A discussion of children, their welfare, well being and lives. We must protect them, they are our future.
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PostSubject: Billie Dunn Plans for June 2011 Candlelight Vigil for Hailey   Mon Mar 28, 2011 3:33 pm

Monday, March 28, 2011

Billie Dunn Plans for June 2011 Candlelight Vigil for Hailey

KTXS reported that Billie Dunn is making plans for a candlelight vigil for Hailey:

3 months from now.

Does this underscores the confidence she has in Shawn Adkins?

Maternal instincts provoke a natural 'denial' of anything less than hope. It was early January that the mother of missing 13 year old Hailey Dunn first spoke of Hailey in the past tense, indicating knowledge that her daughter was deceased. Since that time statements made by her continue to affirm her original statements.

Plans made this far in advance indicate the mother's anticipation that Hailey will not be found in the next 3 months.

COLORADO CITY, Texas -- Friends and family gathered at Ruddick Park in Colorado City on Sunday to pray for the safe return of 13-year-old Hailey Dunn, who's been missing for three months.

About 50 people showed up to light candles and sign pictures in hopes Hailey's case will be solved.

The 13-year-old eighth-grader has not been seen since Dec. 27.

During the ensuing three months, law enforcement officials have remained mostly tight-lipped about its searches and investigation. Law enforcement in January named one suspect in the case: Shawn Adkins, the former live-in boyfriend of Hailey's mother Billie Dunn, who was the last person to see Hailey on Dec. 27.

Hailey's father says the three-month mark only makes him more determined to search.

"I want to thank everybody that's still supporting this and still has hope for Hailey," said Clint Dunn, Hailey's father. "I'm just spreading the word. I'm trying to get it out of Texas and out to states, and I'm trying to spread awareness."

Hailey's mother also told KTXS another candlelight vigil will be held at the six-month mark of her disappearance.

Note that KTXS did not use a direct quote.

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Posted by Seamus O Riley at 3/28/2011 07:34:00 AM
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PostSubject: Shawn Adkins: Where are the Child Pornograpghy Charges?   Wed Mar 30, 2011 12:38 pm

Shawn Adkins: Where are the Child Pornography Charges?

Shawn Adkins is a suspect in the criminal investigation of a missing 13 year old Texas girl, Hailey Dunn.

Suspect Shawn Adkins has been caught with more than 109,000 deviant images which include child pornography and bestiality.

Anyone who possess, trades, sells, or seeks child pornography poses a risk to children.

Why is he free to walk the streets? Why are there no charges in this case? Does this mean the case is weak?

If convicted, Adkins faces up to life in prison,and with the announcement of so many charges, why has this case not been heard by a Grand Jury?

Question: What does the delay tell us?

Shawn Adkins has not been arrested as of yet in spite of the news of the incredible volume of deviant material found on his computer (and other devices), likely because:

Answer: the immense volume of deviant imagery is complex and any possible links to Person of Interest, Billie Dunn, will be worked through carefully, tracing every detail, including download times, printing, copying, and paying for the material. If there has been selling or trading (which is common and may be linked to the trading of Adkins' masks), investigators will make this known as well.

Investigators continue to work this case quietly, thoroughly and without thought to the public pressure around them. This should give us confidence in their work, as they are not simply taking the first few child pornography and bring charges. This delay should tell us that no one involved is going to escape justice.

Question: Is this linked to the disappearance of Hailey?

Answer: Yes

In a missing persons case, everything is relevant, but in this case, the child pornography, bestiality, and drug use all speak to the environment the child was raised in, and we will likely learn just how these factors impacted Hailey.

Question: But wouldn't an arrest help the case of Hailey?

Answer: Yes, but this must be weighed against what additional evidence they expect the computers/memory sticks to yield; and that investigators and the district attorney believe that a premature arrest would be less effective. As the investigation progresses, it is likely judging by the delay, that the complexity of material is not only taking time (some computer post mortums take 6 months to complete) but once the material is located, work is done in an attempt to identify the victims and often leads to other perpetrators, other crimes, and other investigations. Anyone who traded or bought/sold with Adkins has reason to worry.

Question: But Hailey is missing, shouldn't they act now?

Answer: Investigators have called this a "criminal" investigation and noted that in early January, Billie Dunn referenced her daughter in the past tense, indicating that Dunn had knowledge that Hailey was deceased. Although they want her found yesterday, they believe in seeking justice for Hailey and must resist public pressure and bring forth the most complete and full case possible against those responsible for Hailey's demise.

Adkins will have, perhaps, a single opportunity to make a deal and if he doesn't take advantage of that deal, the window of opportunity may close on him and he may find that no deal exists.

If, for example, Hailey's remains are located before child pornography charges, and if the crime scene yields sufficient information, Adkins will find that there will be no deal, and he can plan on facing life in prison, 2 to 20 years for each count of child pornography.

Question: Does the delay tell us anything else?

Answer: The delay suggests more than just the thorough work done and the complexity of tracing out responsibilities for the crimes, but also suggests additional criminal activities that may lead to even more charges against Shawn Adkins and Billie Dunn, as well as others involved.

Child pornography is the evidence of a crime, but is attended with many other crimes, including substance abuse, child abuse, and violence. Once one layer has been peeled away, it often reveals a host of other crimes and suspects, all of which must be followed. Often times when investigating child pornography, the investigators will say things like, 'I can't believe how deep this runs' or "We learned of an ugly underground...' and due to the extreme risk to society's most vulnerable citizens, its children, investigators have a legal and moral obligation to follow each and every lead. They, themselves, are forever impacted by what they learn, but such vile things can fill them with resolve to make society safer by putting the perpetrators, at any junction, behind bars.

