A discussion of children, their welfare, well being and lives. We must protect them, they are our future.
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PostSubject: Dad acts as if missing Ore. boy will start school   Sun Sep 05, 2010 8:37 am

Dad acts as if missing Ore. boy will start school

PORTLAND, Ore. - His son's backpack is stuffed with school supplies. Bus passes sit next to a bus schedule. All is ready for the first day of classes on Tuesday.
Kaine Horman has no idea whether his son - who's been missing since June 4 - will be going to third grade this year with his classmates.
But he's full of hope.
"We're all operating as if he will be at school," Horman told The Oregonian on Friday. "As soon as he walks back in the door, we're going to take a lot of time to ourselves, but when he's ready and we're ready to come back, he'll be back in school."
Horman attended the parent-teacher conference at Skyline School on Thursday, where parents were briefed about new security measures including the high-end security cameras that were recently installed. The cameras, donated by Chown Hardware, can pan the grounds, detect people's faces and license plates and be viewed remotely by school officials through the Internet.
Besides the parent-teacher conference, Horman signed his son up for soccer, which Kyron participated in last school year.
Horman bought Kyron a new Iron Man backpack and school supplies, which are in his son's room in his house on Northwest Sheltered Nook Road, and this weekend plans to shop for a birthday present.
Kyron's eighth birthday is Thursday.
Parties are being organized by Desiree Young, Kyron's mom, in Medford that night. Then, next Sunday, Horman will host a birthday party for Kyron at the Family Fun Center in Wilsonville.
Kyron's stepmother, Terri Moulton Horman, who was the last person to see him at Skyline School, remains at her parents' home in Roseburg. She's the focus of the investigation into Kyron's disappearance, but has not been charged or arrested.
Horman believes that Terri Horman, whom he's divorcing, helped abduct his son. Although he's confident Kyron will come home, he said that not having the boy around for the run-up to the first day of school has been tough. But he's kept busy, working as a software engineer at Intel, caring for his 21-month-old daughter, Kiara, and tending to activities for his son.
Kaine Horman stands near the Wall of Hope for Kyron at Skyline School earlier this summer. The wall has since been moved to a nearby fire station and will be reinstalled on Tuesday.
The tribute to Kyron that sprung up on a cyclone fence outside Skyline School has been moved 100 yards to a Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue fire station. On Friday, the fence posts were prepared at the station, and on Tuesday the tribute, aflutter with balloons, cards and stuffed animals, will be installed anew.
Besides finding the new site, Kaine Horman and Young helped with a fundraiser Wednesday at 12 Godfather's Pizza locations in the Portland area. Bracelets and gift baskets were sold, and Godfather's Pizza donated 25 percent of the day's sales, raising $14,000. On Friday, Godfather's co-owner Pat Cahill gave an $8,000 check to the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office for search and rescue efforts. The rest went to Kaine Horman for the newly created Kyron Horman Foundation, which he established to pay for other fundraisers, fliers, bracelets and whatever else is needed to raise awareness about his son.
"It's a great start," Horman said. "We still have a lot to do. He's still missing. We need to do everything we can ... to continue to get his name out there."
Sgt. Diana Olsen, head of search and rescue at the sheriff's office, said the $8,000 will be added to the Kyron Horman Fund, set up at Bank of America after the 7-year-old disappeared. Before Friday, that account held at least $14,000 in donations from around the country, said a spokesman, Sgt. Travis Gullberg. He said the Bank of America is managing the money and that nothing has been spent.
Olsen said the sheriff's office will let Horman and Young decide how the funds are used. Eventually, the money could go toward helping with other child abduction cases, Gullberg said.
Horman said that once Kyron comes home he wants to use the foundation to help other families pay for fliers and other forms of support when their children disappear, as Kyron did.
"It was a struggle for us," Horman said. "There was so much that was overwhelming. I want to go out there and help them."
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PostSubject: Events Planned For Missing Boy's 8th Birthday   Mon Sep 06, 2010 12:19 pm

Events Planned For Missing Boy's 8th Birthday

POSTED: 7:41 am PDT September 6, 2010
UPDATED: 8:14 am PDT September 6, 2010

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Kyron Horman's parents said they are planning celebrations for the missing boy's upcoming eighth birthday on Thursday.

One event will take place in Medford, where Kyron's biological mother lives, on Thursday.

Another is planned for Sunday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. at the Wilsonville Family Fun Center and Bullwinkle's Restaurant.

Proceeds from that event will go to the Kyron Horman Foundation, and there will be free digital fingerprinting, free DNA kits and child safety information at the event.
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PostSubject: School Saves a Desk for Missing Kyron Horman   Wed Sep 08, 2010 9:36 am

School Saves a Desk for Missing Kyron Horman

By Elaine Aradillas

Tuesday September 07, 2010 07:00 PM EDT

Multnomah County Sheriff's Office

Like many parents this time of year, Kaine Horman went shopping for school supplies, buying everything needed for his son Kyron to start the third grade.

"They're all in his backpack in his room, ready to go. He's on the teachers' roster. They have his desk waiting. Everything is ready for him," says Horman, 36.

But Kyron, who turns 8 on Thursday, wasn't there for the first day of school Tuesday. The boy with the big glasses and toothy smile vanished June 4 from his Portland-area school. His stepmother Terri Moulton Horman has become the focus of the investigation but she has never been named a suspect.

As students return to school from summer vacation, a desk will be waiting for Kyron, says Matt Shelby, spokesman for the Portland School District.

"He's enrolled as a student. There's a spot there waiting for him," says Shelby, who adds that school policy states that a child is withdrawn from school after missing 10 consecutive days. "The school is ready for Kyron and we all hope he shows up."

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PostSubject: Oregon boy still missing on his 8th birthday   Thu Sep 09, 2010 8:23 am

Oregon boy still missing on his 8th birthday

From Gabriel Falcon, CNN

September 9, 2010 6:13 a.m. EDT

Kyron Horman has been missing since his elementary school in Portland, Oregon, let out for the summer.


  • The investigation into Kyron's disappearance continues
  • His mother says she will release balloons to celebrate his birthday
  • Video cameras are being put in place at Skyline Elementary

(CNN) -- Four months after a criminal investigation began into the disappearance of an Oregon boy, officials continue to ask the public for leads and tips.
Thursday marks Kyron Horman's 8th birthday. Desiree Young, Kyron's biological mother, said she will celebrate the birthday by releasing red balloons outside a church in Medford, Oregon.
His stepmother, Terri Horman, said she dropped him off at Skyline Elementary School on the morning of June 4. She has been the subject of intense scrutiny for several months.
In divorce filings, her ex-husband, Kaine Horman, said he believes that Terri Horman "is involved" in the boy's disappearance.

Court documents also allege Terri Horman attempted to hire a man to kill her husband.
Meanwhile, Skyline Elementary began its first day of classes for the year on Tuesday with additional security measures to protect the children and staff.
In a letter to parents, Principal Ben Keefer said video cameras will be installed this weekend at Skyline.
"These cameras will show external views of the building as well as the main hallway," he wrote.
Also, security procedures will be reviewed to ensure they are effective, he added.
Tributes, messages, posters and cards that adorned a "Wall of Hope" for Kyron were moved from school property to a fence outside a nearby fire station, said the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office.

