn Adkins originally called Hailey a "good girl" but later said she was sexually active, promiscious, and a drug user.

Friends portrayed her in a favorable light though several did say that they knew she attempted to purchase marijuana.

Police noted that overall, Adkins was the only one who portrayed Hailey in a negative light.

We will take your calls today and seek to answer lingering questions, many of which seem to be about Billie Dunn's involvement, since most conclude, as police have publicly, that Shawn Adkins is the main suspect.

Shawn's words, "look at both of us" are not unusual. It was more unusual that he deleted his phone, though it may have been in a panic, than out of ignorance of phone record recovery.

Subjects do make confessions, without 'confessing' as Statement Analysis shows.

Both pronouns and articles are to be considered independent of personal, subjective, internal dictionary of human speech. Articles, ('the,a , an') are universal. Nancy Grace caught this on the first interview with Billie Dunn, when Dunn said that Hailey was seen talking "on the cell phone" rather than "a" cell phone.

Grace said, "what cell phone?" since the use of the article "the" is used when an item has already been identified. Articles are universal.

Pronouns are also universal. Since possessive pronouns such as "my" are used by humans in either the earliest days of speech, or even pre speech, they are instinctive and are instant within speech. Pronouns give us inadvertant confessions even though the subject may not mean to (OJ: "those of you who believe in my guilt" ; Amanda Knox "my involvement"). With possessive pronouns, innocent people do not take possession of guilt or involement.

In an investigation, we ask overly simple questions:

"OJ, did you kill Nicole?" and note his answer.

With each word past "No, I didn't", the sensitivity increases and can give investigators the information they need. Subjects often give out good advice even while attempting to deceive.

"I know how this sounds. I wouldn't believe me if I were you..." is sound advice given by Joran Van Der Sloot.

"Look at both of us" is what Adkins advised police.

After Hailey went "missing", Billie Dunn continued to use the words "we" and "us" to describe herself and Shawn Adkins.

After the public learned that they both failed polygraphs, Billie said she asked him to move out, and attempted to portray them as broken up, and out of contact. Nancy Grace sensed the deception and asked a few more questions as even though Hailey had been missing for weeks, Billie Dunn continued to use the word "we" and the word "us" for herself and Shawn.

When pressed by Nancy Grace, Billie admitted, reluctantly, that they are still in communication, even though Adkin's attorney has advised him against it.

They have had a rocky relationship which included breaking up and calling police on her "ex boyfriend" who admitted threatening her life and the life of Hailey.

If their relationship is not that solid, why then does Billie remain in contact with Shawn?

The tie that binds may not be love or affection:

It may be guilt.

Please list your questions in our comments section for today's show.

The link is:

Call-in Number: (619) 789-4315

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PostSubject: The Deception of Billie Dunn in Nursing   Mon Jan 24, 2011 1:10 am

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The Deception of Billie Dunn in Nursing

by Peter Hyatt

Records have been uncovered by diligent followers of the case to show that Billie Dunn has her license as a Vocational Nurse revoked for "deceiving" hospital staff, patients, families, and others, for more than 1 year, practicing with an expired license.

Billie Dunn has been deceptive to the national television audience of Nancy Grace, as well as to police.

She fabricated a story that her daughter, Hailey, 13, was to spend the night at a friend's house.

Hailey Dunn never made such plans, but likely met her fate after midnight, on the 27th of December, 2010, only later to be reported "missing" by her mother, Billie Dunn, to local police.

Billie Dunn has a history of deception.

Billie Dunn is also a drug addict, and this has its deceptive elements.

Billie Dunn wants to be believed that "Hailey went missing while I was at work" but is lying.

She expects, that as liars to, that even though A is a lie, and B is false, and C is a lie, and D is false...that the public and police will believe E.

It doesn't work this way.

Even as the case continues, and pressure upon Shawn Adkins mounts, Billie Dunn knows that Shawn will, like all addicts, put himself first, and likely give up Billie.

"You need to look at both of us" he told police in what was likely a moment of clarity.

This is why we study the words of liars. We don't put our heads in the sand in frustration, but listen carefully to what they say, knowing that even the words meant to deceive likely have much truth to them.

Billie Dunn is deceptive.

This nursing suspension is just confirmation; nothing more. Interviews with family, friends, and co workers have already likely told police what a deceptive person she is.

Nancy Grace caught her a few times; including the New Year's Eve party questioning, where Billie attempted to deny it was a party, and changed language regarding alcohol (a signal of deception) so finally, Grace asked her if they watched the ball drop at midnight, something done in partys.

Grace was frustrated at Billie's attempt to deceive her into sounding like a grieving mother, fretting and riddled with anxiety over her missing daughter, a mere 4 days after she went "missing".

Nancy Grace then got her to admit, they watched the ball drop to celebrate a new year with a party. (the more she spoke, the more people "attended" the party).

Note that in this exchange, the relatives watched Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins drinking (perhaps drugging too) and celebrating even though Hailey wasn't home.

Police have interviewed them as well.

We will cover more on today's Peter Hyatt Show on blogtalk radio, at 6PM

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PostSubject: Shawn Adkins on the Move   Mon Jan 24, 2011 1:11 am

Shawn Adkins on the Move

Hailey Suspect Traveling Between Dunn and Big Spring

5.0000/5 ratingPrint Article
Reported by: Austin Kellerman anf Tiffany Tatro
Sunday, January 23 2011

To view the Image Gallery attached to this article, please upgrade your browser to Firefox, Chrome, or IE 8. Law enforcement sources tell that the only named suspect in the disappearance of Hailey Dunn, Shawn Adkins, has been traveling between a home in Dunn, Texas and his mother's house in Big Spring over the last few days.
Colorado City's City Manager Pete Kampfer said it's his understanding Adkins has left the home at times. He noted Adkins remains under 24-7 surveillance and officers are aware of his whereabouts.

Since reportedly failing a polygraph exam on Wednesday, January 5, Adkins had been staying at a home in Dunn with relatives. For a number of days, Adkins rarely left. Volunteer searchers told they often saw Adkins watching them while they combed through brush and wooded areas.

Adkins is the boyfriend of Hailey's mother, Billie Dunn. He's also the last person to see Hailey on the afternoon of December 27, 2010.

Though Adkins is the only named suspect, authorities say they have several other persons of interest.

Pete Kampfer told KTAB's Tiffany Tatro Sunday law enforcement is following some out-of-state leads. Kampfer said when those leads come in, FBI officers in those respective states are contacted. Kampfer declined to elaborate on the nature of those leads.

Kampfer also said representatives from KlaasKids left Colorado City on Saturday. KlaasKids and the Laura Recovery Center were in town training volunteers on proper searching techniques. Kampfer said, to his knowledge, representatives from the Laura Recovery Center remained in town.

Monday will mark four weeks since Hailey's disappearance. The reward for information leading to her whereabouts sits at $15,000.

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PostSubject: Billie Dunn and the Failed Polygraph   Mon Jan 24, 2011 1:15 am

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Billie Dunn and the Failed Polygraph

What was the original polygraph that Billie Dunn failed like?
Will she take another?

Why do people fear polygraphs?

The original polygraph likely had questions such as:

1. Is your name Billie Dunn?

2. Are you the mother of Hailey Dunn?

3. Is Shawn Adkins your boyfriend?

4. Did you cause Hailey to disappear?

5. Are you withholding information about Hailey's disappearance?

6. Do you know what happened to Hailey?

along with:

Are you Hailey's mother?
Do you know Shawn Adkins?
Are you David's mother?

A caller on the program asked Billie Dunn if she'd be willing to take another polygraph exam after reportedly failing her initial attempt. Dunn has previously told KTAB News she's not sure if she'd take an exam from local authorities again.
"I would think about taking one with someone else -- with the FBI," said Dunn. "That's something I would have to think long and hard about."

Think long and hard she must. She failed the polygraph and likely lied about how it was administered


Let's say that Billie Jean went into the test on drugs (she did), and if sensitivity indicators are on a scale of 1 - 10, with 1 being no change in pulse, breathing, perspiration, or blood pressure and 10 being the biggest jump, how would drugs impact her test?

Answer: it doesn't have to.

She would be given the questions twice; first without being hooked up to the machine.

First is the screening interview where, for example, she is asked 10 questions.

1. Are you Billie Dunn? Answer: yes Sensitivity: 1
2. Are you Hailey's mother? yes 2
3. Do you live in Colorado City? yes 2
4 Are you Donald Duck? no 1

Her baseline, on drugs, is 1 to 2.


5. Do you know where Hailey is? no 9
6. Did you cause Hailey to go missing? no 10
7. Are you David's mother? yes 3
8, Are you a female? yes 1
9. Did you harm Hailey? no 9
10. Do you know Shawn Adkins? yes 3

The baseline is established by experience polygraphers, whether she is on drugs or not. It may take longer, but it can be done.

The 10 questions are asked twice; first without the polygraph, and then with the polygraph.

People are most nervous about a polygraph due to the unknown. "Will they ask me embarrassing, personal things?"


You know the questions you will be asked BEFORE you take the exam and will NOT be asked any questions other than what you have been already asked.

This is disarming and allows for the polygrapher to note a dramatic change in heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and perspiration.

Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins both failed the polygraph.

This means that an experienced polygrapher can conclude that Billie Dunn lied about what happened to Hailey and her involvement.

Billie Dunn can tell police, now, where to find Hailey. I don't expect Shawn Adkins to, for he is not her father.

I do expect Billie Dunn to.

People need to have more sympathy for Hailey than they do for a lying, scheming, drugging, neglectful mother who cares only for herself and her wants, more than the needs of her children.

Billie Jean Dunn partied on New Year's Eve while Hailey was out in the cold.

Billie Jean knew that Shawn Adkins was dangerous, so she called the police. Shawn admitted threatening to kill Hailey.

Billie Jean moved him in anyway.

Billie Jean didn't care.

If Shawn Adkins is the main suspect, why is Billie Jean lying for him? Why is she covering for him?

Why is there still a "we" between Billie Jean and Shawn Adkins?

Shawn Adkins likely has something on Billie Jean and I don't think the tie that binds is love.

Like all addicts, Shawn will roll over on Billie Jean and throw her under the bus.

She needs to beat him to it and go down to police now and tell them what happened, tell them she is sorry, and tell them where to find her little girl.

She is Hailey's mother.

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PostSubject: Mom of Hailey's Friend on the Sleepover That Never Happened   Mon Jan 24, 2011 1:16 pm

Mom of Hailey's Friend on the Sleepover That Never Happened

Reported by: Priscilla Luong
Sunday, January 23 2011

Cecilia Garcia says she was shocked when Shawn Adkins, the live-in boyfriend of Hailey Dunn's mother, claimed Hailey was going to a slumber party at her family home on the night she disappeared.

"Obviously he's not telling the truth about her spending the night at Mary Beth's," said Garcia.
Garcia says at her house, it's not like these parties would happen out of the blue.
"Hailey has never spent the night here," she said.
Hailey lives just a few blocks down from Mary Beth, and four weeks later, Garcia says her daughter still hurts.
"It's been real hard on my daughter," she said, "and she fears for Hailey."
So much, that Mary Beth would not talk to us on camera.
"She fears for her own life also," Garcia explained.
Garcia says she'll never forget what it was like to see her daughter questioned by police and the FBI.
"I got to a point where I broke down too," she recalls, "and started crying with her."
For now, the only thing Mary Beth has left of Hailey are the writings Hailey left on this binder.
"My daughter is pleading that she might one day get a call from her or a text," said Garcia.
Hoping that the best friend she once heard from everyday will be home soon.
Garcia says on the day Hailey disappeared, Mary beth received a text message that said "what are you doing?"
She says the message was sent from Hailey's mother's cell phone at about 2 o'clock, which Hailey always used, but Garcia says she worries that there is no evidence to prove Hailey sent that message.
The Garcia family says authorities have taken that text message as evidence in the investigation.
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PostSubject: Where Did Hailey Dunn Die? (Statement Analysis)   Mon Jan 24, 2011 10:55 pm

Monday, January 24, 2011

Where Did Hailey Dunn Die?

Here is the transcripts to Billie Dunn's rebuttal of the police affidavit. In this, we may have learned where Hailey died and more details regarding the case. We have previously seen a linguistic indicator that may point to Hailey having stopped breathing, but here we learn where her death may have occured.

Thanks to our Facebook friend, Heather, for her work in transcribing the interview. She did a terrific job in body language analysis as well.

Subject: Transcript: Billie Jean Dunn Responds to Affidavits

BJD: First of all in there they pointed out about the horror movies we watch and crime stories we read. We just, we do, they did make me feel like.. That's strange. That's not .. original. Which I think it is. I think a lot of people watch horror films. We have a whole lot of comedies. We watch mostly comedies. But they pointed that out, so just to get that clarified a little bit. umm

Note that the "we" of Billie Dunn and Shawn continues. They are still a couple in spite of Shawn being named an official suspect in the disappearance of her daughter.

Note her response to being asked about the slasher films is not to deny, but to add comedies to the movies watched.

"They also said I walked out after my polygraph, which is not true. I walked out about eight hours after the polygraph. After intense questioning,"

Note the words that she framed, twice, showing sensitivity. Police asked her difficult questions and she walked out after failing her polygraph and being confronted by police. What did police say that caused her to walk out?

The question that police repeatedly asked that caused her to walk out should be considered acutely sensitive to Billie Jean Dunn.

"and thank God they've only done that questioning one time, "

this suggests that police have likely wanted to question her again and she is not going to go through it again. She is thankful that it only happened once, perhaps, because she left without giving police what they repeated asked for: the location of Hailey.