The district attorney's office, along with the local investigators and the Texas Rangers are dedicated and caring professionals. Many are parents, themselves. They have not sought to 'try' or even 'investigate' this case in media or the court of public opinion. They did not counter the deception and misrepresentations on The Nancy Grace Show, nor the slander of their polygrapher. They have been careful to oversee the strategy with small, well orchestrated tactics intended to send strong messages to both Persons of Interest, Shawn Adkins and Billie Dunn.

The attorneys for both Adkins and Dunn have much to consider, knowing that each new day that dawns could bring the location of Hailey's remains, even as volunteers continue to search, and should the crime scene yield significant evidence, their challenge will increase exponentially.

Hailey Dunn was last seen alive by a non Person of Interest on December 26th, 2010, at approximately 9PM.

No one has been charged in her disappearance to date.
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PostSubject: Hailey Dunn Presser: "Likely Deceased"   Wed Mar 30, 2011 12:41 pm

Hailey Dunn Presser: "Likey Deceased"

From the beginning, analysis has shown that Hailey Dunn is deceased and today, in spite of not having physical proof, City Manager, P Kampfer acknowledged that this is a "likely" conclusion made by "reasonable adults"

"There may be persons out there, even second hand, who know where she is..."

"they may be the culprits even..."

That Hailey was deceased was known by investigators from the beginning of the investigation. In early January, the mother gave linguistic indicators that she had knowledge that her daughter was dead when she appeared on The Nancy Grace Show.

Kampfer said that officials are "pessimistic" yet want searching to continue and keep people engaged but "I don't know how many more resources we have available."

The reward is to appeal to people to take a "sizable risk" and come forward. He said that the reward money may go up to $25,000 which may "entice" people to come forward. He then said it may go as much as "sex figures"

The strategy is obvious: someone close to the two Persons of Interest may have been told something that, in spite of personal "risk", may come forward.

Re: child pornography, Kampfer denied knowing what prosecution is doing. It raises the possibility of "foul play"

It is not a typical home that some of these things were found,

he reported "S & M" may have been part of the equation.

Hailey being 13 years of age,

Hailey photographed against her will is a suspicion of his own. Putting two and two together; an association of activities together.

"Children should not be exposed to child pornography, so it if is in the home...I am suspicious and that is just me talking as a parent" with the obvious reference to Billie Dunn, since it was her home, not Clint's, where she was raised.

"Could be" a situation where Hailey was photographed.

It is a "natural" thinking, "reasonable" from his point of view as former law enforcement.

He said that the whole dynamic and relationship changed when Billie got an attorney. We have no direct contact anymore with Billie; only through her attorney.

As to Shawn's arrest: no direct knowledge of their strategy.

The dynamics caused city manager to "rule out" runaway, but cannot say "100 %"

They are building evidence and a preponderance.

asked about prosecution without a body:

"limit what you can do, but you can always advance cases without a body..." It is one of the "bigger considerations"

This is likely part of what is perceived as a delay in this case: they are not on a timeline.

Analysis tonight...

Posted by Seamus O Riley at 3/30/2011 12:08:00 PM
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PostSubject: Analysis of Hailey Dunn Press Conference: Hailey Deceased   Thu Mar 31, 2011 12:25 am

if (window['tickAboveFold']) {window['tickAboveFold'](document.getElementById("latency-4925751253462780958")); }

Analysis of Hailey Dunn Press Conference: Hailey Deceased

Colorado City Manger, Pete Kampfer spoke today, calling a press conference about some of the changes to the reward for information leading to the recovery of Hailey Dunn.

He stated that it was "likely" they are looking for a "deceased" Hailey, and expressed many of his own personal opinions, including tying child pornography to the disappearance of 13 year old, Hailey Dunn.

In early January, Statement Analysis of the interviews given by Billie Dunn revealed a great deal of information, which indicated, principly that Hailey was dead, and that Billie Dunn was deceptive about her 'sleepover' account, drug use, and their "hobby" (child pornography was not revealed in analysis)

An official from the district attorney's office did use some strategic elements in revealing that the analysis of the statements was accurate, from the beginning, and that he gave the go ahead to Blog Talk Radio hosts, who were working with him, to interview Peter Hyatt, allowing for the strategic hearing that investigators followed the analysis, knew Hailey was deceased, and that there are only two Persons of Interest: Shawn Adkins and Billie Dunn. The office wanted both Dunn and Adkins to know that what they had read was both accurate, and known. The hosts did just that and read a statement which stated that Billie Jean Dunn, mother and Shawn Adkins, boyfriend were the "only two Persons of Interests" in the case.

Main stream media, for the most part, ignored any pronouncement from the Blog Talk radio hosts and continue to ignore what the office allowed to be released: that Billie Dunn is a Person of Interest, and that she always has been.

One investigator expressed frustration of many at having to hear her boast that she wasn't a suspect.

Question: Where did the analysis come from?

Question: How could something so far removed from the location be so accurate?

Answer: The analysis came directly from the statements of the mother and boyfriend.

This allows anyone who is listening to know about the case. It is the very words of the two Persons of Interests which gave the public the information about what happened to Hailey.

Statement Analysis often allows the public to know more than even close friends or family members.