"We're happy that the fire district can provide this service to the community," said Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue Communications Officer Brian Barker. "Our hearts go out to Kyron's family and we all hope for a positive resolution to this case."
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PostSubject: Dedicated to Kyron Horman on his 8th Birthday   Thu Sep 09, 2010 9:07 am

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PostSubject: Kyron Horman case: As costs top $1 Million, sheriff changes investigation strategy   Wed Sep 15, 2010 8:31 pm

Kyron Horman case: As costs top $1 million, sheriff changes investigation strategy

Published: Wednesday, September 15, 2010, 4:51 PM Updated: Wednesday, September 15, 2010, 4:59 PM

Helen Jung, The Oregonian

View full sizeMichael Russell/The OregonianMultnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton (at the podium) answers questions Wednesday during a news conference about the Kyron Horman investigation. Lt. Mary Lindstrand and Capt. Jason Gates also attended the briefing.

The investigation into Kyron Horman’s disappearance has cost the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office more than $1 million, forcing the agency to change the way it is staffing the case.

Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton said he is pulling back all but two of his detectives and an administrative technician on the case and instead is asking the Portland Police Bureau and other area law enforcement agencies to provide a dedicated detective. He hopes to put together a task force of eight to 10 detectives to continue focusing on the case.

» Kyron Horman special coverage
Your guide to the story
» Timeline
» All stories
» All photos
» All videos

"The numbers are the same but the distribution of resources is much broader," he said in a phone interview Wednesday. "All this information has been compiled, a lot of questions have been answered. We’re now focusing on what we have collected and targeting those areas to help the district attorney’s office to develop a case that they can prosecute successfully."

Staton declined to say whether the investigation is close to an arrest but said the lead investigator briefed him and Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schrunk on the progress last Friday.

"There was nothing that came out of that presentation that gave me or the district attorney any idea that we’re spinning our wheels or that we’re wasting time ... or allowing it to move into a cold-case scenario," he said, adding that "now we’re in a more confined type of investigation so we’re now able to predict whatever movements we’ll be taking."

He has spoken with Portland Police, the Port of Portland and expects to draw on the FBI as well as agencies in the East Multnomah County Major Crimes Team, which includes Gresham, Troutdale and Fairview. Staton said he hopes to finalize the task force in the next week.

He said at this point, he anticipates seeking only “minimal” — if any — extra funding from Multnomah County Commissioners. He said his department has been absorbing the costs through scaling back in some areas and reassigning people from its felony-warrant unit, crimes against people and property and special-investigations unit which pursues many drug-related crimes. But the office cannot continue to do that, he said.

"We’ve done well, but the threshold has been reached and we need to look at a more effective way to do it,” he said of the investigation, which is the costliest in the sheriff’s office history at about $1,044,000.

At a 4 p.m. news conference, he stressed that the task force is the "fiscally responsible" strategy for continuing the investigation and bringing it to a conclusion.

"We’ve reached point where if we don't go to a task force model, this is going to critically affect the services that we provide to the community

Staton said he has not yet talked with Kyron Horman’s parents, Kaine Horman and Desiree Young, about the change in staffing. But he said “the investigation is losing nothing.”

At the news conference, Staton also expressed frustration at some of the 3,000-plus tips that have been called in to investigators. Vague tips such as to check "a wooded area" take investigator's time to listen to and catalog. He added that criticism at the pace of the investigation also has been disheartening, adding that detectives don't want to jeopardize the investigation by sharing information with the public.

Schrunk, whose office is helping with the reorganization, said investigators are prepared for a long-haul.

"There is no one standing there with a smoking gun," Schrunk said in a telephone interview. "You’ve got nearly 4,000 different leads. This is not one where the investigation and prosecution all occurs in 60 minutes" like a television program.

But the county fully expects a conclusion.

"We are going to try this case," Schrunk said.

Horman disappeared June 4 from Skyline School during a morning science fair. No one has been arrested or even named a person of interest though Terri Moulton Horman, Horman’s stepmother, remains a focus of the investigation.

Check back later for more updates on this story.

-- Helen Jung and Lynne Terry
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PostSubject: KYRON HORMAN: MISSING ENDANGERED CHILD   Sat Sep 18, 2010 6:24 am

A Surprise In Kyron's Case, Or More Of The Same???
Posted by Sanny Sat Sep 18, 2010 8:59 am

A Surprise In Kyron’s Case, Or More Of The Same???

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on this case, and I told you last post that I would no longer post on this case unless there were significant developments. In my opinion there has been more than a few. Especially when you put them all together and look at the bigger picture. The most significant development being the latest press conference with Sheriff Dan Staton announcing that they were forming a task force and there would be changes in the way the investigation was handled. Below is a link to a story on it complete with the video of the press conference, which I highly recommend if you have not yet seen it.
Press Conference On Kyron Horman’s Case
I’ll have other source links for you later in the post, but this one was significant to me, not just because it included the video, but because it was also stated that Kaine and Desiree had no idea there were changes to the investigation. I find that point very interesting. The reason I find it so very interesting is that in the very beginning they both claimed that the information they were sharing about Terri and later DeDe and consistently about Kyron being alive, etc., was from law enforcement, and yet when asked on Oprah on Thursday about why they were so sure it was Terri, they based it on Terri’s behavior alone. In the beginning when they first began to make the media rounds they claimed that they were briefed almost daily, and yet for many weeks now they have not seemed to be on quite the same page with law enforcement. I see a disconnect here. I’ll get back to the press conference in a bit, but I want to point out where they did briefly recently come together.
The Sheriff did mention repeatedly the amount of money they have spent searching for Kyron and investigating this case and it was in excess of 1 million dollars. It left you feeling as though money were a real issue. Understandably so in this economy, but it left me scratching my head after knowing that the Sheriff had rejected monies from the county commission that he had previously requested for the investigation. Now, before I go further with this it is possible that it is because he felt like they might be rejected with his initial request, especially in this economy. With that said I watched as they began the fundraisers. I watched as they were presented with monies for the searches. Are there any searches currently taking place? I don’t think there are. A few things have struck me odd about this fundraising. Recently the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department was given a check for $8,000 for the search and they said they would have that deposited in the Kyron Fund at Bank Of America. Interestingly enough the Bring Kyron Home website that Kaine had set up has a paypal link that takes you to the Sheriff’s Department’s site to donate to this same fund.
Bring Kyron Home
What’s interesting is it tells you when you click on the paypal link how you can go to any Bank Of America and deposit your donation under the Kyron Horman Fund, or you can use paypal. This has been up for quite some time. In fact when it was announced in the media that Kaine had put up a new website and I checked it out, I was amazed as this website had already been up for quite a while. My point in mentioning the fund is that I’m sure that people have been donating to this fund since way before the fundraisers. In fact the fund itself was mentioned in the media very early on, so I’m sure people have been donating. How much? I have no idea. Okay, so in the midst of the fund raisers when MCSD was presented with the $8,000, Kaine was presented with a check for $6,000, and has since had another fundraiser in which $1,500 was raised. He said he was putting the money in his Kyron Horman Foundation to help pay for the search and fliers and bracelets. The bracelets are being sold to the public and the fliers can be printed out, and taken to a print shop to make mega copies, which is what most folks would do. Kaine has facebook sites for Kyron that have been helping him with the fundraisers and organizing and creating a lot of things for the cause. Here’s where we are going to tie right back into the funds with the press conference. Sheriff Staton mentioned the Trust Fund specifically at the press conference and he said that he had not decided whether to use the money internally for the investigation or not, but he wanted to get with the family on that, as it may be decided to give that to the family for support. WHAT??? None of that makes sense to me. Does it to you? A few source links:
Fundraiser For Kyron
Birthday Party Fundraiser
More On Birthday Party Fundraiser
Okay, so either it’s just me, or the family is either going to make a living doing this, or they anticipated a scale back that’s not really a scale back due to lack of funds in part. Kaine did say that once Kyron comes home that the Foundation and the monies it has will be used to find other missing children. There it is a life’s work to find missing children. After Kyron comes home of course. Kaine had reportedly purchased a backpack and school supplies for Kyron to start school and had signed Kyron up for soccer, as well as attending a parent meeting. I understand having hope. The soccer thing would be last on my list. I think I would be worrying about finding Kyron first. The start of school came and went, a desk was saved, and still no Kyron. What’s so odd is in the Oprah interview when Kaine and Desiree were asked if they believe Kyron is alive, Desiree spoke without hesitation and said yes. Kaine hesitated and didn’t seem to believe what he said when he did say yes. Hope against all odds? Sheriff Staton said there is no evidence that indicates that Kyron is not alive, yet he didn’t appear to really believe that either. I came to that conclusion by watching their expressions and how quickly they responded. I do not believe the Sheriff is very sure that Kyron is alive, just as I don’t think Kaine is either.
Now to bring this all together to some even bigger points. The Sheriff said they were not scaling back, yet they will only be 30% involved in this “task force”, and that will amount to only a few detectives involved from MCSD. They are going to try and have other counties come together to take some of the load, as well as the FBI. Okay. He also said they thought they were pretty far along on this investigation and that there will be a resolution. He said they had dismissed many things they were initially going on, and that when this case comes to a close the public will be very surprised. He said also that they knew things because of this investigation that they wished they didn’t. That doesn’t sound good to me. Let me just say here that I’ve been reading up on this case and I’ve seen where the public is taking this surprise ending as being some kind of new way Terri and or DeDe could have done it. That would not be surprising now. Would it??????? No matter how you slice it, the public will not be surprised to hear of any involvement by Terri and/or DeDe or any other Terri associate. NO! To me a surprise to the public would be that it was a stranger abduction, or that some other family member, friend or associate of the family would be responsible. That would surprise the public, because the public has been on the Kaine and Desiree path of Terri did it, arrest her. I think they may have initially been working off what law enforcement theorized, or suspected, but I think the paths disconnected at some point and the 2 of them decided they would publicly break Terri. I even wonder sometimes if they were not in part responsible for law enforcement being so suspicious of Terri. Desiree flinched out of shear disgust when Terri hugged her at that early press conference, and I suspect she never liked her to begin with. I suspect she pointed the finger at her from day one. Their stories have changed from they got their information from law enforcement to it was the way Terri acted and that changed subtlely over time. They claim Terri failed the polygraphs, not law enforcement. I personally think that law enforcement has no case against Terri. I think Desiree wants to believe it’s Terri and I think Kaine feeds that. Speaking of which he did drop the contempt of court charges he was trying to bring against Terri. Why? He claims it was a show of good faith to the court, to show that he didn’t want to waste the court’s time with frivolous motions. Really? Kaine had his attorney file it. It had no merit. I told you that a long time ago. He filed all of that stuff to put pressure on Terri. I’m very anxious about the hearing on all of the other motions, as somehow I do not believe they will come out as well for Kaine as he thought. The murder for hire plot didn’t pan out. What’s that going to do for the restraining order? If law enforcement is no longer looking at Terri, you will see things turn on Kaine in these divorce proceedings. I guess we shall see.
Kaine Drops Contempt Motion
Before I close, I’m going to share a few things with you that I truly believe are right on. If these guys are right, and I think they are, they have no case, no idea what happened to Kyron, no idea where he is or who is responsible and money is tight, so they are basically starting over with a task force that from what I’m getting they should have put together in the very beginning. The following speaks loud and clear of what this all really means.
Ex-Sheriff Weighs In On Kyron Task Force
Kyron Horman Case Going Cold?