"but that lasted about 12 hours altogether that day, but about eight hours after that polygraph is when I finally got up and said, you know, you must not be any closer to findin my daughter when you are sittin here asking me where she is. and I think it was about midnight. I finally got up and I left. "

But "that" (distance, rather than "this" indicating closeness) "sitting" shows the tension of what went on and the verb tense of "asking me" shows the sensitivity that the question is still unanswered and is sensitive. What is it that caused Billie Jean to walk out, which is the same as not answering?

Where is Hailey?

Billie Jean refused to answer the question.

"left" shows that she is withholding information here. This should be considered the key point of sensitivity for Billie Jean; that she will not tell police where Hailey is.

It is related to the polygraph indicating that she failed the question:

Do you know where Hailey is?

Interviewer: so you didn't walk out in the middle of the polygraph?

Note the question does not include walking out during questioning, which is indicated.


Interviewer: okay, it also says that Shawn failed it and it alludes to the fact that you did too. What do you say to that?

BJD: yes. umm, I don't really know how to say anything to that.

Note not "what" to say, but "how" which indicates explanation.

I don't know how to give those tests.

She cannot answer since she does not "give" those tests.

I don't know anything about em.

She tells us what she doesn't know.

I know it made me lose a lot of faith in that test because they'd got me to put a lot of faith into that test.

Note that she lost "a lot of faith" not all faith.

And I thought that was gonna hopefully get some focus somewhere which it didn't.

It did get focus, not just "some" focus, but it focused upon Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins.

Interviewer: For so long, after much debate. In fact I thought I would talk to you.

BJD: and umm. Reading through all that it still gets them nowhere. We still have no answers. Umm

This may be in reference to the affidavit which did not get them "nowhere" but got them a signature to search and take certain items which are sensitive to the subject.

Interviewer: there's some other things in there I just wanted to address. I want you to be able to address them. And one is that you purchased drugs in Snyder, or something like that.

BJD: No.

Note that she says "no" but this is a response to a request to address the topic of drugs. This should be viewed as a lack of cooperation and drugs should be considered sensitive.

I was just very upfront

Note the sensitivity about being upfront with "very" which indicates that she normally is not so "up front" about drug use. The interviewer should be alerted to this to realize that Billie Jean is not going to be honest about her drug habit.

and open about the fact that umm was on pain medication

Note the word "fact" when asked about purchasing drugs
note also that the transcriber did a good job here, as the video shows that Billie dropped the pronoun at this point. This shows deception: Billie wants us to believe that she was on pain medication but she doesn't tell us. This is not reliable. This indicates that there was more than just prescription pain medication and anti-anxiety medication.

and antibiotics for a tooth, and I put that out there.

Note that she did not tell them she was just on pain meds and antibiotics, but that she "put that out there" indicating that she floated this as an excuse for her drug abuse. It is likely that when she 'put it out there' she knew police did not buy the excuse. This is an indication that Billie Jean was on more than just pain medication.

And.. I don't know if we got them that night or we already had em,
Note that she tells what she did not know. Note also that "if we got them" would not be that they picked them up from a pharmacy. This is a street purchase of drugs and Billie told Nancy Grace that she and Shawn withdrew "all" their money.

umm they gave me anti-anxiety medication a couple days after Hailey's disappearance and I had been taking that as well.

"they gave me" is passive and not "the doctor" who would not "give" but prescribe. This is an indication of illegal drug activity. Who are "they"? Since the information is withheld regarding drug purchasing, it should be understood as there was more than one drug dealer present, or more than one purchase.

Interviewer: OK

BJD: So, no, like, street, drug, use..

Interviewer: ..ever..

BJD: No.. Never do that.
Note that the question is about street drug use and her answer is deceptive: "No", which is strong, but "never do that" drops the pronoun and is present tense; something common in false substance abuse denials.

Here, via deception, Billie Dunn tells us:

Billie Dunn is a street drug abuser.

BJD: Umm, I think they said something about a New Year's Eve party, which is the furthest thing from the truth as well.

"think" is weak and here is another point of deception.

Police asked her about throwing the party but the questioning from Nancy Grace was pointedly sharp, with repeated questions and frustration by Nancy Grace,leading her to finally ask, "Did you watch the ball drop?" Billie Dunn refused to answer the question of having a party. Statement Analysis says that if a subject does not answer the question, the question is sensitive and the likely: 'if the question isn't answered, it is answered' conclusion.

This would indicate that she had a party and that when the ball dropped from Times Square, she knew it was New Year's Eve.

Also note that parents of missing children would know what the date is, and in fact, would likely know how many hours their child was missing at any given time.

Billie Jean's response is deceptive.

"I had.. I didn't even realize it was New Year's Eve,"

"I had" is incomplete meaning that she is withholding information about having a party.

Note also that she tells us what she didn't think, which is an indication of deception. She knew it was New Year's Eve and and had a party while her daughter was missing.

Billie Dunn wants the public to believe her. She wants "her side" to be believed. When she says that she and at least 4 adults and a baby got together, served drinks, and watched the Times Square ball drop on TV, and not know it is New Year's Eve, she alerts the public to just how far she is willing to go to lie.

It is also hard for parents to consider this, but Billie Dunn, Shawn, and at least 4 other adults celebrated New Year's Eve, drinking and watching the Times Square Ball drop, while 13 year old Hailey was missing, somewhere out in the cold.

They weren't out searching.

They weren't talking to police, on the phone with search organizations, calling Hailey's classmates, or doing anything associated with Hailey.

They were having a party.

Post crime behavior is significant.

because that's not my concern.

note that "because" is sensitive as it seeks to explain, rather than report. Note also that she tells us what was not her concern, which shows deception. People tell us what happened, but when they tell us what didn't happen, or what wasn't thought, or wasn't concerning, we are looking at likely deception.

The New Year's Eve party was a priority for her. Why would someone party after her 13 year old went missing, including inviting over at least 4 adults to join her and Shawn in drinking?

Umm An aunt and uncle and their grand-baby came down.

Note the passivity of "they came down"; not that "I invited them"; which would indicate that this is something that Billie does not want known.

We had them over and my two brothers from Snyder came over umm pretty much all day Friday. They spent the night in Snyder at my brothers house and then they were here pretty much all day Saturday also, before they went back home. umm I've had a lot of family come in and stayin with me. They have just been really supportive,

Note first the "we" continues after Hailey went missing.

In this case, we would expect to see a pronoun change but likely after Hailey went missing.

Once Hailey went missing, if the "we" continues, it means that there is unity and cooperation between the mother and the suspect. This is why police interrogated her with repeated pleas to tell them where Hailey was.

With an innocent parent and a perpetrator, there is no "we" to be found. Crimes are solved by pronouns. The "we" indicates that the unity and cooperation between Shawn and Billie Dunn continues.

Even should Billie Dunn read this post and do her best to avoid the we" and to avoid speaking of Hailey in the past tense, it would still likely slip in. Itis part of her thinking and the language will reflect it

Note also the deflection about staying, where staying and support. The question is about her New Year's Eve party yet she goes off to another topic (family support) in order to get distance from the party.

Interviewer: so it was family that was over here on New Year's Eve. Simply supporting you. Okay

Note the interviewer feels the need to sum it up for her, since she went off on a tangent as a deflection.

BJD: yeah, yup.

Interviewers, when reflecting back to the subject, allow the subject ease of lying in summation. It should be avoided. It is fine to reflect back what a subject said, but here, since Billie sought to deflect the topic, the Interviewer, rather than using the deflection, helped Billie communicate deception. This is why journalist need training in conducting interviews.

Interviewer: Now, something else I wanted to ask you about. Yesterday on the KXS? newscast you alluded to the fact that you and Shawn had parted ways. Can you explain that to me

BJD: Yeah, Like I said,

Note that this is a self reference and unreliable. It is used by deceptive people rather than speak from experiential memory and should be considered sensitive wherever it comes up.

they'd put, had me put so much stress into that test and when he failed it.. I was fearin the worst, that he had hurt my daughter

She blames the police for stressing her and causing her to have Shawn leave.
What does Billie know? That "he had hurt my daughter" yet continues to lie for him.

Note that she was able to frame the words "he hurt my daughter" into her sentence. It is not a single indicator that she knows her hurt her, but it is an indicator that should be looked at within the larger frame of the interview. If we have other indicators, we may then conclude that she is articulating that he hurt her because she knows this. Next, we would need to learn why she covers for him.

We also have another question:

Where did Shawn hurt Hailey?

and umm I told police that were around that I didn't want him back at the house

" Note that she told "police that were around"; not other police, nor a call to 911. This may be an attempt to portray it as casual and passing and not serious; she is minimizing it.

didn't want him back" but only "at the house" not that she didn't want him back as in the relationship. The extra words "a the house" are important.

Next, we need to look at the house.


Often, she calls it "my" house. Now it is "the" house. Why would she need to distance herself from the house?

I suggest to readers that Hailey died in the home.

Let's look at what happens when "my" house becomes "the" house.

From the FBI Academy on an arson case:

"We left [b]my
house about 6:30AM.
We stopped to eat breakfast then
on to play golf. We arrived back
at my house. I laid my golf clubs
on the porch and went inside the

I was going to change my
wet pants and shirt. After I
changed my pants and shirt,
I left the house."

Why did the subject change the possessive pronoun "my" house, to "the" house?

We also want to know when, in context, did a change take place.

The why: The subject dropped possession of his house when he instinctively went from "my house" to "the house". This is something that the brain processes in less than a microsecond, and is chosen by instinct; that being something learned from the earliest days of speech while a child.

He dropped the "my" and replaced it with "the" to drop possession or ownership of the house.

In context, he did it because that is when he started the fire.

It is his house until he sets fire to it; and by the time he got to the porch, it was no longer his house, it was on fire.

Did you also catch the repetition of "pants and shirt"?

Repetition means sensitivity.

His pants and shirt mean a lot to him (sensitivity) and they were wet.

He didn't lie.

He just didn't tell the whole truth.

Once he made it to the porch, it was no longer his home because he set fire to it.

His pants and shirt were wet...

with gasoline.

They needed changing.

Note that Billie now calls it "the" house when it is regarding Shawn.

Was she thinking about where Hailey died when she distanced the house from herself?

umm but

This means to note what follows as she is about to refute what was just alleged: that she didn't want him back at the house after he failed the polygraph, but once she herself failed, she did want him back at the house. How would that look to police and the public?

after I failed it too, I just. I don't know how to feel or what to think,

Note that she doesn't know how to feel about failing a polygraph. An innocent person would feel outrage and know that this was a false result. She knows that she failed and she knows why she failed. Here she could say that she didn't cause Hailey's demise, but she doesn't. Direct lying is stressful and this is why Billie Jean drops pronouns. Lying causes her stress. She does not know how to feel about failing the polygraph. An innocent person knows what to think and knows what to think: the test results are wrong.

but he's gonna stay at his grandma's house until this is cleared up

Note that he is going to stay "until" and then note "this is cleared up" not that Hailey comes home.

This may be the most shocking admission of all; even more than speaking of her daughter in the past tense language, indicating she is dead.

Note only does Billie Dunn tell us that Hailey is dead

because we dunno where she is or what happened and I'm not gonna rule out anything. The investigators can't rule out anything.

Note the change of pronouns indicates deception. "we" don't know where she is or what happened but "I'm" not going to rule out anything. The change of pronouns does not appear to be justified; therefore it is an indication of deception.

Note that the investigators can't rule out "anything" but not "anyone"

An innocent parent would have taken a polygraph immediately, passed it and have been ruled out. If an innocent parent failed a polygraph, the innocent parent would know what to think: THE MACHINE IS WRONG in no uncertain sound. Not so, for Billie Dunn.

Interviewer: That's right. And it also says in there that they confiscated your car. Is that correct and I guess for forensic evidence and that sort of thing.

BJD: uh-hum, yeah, which I don't really understand because all our DNA is gonna be in there. But, Yeah.. I let em.. go ahead and take it, do what ever they need to do. Yameen, can't continue to be as cooperative as I can be.

Billie doesn't "really" understand, indicating that she does have some understanding. In fact, she understands enough to know that her DNA is available anywhere, so why do they need the car?

Note that she "let them" take the car, and do whatever they need to do; as if by her permission. This suggests that she wants the public to think that she is cooperating even though she walked out of the polygraph and interrogation when it came to the sensitive question posed to her by police:

Where is Hailey?

Interviewer: They took your Xbox? Is that right?

BJD: Yeah, they took my son's Xbox because umm Hailey was playin on it the night before she disappeared.

Note that by "yeah" she affirms what the Interviewer said, but then adds that they took her son's X Box. Billie Dunn plays video games as well as David, and Hailey. David said that Hailey was good at the game she was playing the night she was last seen by him.

Note that here, Hailey "disappeared" though in other places, Hailey "went missing." (change of language) There are no synonms in Statement Analysis.

Interviewer: What about computers and that sort of thing
BJD: We don't have any computers.

Interviewer: Can you talk to me about, you know, they allude to the fact that there was a lot of cell phone use, they confiscated cell phones, obviously they pinged on the towers that were..

BJD: Yeah, Yeah they took.. which I'm not real sure about umm Monday morning on the 27th before I left to work I used the phone here in the house but I left the cell phone here. Shawn had his cell phone with him, So that's all I know is that my cell phone should've been here all day long.

Broken sentences means withheld information as the subject stops herself. Note:

Monday morning I used the phone here. Billie is likely aware of the inconsistencies regarding the phone pings. Who did she call Monday morning, prior to 6AM?? Note that as she speaks, police will listen and subpeona phone records and compare what she says to what evidence reveals.

Regarding the phone usage, the sensitivity is noted. Billie has been deceptive about the cell phone, including leaving it for the children, as well as the claim that a neighbor saw Hailey on her phone (something the police have said was related to drugs/friendship and not truthful)

From KTXS:

Adkins left his place of employment at 6:10 a.m. on the morning of Dec. 27 and told investigators that he went straight to his mother’s house in Big Spring. However, cell phone records indicate that Adkins’ cell phone was in contact with cell towers in the Colorado City area from 6:35 a.m. until 6:56 a.m., during the time when he said he was traveling to Big Spring.