Gaining information directly from the sources rather than speculation from friends or family, which, absent of physical evidence, allows those who listen carefully, to know more about the crime than those who know the two Persons of Interest.

How often have we heard family members say, after an arrest, "I had no idea he was capable of that!" or "I lived with her but never knew..."

Statement Analysis does not go on impressions, nor upon emotions, or even how a statement is made.

Avinoam Sapir, from LSI teaches: "the subject is dead; the statement is alive!" and does analysis without any known facts of the case other than the allegation. Analysts do not want anything to influence the work. Statements are analyzed before evidence is weighed.

In this way, for example, we knew that Billie Dunn was deceptively withholding information about the "hobby" that she called "true crime material" but Shawn said he "looked" at "stuff" rather than "read" true crime material.

This indicated that Adkins was aroused by what he read.

The analysis showed deception and it showed arousal.

But it was not able to show that it came from child pornography. This was revealed by the police affidavit.

Another example: Statement Analysis showed deception about drugs. It did not know until a witness said so, that cocaine was involved.

We can show deception, but then can only speculate, until evidence is available, on just what the subject was deceptive about.

This is why defense attorneys do not allow their clients to speak.

It is important to interview friends and relatives and "nothing" is unimportant or unrelated to a missing persons case; but it is also rare that the subjects would speak as much as Dunn and Adkins did. Adkins even said "f*** my attorney" and spoke out, against his attorney's wishes and against his mother's.

(In our next analysis, we will view what, in 3 months, Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins have revealed, including revelations from what they didn't say)

Sources from inside the investigation express confidence in their work, which is ongoing and thoroughly done.

Information that is now months old, will now be reported by mainstream media: that the investigation is, de facto, a murder investigation, howbeit, without a body. This was brought up to Pete Kampfer, who acknowledged that he is talking not only as City Manager, but as a father, and former law enforcement.

He recognized the sensitivity around the topic but said that Hailey being deceased is something that may be concluded by "reasonable adults."

He kept a boundary up regarding Dunn and Adkins, but said that the money would be an "incentive" for someone who may have heard from one of the perpetrators:

"There may be persons out there, even second hand, who know where she is..."

"they may be the culprits even..."

He even used the word "risk" for the witness who may have been told something by the perpetrators which intimates his own belief in what Billie Dunn told the Nancy Grace Show:

law enforcement demanded that Billie Dunn tell them where Hailey is.

Regarding the sensitivity of those who use the phrase "Hope for Hailey" or who are holding out "hope" (some of these words came from media via questions, which were difficult to hear).

Kampfer said that officials are "pessimistic" yet want searching to continue and keep people engaged but "I don't know how many more resources we have available."

The reward is to appeal to people to take a "sizable risk" and come forward. He said that the reward money may go up to $25,000 which may "entice" people to come forward. He then said it may go as much as "six figures"

The "sizable risk" suggests what analysis has shown early on: Shawn Adkins is a dangerous man, with a combination of a love of intimidating others coupled with deep fear within in. Adkins and Dunn's 'hobby' includes "S & M", and blood lust videos; suggesting an enjoyment and arousal of inflicting pain upon others. This shows that the one who considers coming forward, for either the $15,000 or the possible increase that could rise to "six figures" would have some "sizable risk" of retribution by either Adkins, Dunn, or supporters. This is a realistic and honest statement which is supported by statement analysis. Though he may be criticized for speaking extemperaneously, he was honest and forthcoming, and spoke, as he said, as a father and former law enforcement. Note the lack of qualifiers and the employment of straight language when he spoke.

Kampfer made the logical tie between child pornography and what Hailey likely suffered from, even mentioning possible pictures of Hailey.

Our analysis has suggested various theories; all having the involvement of drugs and sexual abuse; Kampfer allowed for this: did something go wrong? Did Hailey object?

Note that Hailey's paternal grandmother raised this theory first, on the Nancy Grace Show in early January. Kampfer said it raised the possibility of "foul play" and that this may be a reasonable conclusion.

He appeared to attempt to constrain himself regarding the home in which Hailey was raised, stating that it is not a "typical home" that child pornography and such are found in, alluding to Billie Dunn's home. We know that on the memory stick found in her drawer, there was not child pornography on it; this is only about the one that was found in her drawer; not about any others found anywhere else; nor does it preclude ownership of child pornography found anywhere else.

Pete Kampfer spoke honestly today, and he spoke logically.
He reminded the press that "Hailey being 13 years of age" in correlation to child pornography, telling the audience to put "two and two together" indicating the way he thinks; logically and reasonably (note both of these words were employed by him today).

He was in a tough position. Many people want to have "hope" for Hailey which he gently broke that it wasn't something reasonable.

He said, "Hailey photographed against her will is a suspicion" of his own.

"Children should not be exposed to child pornography, so it if is in the home...I am suspicious and that is just me talking as a parent" with the obvious reference to Billie Dunn, since it was her home, not Clint's, where she was raised. This appeared difficult for him to speak, but his words show veracity and I think that body language experts will likely find that he was nervous, personal, but honest.

He said that the whole dynamic and relationship changed when Billie got an attorney. "We have no direct contact anymore with Billie"; only through her attorney.

As to Shawn's arrest: he said that he had "no direct knowledge of their strategy." This, of course, presupposes a strategy, which we believe is evident in just how slowly they are moving: not only because of the mountain of imagery found, but because they are working carefully, slowly, methodically, and are building a body of evidence that will help bring justice to Hailey.