I have no idea who is responsible for Kyron’s disappearance. I continue to hope and pray he is found, but I fear this case is growing cold and I fear mistakes were made that cannot be fixed. I think they were way too focused on just Terri and not every single possibility. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

What do you think?

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PostSubject: The Search Continues In Kyron's Case....Or Does It? Are They Still Searching For Kyron, Or Just Answers Now??   Sat Oct 02, 2010 10:17 pm

The Search Continues In Kyron’s Case……….Or Does It? Are They Still Searching For Kyron, Or Just Answers Now??

We are now at the 4 month marker since Kyron Horman went missing from Skyline Elementary School in Portland, Oregon. Kyron has still not been found, and no arrests have been made, no suspects, no persons of interest, in spite of a grand jury that met over the matter for more than a month and also in spite of a campaign against Terri, that focused on her as either the person responsible, or the ringleader/mastermind of a network of people that are, and that to date has not panned out. So the search for Kyron continues……… Or does it? Are they still searching for Kyron, or just answers now?? I’d like to think they are still searching for Kyron and I’m sure some are. I’m sure the task force is still searching for the answers as to what happened to Kyron. I think……Are they??? I’ve noticed that even those that have insisted all along that Kyron is alive and being stashed somewhere, are beginning to wear and seem to doubt that, even if they don’t say it.
Speaking of the task force, apparently it’s not up and running as at least one, possibly 2 counties have declined the invitation. Many are undecided and the only law enforcement agency outside of Multnomah County that has said yes is the Portland PD and they have offered one detective. It’s been 2 weeks since the announcement, and that’s it. Check it out:
Kyron Task Force
Now I said possibly 2 because as you will see, when I give you the links to Desiree’s latest plea, it was said that it is possibly 2. Beaverton said they don’t have anyone dedicated to it. Yes Desiree made another heart felt plea today. A plea for more money to up the reward. She even snarkily suggested that Terri’s parents need to match the money paid for Terri’s defense attorney and make the reward at least what that cost. They believe that sum to be $350,000, based on the Terri emails. Now remember that Terri’s attorney denied that figure. Before I tell you what I think of this, I will share the links to the story.
Desiree Young’s Plea
This one speaks of the task force:
Kyron’s Mom Wants Reward Increase
It is obvious that Desiree is completely distraught, and my heart goes out to her, but this took me by surprise as they already have another big fundraiser planned, and I cannot understand why they would not apply the funds they have in the Kyron Horman Foundation to this if this is what they want to do. The flier for the next fundraiser:

Kyron’s Family Announces New Fundraiser
Now, in case you are confused, this is how this is all working. The Kyron Horman Foundation is a separate entity from the trust fund that is at Bank Of America, as that is in trust for the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department to use to aid in the search efforts. If you remember the first fundraiser resulted in MCSD being presented with a $8,000 check to go into that fund, and Kaine was presented with a $6,ooo check, which he said would go into the Kyron Horman Foundation, and once Kyron comes home, any monies left would be used to help other missing children. It was also said they were using some of the funds to purchase the t-shirts and bracelets, which they sell, and I believe the fliers too. Okay, with that said, I believe the Foundation got $1,200 from the second fundraiser, and the MCSD recently said they had not used any of the monies in the trust fund, and they would be checking with the family and deciding whether to use it internally or give it to the family for support. Now we know the family is back to work. They have all said that, so they could use it for the Foundation or whatever they decide if it’s turned over to them. I’m sure that one has a fairly large sum of money in it by now, as that was set up in the very beginning. As far as Desiree’s latest plea, this was said by MCSD in response:

Young encouraged anyone who wants to donate to call the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff’s spokeswoman Lt. Mary Lindstrand said Young’s announcement had caught her by surprise and that the sheriff’s office needed more time to figure out how they would accept donations to go toward a reward fund.
Here’s where I’m scratching my head……….Why not up the reward with the monies already donated??? Even better….How about calling in an organization like Texas Equusearch and having them search for Kyron? I recently heard someone ask Tim Miller if he was going to search for Kyron and he said, he has not been asked. He will only do that if the family asks. If Desiree is this distraught and frustrated, I would think she would have already been on the phone asking for the help of TES. They do find people alive as well as dead, and at this point they need to search in every direction, because I’m really doubting that Kyron is just being stashed somewhere. I would love to be wrong, but with that said, if Kyron were my child, I would have had TES in there week 1. I would have wanted my child found no matter what. I would have wanted the truth and yes, I would have held out hope that he was alive, but I would have wanted him found and justice for him, no matter what the outcome would be, because chances are whatever happened to Kyron happened before he was reported missing. Law Enforcement needed all the help they could have gotten. If they would have been unwilling to allow a private search organization in to help, I would have gone to the President of the United States to make them be willing, if that’s what it took. I wouldn’t have allowed the family circus to transpire, like it has, as it has done NO GOOD. I wouldn’t have played that game. I would have been organizing and helping organize searches. But that’s me. I’m a proactive person. When it comes to my kids, I would move heaven and earth to find them.
Law enforcement does not always find the missing. They do need the public’s help, but they have to give the public something to go on, without all of the drama being fed to them first. They need facts, not emotion to go on. Facts, not guesswork. The following link is about a missing person in a neighboring area, that had been missing since 2005, and the remains were recently found on the grounds of a school.
Beaverton Police Identify Human Remains
Sometimes finding the missing can be like finding a needle in a haystack, which is why it takes so much help from different resources. Are there that many missing in that region? As far as children, if they are abducted by a noncustodial parent, they are not considered missing. I found the following article interesting.
Kyron Horman /Meeting The Criteria
According to that article, the number is small, compared to other areas, but 1 is too many, let alone 41, and some have been missing for years, which is scary for all of them, including Kyron.
Many are concerned that Kyron’s case is growing cold, and I believe it is, unless someone intervenes and starts the public searches.
Is Kyron Horman’s Case Growing Cold?
I guess we can see why Desiree is so frustrated, but she needs to be proactive and quit just depending on law enforcement. It’s passed time for the public searches to bust into action. That should have been done long ago.
I don’t know who is responsible, but I’ve told you that from all that I’ve read on this case, it is still possible that Kyron was stranger abducted, and it’s also possible that Terri may have suspicions but really has no idea where Kyron is. It’s possible she may be involved, or even responsible, but if she is, trying to break her as the only means to solve this case, was a terrible mistake. If she really didn’t do it, she has been accused at least by Desiree from the beginning. Remember Desiree said she asked her when she first talked to her. What did you do? She was questioned 5 times in the first 24 hours, and no one knows for sure if she failed the polygraphs, as law enforcement won’t say, and while they have said she has cooperated at times and at other times she has not, but she’s not a person of interest or a suspect, yet they put out fliers and searched her friend’s homes, so it did look from where I’m sitting like they suspected her from the get go. The problem is they allowed Desiree and Kaine to go around and say she failed the polygraphs and accuse her without a doubt in their minds, but the fact that the groundskeeper, who was on the school grounds that day, was not known about until almost 3 months into this case is very disturbing to me. They should have known about every employee for the county or the city that was there that day within the first week. Many are saying that pedophiles are quite common in that area, even Kaine’s brother is in prison for such. Check this guy out, he was a school bus driver:
Bus Driver Charged For Child Porn
What I’m trying to say is simply this………..It’s time to get more help in finding Kyron and the tunnel vision has to stop. Desiree needs to quit with the Terri thing and focus on Kyron, because if she does, and she calls in TES and starts the searching on the level she should, no matter who is guilty, they will be found out. This is about Kyron and finding him and justice for him.
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PostSubject: Kyron search renews on Sauvie Island   Sun Oct 03, 2010 9:00 am

Kyron search renews on Sauvie Island

By KATU News, Staff and News Sources

The day after the mother of missing child Kyron Horman made a sudden and emotional plea for help to get the reward increased, searchers once again converged on Sauvie Island.

Story Published: Oct 2, 2010 at 3:04 PM PDT
Story Updated: Oct 2, 2010 at 7:16 PM PDT

PORTLAND, Ore. – The day after the mother of missing child Kyron Horman made a sudden and emotional plea for help to get the reward increased, searchers once again converged on an outer Northwest Portland island that has been a focal point of the search since the 7 year old's disappearance.

Multnomah County Sheriff’s Public Information Officer Lt. Mary Lindstrand confirms that search and rescue teams from eight Portland-area agencies are conducting a search on Sauvie Island for Kyron Horman, the now-8-year-old boy believed to have gone missing after being dropped off at Skyline Elementary School on June 4.

Lindstrand stressed this search “is not the result of any new leads but the sheriff’s desire to be thorough in their investigation.”

UPDATE: Lindstrand said more than 160 search-and-rescue personnel participated in Saturday’s search. The island search will continue through the weekend.

Nearly 12,000 acres of the island are undeveloped, serving as the Sauvie Island Wildlife Area. The island is surrounded or dotted by water features, including Sturgeon Lake, Johnson Lake, Halderman Pond and Wagonwheel Hole. In June The Willamette Week newspaper, citing anonymous police sources, reported that cell phone records show Terri Horman was on the island June 4.

Outside help has arrived
After spending more than a million dollars looking for Kyron, the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office called for outside help Sept. 15. Sheriff Dan Staton said Multnomah County detectives would make up 30 percent of the new search team and outside agencies would provide the rest.

This Oct. 2 search follows a hastily organized press conference on Friday by Kyron’s mother, Desiree Young, who wants donors to help raise the reward offered for her son’s safe return to at least $350,000. That's the amount Kyron's stepmother reportedly texted a friend saying she had paid to hire her criminal attorney. The reward stood at around $50,000 on Friday.

KATU Reporter Margy Lynch was the first reporter on the scene Saturday, covering what could be the largest search and rescue effort since the first search sweep for Kyron after his June 4 disappearance. Sauvie Island is about 15 miles north of Skyline School where Kyron attended second grade and is believed to have disappeared from a morning science fair. The road from Skyline School to Sauvie Island, Northwest Cornelius Pass Road, also has been the focus of renewed searches in this case.
There has been no sign of Kyron for 17 weeks.
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PostSubject: Terri Horman Willing To Move Forward With Divorce   Thu Oct 07, 2010 3:45 pm

Terri Horman Willing To Move Forward With Divorce

POSTED: 11:13 am PDT October 7, 2010
UPDATED: 11:44 am PDT October 7, 2010

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Terri Horman’s attorney argued Thursday that the divorce case involving her estranged husband and the ongoing criminal investigation into her stepson’s disappearance creates an issue of self-incrimination for her.

Peter Bunch said Terri Horman is prepared to work out the details of the divorce and divide the couple’s property, but she still wants the court to put the custody portion of the divorce case on hold until the criminal investigation into Kyron Horman’s disappearance is complete.

Kyron has not been seen since June 4 at Skyline School in northwest Portland. He vanished from the school after a science fair.

Terri Horman and her estranged husband, Kaine Horman, did not appear to make any eye contact upon walking into the courtroom and sitting down Thursday morning.

Bunch said Terri Horman is no doubt the focus of the criminal investigation into Kyron’s disappearance. He said any testimony or questions about finances that will come up during the divorce proceedings may be used against her by investigators.

He argued the situation would ultimately impose on Terri Horman’s constitutional rights. Judge Keith Meisenheimer agreed it would be difficult for the court to hold a normal custody study.

Bunch also made a request for Terri Horman to have parenting time with her young daughter in a safe and supervised setting. Currently, she is under a no contact order by the court after a divorce and restraining order filing by Kaine Horman in June.