Billie Dunn left for work at 6:20 a.m. on Dec. 27, and authorities said her cell phone was also in contact with the same cell tower during the same time period.
KTXS Abilene, Tx 1-11-11/Updated 1-12-11

Documents Point To Mother, Boyfriend In Hailey Dunn's Disappearance

Police know who spoke to whom which is why it is so helpful to keep Billie Dunn speaking.

Interviewer: okay. Was Hailey using your cell..
BJD: yeah

No specific detail. When someone says "and that's all I know" it is an indication of deliberately withholding information. Innocent people rack their brains over and over to think of any detail and do not possess the confidence to declare "that's all I know".

The meaning of "that's all I know" is clear:

Stop the questioning.

This indicates that Billie Dunn knows that her lies about cell phone use are going to cost her.
Interviewer: phone perhaps?

BJD: Well, um yeah, that's why I left it here for the kids use it. A neighbor, who's not there now, but he did tell investigators he saw Hailey walkin around in my backyard on the phone at around lunchtime.

in spite of police refuting the witness, Billie stays upon it. We may learn that she will be charged with witness tampering, as this sounds like a story that was constructed by Billie Dunn with a local drug using friend, who has, since that time, left town. We may learn that Billie and Shawn promised him drugs in exchange for his statement

Interviewer: okay, some of the things that are in here that Shawn told investigators. There's a statement about killing a deer that he made to Mr Ostender.

BJD: One of my brothers it would've been

Interviewer: Ok, and then he also told them he thought she was sexually active and drugs. And how does that make you feel?

BJD: ..and I don't know why.. I don't believe..
note the broken sentence; withheld information. She then seeks to distance herself from it:

That upsets me a lot. I mean.. I don't.. I never.. had suspicions of that.

(take note of the body language at this point via video)

note "that" is repeated (sensitive) and is distancing language.

I don't know why that was said. He never said that to me. That. I really can't speak for him,

"never" is not a strong denial. Note that she can't "really" speak for him; indicating that she knows, and on the authority of her knowledge, can, in deed, speak for him.

I haven't really talked to him,

just like Nancy Grace, this interviewer used Statement Analysis and grabbed on to her additional word "really" as showing weakness. The interviewer knew she was being deceptive but did not want to lie outright due to internal stress. She is caught communicating with the number one suspect in the disappearance of her daughter and does not want this known.

Interviewer: You haven't? When was the last time you talked to him.

Note that he has two questions; with the first, rhetorical. In disbelief, he then seeks clarity.

BJD: Probably two days ago .

Unreliable. she likely spoke to him that day.

He'll just send a text message now and then.

note the change in verb tense with "he'll" rather than the specific conversation two days ago. This is frequently used by deceptive people. It is likely more "now" than "then" and this wording suggests that on the very day of the interview, they spoke.

Regarding the late employee:

Supervisor: "What time did you get to work on Monday?"

Worker: "Oh, I am not sure. I get to work early each day, as I like to have my coffee and be ready for the day's events, and I think it sets a good tone for..." and on and on she went; refusing to answer the question.She was late.

Billie Dunn does the same thing. She does not want anyone to know when she spoke to Shawn, how she spoke to Shawn, and how often she speaks to Shawn.

"I love y'all and I miss y'all." but we really don't talk.

Note the "we" continues to the present. Don't "really" talk would need follow up questions. What is it like when you and Shawn "really" talk?

This additional word tells us that they "talk" and not just "text" now and then.

Note what is missing from Shawn's words:

Hailey Dunn.

What happened to Hailey is something that unites Shawn and Bilie into being "we" and "us" regardless of time; before, during and after Hailey met her fate they are together.

Interviewer: Ok. And out of all of this what do you want people to know. That, you know where you are today, what do you want people to know after all this.

Here is Billie Dunn's opportunity to address the world:

BJD: umm. Mainly I want people to know the fact is my 13-year-old daughter still missing, and that's what's most important. That's what people need to continue to focus on.

That Hailey is missing is what people need to focus upon;

not upon the affidavit which was why she gave this interview. Billie does not want the focus to be upon her, nor upon Shawn, even though Shawn told police that they needed to look at both of them.

That's what we want them to continue to focus on. umm I hope people don't judge me by what was in there. I hope they hear my side of it because I don't want people thinking I'm a horrible person.

Note that Clint stopped all communication with Hailey.

"We" showing cooperation and unity continues with Shawn Adkins.

When she switches to "I" she gets stronger: She does not want to be judged by what was in the affidavit. This is different than saying the affidavit is lies. Rather, she has a "side" to the affidavit that she wants them to hear.

With her words is found: "I'm a horrible person" is found, even if presented in the negative. She is able to frame these words within her statment.

Note that she may eventually confess to the horrible things she has done with Shawn, though she appears to be stronger than he does when it comes to the police.

She knows that what is in the affidavit makes her "horrible" and can understand the perception that people will have reading it.

BJD: Umm..Because.. I've been open and honest about everything and I'm glad to get a chance to defend myself but the main thing is that Hailey's still not at home.

"I've been" is not "I am open and honest" and we don't know when she was "open and honest"; it wasn't during this interview. She is glad to defend herself but Hailey is still at home.

Interviewer: And if she were watching or reading this tonight What would you say to her?

BJD: Tell her how much I love her. Beg her to come back home.

Note to "beg" indicates that Billie wants us to believe that Hailey is not kidnapped, but has chosen to stay away and needs to be "begged", pleaded with, convinced, to come home. This indicates will.

If you're out there,

To innocent mothers of missing children, there is no "if", just as there is no past tense language.

because you want to be out there.

As if Hailey had a choice

I need you home.

It is the only thing that will save Billie from prison

I need to hear from you. I've got to know that you're safe. We can fix any problem that you have or that we have,

Note the attempt to continue to show that Hailey left on her own accord; even though she didn't pack her favorite, never leave home without, jacket, mp3 player, or personal belongings.

that .. for whatever reason you would have left, we can fix it. I just miss her so much.

Interviewer: Have you had people calling you, just out of the clear blue sky, like they have Clint, with leads?

BJD: Yeah, not much umm, because in the beginning I was always adamant you have to call the police.

People don't presently call her like they do Clint because in the beginning she was "adamant" that they call the police. How would the tipsters now know that the tipsters early on were referred to the police? Billie is being deceptive. People know that she is involved and the numbers of searchers has decreased likely due to several factors, with anger being one of them.

Like the police, they know that Billie could end the search with just a word.

Hailey Dunn will be found and Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins will be arrested. It is a matter of time.

They have to check it out even if you think it's something small, and probably doesn't matter, you have to call the police. It's their job to decide whether it's good info or not.

Don't call Billie.

And if anybody wants to call in anonymously they can call 1-800-the-loss and be completely anonymous.

Why would someone need to be anonymous? Note that "anonymous" is repeated twice.

I hope that Billie is hit with a pain of conscience when she considers these things and makes the anonymous call to let police know. It may happen.

Billie, are you listening

Interviewer: I think that's all I have. I appreciate you talking to us.

BJD: Ok. I appreciate you giving me a chance to defend myself also and to just to let everybody know the focus needs to continue to be the fact that Hailey's not at home yet.

The reverse of the previous statement. For Billie, the focus is Billie.

Interviewer: There was one other thing. we got some information that there is a, for lack of a better word, a slasher website that..someone has discovered that..

BJD: I think probably they're talking about. Shawn gets on

"think" added to "probably" shows weakness. She knows the site.

Interviewer: Shawn gets on


Interviewer: and posts. and there were just some disturbing comments perhaps on there. You don't know about that?

BJD: I don't know anything about that. No.

Her sensitivity indicators tell us that she knows all about it.

What we learn from deceptive answers; dropped pronouns, direct avoidance:

1. Police know: Billie Jean knows where Hailey is.

They questioned her for 8 hours but she would not tell them.

2. She is a suspect.

3. She is a drug abuser.

4. She is still with Shawn.

5. They kept her after failing her polygraph and she left even though they asked her to stay, because she would not tell them where Hailey was.

6. Her vehicle is part of this with DNA

7. She did have a New Year's Eve party

8. She does talk on the phone to Shawn; not just texts.

9. She will only give cooperation to the police that "she can", which means she is limited by consequence

10. Her answer to horror movies? She has comedies, too but they didn't want to talk about her comedy movies.

11. Note the self reference "like I said" which means she is working not from experiential memory, but from a previous statement.

Dropped pronouns, negation, and vague answers along with non-answers.

Note how she frames her answers:

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PostSubject: Billie Dunn: "She's Not Coming Back Home"   Tue Jan 25, 2011 2:35 pm

Billie Dunn: "She's Not Coming Back Home"

Billie Jean Dunn, mother of missing 13 year old, Hailey Dunn, spoke to local media KTAB about what she has been going through in which she spoke about staying positive and getting Hailey's face "out there" for "just one person" to see. She said that she was going through a lot, "on top of Hailey missing".

She did not identify what she was going through "on top of Hailey missing" directly, but said this in response to the interviewer's statements about the scrutiny.

KTAB reported that police have said that Shawn Adkins "and other persons of interest have been under surveilance 24 hours a day" which may be pointing to her.

Billie Dunn was told by the interviewer to directly address Hailey, and she told Hailey to come home if she was ready. This is an attempt to portray her daughter as a runaway, inspite of the evidence showing that she was not a runaway and that Billie's story to police and media about the sleep over is a lie.

Billie Dunn said something disturbing.

On top of speaking of Hailey in the past tense (something mothers of missing children only do when they know or believe their child is dead), she laid out something that she finds encouraging.

In Statement Analysis, we recognize that speech is not by error, as we all choose words to say in less than a microsecond during the free editing process, and have learned to do so since early childhood development.

This is why listening carefully to what someone says is the key to Statement Analysis.

If the subject drops pronouns, and you, the careful listener, carefully note anything said without a pronoun, over time, you would find yourself getting to the truth more times than not.
"just went to the store..." for example.

You may recognize that even if the subject did what she said she did in going to the store, though dropping the pronoun, that the subject has a reason why to distance herself from the activity. If you follow this as sensitive, you may find that either the subject didn't make it to the store; or that something is associated with the trip to the store, such as shoplifting or a drug purchase, or anything sensitive to the subject. It is for this reason that we find cases solved by listening to what the subject said and not interpreting what we think she meant.

What did she say that was disturbing?

They asked Billie Dunn about the Klass foundation and Marc Klass. She said that Marc was great and gave her a lot of "positive encouragement."

They asked her what tools were given to her to stay positive.

She stopped, went silent and then said these words as to what she finds most encouraging:

" no sign pointing to the fact that she's not coming back home."

Note that even when formed in the negative, the very words used to form the sentence are revealing. Within her sentence, as her mind pondered what she has found to be encouraging she said that there was "no sign" pointing to "the fact" that Hailey would not be coming home.

It is, in Billie Dunn's mind, a "fact" that Hailey is not coming back home.

This is why Billie Dunn spoke of Hailey in the past tense, indicating that she knows Hailey is deceased.

Hailey likely died late on the night of December 26, 2010, after 9PM, or in the early hours of the 27th.

The next day, Billie went to the police with the story she cooked up with Shawn about Hailey going to dads and then to a sleep over.

The mother of the child whom Billie said was having a sleep over said that there was never a sleep over and that Hailey had never slept at her house. She said her daughter is now in fear for her life.

Billie stuck to the story, even when police confronted her with lies.

She took a polygraph and failed it.

Police demanded that she tell them where her daughter is but Billie refused and walked out. Even while Shawn seem to buckle, first refusing to take a polygraph, then walking out several times, but finally submitting to it, but failing. Shawn even told police that they should be looking at both he and Billie Dunn in the disappearance of Hailey.

Billie Dunn has told us that it is a fact that Hailey is not coming back home.

In Statement Analysis, we do not interpret or make excuse with "that's not what she meant" as Statement Analysis and Polygraphs find similar results.

Billie Dunn failed her polygraph about the disappearance of Hailey.
Statement Analysis also shows she is withholding information, deceptively, about what happened to Hailey.

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PostSubject: Billie Dun Not Backing Down   Tue Jan 25, 2011 2:38 pm

Billie Dunn Not Backing Down

When Billie Dunn responded to the release of the affidavit, she showed more emotion than she has since Hailey's "disappearance".

She was bitter towards both the police and Nancy Grace.

She enjoyed the attention, at first, but that changed when the affidavit was released. From then on, it meant having to answer questions such as:

1. Did you call the police on Shawn?
2. If Shawn admitted threatening Hailey, why did you let him move in?
3. Did you and Shawn have a party on New Year's Eve?
4. Did you withdraw money for drugs?

From there, she had to answer questions about her phone use, which caused an increase in anxiety for her. On Monday, she was not on the Nancy Grace Show.

Billie also was angry towards the local police. The police reported that she walked out of the polygraph. Billie herself told us that she failed it, but claims that she only walked out on police because after failing it, she would not tell them where Hailey was. She said that she was there an an interrogation for 8 hours.

She hung tough, but Shawn didn't, even telling police to look at both he and Billie.

But for Billie the trouble was that police would not stop demanding that she tell them where to find Hailey.

Billie hung strong and did not break when police interrogated her for 8 hours:

"I know if I break down I won't stop. Once it starts it just keeps coming, so I know that I have to keep it together."

This tells me that she knows she cannot give an inch otherwise she will tell them everything.

"Children do come back and parents get their kids back and I'm going to believe that," she said

Note children do come back, but not Hailey. She has only future tense commitment to it, which is weak.