Media pressed him about a "runaway" scenario, using the phrase "100%" sure, which he could not agree to. This is a situation of reflective language, not from his own free editing process.

When asked about going forward with prosecution without a body, he said,

"They are building evidence and a preponderance."

and "limit what you can do, but you can always advance cases without a body..."

He called prosecuting a murder case without a body, "one of the bigger considerations"

This is likely part of what is perceived as a delay in this case, he said " they are not on a timeline."

The only two Persons of Interest in this case, Billie Jean Dunn and Shawn Adkins, should clearly hear what the city manager said today.

Investigation is going forward. They know Hailey is dead. They know what they are dealing with. They know the elements of the household.

They don't need, nor have they had, anyone's cooperation.

They have failed polygraphs confirming the statements they knew to be lies.

They know that liars have a reason to lie, just as liars had a reason to attempt to sabotage the polygraphs with drugs.

They know the personalities they are dealing with.

They don't care who fights for their 15 minutes of fame, nor do they care who demands what time table.

They may gather enough evidence to preclude the need to make a deal with anyone.

The clock continues to tick and the Persons of Interest should be carefully considering going to police and telling where Hailey is.

Hailey Dunn was last seen alive on December 26th, 2010, at approximately 9PM. No one has been yet charged in her disappearance.

Update: KTXS reported that the city manager had to "clarify" his statements to angry family members who did not like hearing that Hailey is likely deceased.

KTXS did not reveal which family members expressed their anger.

We would prefer direct quotes from KTXS.

The city manager spoke truthfully about the reality of the case.

The KTXS raises a question:

Has KTXS agreed to keep Billie Jean Dunn's name out of quotes in exchange for her speaking "exclusively" to them?

This would not be the first time main stream media has given softball questions to the Person of Interest, Billie Dunn.

This case has not seen investigative journalism from the main stream.

Posted by Seamus O Riley at 3/30/2011 12:08:00 PM
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PostSubject: Emotional Backlash of Hailey Press Conference   Thu Mar 31, 2011 8:49 am

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Emotional Backlash of Hailey Press Conference

Now the backlash against a man who told the truth begins...Pete Kampfer will be put to question simply for telling the truth and expressing his viewpoints.

Does the family really believe that Hailey is alive? Is this a spin by family to protect Billie Jean Dunn, the mother and Person of Interest? Is this journalism?

Statement Analysis gets to the truth.

City Manger Pete Kampfer was asked questions by media in which he answered honestly about the realities of the case of missing 13 year old, Hailey Dunn.

Police have known from the beginning that Hailey was deceased but main stream media has continued to play the 'emotional card' in order to keep Billie Jean speaking, even if off camera without direct quotes.

Are they being honest in following this story?

Now the backlash for truth begins, by appealing only to the emotional and not the logical. Anticipating this, the city manager used words like "logic" and "reason" recognizing that the household Hailey was in was rife with drugs, violence and child pornography. His logical response, particularly when being asked questions was not what the family wanted to hear.

Clint Dunn acknowledged that Hailey was deceased in February, but Billie Dunn, Person of Interest, said, "everyday they don't find is a good day for me" as the recovery of Hailey's remains may yield much evidence.

Is he really upset like the grandmother says?

Why would Clint be upset if he already knows the truth?

What consequences come from acknowledging what is true?

Analysis of this interview to follow but suffice for now:

Note the use of the word "this" by the grandmother.

The simple choice between "this" and the word "that" may indicate an attitude and understanding. When a subject uses the word "this" it indicates closeness; whereas "that" shows distance.

"Pass me 'that' book, please..." shows distance;, "no, not this book, that book..." with "this" showing closeness. The comparison is especially note worthy when viewing cases of child abuse or child homicide.

"I did not harm that child..." (child death)

"I loved that little girl like she was my own..." Misty Croslin said 12 hours after reporting Haleigh Cummings, 5, missing. This statement used "that" showing distancing from the child, and the past tense of the word "love" showed investigators that Misty knew her step child was deceased.

"My boys needed me..." said Susan Smith, convicted in the drowning death of her two sons.

Mothers (and caretakers, including family members) do not speak of their missing children in past tense language, as it is against all instinct. In fact, when a child is found dead, an innocent mother will actually continue to slip into present tense language, as the natural inability to accept ("denial") the loss of a child is a powerful instinct.

When a mother speaks of a missing child in the past tense, it is an indiction that she knows the child is dead.

Billie Dunn spoke of Hailey in the past tense in her public appearances on the Nancy Grace Show in early January.

Clint Dunn, a month later, faced with the reality and belief that Shawn Adkins likely killed his daughter, did the same, catching himself, knowing the facts, especially, he said, the way he found Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins acting when he went out to search for Hailey.

He said that they refused to search.

He said Billie just sat on her couch "enjoying" her favorite TV shows.


Does the grandmother know Hailey is dead?

Is the grandmother attempting to protect her daughter?

Why did she complain about Clint "hearing on facebook"?

Does her own language tell the truth of what she knows?

What are the consequences for her family in accepting that Hailey is dead?

Why did the journalist encourage her to "keep hope" that Hailey is alive?

Analysis to follow...

Hailey's grandma, Patricia Trischel, was visibly emotional talking about today's events.

She said she doesn't understand why officials would say Hailey is "likely deceased" when they have no evidence to support that. She added it was very difficult finding this information out on Facebook and not hearing it directly from officials.