In court documents, Kaine Horman said police told him there was probable cause that his wife was involved in Kyron’s disappearance. He also said in the court filing that Terri Horman was involved in a murder-for-hire plot against him.

The judge’s clerk expects the divorce hearing to continue throughout Thursday.

Photos: Terri Horman, Kaine Horman Oct. 7 Divorce Hearing[/url]
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PostSubject: Live notes from the Horman's court appearance   Thu Oct 07, 2010 3:49 pm

Live notes from the Horman's court appearance

Story Published: Oct 7, 2010 at 11:20 AM PDT
Story Updated: Oct 7, 2010 at 12:03 PM PDT

Terri Moulton Horman enters the courtroom on Thursday Oct. 7, 2010 Portland, Ore. An Oregon judge will hear two pending motions on Thursday from the father and stepmother of a boy missing since June. Kaine Horman says he suspects his wife, Terri Horman, to be involved in the disappearance of Kyron Horman. Kaine Horman has filed for divorce and a restraining order against her. (AP Photo/Benjamin Brink, Pool).

Related Content

  • Hormans battle in court over divorce, daughter

PORTLAND, Ore. - Terri Horman, stepmother to missing 8-year-old Kyron Horman, is in court with her estranged husband, Kaine Horman, to hash out their divorce proceedings and other issues.
KATU News reporter Dan Tilkin is in the newsroom and is sending real-time dispatches to

  • Follow the Kyron Horman missing child case

Here is what Dan has sent so far. NOTE: Newest posts appear at the top. We are updating this story as posts arrive at
11:50: Dan Tilkin reports that he talked with Mike Cook and Cook told him that court papaers were wrong, that he did not have sex with Terri Horman, but they did exchange "sexting" cell phone messages.
11:33: Terri and Kaine have left the courtroom but KATU reporter Anita Kissee says an attorney has told her the proceeding will resume after 1:30 p.m. and may run until 5 p.m. As Kaine Horman left, he responded to questions by saying he could not comment. Unknown if both Terri and Kaine will return to the courtroom today. Watch for updates.
11: 20 Court has adjourned. Judge Meisenheimer says he will rule on abatement issue at 1:30. Then they will take up "Suit Money" issue: Where did Terri Horman get the $350k to hire her lawyers?
11:18 a.m. Peter Bunch says this is the most complex case he’s encountered in Family Law.
11:17 a.m.: Peter Bunch: says Kaine’s lawyer has mounds of information from the investigation: “It is fundamentally unfair for Kitty (Kiara) and for Miss Horman for me to be hamstrung in the divorce case for the information I have compared to what they have.”
11: 15 a.m.: Peter Bunch: “The publicity that’s going on is not being driven by Ms. Horman, it’s being driven by Mr. Horman, when he tells national media there’s no doubt Ms. Horman is involved.”
“If Mr. Horman is really interested in what‘s best for the child, then Mr. Horman wouldn’t object to any visitation by this child’s mother.”
“We’ll concede, Mr. Horman can have the house, right now. Mrs. Horman is going to lose money…”
10:45 am: Laura Rackner, Kaine Horman's Divorce Lawyer: “Mrs. Horman’s request for abatement serves her self interest over what is best for the children. Kiara and Kryon deserve to have what’s best for them, which is timely resolution."
“Mrs. Horman doesn’t state anywhere that her request is what’s best for the children.”
Mike Cook is outside the courtroom. He received a subpoena to testify. Cook is a high school friend of Kaine Horman's. Court records say he began a sexual relationship with Terri Horman shortly after Kaine Horman moved out of their house 22 days after Kyron disappeared.
Neither Terri Horman or Kaine Horman are wearing their wedding Rings. At the last court hearing in August, Terri was wearing a band on her ring finger. Court is now taking 15 minute recess.
Bunch says If judge abates (delays divorce case), he will ask for restraining order changed to allow some visitation. “It’s not in Kiara’s interest to not have contact with her mother… she’s not interested in abandoning her child.”
Peter Bunch said he's asked for Terri Horman calls to 9-1-1, back to Dec 26th. But was denied by Sheriff's office saying it's part of "ongoing Investigation." He's tried to serve the landscaper, Rudy Sanchez with subpoena for deposition, but prosecutors wouldn't give him contact information because of the "ongoing investigation." Bunch said Terri called 911 when Sanchez showed up at her house wired "trying to talk to about something". He also said Rudy Sanchez is an AKA (alias).
Peter Bunch: “She will stipulate to an immediate divorce. If Mr. Horman wants to divide everything today, we’ll do that.”
“She’ll agree to defer the issue of future support.”
“The delay to Mr. Horman if any can be substantially mitigated.”
Peter Bunch: “The danger to her is neither fanciful or imagined. There is no doubt she is in the cross hairs of the investigation.”
Peter Bunch, Terri's Divorce Attorney: “There is no doubt, whatsoever Miss Horman is the focus of the investigation.”
This is the first time they have been in same room since Kaine moved out in late June after learning of murder for hire plot as far as we know.
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PostSubject: Volunteer searchers comb Sauvie Island - Again   Sun Oct 10, 2010 9:55 pm

Volunteer searchers comb Sauvie Island - again

Published: 10/09 2:12 pm
Last Update: 5:34 pm

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Kyron Horman search resumes on Sauvie Island

For the second weekend in a row, the Kyron Horman investigation returned to Sauvie Island, including on horseback. (KOIN, John Kirtley)

For the second weekend in a row, the Kyron Horman investigation returned to Sauvie Island.

Last weekend, over 100 searchers surveyed the island north of Portland for clues that might help find the 7-year-old who went missing over four months ago.

About 80 Last weekend, the weather was dry and comfortable. This weekend, it was wet and soggy. Still, dozens of people showed up. Most of them are volunteers who gave up their time to help find Kyron. They came from eight different counties.

Once again, Sheriff's Offices spokesperson Mary Lindstrand said the searching is not based on any newinformation, but rather they are following up on leads from the verybeginning of the investigation.

While no specific locations were identified as focus points, many of the searchers appeared concentrated off of NW Reeder Road, which runs north-south, almost bisecting the large island.

Teams used string to grid-off areas they already searched.

"The grid lines give them a line to follow so they know that the area inside the line has been searched," said Lindstrand." "It just gives them a straight place to start from."

Once again, most of the searchers are volunteers on foot, but horses, canine and ATVs were also used.

The weekend's search effort wound down at about 5 p.m. Sunday. If any significant clues were found, law officers weren't talking about them.

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PostSubject: Kyron's parents raise search funds at Roloff pumpkin patch   Sun Oct 17, 2010 8:54 am

Kyron’s parents raise search funds at Roloff pumpkin patch

by Amanda Burden and KGW StaffBio | Email| Follow: @AmandaBurdenKGW

Posted on October 16, 2010 at 5:54 PM

HELVETIA, Ore. – While thousands of people packed the Roloff Farm in Helvetia Saturday to search for the perfect pumpkin, Kaine Horman and Desiree Young continued the search for their missing son.

Kyron Horman disappeared from Skyline School on June 4th. His parent’s hoped to raise awareness about their missing son and to raise money for search efforts.

Amid pumpkins and petting zoos, there was a booth selling Kyron t-shirts, dog tags and posters. There was also a booth for families to create child identification kits.

The family was very familiar with the pumpkin patch; they had taken Kyron pumpkin picking at Roloff Farm in years past.

"He loves little pumpkins," said Desiree. "Kyron loves to come and pick out just the right pumpkin, just the right size. So we got one for him today and we're going to go put it out at the Wall of Hope."

Amy and Matt Roloff, the stars of the reality show, "Little People, Big World," said they wanted the Roloff Farm to help Kyron's family.