Billie knows that Hailey is dead and is struggling to keep her story straight, now 4 weeks into the case.

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PostSubject: Authorities Investigating If Dunn's Case And A Missing Lubbock Teen Are Linked   Wed Jan 26, 2011 12:04 pm

Authorities Investigating If Dunn's Case And A Missing Lubbock Teen Are Linked

By Jacqueline Hince, KTXS News
POSTED: 5:15 pm CST January 25, 2011
UPDATED: 5:42 pm CST January 25, 2011

COLORADO CITY, Texas -- Authorities in Colorado City are investigating if the case of missing teen Hailey Dunn, and a Lubbock 15-year old, who went missing and was found dead Monday, are connected.
At this time they do not believe the cases have anything to do with one another.
13-year old Hailey Dunn has been missing since December 27th.
15-year old Elizabeth Ennen went missing January 4th.
Tuesday Colorado City City Manager Pete Kampfer told KTXS a lead they've been pursuing in Tennessee was not a valid lead.
Law enforcement were back in Scurry and Mitchell county searching again Tuesday.
They say they're not backing off until they find Hailey.
Volunteer searchers plan to head out again to look for Hailey Wednesday morning.
Volunteers are meeting at the Colorado City Civic Center at 9 a.m. Wednesday.
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PostSubject: Somer's Mother Offers Help To Billie Dunn   Thu Jan 27, 2011 12:15 am

Somer's Mother Offers Help To Billie Dunn

Tomorrow marks one month since Hailey Dunn was last seen, and her mother, Billie, is now getting some additional emotional and financial support from someone who has been in her shoes.

Diena Thompson form the Somer Thompson Foundation is in Colorado City today. Diena started the foundation after her 7-year-old daughter was abducted and murdered. She said she is providing financial assistance to the Dunn family and offering emotional support.

Investigators are still aggressively following leads and holding interviews and searches today, according to Pete Kampfer, spokesman for the Colorado City Police Department. Interviews are being conducted in both Mitchell and Scurry Counties today, and searchers are actively looking in southern Scurry County.

Hailey Dunn's disappearance is not related to the Lubbock teen who was kidnapped and murdered this month, Kampfer said.

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PostSubject: School Releases Footage Showing Hailey Dunn One Week Before She Disappeared   Thu Jan 27, 2011 12:19 am

School Releases Footage Showing Hailey Dunn One Week Before She Disappeared

By Jacqueline Hince, KTXS News

POSTED: 5:27 pm CST January 25, 2011 UPDATED: 9:12 am CST January 26, 2011

COLORADO CITY, Texas -- KTXS News visited Colorado Middle School on Tuesday nearly a month after eighth-grader Hailey Dunn vanished, and school officials are working to bring a sense of "normalcy" back into the classroom.

Teachers and school administrators say kids are doing the best they can, but they say school won't feel normal again until Hailey is found, alive.
Colorado City officials on Tuesday released school surveillance video of Hailey Dunn taken exactly one week before she disappeared.
Hailey's mother, Billie Dunn, saw the same footage Monday and said watching it was hard. "You can tell just looking at it, the way she walked...that was just heartbreaking to watch," she said.
Billie said Hailey's classmates have been incredibly supportive.
They've made buttons, bracelets and written notes and poems to their missing friend.
One poem, written by an eighth-grader, reads: "Think of you as I look up at the moon, as everyone speculates what is and isn't true. The stars in the sky look down, trying to find you."
School personnel say Hailey's locker sits empty; most of her school notebooks were taken by the FBI for the investigation.
Teachers told us her desk also sits untouched, as students keep her spot for when she returns.
"We're just trying to stay positive," said Hailey's reading teacher Tammy Johnson. "Our belief is that she's going to come back, and we're just waiting for that day."
Colorado Middle School Principal Mark Merrell said each day is a balancing act as they try to keep students on a normal routine even though nothing feels normal: "still doing the things day in and day out, but also not forgetting Hailey as well."
They said that even though the school staff is hurting, their job is to help students.
And although they're all focused on finding Hailey, they still have hundreds of students who come here to learn.
"It's definitely there, and we're just trying to go on and take care of what we need to work on here at school," said Johnson.
As part of the students' idea to get involved, next week they are having "Hailey Week," just one more way they're showing they care.
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PostSubject: Billie Dunn Receives Money   Thu Jan 27, 2011 11:10 am

Billie Dunn Receives Money

On Nancy Grace, Billie Dunn said that she and Shawn emptied their accounts on Dec 26th. Later, we learned that the money was for drugs. Now, The Somer Thompson Foundation has given her more money. This may provoke a strong response from police, since they claim that after failing her polygraph, Billie Dunn still refused to tell them where they could recover Hailey, those interested in justice, the public who has volunteered to search, as well as substance abuse advocates who know that giving money to an addict is always a mistake.

A financial grant was given to Hailey's mom, Billie Dunn. The money is to help cover this month's bills.

Billie Dunn hasn't been to work since her daughter vanished on December 27, 2010. Back at that time, she also had financial assistance from her live-in boyfriend Shawn Adkins. Adkins no longer stays at the home.
The grant was given by The Somer Thompson Foundation, an organization started by Diena Thompson after her 7-year-old daughter was abducted and murdered in 2009. The group gave Dunn the money so she can focus on her daughter, not how to pay bills.

"All her attention needs to be on her missing daughter. Not how am I gonna pay the electric and how am I gonna pay the mortgage," said Thompson.

Billie Dunn said she was overwhelmed by the gracious gift.

"Mentally I know I can't go back to work. I think of Hailey 24 hours a day so I know I can't focus there," said Dunn.

She said she was starting to worry how the bills would get paid.

Thompson said more than the money she wants to offer support.

"I know where she's at. I've been there before. If you have never been through this you can't even in your worst imagination know what this nightmare is like," she said.

Dunn agrees and said the conversation Thompson offers is worth more than money.

"It's just great to talk mother to mother to somebody who actually gets it," said Dunn

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PostSubject: Billie Dunn Speaks Of Hailey in Past Tense   Thu Jan 27, 2011 10:17 pm

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Billie Dunn Speaks Of Hailey in Past Tense

When the mother of a missing child speaks of her child in the past tense, investigators know: the child is likely deceased.

When Susan Smith spoke tearfully to the press, to implore that "whoever" took her boys in an alleged carjacking, bring them home, she said, "they needed me"; which they did. The past tense language is instinctive and it showed that, just as she said, they did need her, but do not, presently need her, as they were killed by her. She is currently in prison for their murder.

Casey Anthony tried to fool the police into thinking that her babysitter had kidnapped her almost 3 year old daugher, Caylee. Even before it was known that the babysitter was imaginary, Casey tipped off police that they would not be having a happy ending to the case when she said, "Caylee loved the park", with "loved" in the past tense. Caylee no longer loves the park because Caylee is dead.

Caylee's remains were found in the woods 1/2 mile from Casey's home.

Misty Croslin, the day after her deceptive 911 call was made regarding a "missing" Haleigh Cummings, she said, "I loved that little girl like she was my own" with the key word, "loved" spoken as the caretaker. She no longer 'loves' her because she is no longer alive. This was indicative that Misty knew Haleigh was deceased.

In the same way, Billie Jean Dunn told the Nancy Grace audience, repeatedly, that Hailey was deceased by the same verbal indication: she spoke of Hailey in the past tense.

Deception is found in the small wording that slips out, even when the mother is attempting to portray the child as alive. Often, Casey used present tense language, but, on ocassion, slipped into past tense (on one ocassion, she even corrected herself). Billie Dunn will speak mostly in the present tense, as she has been deceptive to police and to the public. But the slips are there and the more she has spoken, the more she has told us that we are not going to find Hailey alive.

Note the way Billie Dunn speaks of her below.

Hailey's mom clings to hope


By Carol Parsons
Posted January 26, 2011 - 2:42pm

Four weeks ago few people outside of classmates and close friends had any idea who Hailey Dunn was.

Today, her face is known coast to coast and an entire community has pulled together to make her their own.

Hailey is a typical 13 year old according to her mother, “with hormones raging and little attitudes now and then, but no different from other friends’ 13-year-olds.”
She’s really a good kid. She has a big heart,” Billie Dunn said.

Her room reflects her growing from little girl into young lady: trophies from softball, decorative pillows on her bed, a drawer of snacks – Hostess cupcakes and hot Cheetos, and pin up pictures of her favorite martial artist B. J. Penn.

Ever the sports enthusiast, the red beaded curtains reflect the Wolves’ colors.

Cheerleading wasn’t her favorite thing,” Dunn said. “She loved softball, volleyball, and basketball. She was first chair saxophone in band.”

Does she still love sports? This past tense use shows us that Billie knows she is dead.

Hailey, who vanished without a trace on December 26 or 27, has captured national headlines, creating a media frenzy in Colorado City, her picture displayed on billboards along Interstate 20 and portrayed as the “perfect cheerleader” on Nancy Grace.

“That’s not who she was. She’d rather kick a boy before kissing him,” Dunn said. “She’s very tomboyish.”

Dunn recalls her daughter breaking lots of windows in the backyard while playing ball. “Any kind of ball, she broke a window with it,” she said.

She was always bored at home and watched a lot of TV. She wrestled with her brother, David. They practiced different (martial art) moves on each other,” Dunn said.

School mates and teachers rallied behind the search for the missing teen, selling T-shirts, printing buttons, distributing flyers, tying orange ribbons around town and holding a vigil at the middle school.

Investigators at first focused on the possibility Hailey might have runaway, but more recently are treating her disappearance as a criminal investigation.

Her mother said the media focus made her a little crazy.

I got so depressed,” she said. “The focus was Shawn killed her and we needed to find a body. There’s no evidence my daughter is gone. I decided as long as I believe she’s alive, she is. I’m going to believe she’s alive.”

Billie's confidence is that there is "no evidence" which may be why she has not sought out a defense attorney yet, as Shawn Adkins has.

Representatives from Klaas Kids Foundation and Laura Recovery Center helped Dunn find a way out of the depression.

I am so appreciative to Marc (Klaas) for getting me out of the house,” she said. “ I didn’t want to go anywhere. He made me go down to the civic center and meet some of the searchers.

Although law enforcement tells Dunn they are looking into all leads, she feels they’re “too focused on Shawn. There are places you can make Shawn fit and lots you can’t. I know he loves Hailey and David. Not like I do, but he does.”

Her protection of Shawn continues.

Dunn would like to see investigators focus more on the witnesses who claim to have seen Hailey on Monday, Dec. 27 “It makes a big difference how everyone thinks if Hailey was seen later,” she said.

She admits the idea Adkins might be guilty “got pounded into my head. It made me cry.”

What made her cry? That Shawn might be guilty; not that Hailey is missing.

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PostSubject: Hailey Dunn: Criminal Profile of Perpetrator(s)   Thu Jan 27, 2011 10:20 pm

if (window['tickAboveFold']) {window['tickAboveFold'](document.getElementById("latency-965388578588932663")); }

Hailey Dunn: Criminal Profile of Perpetrator(s)

This is from the Examiner and is a profile of Hailey's killer.

As many of you know, I respect the work of Pat Brown.

Her profiling is based upon common sense, human nature, and experience in communicating with people, and has debunked many of the myths that, although were exciting for television movies, weren't factual. I have included a quote from her also in bold type.

I hope to have Pat back on the show soon.

Analysis and commentary are in bold type.

Hailey Dunn was reported missing on December 28, 2010 from Colorado City, Texas. The last person to see Hailey is Shawn Adkins. He is the former live-in boyfriend of Hailey Dunn's mother, Billie Dunn. He has been named a suspect, in the case, but no arrests have been made. Numerous searches have been made in and around Colorado City, but these searches have not led to her recovery.

Criminal profiler, Glenn Owen, has been following the case. He provided the following profile that he would use as a tool to solve her disappearance.

Target areas 10 to 20 miles in the direction of suspect, Shawn Adkins mother's home.

Shawn Adkins told police where they should look.

Remote areas where a dirt road is accessible from the main road and leads to a very remote area.”

The area is mostly rural

If Hailey has been murdered he said he would profile the killer as “Organized.”

Verbal indicators show that Hailey is dead. Here, Shawn Adkins is described as "organized"

Organized killers abduct from one area sexually assault and murder in another area then dump the body 10 to 20 miles from the abduction site in a very remote isolated area.

There is no suspicion that either Shawn or Billie Jean are serial killers.

Organized killers are usually average to above average in intelligence.

This would not describe Shawn Adkins nor Billie Dunn.

They come from families with a mentally abusive father figure.

They work (skilled labors) and have transportation (vehicle).

Shawn and Billie are not skilled workers. They were reported to share rides.

Many times they know or may be related to someone in law enforcement.

Not in this case as far as we know.

They like to keep close to the investigation by reading news reports.

Billie Dunn appears to have stayed close to the news via media appearances.

They plan their crime months prior to committing them.

This was likely not premeditated but an "accidental" overdose, or perhaps retaliatory (to keep Hailey silent) but was not likely planned at all. Billie Dunn described Shawn as mentally retarded, and Billie Dunn does not appear to be even average intelligence. She may be deceptive, and even street smart, as a liar, but she does not appear to reach the level of even average intelligence.

They study police tactics and know how to destroy or not leave much if any evidence.

Not likely in this case.

They like to keep souvenirs of their victims so they can relive the experience at a later time.

This is not likely the case either.

Many drive dark colored vehicles (trucks) with a lot of chrome and keep it very clean.

Vehicle will usually have high millage because they drive a lot looking for victims.

Billie didn't know, for several days, that police had taken Hailey's bedsheets. She does not strike me as a clean, organized person. Drug addicts are not known for hygiene, cleanliness, etc.

Organized killers usually don't kill in their own neighborhood.”