Colorado City Mayor, Carol Sue Dakon, said despite what was said by officials in her town today, she wants everybody to know the community stands behind the search for Hailey.

Posted by Seamus O Riley at 3/31/2011 07:08:00 AM
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PostSubject: Volunteers Refuse to Let Hope Die   Thu Mar 31, 2011 2:26 pm

Volunteers Refuse to Let Hope Die

Three months, and no answer to the question, "where is Hailey Dunn?" and that led the Colorado City City Manager, Pete Kampfer to speculate out loud the missing teen may be dead.

"Reasonably, she probably is deceased," said Kampfer to a room full of media.

Those words upset many still holding out hope to find the missing girl.

"It's not something we ever really want to think about because to us, Hailey is still alive," said Patricia Trichel, Hailey's grandmother.

As long as this can be expressed, can donations can be solicited, and items sold? Would the classification change to "murder investigation" change this?

It is easy to see why the Persons of Interest want to keep "hope" Hailey is alive; just the way Cindy Anthony thought Casey couldn't be charged with murder as long as there was no body found. She kept this up even after the body was located; to the point of stating that the ashes she wore around her neck weren't really Caylee's. She thought that if even one juror believed that Caylee was alive, it would save her daughter, Casey, from death.

So it is that Billie Dunn said "every day that my daughter is not found, is a good day for me"

Truth spoken.

"It is heart wrenching to hear an official say she is possibly in those positions we pray she is not in," answered Kristy Lloyd.

"We need to stay positive," said Carol Sue Dakan, Colorado City's mayor.

Why? What would a positive attitude or a pessimistic attitude have on an investigation? The investigation goes forward whether or not the public is positive, negative, or indifferent: investigators are working towards justice for Hailey, nothing more, nothing less.

Now the missing sign, that has canvassed the city will soon be changed. The words ''safe return'' will be removed, allowing the reward to be open to anyone with information on Dunn's whereabouts.

Mitchell County Sheriff Patrick Tombs, explains it opens up more avenues for more information.

"More or less it opens up who all is eligible for a reward," said Tombs, adding that the eligibility may increase the information being passed on to investigators.

"They [tips] have dropped off, and that might be something that revives some information."

However, many fear this new wording will kill the remaining hope to find Hailey.

"Until we know and someone presents that proof to us, we're searching," said Trichel.

The search for Hailey goes on whether she is believed to be dead or alive.

"We don't necessarily want closure, we want to find Hailey," stated Mayor Dakan.

Note the sensitivity indicator in "necessarily". This was absent from Kempfler. This is the politicizing of Hailey Dunn, something Kempfler refused to do.


Posted by Seamus O Riley at 3/31/2011 01:29:00 PM
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PostSubject: Re: HAILEY DUNN   Fri Apr 01, 2011 10:27 pm

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PostSubject: Hailey Dunn Volunteer Search Efforts Slowing Down   Sun Apr 03, 2011 9:06 pm

Hailey Dunn Volunteer Search Efforts Slowing Down

Reported by: Jessica Reyes
Saturday, April 02 2011

In the wake of the recent news that Colorado City officials believe 13-year-old Hailey Dunn is likely dead, Hope for Hailey volunteers said they had a low search turnout this weekend.

Volunteer Kristy Lloyd said two searchers showed up Friday and five went out Saturday.

"We're going to at least continue to get her name out there and continue to do different fundraisers, even if we do have to stop searching," Lloyd said.

Searchers will meet again next Friday and Saturday at 9:00 a.m. at 153 Walnut Street in Colorado City.
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PostSubject: Re: HAILEY DUNN   Fri Apr 15, 2011 4:52 am

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PostSubject: Movement in the Hailey Dunn Case?   Thu Apr 21, 2011 8:35 am

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Movement in the Hailey Dunn Case?

After weeks of silence, there may be some movement in the Hailey Dunn case.

As expected by many, it appears that federal prosecutors may now have the child pornography evidence associated with the case of missing 13 year old, Hailey Dunn. This may have been the reason for the delay in arrests.

118th District Court Officials say it has not been turned over to their office.

I'm not sure which agency recovered the alleged evidence, but I'm sure the computer has been handed over to federal or state law enforcement by now,” District Attorney Hardy Wilkerson said Tuesday. “However, until the evidence and a report is handed over to our office, there's nothing we can do to prosecute the alleged crime. It also depends whether or not the feds want it.”

This may be the good news many local citizens have been waiting to hear in this case, as it may lead either Shawn Adkins, or Billie Jean Dunn to seek a plea deal. It is unlikely that any prosecutorial agency would consider a plea bargain without the recovery of the child's remains.

Billie Jean Dunn, Hailey's mother, and Shawn Adkins remain the only two Persons of Interest in the criminal investigation into the 13 year old's disappearance.

Hailey Dunn was last seen by a non Person of Interest on December 26, 2010 at about 9PM. Both mother and live in boyfriend have failed polygraphs.

Posted by Seamus O Riley at 4/20/2011 07:20:00 PM
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PostSubject: Re: HAILEY DUNN   Sat Apr 30, 2011 11:13 pm

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PostSubject: Re: HAILEY DUNN   Tue May 10, 2011 2:39 pm

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PostSubject: Re: HAILEY DUNN   Fri May 20, 2011 10:09 pm

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PostSubject: Billie Dunn's Attorney: "Only a Fool"   Tue Jun 14, 2011 8:08 am

Billie Dunn's Attorney: "Only a Fool"

John Young, 51, was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and faces up to 99 years in prison and $10,000 in fines for pointing a 9mm gun at a police officer in a drunken scuffle on a street known for drug traffic.