"We knew that we would have a busy pumpkin season and we wanted to do what we could to continue to get that word out," said Matt Roloff.

Kyron's parents said they're not giving up hope. "Ultimately just be on the lookout for Kyron always," Desiree said.
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PostSubject: Kyron Horman Case: Kaine fights back - Updated   Fri Oct 22, 2010 11:59 pm

Kyron Horman case: Kaine fights back – Updated

Posted on October 22nd, 2010 by Valhall
Kaine Horman has filed a response to the family court concerning Terri Horman’s request to have some form of visitation. And to put it lightly – he’s not okay with the request. KGW is reporting that within the response filed Kaine states Terri “abducted and may have caused unimaginable harm” to Kyron. He goes on to reference the murder-for-hire plot that Terri is alleged to have attempted and stated “…such extreme and unexpected behavior cannot be taken lightly by…the Court when making decisions affecting the well-being of an almost two-year-old child.”
It doesn’t look like Terri Horman’s decision to sit back and protect herself is going to work well in family court.
Included in Kaine’s response are the following points:

  • It’s been 3-1/2 months since Terri was restricted from any access to her daughter. She’s just now wanting that changed.
  • She’s asking for parenting time while asking to not be held to the requirements of proving it is in the best interest of Kiara. She’s trying to abuse the system.
  • Kaine strongly believes Terri abducted Kyron and may have caused “unimaginable harm” to him. She also tried to have Kaine murdered. Kaine doesn’t feel like setting those two pretty bizarre and very serious points aside. He doesn’t think the court should either.
  • Kaine has to gather information and do whatever is required to protect the life of his daughter. He doesn’t care if Terri doesn’t like it.
  • Terri wants Kaine to pay for her supervised visitation (because she won’t speak for herself lest she incriminate herself), but she still refuses to explain where the “$350,000″ lawyer fee came from. (And I must say…LOL!)

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PostSubject: Kyron Horman Case: Kaine files additional documents   Tue Oct 26, 2010 9:57 am

Kyron Horman case: Kaine files additional documents

Posted on October 26th, 2010 by Valhall
And not only is Terri Horman a horned dog, she’s a kinky one! And to think she was sexting and lamenting she’s never gonna “get any ever again” just 26 days after Kyron went missing, just 4 days after her husband and her beloved Kitty were gone, and just 2 days after she was served divorce papers and a restraining order restricting her from any access to Kiara. And what was on her mind that day? Sex, nutterbutters, cooking (in that 9-1/2 weeks kind of way), more sex and then sending photos to Michael Cook of Twyla and Twanda the TaTa twins along with photos of her masturbating.
Because, by golly, that’s what all maidens in distress who are being framed and persecuted and have loss their children whom they mourn for do.
So the documents that Kaine filed yesterday included a counterclaim, which included a sworn affidavit from Kaine Horman, which serves as Kaine’s official response to Terri Horman’s motion to modify the restraining order. Along with this was an exhibit that included the text messages, beginning on June 30th and ending on July 7th, between Terri Horman and Michael Cook. A man she reportedly didn’t know before Kyron went missing on June 4th, but apparently got real comfortable with quickly.
Now, Kaine’s statements in this affidavit are allegations, and we must treat them as such, but we’re going to look at them from a couple of angles. First, what pertains to Kyron’s disappearance and the investigation. Kaine alleges:

  • Kaine does differentiate in this document between what law enforcement directly told him about and what he became convinced of based on several factors including Terri’s own statements and behavior.

    • Law enforcement directly told Kaine of the attempted murder for hire plot.
    • Kaine never states law enforcement told him they believe Terri is involved in Kyron’s disappearance. Kaine states he had “increasing concern” that Terri was involved in “harming or secreting” Kyron and later states her “behavior following Kyron’s disappearance has convinced me she is responsible.”

  • Kaine states Terri has been unwilling to cooperate with law enforcement and unwilling to help in the search for Kyron.
  • Kaine states she failed the first polygraph, walked out in the middle of the second polygraph, resisted taking the third polygraph for about a week, and then failed the third one when she did take it.
  • Kaine states he repeatedly asked Terri questions about her whereabouts on June 4th (the day Kyron went missing) and that Terri never answered his questions nor supplied explanations. He states she never explicitly denied involvement in Kyron’s disappearance to him.
  • Kaine states Terri did not show emotion or concern for Kyron after he went missing but instead was focused on herself and the pressure she was getting from law enforcement. He divulges that some time in the first 3 weeks after Kyron went missing Terri stated she was “done cooperating” with the investigators and started voicing her desire to hire a criminal attorney.
  • Kaine then lists the salacious and bizarre behavior of Terri with Michael Cook along with her talk of Stephen Houze as “Steve aka lawyer extraordinaire” and paying Houze $350k, along with reference of using a “clean phone” (aka bat phone) so that she can sext, send wee-wee pictures and talk about her upcoming defense without the law enforcement being able to monitor her.
  • And then Kaine has this to say:

  • I want Respondent to begin cooperating with law enforcement. I want Respondent to tell the truth. I want Respondent to provide information to investigators that may lead to Kyron’s location. Law enforcement officials have informed me that more than one circuit judge has determined probable cause exists to implicate Respondent in Kyron’s disappearance and in the murder for hire plot. Respondent and her lawyers are aware of this. Meanwhile, Respondent currently refuses to answer any questions at all.

Now, the next list of allegations Kaine makes is about Terri’s behavior over the past few years of their marriage that could go toward what Kyron’s family life was like and how much (or little) attention he got from Terri, and whether there was any true attachment there. Curiously, Kaine does not explicitly offer any information into the relationship and interaction between Terri and Kyron. The only statements in the response about her parenting skills (or lack thereof) concern Kiara and James.

  • Kaine disputes Terri’s claim of being primary caregiver of Kiara. He states he worked from home on an average of 3 to 5 days a week and therefore shared responsibility of Kiara and Kyron.
  • Terri has been drunk, in fact drank heavily to the point of slurred speech, staggered gait and passing out on the couch around 7 or 8 pm often. During these times Kiara would be there with Terri.
  • Terri’s drinking and bouts of depression affected the way she cared for Kiara, affected the attachment between her and Kiara, and led to Kiara having little structure in her life.
  • Terri would go to the gym for 3 to 4 hours, taking Kiara with her and leaving the baby in the daycare. Kaine has since learned Terri would spend her time at the gym flirting and chatting “with other gym members rather than exercising”. Kaine outright states that Terri’s time at home was by majority spent on the computer with the statement “She spent more time on the computer than caring for the children.”
  • Kaine addresses the issue of James leaving the Horman house in February of this year. Kaine states Terri was “unable to interact with James on a healthy level and had him moved to her parents’ home in Roseberg” on February 5, 2010.

So in summary, in this response Kaine accuses Terri of being an emotionally disturbed drunk lying skanky unfit mother.
Now, one last thing concerning the text messages between Terri and Michael Cook included in Exhibit 1 of the filing. No matter why Michael Cook wormed his way into Terri’s life and got intimate with his old school friend’s wife immediately after said old school friend filed for divorce and moved into hiding, there’s only one person here trying to seduce the other and Michael Cook is not the seducer. And for those who have virgin eyeballs, don’t read these text if you are offended by the idea of sucking a golf ball through a garden hose or having wet spots on your couch….especially if reading them coming from a sloppy, overweight woman whose stepson is missing on her watch might upset you.
And, of course, there’s the text messages where Terri tries to get Michael Cook to lie for her and not tell anyone she came over to his house to introduce him to the Tata twins in person. Cook tells her he’s not going to lie and she needs to be honest right now. Terri feigns being upset about Kiara being the reason she suggested he lie. Right….it didn’t have anything to do with the statement she’d get in trouble, right?
I just want to know this…what did Terri mean in response to Michael Cook’s question of how does Houze think she’s going to pay him that much money when Terri says

Money. Yeah. A discussion w/u and the girls manana. Kerry has a good idea”
Maybe it’s a bake sale, huh?
Terri Horman, you make me sick.
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PostSubject: The Back And Forth Between Kaine And Terri Over Kiare continues.....Is Terri Responsible for Kyron's Disappearance?   Wed Oct 27, 2010 9:27 pm

The Back And Forth Between Kaine And Terri Over Kiara Continues……….Is Terri Responsible For Kyron’s Disappearance???