Hailey was likely killed in her own home, late night on the 26th of December, or the 27th in the early morning hours.

I asked Pat Brown, criminal profiler and author, her view point on this analysis. She said,

Regarding being intelligent and organized:
"this guy is organized which means he is smart. If he were so smart, he wouldn’t keep saying stupid stuff like where to find the body and how killing a kid is like killing a deer and yeah, I threatened to kill Billie and Hailey.

Regarding Organized killers don’t kill in the neighborhood:

Pat said that she believes Hailey was killed "in her own house".

She said, "this labeling system is for serial killers which the boyfriend is not."

Hailey Dunn is 5 foot 1, weighs 120 pounds. She has hazel eyes and long brown hair. She was last seen wearing navy blue sweatpants, a light colored short sleeve t-shirt, pink and white tennis shoes or flip flops and red hoop earrings.

Shawn Adkins alleges at approximately 3:15 pm on December 27, 2010 Hailey said she was going across the field to her Dad's house and then she was going to walk a few blocks away to spend the night with her friend. Hailey was reported missing on the afternoon of December 28, 2010 when it was discovered she did not spend the night with her friend and in-fact a sleepover had not been planned.

Anyone with information on the location of Hailey Dunn is asked to contact the Colorado City Police Department at (352) 728-5294.

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PostSubject: Hailey Dunn Investigation Downsizing   Thu Jan 27, 2011 10:21 pm

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hailey Dunn Investigation Downsizing

Investigators tighten numbers

Investigators searching into the disappearance of Hailey Dunn have distilled down to a mere handful of Texas Rangers and local officials.

We’re at a point where we’re down to a focus group of investigators,” Pete Kampfer, city manager said. “Although it’s a limited focus work force, we’re still working the case; we’re still working leads as they become available.”The task force’s emphasis is now primarily a criminal investigation, according to Kampfer. “We consider Hailey as under duress.”

Rumors that the murder of a 15 year old girl in Lubbock Monday is tied in with the Dunn case are false, according to Mitchell County Sheriff Patrick Toombs.

Meanwhile, investigators continue to sift through evidence to establish a time line for Hailey's disappearance.

Kampfer stated investigators haven’t been able to corroborate any witnesses seeing Hailey on December 27, the day she supposedly disappeared while on the way to spend the night with a friend.

Taking the electronic data and mixing it in, the time tables don’t match up,” he said.

The move toward a criminal investigation is based upon evidence from search warrants, voluntary searches, interviews (to include polygraphing) and suspicion of time table.

When you start piecing all things together, it points a finger at a small group of individuals or one individual as being suspicious,” Kampfer said. Although investigators still consider Shawn Adkins, former boyfriend of Hailey’s mother Billie Dunn a prime suspect, Kampfer said there were other “persons of interest.”

Billie Dunn told a reporter that police interrogated her for 8 hours and informed her that she failed the polygraph, and demanded that she tell them where Hailey was.

A group of five investigators met at the Mitchell County Sheriff’s Office early Monday morning, January 24 before “going in different directions on different leads,” according to Patrick Toombs, sheriff. “It depends on what’s going on how many people we need. All we have to do is make a phone call and we have as many as we need.”Although FBI and secret service agents are not in town, they are still on the case, according to Toombs.

Numerous news reports have centered on evidence at landfills; however, Toombs stated no evidence was taken from either the Colorado City or Snyder landfills.

“We did take some evidence from the landfill in Abilene, but we don’t believe it has any connection with the Dunn case,” he said. “A lot of stuff we’ve picked up doesn’t have any relationship to the case.”

Items have been taken in for analysis now or are being held for future analysis as the case develops. Other items have been collected in order to cover all bases in the event that a seemingly unimportant item turns up to be crucial later on.

Volunteers are still searching large areas and search groups continue to use the civic center as a staging area on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 9 a.m.

The task force is also in contact with an equestrian search organization, which were first contacted by Hailey’s family.

We’ve been talking with them,” Toombs said, adding he’s not sure what will take place, but the organization could be called in.

Both the Laura Recovery Center and Klaas Kids Foundation personnel left Colorado City Sunday, after several days of training and equipping local volunteers to continue the search, including leading a well-organized and large search party over the weekend.

The city will be hiring one additional police officer to help on patrol, but will not avail itself of outside agency personnel on an ongoing basis.

The hard part is keeping community and leadership engaged in an ongoing investigation,” Kampfer said. “We will keep looking, but we have to go forward with the issues of life. We still have things we have to participate and engage even though the investigation has to go on.”

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PostSubject: Billie Dunn And Shawn: Phone Calls Continue   Fri Jan 28, 2011 11:22 am

Friday, January 28, 2011

Billie Dunn And Shawn: Phone Calls Continue

editing....One on One with Hailey Dunn's Mother - Billie Dunn 1/27/11

Colorado City, Texas -

From the first day her daughter turned up missing Billie Jean Dunn has been the focus of community support but also a target for criticism.

On the one-month anniversary since Hailey Dunn went missing, Billie invited CBS 7 to sit down with her for a one on one interview and discuss how she’s been coping.

Beau Berman: How are you feeling today?

Billie Jean Dunn: "I'm still trying to be optimistic but I just am very frustrated that we don't have the answers we need yet and somebody knows where my daughter is and it's just hard that I haven't seen Hailey in a month and I've never gone this long without seeing her".

Note that "somebody knows" where Hailey is. Police claim that Billie Dunn, herself, knows, but is refusing to say so. Note how much truth is found within the words, even if the attempt is to deceive. Often a subject can be 'truthful, but still did it' in Statement Analysis.

Beau Berman: How frustrating was it to be a mom and your daughter's missing but also to hear those questions?

Billie Jean Dunn: "On top of Hailey missing have people saying horrible things and making horrible accusations and after I get Hailey home I'll deal with the slander and the defamation of character. I definitely will".

If your daughter was missing, would anything "top" the pain of it? For Billie Dunn, the pain of suspicion is "on top" of the fact of Hailey being missing. She will deal with the slander and defamation "after" Hailey is "home" reminiscient of guilty parties who say "I will search for the killer for the rest of my life" knowing it will take that long.

Beau Berman: Do you feel the law enforcement effort has gone far enough?

Billie Jean Dunn: "I wish they could have listened to me, trusted me from the beginning, trust that I know Hailey better than anybody. I wish that other agencies could have gotten involved sooner than they did".

We have listened to Billie Jean Dunn who has, via Statement Analysis, told us that Hailey is dead.

A chronic liar and drug abuser wishes that she had been trusted.

Beau Berman: It's hard to imagine how difficult this is on you. Have you had difficulty sleeping at night?

Billie Jean Dunn: "Yeah. I do have lots of trouble sleeping. I wake up in the morning and the first thought in my head is that Hailey's not here. It's the worst nightmare you can imagine".

Note that she has trouble sleeping but immediately talks about what she thinks when she wakes up.

Beau Berman: Do you ever just stop and look at her pictures as you walk through the house?

Billie Jean Dunn: "Sometimes I stare at them all day long and other times I can't look at them at all."

There is an element of rage here; when a parent cannot bear to look at a picture of her child, there is something terribly wrong. This may indicate, not guilt, but anger, as Billie may, in some strange way, blame Hailey for what happened. We listen carefully for any disparaging of Hailey by Billie and Shawn. We consider the descriptions given; including raging hormones, attitude, compared with the extreme descriptions of perfection. She wouldn't think of kissing a boy, but Billie discussed birth control with her 13 year old child. Billie doesn't realize that people have memory recall and recall what she said in other interviews. Billie does not do a good job keeping track of her own words.

Beau Berman: Once the Texas Rangers came in and everybody came in, do you feel the law enforcement effort was adequate and pretty strong?

Billie Jean Dunn: "I know they're looking for her and working endless days. I just wish we could get some answers quickly".

Beau Berman: Shawn was named a suspect a couple weeks ago. Have you talked to him recently?

Billie Jean Dunn: "Umm, we still talk some over the phone."

Billie attempted to portray communciation as only texts. Here she admits that they talk on the phone; note the present tense. This confirms the Statement Analysis of "we" and "us"; that they are still a couple.

Beau Berman: What is his attitude like now? Is he reclusive because there are so many fingers pointing at him?

Billie Jean Dunn: "Not with me. He wanted to talk to some media. He has talked to law enforcement since and been able to explain his story again. Mostly he just tells me to try to keep that optimism and he's still praying and his family is still praying. He misses us, he loves us".

Beau Berman: Do you ever think back to December 27th and kind of retrace through your mind and just think "what if"?

Billie Jean Dunn: "Yeah, all the time. I wish I wouldn't have gone to work that day. I wish I would have called her that night".

Beau Berman: So many what ifs?

Billie Jean Dunn: Yeah. I just decided as long as I can believe Hailey's alive and can come home safe, I'm going to’ believe that".

Law enforcement searched parts of Scurry County Thursday and according to Billie, members of the Klaas Kids Foundation are planning a return to Colorado City very soon to continue their search efforts.

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PostSubject: Billie Dunn's Very Own Zanny the Nanny   Mon Jan 31, 2011 10:09 pm

if (window['tickAboveFold']) {window['tickAboveFold'](document.getElementById("latency-8826318291072699503")); }

Billie Dunn's Very Own Zanny the Nanny

Billie Dunn may be attempting to build her own Zanny the Nanny. She has provided us with another example of deceptive language Note Statement Analysis in bold type.

Hailey's Mom Gives Details Of Potential Person Of Interest

Billie Dunn plans to hold a press conference Monday to give what she says is an accurate time line and discuss a person she thinks should be a person of interest.

We plan to listen to what Billie tells us.

Dunn said she wants to set the record straight about her 13-year-old daughter's disappearance.

"People are misconstruing everything. There's so many things that aren't accurate that's out there. I just need to get the facts out there so people will get back to focusing on Hailey," she said.

Note that people are misconstruing "everything"; not just some things. We would want to know what Billie believes "misconstruing" means.

Note that Billie "just" (reduction) needs to get "the facts" out there "so" (sensitivity noted; so, since, therefore, because, hence). This shows motive for speaking:

Get the attention away from herself or Shawn, and on to someone else. She named Hailey here, but in context, is that who she is referring to?

Note that she was on national television, The Nancy Grace Show, repeatedly to give the nation the "facts" of what her behavior was during the days after Hailey "went missing."

To get what she calls the facts out in Hailey's case, she'll hold a press conference giving her version of the first few days after her daughter disappeared. Dunn also plans to say what she can about somebody she thinks needs to be looked at in the case.

Statement Analysis will be used on the press conference to uncover truth, deception, and priority.

"There is somebody else and this is somebody that I'm not just pointing the finger at. Investigators actually told me about him," said Dunn.

Note that "somebody" else is noted; "somebody" is gender neutral yet the pronoun "him" enters her language.

This lack of consistency is an indication of deception.

Note that since "him" is male, the consistency would have been "there is a man" (or "guy" or "monster" or any other term. The anger and outrage of a mother bereft of her child would elevate here, as it is a more personal setting. The gender neutral language is indicative of the deception she is attempting to proclaim).

Note also the word "actually" is used when comparing two or more things. "investigators actually..." rather than just Billie "pointing the finger" towards. Billie needs to strengthen the assertion so she uses "actually" in bringing in "investigators" which she may have used the investigators' language towards her when they have told her that there are "persons" of interest in this case (plural).

This is an indication that she is not reliable.

Note that earlier, Billie revealed that after failing her polygraph, she walked out when investigators insisted that she tell them where to find Hailey.

Note also that Billie Dunn has spoken of her daughter in the past tense; something Susan Smith did, as well as Casey Anthony and Misty Croslin. It is an indication that she believes or knows that Hailey is deceased, and it explains her lack of passion when she 'gave a message' to Hailey on the Nancy Grace Show. Her message shocked the host, as all Billie wanted to say was that she, Billie, didn't have her cell phone back from the police.

"He's a person the whole family knows well," added Dunn. "We hadn't seen him in a while and then he did make the threats towards me and Hailey only. He felt like we had wronged him."

Note that "he" is a "person" and not a "man" or a "guy" which indicates deception. This would be highly personal had it been real.

Note the change to "we"; if Billie is speaking for herself and Clint, it would be acceptable if Clint was in the room with her while she was speaking. Note that Clint said he is no longer speaking to her.

Is she speaking for the only named criminal suspect, Shawn Adkins?

Note that he made threats "towards" her and Hailey; naming herself first, indicating Billie's own priority being Billie. This is often the case with drug addicts who put the need for the next high above their children's safety and well being.

Note the wording that he didn't make threats "against" Hailey, but "towards".

Note that "he" (male) felt that "we" (more than just Billie, but in context, Billie and Hailey, had "wronged" him. Did Billie owe someone money? Is this coming from the language of a drug deal gone wrong?

If this male exists, Billie should have a strong description of him, since he is known "well" by the "whole" family. We would expect to have heard something specific about him, and not the gender neutral language.

Dunn said she knows people will think she is trying to get the blame off her former live-in boyfriend and only named suspect in the case, Shawn Adkins.

"I'm not trying to take any blame off Shawn regardless of what I believe or don't believe. This is somebody that investigators told me about. Somebody told investigators this person needs to be looked at. He threatened Billie, he threatened Hailey . He needs to be checked out and then investigators let me know about him," added Dunn.

Note that when someone speaks of themselves in the third person, they wish to greatly distance themselves from the statement.

This is what a do and it is a strong indication that this person does not exist and Billie is deceptive.

It may be that while she is attempting to give her audience a "new suspect" in the disappearance of Hailey, she is thinking of someone she knows. We saw this with George Anthony attempting to describe the non-existant "Zanny the Nanny" in the Casey Anthony case. Since words do not come from a vacuum, George Anthony was thinking of River Cruz, the woman he was involved with, when he attempted to describe

Via negation, Billie Dunn tells us that she is trying to get the attention off Shawn. Note that since she may be trying to get the attention off herself and Shawn, there is an element of truth within her statement.