Statement Analysis recognizes that each person has their own, internal subjective dictionary and seeks to enter that code, and understand the meaning.

Peter Hyatt, who hosts an internet radio show, said this week: "I believe Billie Jean Dunn caught her daughter, Hailey, in a sexual act with Shawn Adkins and tempers exploded resulting in injury and eventual death to Hailey."

"believe" shows weakness of a personal opinion and leaves room for other beliefs in what happened to Hailey Dunn.
"with" shows distance between Hailey Dunn and Shawn Adkins as any sexual act between Adkins and Hailey Dunn would not be consensual.
Note that "eventual" leaves room for other factors (perhaps drugs) contributing to Hailey's death.

It was this theory that caused the angry outburst on local television by Hailey's mother and her attorney. The television appearance was a reaction to this theory:

The publicity from the television appearance highlighted the sensitivity attached to this theory.

Adkins is Billie Dunn's former live-in boyfriend and a suspect in the case.

"He's absolutely horrible at what he does and he's no good at his job, because everything he's ever said has been a lie," Dunn said.

Dunn's lawyer, John Young, called Hyatt's words outlandish.

"(He said things) that only a fool would say, but certainly things that may, if I have my way, land this fellow in a court in Mitchell County, Texas," Young said.

"only" reduces the topic at hand;
note "certainly" increases sensitivity
"land" is passive;
In order to fully understand John Young's statement, we would need for him to define the word "fool" for us, and explain what it is a fool says, and a fool does.

This is the 2nd intoxicated arrest for Mr. Young; the first resulting in the death of a Texas mother. It would be educational to learn what Mr. Young considers regarding his own, internal, subjective definition of the word "fool."
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PostSubject: Billie Dunn Gets Probation - And Moves 250 Miles Away   Wed Jun 15, 2011 9:24 pm

Billie Dunn Gets Probation – And Moves 250 Miles Away

By Jocelyn Tovar, KTXS News
POSTED: 4:27 pm CDT June 15, 2011

UPDATED: 4:52 pm CDT June 15, 2011

COLORADO CITY, Texas -- Billie Dunn, the mother of missing teenager Hailey Dunn, was sentenced Wednesday to one year probation, and she has moved – about 250 miles away from Colorado City.
Billie Dunn appeared in a Mitchell County courtroom and was sentenced to a year’s probation stemming from her arrest on March 17.
Billie Dunn pled no contest Wednesday to a charge of making a false report to authorities and was initially sentenced to 90 days in jail. However, the sentence was probated to a one year as part of a plea agreement.
Other charges against her – lying to police, hindering an investigation and drug-related charges – were dropped as part of the agreement.
Billie Dunn was arrested and charged on March 17 after she lied to authorities concerning the whereabouts of Shawn Adkins – her former live-in boyfriend who remains the only named suspect in the disappearance of Hailey Dunn.
Adkins, on March 17, was inside Billie Dunn’s home – when she lied to officers at her door who were seeking to issue a search warrant to Adkins.
On Wednesday, KTXS News was in Colorado City and discovered that Billie Dunn’s home in Colorado City is now padlocked.
Mitchell County Sheriff Patrick Toombs confirmed that Billie Dunn has moved to Travis County in the Austin area. Court officials said her probation is to be served in Travis County, where she now lives.
Hailey Dunn disappeared from her family’s home on Dec. 27, and Adkins was the last person who claimed to see her that day.
Adkins said he returned to the Billie Dunn home in Colorado City and that Hailey said she was going to her father’s house nearby and then to a friend’s house to stay the night.
Hailey Dunn, a 13-year-old eighth-grader at Colorado Middle School, never arrived at either place. The friend later told authorities that there had been no plans for Hailey to come over that night.
The next day, Dec. 28, Billie Dunn reported her daughter missing.
Multiple law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, joined forces in the widespread search for Hailey.
The case also received widespread media attention, including national exposure through several episodes on the ‘Nancy Grace’ cable show.
Over the ensuing weeks and months, hundreds of people turned out to search for Hailey, including national search organizations.
On March 30, authorities admitted that they believe that Hailey Dunn is dead and that they were focusing their efforts on finding her remains.
Back in early January, Adkins and Billie Dunn both failed polygraph tests administered by law enforcement officers asking about Hailey’s disappearance.
Since then, according to law enforcement affidavits, authorities have found thousands of pornographic images, including some child pornography, on devices used by Adkins.
No arrests have been made concerning those findings.
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PostSubject: Haily Dunn: Search Called Off   Sat Jul 23, 2011 12:09 pm

Hailey Dunn: Search Called Off

Has Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins gotten away with it? Will there be no justice for Hailey Dunn?