It’s been a busy few weeks in the back and forth between Kaine Horman and Terri Horman over their daughter Kiara. The million dollar question still remains……….Is Terri responsible for Kyron’s disappearance??? She’s still not be named a “person of interest”, or a “suspect”, yet she does still seem to be the focus of the investigation, at least she still is according to Kaine, but law enforcement is not saying too much these days. Now most feel that if she absolutely had nothing to do with Kyron’s disappearance, she would have taken a different path, including, but not limited to Kaine Horman and Desiree Young. Many feel that if Terri had nothing to hide she would tell all she knows, and would have from the very beginning. Many believe she failed those few polygraphs, and walked out on the one, but law enforcement has never said, Kaine and Desiree said that. Most people do not understand why if Terri were not guilty of anything, she would not have fought tooth and nail for her child, Kiara. For the most part the general public, at least on the blogs, believes that Terri is guilty of whatever happened to Kyron. I understand why. I’ve read everything everyone else has read. The only reason I have not totally in my mind thrown Terri under the bus a long time ago is because I keep going over this stuff and finding where people are changing their stories, ever so slightly as time marches on. I see holes. I see there is more to this story. I do believe Terri is one odd duck (and that’s being really nice), but there is so much missing to this, and when people change their stories slightly, bit by bit over time, it leaves you wondering why they are doing it. Is it because of time passing? Hindsight is said to be 20/20. Is it because something is implied to which they remember things that fit with what is being implied? Did they just refrain from telling the truth to start with? I’ll show you exactly what I mean a bit later in the post, but first I want to show you the latest in this saga. We’ll start with Kaine’s response to Terri’s filing for supervised visitation with Kiara, but where we wind up will be, let’s say, shocking, to say the least. You’ll see. Check it out:
Horman court motions, fight for daughter continue
Kaine rejects wife’s desire to see daughter
In this motion Kaine believes that Terri has had plenty of time to fight to see her daughter, and finds it odd that she is just now doing so. He also says that he believes Terri abducted Kyron and may have caused “unimaginable harm” to him. This is a big switch from what he has previously stated. I’ll get to that in a bit.
Kaine’s Motion In Response To Terri’s
It was necessary to lay that ground work, because now Kaine has filed another motion, and has released some of Terri’s sexting with Michael Cook, and they are nasty, to say the least. Kaine is claiming in the new motion that Terri is mentally unstable, and even that she is an alcoholic, who has neglected her children, dumped her daughter off at the daycare at the gym, not to work out, but to flirt. He claims at least one judge said there was probable cause in Kyron’s case and the murder for hire deal, to implicate Terri. If that’s so, I don’t understand why there has not been an arrest. Now I’m going to share with you Kaine’s newest motion on these issues, and the sexting link is to the right side of the article, under court documents, under the motion itself. The motion link I will share, the sexting, I’m not giving the link here, as it’s nasty, disgusting and I will warn you that you may not have the stomach for it.
Kaine Horman calls his estranged wife, severely emotionally disturbed
Kaine’s Latest Motion
A few points to ponder, in regards to the inconsistencies………..

Kaine Horman pleads with Terri Horman to begin cooperating with law enforcement. “I want Respondent to tell the truth. I want Respondent to provide information to investigators that may lead to Kyron’s location.”
Kaine Horman says he’s learned from law enforcement officials that more than one circuit judge had found probable cause exists to implicate his estranged wife in Kyron’s disappearance and in a murder-for-hire plot.
If this is true, I don’t understand why Terri has not been arrested. Now we do have to take into consideration that this is a nasty, “high profile” divorce, that happens to involve a missing child. In fact that is what is making this one “high profile”. I also noticed that at end of the texts, Terri says “I didn’t do”, and it was cut off. I wonder what she went on to say. What didn’t she do? Was she about to address Kyron’s disappearance? If so, I don’t understand why it was cut off. She did say she was mad about Kaine taking Kitty and not being able to see her, but that was in and out of the graphic sexual content. Apparently she sent Michael Cook pictures of her breasts and of her masturbating. Yuck!!! Too much information!
Another oddity I found was that in the beginning Kaine stood by his wife briefly, then he changed it to he had no indication there was trouble in the marriage, until after Kyron went missing, and he found out Terri had been telling friends she was unhappy. He then went on to say next that she changed after having Kiara, and he believed she had post partum depression. He and Desiree said at that point that Terri was acting strange after Kyron’s disappearance and Desiree said she had always been a liar, but at that point they believed Terri was “involved” in Kyron’s disappearance. They believed Kyron was alive and Desiree went on to later talk of Terri having him “stashed” somewhere. Now Kaine, after signing Kyron up for soccer,and taking his school supplies to school and believing Kyron would soon be coming home, is claiming that she abducted him and did “unspeakable acts” to him, and is afraid Kiara may have witnessed these acts. She’s now an alcoholic and has been for years, since 2005 to be exact. She was not a good mother, but was addicted to alcohol and the computer and flirting. Okay, so we’ve jumped a long ways from everything was going great, I thought until after Kyron went missing. I don’t know if Kaine just wasn’t telling the truth in the beginning, or if he’s stretching it some now. It is possible that law enforcement told him to keep it toned down in the very beginning and it’s even possible that Terri’s “I didn’t do”…….could have been I didn’t do anything to deserve this, or I didn’t do what I’m being accused of with the landscaper, but Michael Cook almost appears to me to be a plant. It’s as though he was trying to help with Terri, genuinely. He mentioned the $35o,000 for the attorney, Terri did not deny it, but egged it on a bit. She didn’t actually say it. He did. He seemed at times like he was trying to get her to talk more about her circumstances, as if he thought he could really get her to open up, and she kept going back to the dirty stuff. The texts did come from his phone, so he’s the “sent”, and she’s the “received”. Was he the next sting after the botched murder for hire sting? Did Terri realize it? Did she behave this way and purposefully to avoid the leading to talk about her circumstances, because she knew she was being set up? Even if that were the case, what she did was nasty. Was that all a nastygram to Kaine? I’m starting to get the feeling that Terri wasn’t really trusting anyone, or maybe she was and she just wouldn’t talk about Kyron.
I understand Kaine wanting to protect Kiara. I really do. I understand him wanting Kyron found and brought home, and the truth to be told, but I don’t understand how he seemed to not have a clue about his wife, until Kyron went missing. Or are his most recent stories the truth and the initial ones were not? I really do not know why he left his pregnant wife for this woman, because she’s not right. Even if she knew she was being set up, and she was sending a message, most loving mothers would not behave that way, with one child missing and another taken away, and she could have just ignored Michael Cook. I find it so terribly tragic that because of entitlement, hatefulness, or vengeance, or even just plain old stupidity, that a little boy had to suffer. So much is starting to make sense. Terri either harmed Kyron for her own evil hearted satisfaction, or she lied and she didn’t walk him all the way to the classroom door and she left him too soon, and because of her filthy behavior, she got involved with the wrong person or persons, and they saw an opportunity to get even in a child unattended, or she didn’t walk him to the classroom and some weirdo saw an opportunity because of a lazy stepmother, or she’s involved and is in on it with someone. No matter how it turns out, Terri is the key it appears, even if she really doesn’t know where Kyron is at this point. The time lost in him being reported missing really hurt in this case. I hope it doesn’t stop them from finding Kyron.
If Terri maliciously did harm Kyron, some other things are starting to make sense here. The CSI t-shirt that Kyron was wearing the day he went missing. It has been said that was Terri’s favorite show and Kyron watched it with her. Is it possible that if there was any message in that, that it was directed at law enforcement? Remember Terri changed the picture on her facebook early on from the Missing Kyron Poster, to a picture of herself, with a caption that read: “There is absolutely no physical evidence tying Terri to Kyron’s disappearance”. I’ve looked and looked and I cannot find any episode that is remotely close to the circumstances in this case. (This is of course if the shirt meant something. I’ve always thought it might have.) The red eyed tree frog. It sleeps under leaves and close to water, generally ponds, which makes Sauvie Island and the waterways make more sense. It is also native to Southern Mexico and Central America. I don’t know if directions tie into that, if there is any meaning to it. All I’m saying if they really believe she is responsible, I can see why they have been doing some of what we know they have, but while I understand it, Kyron has still not been found. No one really knows for sure what happened to him or where he is, except the person or persons responsible. Please God trouble their hearts until the truth comes out.
I guess that about says it all for now. Except I’m still praying they find Kyron soon, and there can be Justice for him. It’s such a shame that he had to be the victim here and no matter what the family dynamics stunk. Someone needs to start talking and we can only pray they really start screwing up.