Dunn said investigators told her they haven't been able to find this person to question him.

He may be in the apartment building;
he may be in Puerto Rico.
He may have been seen in New York, with Caylee and Zainda.
He has perfect teeth, straight hair, and perhaps a tattoo.

We will learn more at the press conference.

At this time, investigators can't confirm this person is a person of interest but continue to say there are several persons of interest in this case.

Including the two who failed polygraphs: Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins.

Billie, we are not buying it.

When you hold your press conference, note that your words will betray you.

Give it up. Tell us what happened.

Tell police where Hailey is.

You are Hailey's own mother.
Let her be laid to rest.

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PostSubject: Billie Dunn Prepared Statement   Mon Jan 31, 2011 10:13 pm

Billie Dunn Prepared Statement

Note that Billie Dunn read a prepared statement rather than speak, as she has openly, especially with Nancy Grace.

When the full text is up, we will analzye.

COLORADO CITY, Texas -- The mother of missing Colorado City teen Hailey Dunn addressed the media today to "set the record straight."

Billie Dunn read a 15-minute long prepared statement to the media.

She is holding out hope that Hailey will be found alive and asked her to "come home" and asked anyone who had her to "please let her go."

Billie Dunn had previously said that Hailey wanted to stay away but not that she should be "let" go.

Billie feels that authorities are no closer to finding her daughter, who went missing December 27th. She constructed her own timeline of events from December 26th to the 28th.

Authorities believe that Billie Dunn refuses to tell them where Hailey is, and must search on their own.

She also is frustrated with police.

She feels they are disregarding witnesses and is confused why they haven't named other suspects besides her former live-in boyfriend, Shawn Adkins.

She took one question from KTXS News, which was what was the status of her relationship with Shawn Adkins. She said they are "now friendly."

Statement Analysis concluded weeks ago that she and Shawn are still together.

She is "now friendly" with the man police have named as a "suspect" in a "criminal" investigation.

Billie Dunn has referred to her daughter, in the past tense, as if dead, and both she and Shawn Adkins have failed polygraphs.

We will post her complete statement later tonight right here on

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PostSubject: Billie Dunn Says "Goodnight" To Hailey   Mon Jan 31, 2011 10:14 pm

Billie Dunn Says "Goodnight" To Hailey

by Peter Hyatt
In domestic homicide statements, we look for indicators within a statement where the subject speaks of the victim.

We look, especially, for communication.

In a murder investigation, when the subject says "good bye" or "good night" or "later", "see ya, babe" or any departing phrase, it is often an indication of the time of death, which followed this phrase.

If you were asked to write a statement about what you did yesterday (Sunday) from the time you woke up, until the time you went to bed, your statement would show "leakage"; that is, information revealed that you did not intend to let out.

You might say "I woke up at 6AM, got dressed and had coffee. I made breakfast for the kids, got everyone dressed, we went to church. We got home and my husband, Bob, got ready for our barbecue by cleaning the grill." and on you went in your day.

What does this tell us?

In this short statement, about 6 hours of time is covered, and we have learned that the subject is likely a married woman with more than one child.

She edited her statement, as we all do, because if she didn't, it would go on and on.

Did she brush her teeth?

She did, but she didn't feel the need to tell us. It is the need to tell us things that are "unnecessary" which become "doubly important."

Readers here know that if she mentioned "brush teeth" it would be an indication of a bad relationship, likely domestic violence, as even though 100% of people brush their teeth, only few will have it so important as to enter a statement. (Domestic violence victims will talk about personal hygiene; it is something they can control, and may lock the door to the bathroom, giving them an even safer feel.

Does our subject love her husband, Bob?
Does she love her children?
Did she say "good morning!" to Bob?
Did she say "good morning!" to the children?

Note that most everyone says "good morning" and "good night" to their spouses and to their children.

Very few ever feel it important enough to mention it in their statement, as it is, like brushing teeth, something that most everyone does.

When it enters a subject's statement, it is "unnecessary information" making it "doubly important" in analysis.

When someone says, "I woke up and said 'good morning' to my husband..." it is an indication of a bad relationship.


Because of the need to state it.

Any unnecessary part of a statement is only "unnecessary" to the reader; but it is doubly important to the subject. If it wasn't, it would not have entered into the statement.

When someone says that they told their children they loved them, it is an indication of distance and strain.

Billie Dunn has reported, via her time line, that 10PM, she said "goodnight" to Hailey.

In most all statements, the subject does not feel the need to say "goodnight" to a child. It is likely that all did say 'goodnight' to their children, but only rarely does a subject feel the need to tell the world, thus showing the sensitivity of the statement.

If Billie Dunn is involved in the disappearance of Hailey more than just covering for her boyfriend Shawn Adkins, this may be an indication of the time of death of Hailey, being after 10PM that night.

Billie Dunn has been consistently deceptive, and failed her polygraph for good reason.

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PostSubject: Billie Dunn To Hailey: "Please Come HOme"   Mon Jan 31, 2011 10:18 pm

Billie Dunn To Hailey: "Please Come Home"

Mother Of Missing Girl Speaks To Media

By Laura Madison, KTXS News

POSTED: 1:29 pm CST January 31, 2011

COLORADO CITY, Texas -- The mother of missing Colorado City teen Hailey Dunn addressed the media today to "set the record straight."
Billie Dunn read a 15-minute long prepared statement to the media.
She is holding out hope that Hailey will be found alive and asked her to "come home" and asked anyone who had her to "please let her go."
Billie feels that authorities are no closer to finding her daughter, who went missing December 27th. She constructed her own timeline of events from December 26th to the 28th.
She also is frustrated with police. She feels they are disregarding witnesses and is confused why they haven't named other suspects besides her former live-in boyfriend, Shawn Adkins. She took one question from KTXS News, which was what was the status of her relationship with Shawn Adkins. She said they are "now friendly."
We will post her complete statement later tonight right here on
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PostSubject: Billie Dunn Breaks Down Timeline of Hailey's Disappearance   Mon Jan 31, 2011 11:49 pm

Billie Dunn Breaks Down Timeline of Hailey's Disappearance

Reported by: Jessica Reyes
Monday, January 31 2011

Colorado City Manager Pete Kampfer confirmed Monday Billie Dunn has been ruled out as a person of interest in her daughter's disappearance.

Billie held a media press conference outside her home in Colorado City Monday where she read a timeline of events directly before and after Hailey vanished late last month.

The timeline covers from noon on December 26 up until 3 p.m. on the 28th, when Billie reported Hailey missing.

"I was kind of upset that Hailey hadn't called me...Shawn did let me know she was staying the night with her friend," she said.

Dunn said she is disappointed with the way law enforcement has handled the investigation.

"I do not understand why they seemed to have disregarded all of the witnesses who have come forward to say they saw Hailey. I also don't understand law enforcement's reluctance to publicly name any other persons of interest," she said.

Kampfer said he will not comment on persons of interest other than Shawn Adkins as not to jeopardize the investigation.

"We don't want to tip our hats to anything," he said.

Kampfer says police are working nonstop on the investigation, following up on leads, putting up billboards, and searching areas around Colorado City.

"Our officers have been working around the clock. We're still working and building a criminal investigation and that's basically where we're spending most of our time at," he said.

Still five weeks into the investigation, Billie continues to hope Hailey will walk through the front door.

"There's not a minute that goes by that I'm not praying for you or crying, wishing you were in my living room," she said.

Billie's timeline also includes a neighbor that said she saw Hailey at 8:30 p.m. on December 27. Kampfer said investigators have not been able to confirm the sighting.
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PostSubject: Billie Dunn Rips Investigation and Media   Tue Feb 01, 2011 10:46 am

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Billie Dunn Rips Investigation and Media

Billie Dunn has now reached the status of being able to "hold" a press conference and refuse to take questions and now begins with speaking directly to Hailey. This is a dramatic change from prior media appearances to the visit by Marc Klass.

This puts the media on alert that anyone that asks tough questions or portrays her in a guilty light will not receive interviews, and puts the control into Billie's hands.

The lack of information resulting will be that Hailey's picture is less in the news and public view.

For Billie Dunn, since the first media story broke, the priority has always been Billie Dunn.

Caught in a web of deception, she now seeks to control by only reading a statement.

However, even this will show leakage.

Missing teen Hailey Dunn's mother rips investigation, media reports
Words taken‘out of context,'woman says

Hailey was reported missing Dec. 27.

Billie Jean Dunn, mother of missing Colorado City girl Hailey Dunn, speaks to reporters outside her home Monday afternoon. Dunn called the news conference to address what she called erroneous information being presented in the media.

COLORADO CITY — Citing "ridiculous" accusations, the mother of missing Colorado City girl Hailey Dunn called a news conference Monday to clarify details surrounding the disappearance of her daughter.

Speaking to reporters in front of her home, Billie Jean Dunn read a prepared statement and provided copies of a timeline that she said provided information that was not being relayed by law enforcement.

Billie Jean Dunn said she felt compelled to make the statement to defend herself from "ridiculous accusations and slander" as a result of her words being misrepresented in the media. Interviews she has conducted have been edited, she said, and by not having them presented in their entirety, some things have been taken out of context.

She began the statement by speaking directly to Hailey,

After five weeks of Hailey missing and her lack of direct words to Hailey cited, Billie Dunn now puts it first.

in case her daughter was able to hear her, letting Hailey know that hundreds of people are searching for her and would not give up hope. She also addressed an alleged abductor, asking the person to let Hailey go — or to drop her off at a hospital or police station.

Addressing the days leading up to Hailey's disappearance, Billie Jean Dunn said there had not been an argument on Christmas morning, as previously had been reported, and called the claims that she and then-boyfriend Shawn Adkins, the only named suspect in the case, had hosted a New Year's Eve party three days after reporting the teen missing an "absurdity."

Note that to throw a party on New Year's Eve while your daughter is missing is absurd. This is correct. Calling it "absurd" is not the same as denying it. Billie Dunn confirmed the New Year's Eve party on The Nancy Grace Show.
Billie Jean Dunn also expressed frustration with law enforcement's handling of the case.

If law enforcement has said that Billie has been "cleared"; what is she frustrated with? The last she told us was that they demanded she tell them where Hailey was; which took place a month ago.

She indicated that officials were disregarding witness statements that indicated Hailey, 13, had been seen as late as 8:30 p.m. Dec. 27. She also criticized investigators' reluctance to identify other people of interest in the case.
This is where Billie Dunn may face additional charges
By not bringing in anyone and everyone who might have knowledge of Hailey's whereabouts, Billie Jean Dunn said, police were being negligent.

Pete Kampfer, Colorado City's city manager who has been working as the liaison between law enforcement and the media, said law enforcement agencies have been working diligently on the case since the beginning.

"To say we are being negligent would not be appropriate. We are working hard, following everything, every lead, to the last degree," Kampfer said.

Note that he said it would not be "appropriate", but not that it is "wrong"
Kampfer said that police are aware of the witnesses' accounts but that law enforcement has not been able to corroborate them. Regarding the naming of other people of interest, Kampfer said officials are following several leads, including two leads involving people. But, Kampfer said, identifying the other people whom investigators are looking into might result in those people fleeing or tampering with evidence. He said fear of potential retribution against the family by those named is a concern, as is the possibility someone might do something to harm Hailey or destroy evidence if they knew police were focusing on them.

When naming Adkins as a suspect, Kampfer said, law enforcement was aware of the potential risks. Sometimes, he added, watching how someone responds psychologically to being named a suspect can be very telling, and potentially could lead investigators to new evidence.

It is likely that this is the reason why Billie Dunn has not been named a suspect. Expect Billie Dunn to be arrested as will Shawn Adkins. Acknowledging the risk (Adkins lawyered up quickly; Billie has not) likely reveals strategy with Billie. Note that his response to Billie's charge of "negligence" is tepid. Police do not take lightly to such things, especially from an addict and someone they consider withholding information from them. The response is indicative of strategy. If Billie Dunn does have a lawyer speaking to her, the lawyer has likely alerted her to this.

Kampfer also said that although it may appear that not much progress is being made in the case, there is a lot of "old-fashioned police work" being done.

"old fashioned police work" may indicate that rather than high tech operations, they are relying upon tried and true methods such as following all leads, leaving no stone unturned, and letting the suspects talk and talk and talk.

Law enforcement officials searched all weekend in Scurry County, scouring abandoned buildings and eliminating a lot of suspicious areas, he said.

"Eliminating possible locations and possible suspects is a big part of what we do," Kampfer said.Kampfer said Hailey's family may not be aware of everything being done in the case because law enforcement tries to keep "intelligence going backward."

Note "is a big part of what we do"; is not the same as "has been a big part of what we have done"

During the news conference, Billie Jean Dunn indicated that she would not be taking questions, but she did answer one.

When asked to characterize her relationship with Adkins, Billie Jean Dunn replied, "We're friendly. We talk on the phone."

Weeks ago, Billie Dunn revealed that her relationship with Shawn Adkins was ongoing. Note the repeated "we" here.
'Shawn and I talk on the phone' is one way, but "we" is closer. Note that "We talk" is one thing, but "we talk on the phone" gives us additional wording.

It is likely that Billie and Dunn have spoken in person too.

It is also likely that police have this on surveillance video

Also during the event, Billie Jean Dunn thanked the Laura Recovery Center for Missing Children and the KlaasKids Foundation, along with all of those who have volunteered to search for her daughter. She also thanked Diena Thompson of the Somer Thompson Foundation for a grant Billie Jean Dunn recently received. Billie Jean Dunn said that although she has never asked for money, she is thankful to those who have donated to her.