Hailey Dunn Still Missing, But Search Called Off For Lack Of Evidence
By Merlin Mann, KTXS News

COLORADO CITY, Texas -- The search for a 13-year-old West Texas girl missing since December has been called off, nearly seven months after she was reported missing.
Volunteer searchers have told KTXS-TV News they will conduct no more organized searches for Hailey Dunn – at least not until specific evidence of her disappearance surfaces.
Since Dec. 27, there has been no trace found of Hailey – and little substantive evidence connected to her disappearance.
Soon after her disappearance, organized search parties attracted hundreds of volunteers – and many searched every day for weeks – in the cold January temperatures. One local group of searchers called themselves “Hailey’s Angels.”
Although not tied directly to the law enforcement investigation, the volunteers searched creek beds, abandoned buildings and vacant properties across hundreds of square miles in several counties surrounding Colorado City looking for any sign of Hailey. No evidence surfaced.
As time passed, the size of the search parties dwindled as weeks and months passed with no definitive word about Hailey’s whereabouts.
More recently, the number of searchers dwindled to single digits, and sometimes only the organizers showed up.
The eighth-grade middle school student has been missing since Dec. 27, when she was last seen by the live-in boyfriend of her mother, Billie Dunn.
There have been no arrests in the case, and Shawn Adkins, her mother’s boyfriend, remains the only named suspect.
According to law enforcement affidavits, Adkins told authorities that on Dec. 27 Hailey left about 3 p.m. to stop by her father’s house – about a block away – before spending the night with the friend.
However, she did not arrive at either place. The friend later told officials she and Hailey had made no plans for Hailey to spend the night.
Law enforcement authorities said Hailey left behind several personal items in her room: cash, a toothbrush, hairbrush, contact solution, a new MP3 player – and her favorite jacket, which friends told officials she would not have left behind.
Billie Dunn said both she and Adkins failed lie detector tests when interviewed about Hailey’s whereabouts by law enforcement authorities. According to affidavits, both of them walked out of the interrogations.
Early in the case, authorities followed possible leads of missing persons without finding any evidence.
By March, Colorado City Manager Pete Kampfer said that authorities believed Hailey Dunn was likely dead.
Nevertheless, Kampfer said law enforcement authorities say they don’t have enough evidence to make an arrest or prosecute the case.
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PostSubject: Re: HAILEY DUNN   Wed Jul 27, 2011 3:37 am

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PostSubject: Hailey Dunn "Vanished Without A Trace"   Wed Aug 31, 2011 8:41 am

Hailey Dunn "Vanished Without A Trace"


Photo courtesy of Clint Dunn
Hailey Dunn, left, is seen in a photo taken on Christmas Day 2010, two days before she was reported missing, with her mother Billie Jean Dunn, center, and her mother's boyfriend Shawn Adkins.

1 of 5



Most Viewed Stories

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  • NEW LAWS: Effects of legislative session start Sept. 1
  • Hailey Dunn: Vanished without a trace
  • Sex offender accused of molesting 6-year-old (+MUG)
  • NEW LAWS: Fishing, hunting and Official State Table Game affected

Most Commented Stories

Readers here know that this case has been covered extensively, with deception indicated in the statements of both mother and her boyfriend. To this, the polygraph results agree. Here is a well written article which requires only common sense to follow the logic presented as the author uses information available through both quotes and police affidavit. The author even uses a timeline in which she adds that Adkins reports...rather than stating as if fact.

Hailey Dunn: Vanished without a trace

Missing eight months, Dunn would be 14 today


It has been exactly eight months since she was reported missing by her mother, but still, there is no trace of Colorado City teen who would have been 14 years old today.

On Dec. 28, Hailey Darlene Dunn, 13, was reported missing by her mother, Billie Jean Dunn. Billie Jean’s live-in boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, was the last person to see Hailey alive. He has been named the prime suspect in the case, but, as yet, no arrests have been made.

Eight months after the teen vanished, there are still visible signs that of a concerned community. But the billboards that show her smiling face and sparkling eyes are fading. Across the street from where Hailey lived on Chestnut Street, two fences covered with stuffed animals surround a bench dedicated to Hailey’s memory and to commemorate the community’s hope for her return.

As the hot Texas sun parches the West Texas landscape, the searches for Hailey have wound down.

“We still have people calling us,” said Kristy Lloyd, a board member for Hailey’s Search. “We have discontinued regular searches due to the heat.”

But searchers had planned to continue searching Saturday and a prayer vigil and balloon release were scheduled for today to mark her 14th birthday.

Last week, would have been her first day in high school as she would have started her ninth grade year.

“We will never give up looking,” Lloyd said.

The case
Hailey was first listed as a runaway because at first, Colorado City officials were taking a wait-and-see approach. But on Jan. 3, Colorado City Police and the Mitchell County Sheriff’s Office called in the FBI and Texas Rangers and formed a task force. The 60-member team worked relentlessly to come up with clues about Hailey’s disappearance.

And the agencies continue to work on the case, Sheriff Patrick Toombs insists.

“We get about one or two leads a week,” Toombs said. “And we follow up on every one of them.”

According to affidavits from Mitchell County Judge Ray Mayo’s office, Hailey was last seen by Adkins on Dec. 27, when he said she went to spend the night with a friend. But the friend’s family would tell police that Hailey never showed up there that night, affidavits state.

Affidavits indicate investigators were looking at family members early in the case. A few days after her disappearance, investigators interviewed Adkins, and asked him who they should be looking at for answers as to her whereabouts and he responded “both of us,” meaning himself and Hailey’s mother Billie Jean, the affidavits state.

The affidavits also state Billie Jean and Adkins had a fascination for true crime, serial killers and horror films, and, during a search of the home, investigators found a box inside filled with hundreds of pages on murders and true crime. Billie Jean told police that copying and reading the stories was “a hobby.”

Both Adkins and Billie Jean failed polygraph tests, the affidavits stated. Adkins walked out of the test after refusing to answer questions about where Hailey could be found, the affidavits stated.

Clint Dunn, Hailey Dunn's father, said Hailey's 16-year-old brother David Dunn told investigators he returned home at about 4 p.m. on Dec. 27 and pounded on the door for about five minutes. Later, Billie Dunn confirmed that David had "indeed pounded on the door and nobody would let him in." Upon entering the residence through the window, David Dunn observed Shawn Adkins "standing in the hallway with a deer in the headlights look," according to the affidavits.

Investigators enlisted the help of cadaver dogs from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and searched landfills in Abilene, Mitchell and Scurry counties. While the dogs hit on several items, no real evidence was ever found, investigators said.

Since then, investigators have searched locations in Mitchell, Howard and Scurry counties, concentrating many efforts in the small community of Dunn, 10 miles north of Colorado City in southern Scurry County, where they have searched this summer.

“We conducted three searches up there with the TDCJ officers on horseback and on foot and using a four wheeler,” Toombs said, but nothing was found.

The PlayersBillie Jean and Adkins have denied involvement in Hailey’s disappearance from the beginning. In early January, when investigators named Adkins as the only suspect, he moved out of the Dunn home to his grandmother’s home, located, oddly enough, in Dunn, Texas.

“I’m really scared,” Billie Jean said in an Abilene Reporter-News story about a month after Hailey disappeared. “Anything could have happened.”

Adkins has made very few comments during the past eight months. He did appear on “Nancy Grace” on HLN with Billie Jean. He later told the Associated Press that his life had “flipped upside down,” since Hailey vanished.

Hailey’s father Clint Dunn, was excluded as a suspect early on. In the weeks and months after his daughter’s disappearance, Clint Dunn would travel up and down the Interstate, all the way to El Paso, passing out fliers and looking for his daughter.

In February, Billie Jean’s mother, Connie Ostrander, was arrested for possession of drugs. Also in February, Clint Dunn, turned himself in on a traffic warrant and spent several days in jail. Toombs said he was just released from the Mitchell County Jail after serving a 60-day sentence to “sit out some traffic warrants and a possession of marijuana charge.”

Later, in March, Billie Jean was arrested for reportedly lying to police when they came to her house looking for Adkins. She told him he was not there, and investigators found he was.

Billie Jean, who Toombs said moved to the Austin area to get away from the “negative comments,” did not return calls for comment. Toombs said Adkins has also moved to central Texas but could not say positively that the two are together.

Evidence confiscated
Toombs and other investigators are banking on evidence obtained from two computers and several electronic devices.

Investigators collected evidence from the Dunn home and from the homes of Shawn Adkins mother in Big Spring and his grandmother in Dunn, Texas.

In February, results of a search warrant revealed that almost 109,000 images and videos depicting “deviant acts and pornography” were found on a computer confiscated from Adkins mother’s home in Big Spring. Adkins told police he went there the day Hailey went missing.

Likewise, a memory stick, taken from the Billie Jean’s bedroom drawer, contained an additional 320 images and videos of a pornographic nature, according to an affidavit from 32nd District Judge Glen Harrison, of Sweetwater.

Toombs said the computer and memory stick contained images of bestiality and child porn.

Then other digital devices were confiscated from Adkins’ grandmother’s home. The FBI and a computer forensics expert in Garza County continue to look for more evidence. So far, no charges have been filed and no arrests have been made, regarding the pornographic items found on the computers.

You only get one shot at some things and we are going to make sure we get things right and make sure it is done right,” Toombs said.

Toombs said in the last several months, there have been bogus rumors popping up on Facebook, that Hailey has been found.

While the possibility still exists she will be found alive, Toombs said it is remote.

“We would like nothing more than to find her alive, that would be our greatest joy,” Toombs said.


  • Dec. 27: Shawn Adkins, the live-in boyfriend of Hailey Dunn's mother, reports that the teen told him she was walking to her father's house and then spending the night with a friend. That is the last time she reportedly was seen.
  • Dec. 28: Billie Jean Dunn reports her daughter missing.
  • Dec. 29: All registered sex offenders living in Colorado City are questioned and the homes of Billie Jean Dunn and her estranged husband, Clint Dunn, are searched by local law enforcement.
  • Dec. 30: The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children becomes involved with Hailey's disappearance.
  • Dec. 31: Cadaver dogs pick up Hailey's scent, but that does not lead to new evidence of her whereabouts.
  • Jan. 1: Search continues for the 13-year-old, who still is considered a runaway.
  • Jan. 2: A candlelight vigil for the girl is attended by at least 750 people.
  • Jan. 3: Colorado City police announce that the case of Hailey Dunn, previously treated as a runaway, now is being called a missing person case.
  • Jan. 4: Media coverage of Hailey's disappearance goes national with Nancy Grace's television program focusing on the Texas case.
  • Jan. 5: Billie Jean Dunn and Adkins take polygraph tests, then Adkins is asked by Dunn to leave her home.
  • Feb. 24: Authorities announce that nearly 109,000 images of child pornography, bestiality and deviant acts were discovered on numerous electronic devices at the homes of Billie Jean Dunn and Adkins' mother
  • March 17: Billie Jean Dunn is arrested in Colorado City and admits to lying to police who came to her house to execute a search warrant on Adkins.
  • April 6: Clint Dunn, Hailey's father, is arrested in Colorado City on charges of failing to appear on a possession of marijuana charge and driving with an invalid license. These charges are unrelated to his daughter's disappearance.
Source: Abilene Reporter-News
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