An addict has received money, and she has received media advice on how to address Hailey; something that no innocent mother would need.
She also alluded to some who may be seeking to profit from Hailey's disappearance by soliciting donations. Previously, Clint Dunn, Hailey's father, has said that he is unemployed and that he will continue searching for Hailey as long as people keep donating money to help him cover his expenses.

As the investigation into Hailey's disappearance continues, officials in Howard County recovered some clothes during a search over the weekend.

"The Colorado City police do have something in custody, some clothing, I believe. Possibly some socks. It is still being analyzed. We are not sure if it is related to this case," Kampfer said.

Note "I believe" shows weakness. It may be that Kampfer's updates from police are not as dated or accurate as media may believe. Or, it may be that he wishes to withhold information but since some of it has come out in media, the weakness is seen in an attempt to conceal.
Kampfer said the investigation continues to be focused on search, not recovery.

"At this point we're still looking for her alive — until we believe there's reason to be looking for a dead body," he said.

This will be "until" a certain point; not "if". Though some may attempt to persuade, their words give them away.

Volunteer groups continue to search for Hailey in Colorado City and the surrounding areas

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Billie Dunn's Statement Analyzed: Part 2 The Living Room

by Peter Hyatt

Please note that this narrative contains sensitive and possibly upsetting material to read about what is likely a domestic homicide case and includes details that may be difficult to read. Discretion is advised.

Please note that no one has been charged in this case. All are considered innocent until proven guilty. Note the opinions here are solely that of the author and do not represent any other individual nor organization.

This is a continuation from Billie Dunn's prepared statement given to media on January 31, 2011.

The timeline constructed by Billie Dunn should be an important piece of evidence for police in their case against not only Shawn Adkins, but against Billie Dunn, who uses the possessive pronoun to join herself to the crime. The statement analysis is in bold type, as the statement is in plain text. However, any added bold type is added by me for emphasis.

On Sunday, December 26 Hailey returned home around noon after spending the night with Clint. I cooked a small Christmas dinner for the four of us. We ate around two

we all just relaxed and hung out. It was just a nice quiet enjoyable lazy day.
Principle: always note "normal" in all statements.
When the word "normal" enters a statement regarding a person, a person only calls themselves "normal" if they have been "abnormal" or referred to as "abnormal" previously.
If the word "normal" enters the statement about a day, such as "it was a normal day", it has entered the language of the subject only because it was anything but a normal day; it is an indication of "abnormality" in the day.
This same theme is to be noted when a day is portrayed as "normal" even if the word "normal" is not there.
It was just a nice quiet enjoyable lazy day
note "just" shows reduction, but note the additional words to describe the day:

"it was a nice, quiet, enjoyable, lazy day" shows the high level of sensitivity, similar to "I am very, very, very , very happy" as the subject attempting to convince herself of happiness but is obviously self deceptive (or at least trying to deceive someone).
This extreme description also tells us how bad this day was.
December 26, 2010, was the day that Billie Dunn feels the most need to present as 'very, very, very, very' good. It is likely the worst day of her life...
thus far.
This day likely had acute volatility attached to it, and was anything but quiet or normal. Billie Dunn needs to portray this day as normal because it wasn't. It was the worst day: the day that Hailey died.
Later that evening around eight or nine.
In her account, she now skips time from 2PM until 8 or 9. This is missing time and should be considered sensitive and is related to a coming horrific event.
This gap of time is likely when the day was not "quiet" or "lazy" and the subject should be recognized as having a need to pass over the time. Note that Billie Dunn said she was trying to remember everything about this day. Note that when a child goes missing, a mother's instinct is on high alert and her senses are strong.

David left to spend the night with a friend. That's where some of the inconsistencies with family, comes along.
David left. The word "left" when used as a connecting verb, is critical to this account. Whatever had been brewing all that day likely increased exponentially after David had "left" and exploded into tragedy; perhaps violence.
This is an area in the statement in which Billie Dunn is withholding critical information. David may have left due to the strife in the home but David may have been the last restraint upon Shawn Adkins.

David says he left at nine o'clock at night I was saying he left at six or seven.
Time is always important in Statement Analysis and should always be highlighted. Truthful people report time in a consistent manner. Note "o clock" versus time reported without "o clock" for an insight into Billie Dunn's mind. These are her words.
She first used "around two" but here uses "nine o'clock" but then goes back to "at six or seven" without the "o clock" added. These times should be noted and what events took place in times where "o clock" is added or omitted, for analysis.
Note that when "o'clock" enters ,there is more authority and likely more emphasis than in other reported times. Reliability will show itself.
Note that David "says" which is present tense, but Billie "was saying". Note that David has likely contradicted his mother's account to police.
That's the inconsistencies.
Note that Billie uses the plural "inconsistencies" though she has only described one. The word, "that" shows that she is distancing herself from it.
Shawn and I were watchin TV in our bedroom.
Note that she does not say "I was watching TV in the bedroom with Shawn" which would have showed distance. "Shawn and I" shows closeness and unity. They were in the bedroom and Hailey was in David's room; between them may be the living room.
Haley was playing a Xbox game In David's bedroom.

Around 10 o'clock, I saw that Hailey was in her room watchin TV. I told her good night and then I went to bed.

Note that the time is "around" 10 o'clock and that "o clock" has re-entered her language with regards to Hailey and this may be more reliable than the language of time without the "o clock".
Note that she saw "that" Hailey was in her bedroom, not "I saw Hailey in her bedroom". This additional word would be appropriate if she was actually looking for Hailey, which, at this point in the story, was not necessary, indicating likely deception (but not a lie).
Hailey was likely in her bedroom at this time and whatever was happening, was not good.
Note the importance of placing Hailey in her bedroom.
I "told" her goodnight, is stronger than "I said goodnight".
This likely gives police the time of death.
Note that this may help us understand the time of death, as in domestic homicides phrases such as these often enter at the point of death. "Told" is strong and reflects better the strife that was likely in the home. Billie Dunn is actually painting a portrait of the home, and it is one where anger may have increased to the point of David leaving and Hailey retreating to her room for sanctuary.
From this point on, we expect to hear a change in Billie towards Hailey; less mentions, less referencing, and will note her choice of words.

Note that Billie went to "bed" but not to sleep. It is likely that she and Shawn did not sleep that night, as was evident in her previous statement about getting home from work and getting ready for bed (at dinner hour). That Hailey went to "bed" but not to sleep is disturbing given the sexualized language Shawn used to police, including "boy crazy, promiscuous, birth control" and that Billie said that they may have discussed birth control, but also that Hailey would kick a boy rather than kiss him, leading people to wonder, "Why would you need to talk to a 13 year old little girl about birth control when she is still yukked out at the thought of kissing? In these ways, Billie shoots her credibility down to even those who may want to support her.

On Monday, December 27 Shawn left the house at 530 my alarm was going off around the time he was telling me bye

Note the tension that Shawn was "telling" me "bye" and not saying (softer) goodbye. Note also that two activities are taking place at the same time, which suggests tension and chaos. This is a sensitive tim e.
If analysis speculation is correct, Hailey died shortly after, but near, 10PM on the night of December 26th. Shawn left the house at 5:30 (note that there is no "am" or "pm" no "o'clock" mentioned, which appears to be more reliable and authoritative to Billie.
Note that she does not tell us that she woke up to the alarm clock. It is likely that the alarm did go off, even as they continued to argue, perhaps, about what to do with the body. She did not tell us that she slept, nor does she tell us that she woke up. This should be noted.
Note that it is "my alarm" and not Shawn's, nor "ours". Shawn didn't need an alarm to get up because he never went to sleep.
Note that "around the time" goes back to generalization. This section is confusing, chaotic, stressful and of high tension.

I got up and got ready for work. I usually leave the house by 620 when my ride didn't show up.
Note there is no mention of "brushing teeth" or hygiene, which is expected in domestically violent relationships. Why is it missing?
There is a unity that exists between Billie and Shawn at this time period. They have a commonality and are working together to get rid of Hailey's body and build an alibi.
Note also that when someone tells us what they usually do, it is an indication that on that day, she did not do what is "usual". This time period is anything but normal, or quiet, or peaceful or lazy. It is tense, chaotic, and full of sleepless strife, arguments and blowouts.
Here, it appears that Billie tells us what didn't happen, her ride didn't show up. "I usually...and my ride didn't show up..."makes for a fascinating conversation by police, with the alleged driver who didn't show up, and who seems to be without a name.
I called her to see what was keepin her
Note that "her" is not identified. It may be due to a poor relationship (now, at the time of the statement) or it could be that the person has asked not to be identified. ..
ot it may be because she does not exist and Billie hasn't gotten anyone to agree to it....yet.
Note "to" is the same as "since, because, therefore, so...etc" and is sensitive as she needs to explain "why" something was done, rather than what was done.

I peeked in at Haley because I'm used to seein her asleep on the couch.
In Statement Analysis, "so, since, therefore, because, hence, and hence, etc" are all sensitive since the subject is telling us "why" they did something rather than tell us what happened. This should be considered highly sensitive though I believe it to be truthful. I believe she did take a "peek" at Hailey, but could not bear to "look upon" her in any way. Billie Dunn put her own needs first, but this does not mean she didn't love Hailey. She wasn't in there, but she had "peeked" at her dead body, one more time, to say goodbye.
Billie may not have planned this, and needs to tell police the truth.
Note that she "peeked" in, reducing the "look". Note the word "because" is sensitive and shows why something was done; the subject has reason and need to explain.
She wa'n't there
This is likely truthful. Hailey may have been in the vehicle with Shawn by this time and the "peeking" had been all that the mother could muster.

So right then I remembered. Oh yeah she's in her room I peeked in and it was dark but her TV was on and it definitely pacified me.
Deception indicated.

Note the inclusions of thoughts in the "perfect" or "logical" place in the story is an indicator of deception and "story telling", as she would NOT have had this thought at this time, because she had no reason to. Thoughts and emotions are processed after the account, which is where they are found in truthful accounts. When the subject puts them into the "perfect" place in the story, it is a strong indication of deception and fabrication.

I didn't touch her but I seen my daughter and felt good.
I believe this is true.
Billie didn't touch her.
Billie was unable to save her from what happened, and afterwards, could not bring herself to do anything more than "peek" but certainly could not touch her.
Billie may have attempted CPR earlier (hours earlier) but by now, Hailey had early rigor mortis set in. Shawn was now in charge of disposing of the body (therefore, his trips in the vehicle) but Billie just could not bring herself, upon her final good bye, to look upon her nor touch her body.

This is why it crept into her language.
"Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks..."
Came in the living room to wait on my ride
Billie Dunn, even while writing, could not control herself. She cannot place herself in the living room, where Hailey laid dead, ready for disposal by Shawn.
What is the first thing an analyst does with his copy of a statement? He circles the pronouns. Many crimes are solved this way.
As he circles the pronouns, just as importantly, he draws a tiny circle where a missing pronoun should be.
Then he asks himself, "Why does the subject remove herself from the sentence?"
Billie Dunn could not bear to write "I came in the living room". This tells me that she did love Hailey, or at least, feels guilty.
Billie, are you reading this now? Am I correct that you couldn't bear to associate yourself with the room where your little girl died?
Now is your opportunity to do what is right. Tell the police everything, including why you are covering for Shawn Adkins.
Did he hit her? Did he rape your little girl? Or did you just try to quiet her down with some prescription medicine, but didn't mean for her to stop breathing?
Tell police. You will feel better.
We have been told that she didn't touch her.
Note that here she tells us what she didn't do, which is another indicator of deception. She likely "didn't touch her" as she was dead at this point.

Billie did not say that she went in the living room. She couldn't.

Then she says she comforted herself.

Note the inclusion of emotions at the perfect place.

Billie Dunn is lying.

Next note the drop of pronoun, even within a written statement, she cannot escape deception!
"came in to the living room to wait upon my ride"

She did not say that she went into the living room,but that "came in" is without the pronoun.

People have asked if speech was more revealing that the written word (or the other way around).

The words we choose reveal us, just as, at times, the words we drop do as well.

Objection: it is just her southern way of speech.
Answer: Then why doesn't she drop pronouns elsewhere?

It is sensitive.

The living room is sensitive and it may be that there is where she died.

Hailey Dunn may have died in the living room, which is why it is so sensitive to the mother, that she cannot even bring herself to enter it here.

From here on out, she should expect Billie Dunn to change references to Hailey as, in her account, Hailey is likely dead at this point (late the previous night) and was in the living room when she wasn't "living and breathing".

I left the house around 630

"left" is sensitive and here there is highly sensitive information withheld. This is a very bad time for her and Shawn.

and got to work about seven

note the change of language in regards to time: "about seven" not "o clock", which has more emphasis for precision.

Shawn called me while I was at work that afternoon.

Note that she had already told us she left for work, and now Shawn calls her "while I was at work" repetition showing sensitivity. Billie Jean Dunn wants her audience to believe that somehow, this all happened while she was at work.

I asked him about the kids.

He told me that David wasn't home yet

"told" is stronger than "said"---they argued.

and that Hailey had left to go to Clint's and then was goin to a friends to spend the night.

Normally I work 7 to 7. but I left work early that monday we had a staff meeting and the person that was usually there to relieve me was at the meeting and offered to cover the rest of my shift since she was already there. I called Shawn to make sure he would be there to pick me up.5:43

Note the additional needless detail about what she normally does and why she left early. This is highly sensitive and it is an attempt to explain, not report.

We left the hospital around 6:15.

"left" is an unnecessary connecting verb. She is withholding information here.

We stopped by the ATM close to the hospital to get some money out because I was running short on cash. Then we went by my moms house to check on her see if she needed anything. Shawn and I still got back to Colorado city about 730 that evening and we were probably in bed by nine.

Note "stopped by" the ATM. Shawn said they went there, got money and bought drugs. Note that she does not here, chronologically, deny the drug purchase. She may be withholding information, but she is not lying outright. Note the change in language with regard to time shows deception and not that they may have only "probably" been in bed, but they weren't asleep.

David came in to say good night soon after. I was kind of upset that Hailey ha'n't called me confirmed that Shawn did let me know she was stayin the night with her friend but I wa'n't worried about her. xx I went to bed.

Note: the need to have 16 year old David "come in to say goodnight" shows a strained relationship, which is likely showing itself in David telling the truth to police causing all sorts of problems for Shawn and Billie.

Note the inclusion of emotions here, howbeit weak, "kind of upset" is an indicator of deception.

Note that when someone tells us what they weren't, is a signal of deception.

Tuesday morning on the 28th. Shawn and I both got up around 530. We left the house together around 620 to go to work xx it's not unusual for Shawn to take me to work he always has to be there by seven. Sometimes he had to go in earlier but he was always told the night before and I would arrange to get another ride on those days. He dropped me off at the hospital at seven

Note reported what is "not unusual" indicating how sensitive it is. Leaving to go to work is not a 'natural' or 'normal' topic as it is attempted to be portrayed.

Note the time without "o'clock" again. "seven". The high sensitivity is in deceptive area.

Around noon I called David on my cell phone that I'd left at home. He told me Hailey wa'n't home yet so I asked him to text her friend to see if Hailey was there and to tell her to go ahead and come home. He called me back within a few minutes to say that Hailey ha'n't been there 'n ha'n't stayed the night there.

Note the repetition from previous statements and redundancy of "hadn't been there" and "hadn't stayed the night" If she had not made it there, she could not have spent the night. The uselessness of repeating it shows a need to attempt to emphasize. She is not believed.

I then told him to walk over to Clint's. To check with him Clint's phone was broke. So he walked over there and called me back told me that Naomi said Hailey had been over there for a minute on Monday but didn't stay the night.

Note the repetition. Note how easy it was for police to verify with Marybeth's mother. Note that Marybeth's mother said that there was never a plan to stay together and that Hailey wasn't walking anywhere with Marybeth. This is the case where a liar thinks that every lie will be believed and they get caught.

I told David to give the phone to Clint. After telling Clint how worried I was. I told him I was gonna get a ride home and report Hailey missing to police. I asked him to call the PD and let em know that I was comin. He agreed to make the call but for some reason he never did.

"for some reason" is likely deceptive and Clint has spoken to the police and is now no longer speaking to Billie.

My sister-in-law gave me a ride home from Snyder to Colorado city.

Her name is not used which may indicate that at the time of the statement, it is a poor relationship; or that the sister-in-law has asked her not to. It is not a signal of support.

I stopped at the house first to make sure Hailey hadn't come back home.

Grabbed my cell phone started texting Hailey's friends

Note that the pronoun disappears. Billie Dunn did not say that she grabbed her cell phone and started texting Hailey's friends.
Note that "started" is sensitive and is not trustworthy as it shows a started action and not a completed action. This is another reason why police have said she is a liar. Even in writing, she cannot get past deception.

while my sister-in-law took me around to a couple of their houses before going to the police station.

alibi building

I got home from the police station around three.

Note three, not three "o clock"

Shawn called me on my cell

The cell phone is sensitive and gets repeated often. Why?

and talked to David who told them I was going, told em what all was goin on. So Shawn left and got to the house around four o'clock, w' me and David.

Officer Alexander arrived shortly after to take a more detailed report from me.

I've just told you everything I know first-hand, the rest. I learned later either from David or Shawn I'm gonna touch briefly on that.

Note that whenever anyone tells you that they have told you everything they know it is an indication that they do not wish to tell anymore information. No one knows if they have told "everything", and an innocent never uses this phrase because an innocent will rack their brain over and over and over in an attempt to remember even the slightest detail that may help.

"and that's all I know", Misty Croslin

It is an attempt to stop the information.

Billie Dunn wants it to stop. She likely recognizes that she has come too close.

Monday morning. Shawn quit his job he di'n't tell me about this until Wednesday the 29th.

Note that this is a direct contradiction of what she told Nancy Grace on January 3rd, and then again on January 4th. Note that she is not simply repeating what another told her, but is deliberately lying, fabricating reality. It is an indication that she and Shawn did not get their stories straight.

Shawn quit.
Shawn was fired.
Shawn got into a fight with his supervisor
Shawn got into a fight with his coworker.

These are the four stories she told about Shawn leaving work.

I knew that Shawn had been thinkin about quitting but he knew that I would be mad if he did. He told me that he went in to work Monday, turning in his coveralls and to clean out his locker.

Note the additional words "turning in his coveralls" and "clean" out his locker. She did not need to tell us these things. Why did she feel the need to say "clean"? It is a frightening thought

Then he went to his grandmother's house in Dunn. xx but they didn't answer the door. So he came down to I20 didn't come into C city just to I20 'n went to Big Spring. xx He got to big spring before eight o'clock and he knows that because his mother wa'n't hadn't left for work yet. he stayed there until just after two.

When someone reports what didn't take place, it is a signal of deception.

Note that "eight o'clock" is probably a reliable statement. Note "because" shows hgh sensitivity

When he left to come to Colorado city Shawn said that around two he left to come to Colorado city. Shawn said that he didn't get home until around or a little after three. Hailey left just about 15 minutes after he got there.

Note that the times are not reliable. She is consistently inconsistent about how she reports time. It appears that any time formally stated with "o'clock" is likely reliable and the others are deceptive.

Note that references to Hailey should have increased as she went missing, and would be the focus if Billie was innocent, but Shawn (and Billie) gets the most attention, including attention to detail.

David told me that he and a friend came home Monday some time between four and five. The door was locked, he knocked for several minutes before reachin in through the glass, was, had been broken out, Hailey broke it with a basketball. (note negative reference)He reached in through there and unlocked the door. When David and his friend walked in the house. Shawn was comin from my bedroom where he'd been watchin TV.

They all said "hi what's up" to each other and then David and Shawn returned to my bedroom -sorry, and David and his friend went to David's room. Shawn remained home until he left to go pick me up from work.

In statement analysis, communication has its own chapter.

All speech is very important when it enters a statement. It is a portrayal, or interpretation of how a subject feels about the communication. "Said" is soft, where as "told" is stronger and is used in authoritative or argumentive statements. When someone indicates a greeting, it is a sign of either a very poor relationship, or it is a fabrication. Why is this?

Because we all, as social and polite people, greet one another. But we would likely not have a need to tell others that we greeted as it is simply expected. We conclude here that either the relationship between David and Shawn is problematic, or this conversation never happened. Either way it is an attempt to deceive.

One other thing

This phrase, like "by the way" and other similars, is a signal that the subject has something very important to say. A 13 year old girl is reported missing: what is very important to the subject?

I want to mention is that it's been reported that we hosted a New Year's Eve party at our house.

"it's been reported" is passive language; an attempt to conceal by withholding the identity of the reporter.

It was Shawn Adkins.

If you saw the Nancy Grace Show, you likely learned that it was Billie Dunn who confirmed what Shawn Adkins told the police.

Note that "I want to mention" that "we" (unity, cooperation with Shawn)

This is an absurdity beyond belief.

It may be "beyond belief" to someone, but Billie Dunn does not tell us who it is beyond belief to.

Members of my family were at my house to be with me in this time of distress and to worry about Hailey.

Note the deception in the change of pronouns. "our" house is now "my" house and "we" is now "me". The change of language without justification indicates deception.

Billie Dunn is lying. She and Shawn ("we") threw a New Year's Eve party.

Nancy Grace was so shocked that she went as far as to ask Billie Dunn if they watched the Times Square Ball drop.

This is what was very important to Billie Dunn: the New Year's Eve party.

It was not Hailey. Hailey has become less important in the statement since 10PM the prior night. Statement Analysis teaches that the time of death will show a change in reference to the victim; either in name, pronoun, or in number of times mentioned. In communication, we will find that the victim no longer "speaks" and is not quoted, indicating that the victim is dead and cannot speak. To the guilty subject, the victim has no "voice" and plays a far less important role in the statement.

Thus it is with Billie Dunn's statement.

Expect Billie Dunn to be arrested in corelation to the murder of Hailey Dunn.

While I sincerely appreciate the time and effort of law enforcement agents, that law enforcement agents are putting into investigate Hailey's disappearance, I do not understand why they seem to have disregarded all of the witnesses who've come forward to say they saw Hailey on Monday, December 27

Note that "sincerely" is sensitive and the sensitivity shows that she does not appreciate law enforcement and here accuses them of deliberately ignoring "witnesses". This may be where tampering charges come forward.

Two of my neighbors came forward to say they saw Hailey in my backyard around noon. Another neighbor said he saw Hailey and a small dark boy, probably Naomi's son, two times between 1030, and noon.

Note that police stated that the neighbors were unreliable due to drugs. Note also that Billie Dunn insisted that a neighbor was able to see that Hailey was in the backyard and talking on Billie's cell phone, an additional detail that showed police that she was fabricating the account and may have sought to coach a neighbor.

A woman who knows Hailey and a friend

Note "a woman" without a name.

She was supposed to spend the night with saw them both walking together in front of Alco around 8:30 PM.

Note yet another change in time reporting.

This woman was returning a video to the red box and passed by them, she still had a receipt.

Liars often feel that they will be believed because of small detail. It is this type of silly detail that those without training recognize deception.

And brought it by and showed it to me the other day with the date of the 27th and The time of 836

"this" woman has a receipt for a movie with a date. This proves that she rented a movie. It doesn't prove anything else.

Note that Billie Dunn has attempted to name a suspect (male) but also note that Billie Dunn has "spoken to Hailey" telling her to come home as if she ran away.

I also don't understand law enforcement's reluctance to publicly name any other persons of interest and for whatever reason they are unable to locate someone to question them, then why not take advantage of the media to get their name and description out and let the public find them.

Billie Dunn will likely get her wish.

Investigators keep telling me about numerous other people that they are interested in questioning but there is no sense of urgency to actually get it done. It is been over a month since Hailey has disappeared. Knowin that someone might have information about Hailey that law enforcement have still not gotten around to questioning them is disturbing to me.

Note that Hailey remains infrequent in the press conference since 10Pm the previous night.

While I'm not trying to deflect suspicion away from anyone.

Note the negation: here, Billie Dunn tells us that she is trying to deflect suspicion away from someone.

I do absolutely want every single person who may have information about Hailey or her whereabouts checked out.

Sensitivity with "every single person" is noted.

In my mind not to of already done this is negligence. It's been over a month and we seem no closer to knowing where Hailey is than we did in the beginning she needs to be found to come home to be surrounded by everyone who loves her.

If she had an attorney, Billie Dunn would not be allowed to speak, nor would she be allowed to insult law enforcement. Note that this is not wise, Billie.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my family and friends who continued to stand by and support me unconditionally and are always there for me.

I want to thank Mark Klass and Brad Dennis were both great guys that are willing to do whatever it takes to find Hailey are continuing to stay in contact with me and offer their help .

Note that they are "guys" and not people. Note that she may have received coaching on how to address Hailey in her public statements, something that was shockingly absent on national television for several days until Nancy Grace pressed her into it. When she finally did speak, she spoke about her cell phone

Thank you to the Laura Recovery Center who came down to organize searches and to train volunteers.

Thank you to all of the people who have searched for Hailey to everyone who is praying for Hailey's safe return and everyone who has brought me everything from cooked meals to groceries to "Find Hailey" T-shirts and handmade cards.

Thank you Dana with the Summer Thompson Foundation who awarded me a grant.

Note that Dana gave her money that people donated to find "missing" children and the mother who took the money thinks it is a type of "award".

Deana of Sumer Thompson foundation gave a guilty mother money for not telling the police where to find Hailey.

Those who make donations should recognize this.

Thanks to the media, who are keeping Hailey's picture on TV and in the newspapers so that she is in the front of everyone's mind.

Although I have not n' will not ask for money, I greatly appreciate those who have found it in their hearts to want to help me but I want most are your prayers for Hailey's safe return.

Note the negation and fund seeking.

There are some people who were going around demanding or begging for money. I am disgusted with these individuals who have never held down jobs are exploiting Hailey to get a handout. I've always worked and supported my kids by myself and I will return to work as soon as I'm able.

Who is she referring to?

Has Clint paid her child support?

Sorry I do not want a handout and if anyone asked for money on my behalf, please know that the request is not coming from me and I'm not getting money.

Note she is not "getting money" but is "awarded" grants and that people have "found" it in their hearts to give to her. Note that even with the language changing, money is going from others to Billie Dunn.

I do hope this will lay to rest the confusion and speculation surrounding Hailey's disappearance on my part anyway. I do not want to have to defend myself or anyone else.

She may not want to defend herself or anyone else, but she has done it while not searching for Hailey.

I only want to concentrate on Hailey and everything that can be done to bring her back home. I will continue to hold onto the hope that Hailey is alive and that she will be home soon. I ask that everyone out there also hold on to the hope that she is alive.

Note that investigators are not "holding" anything but are searching for Hailey and will prosecute Shawn and Billie.

Please continue to look for Hailey when you're in a store, when your drivin down the street wherever you go, whatever you do, please don't give up hope that my daughter Hailey is alive and out there somewhere.

Going shopping is likely the extent of Billie's "searching".

an Thank you to everybody that came out and everybody that can get all of that aired or typed up. I just really appreciate all of you guys coming out and giving me the opportunity clear that up.

JOURNALIST: What is your relationship like with Shawn Adkins

we're friendly. We talk on the phone.

They are a couple.

But I'm not gonna take any questions just because I don't want my statement cut into. I'll do interviews again tomorrow and everyday all day. Thank you

Posted by Seamus O Riley at 10:50 AM
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