What Happened?

Kyron At The Science Fair With His Project

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PostSubject: Kaine Horman trying to destroy estranged wife Terri Horman with 'vicious' court filing, her lawyers say   Sat Oct 30, 2010 1:00 am

Kaine Horman trying to destroy estranged wife Terri Horman with 'vicious' court filing, her lawyers say

Published: Friday, October 29, 2010, 7:27 PM
Updated: Friday, October 29, 2010, 9:48 PM

Maxine Bernstein, The Oregonian

View full sizeTorsten Kjellstrand/The OregonianTerri Moulton Horman arrives earlier this month at the Multnomah County Courthouse for a divorce hearing.
Terri Moulton Horman's lawyers say Kaine Horman is focused on his estranged wife's "destruction," and his most recent affidavit challenging her right to supervised parenting time with their daughter was intended only to "inflame and poison public opinion."

Kaine Horman's affidavit filed four days earlier is "vicious in its tone and content" and clearly meant to vilify Terri Horman in an effort to "completely destroy and sabotage" any relationship she might have with the couple's 2-year-old daughter, her divorce attorney Peter Bunch and criminal defense attorney Stephen Houze said in a motion Friday.

Kaine Horman called his wife an "emotionally disturbed individual" in the affidavit, referred to her failed polygraph tests and claimed alcohol abuse impaired her functioning since the birth of their daughter, Kiara. He said he believes Terri Horman was involved in his son's June 4 disappearance and wondered if Kiara witnessed "some unimaginable act of horror" that day.

He also attached 17 pages of graphic text messages from late June to early July between Terri Horman and a high school friend of his, Michael Cook.

» Kyron Horman special coverage
Your guide to the story
» Timeline
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» All photos
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» Timeline
» Read Friday's court filing

Terri Horman's lawyers said Kaine Horman and his divorce attorney, Laura Rackner, a former prosecutor, have flouted Oregon laws governing civil procedure and evidence and the state's rules of professional conduct.

Kaine Horman and his lawyer improperly and deliberately referred to polygraph exams that are by Oregon Supreme Court law inadmissible in court, Houze and Bunch said. Horman and his lawyer also included hearsay and irrelevant personal text messages gained from the ongoing criminal investigation into Kyron Horman's disappearance, the two said.

"Such improper and sanctionable actions by Father and his counsel must be rejected by this court," Houze and Bunch wrote. "The inescapable conclusion is that such actions are not motivated by what is in the best interest of Kiara. ... The full extent of the harm to Mother caused by these tactics is far-reaching, unacceptable and likely irreparable."

Kyron Horman was 7 when he disappeared from Skyline School after Terri Horman, his stepmother, had taken him to school for a science fair. Although police have made no arrests, investigators have intently focused on Terri Horman.

Kaine Horman abruptly left their house with their daughter on June 26 after investigators told him they had learned that Terri Horman had approached a landscaper with an alleged murder-for-hire plot to kill her husband
six months before Kyron’s disappearance

Two days after leaving their house, Kaine Horman filed for divorce and a restraining order against his wife, prohibiting her from any parenting time with their daughter.

Bunch and Houze said they've made repeated requests since July to Kaine Horman and his lawyer to allow Terri Horman to see Kiara under any circumstances. They held out some hope that Kaine Horman would allow some supervised contact between mother and child, describing Terri Horman as Kiara's primary caregiver who needs to see her daughter. Even parents who are incarcerated get to see their children, and restricting contact goes against public policy, the lawyers wrote.

"It is becoming evident that Father's mission is to completely destroy and sabotage the mother/child relationship," Terri Horman's lawyers wrote. "It is also becoming evident that no matter what the court may ultimately order, there is no reason to believe that Father will do anything other than to continue to engage in these harsh tactics, to the utter detriment of his daughter."

Terri Horman's lawyers said the text messages between their client and Cook aren't relevant to whether Terri Horman should be allowed to see her daughter, were "gratuitously included" by Kaine Horman and his lawyer and violate state civil procedure.

"The sole issue that needs to be addressed in Mother's motion is whether there are appropriate, supervised circumstances under which Kiara can be reunited with her mother. However, rather than making a long-range and reasoned assessment of what is in Kiara's best interests, Father is focused on Mother's destruction. His inflammatory rhetoric does nothing to meet his daughter's needs; rather, he is flouting well-established principles of Oregon law to further his crusade against Mother."
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PostSubject: Kyron: Father Accuses Step Mother   Sat Oct 30, 2010 6:51 pm

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kyron: Father Accuses Step Mother

As Kyron's face slowly disappears from media and the divorce and custody proceedings go forward, we can expect more statements from Kaine Horman on what police may have told him regarding Terri Horman's involvement in the disappearance of Kyron.

Will the court give Terri Horman visitation?

Will the court give visitation rights to Terri Horman?
no free polls

PORTLAND, Ore. (CBS/KOIN) The father of Kyron Horman, the Portland-area boy who mysteriously vanished nearly five months ago, has argued in newly filed court papers that his estranged wife is "severely emotionally disturbed" and should not have custody of their 23-month-old daughter.

Kaine Horman alleged in court documents filed Monday Terri Horman is an alcoholic who suffers from an "undiagnosed personality disorder" and that giving her custody of their daughter, Kiara, could endanger the child.

He said he fears his daughter may have witnessed an "unimaginable act of horror," according to CBS affiliate KOIN.

Terri Horman was the last person to report seeing 8-year-old Kyron walking toward his second grade classroom after a school science fair June 4. She has not been named a person of interest or suspect in the boy's disappearance.

"It causes great pain to wonder if Kiara was with respondent on June 4, 2010 and witnessed some unimaginable act of horror," Kaine Horman wrote. "Until respondent begins answering questions about the events of June 4, 2010, I cannot support any contact between her and Kiara, even if supervised."
Kaine Horman once again said he believes his wife is responsible for his son's disappearance and cannot be trusted near their daughter.

"Her actions are horrifying and unexplainable. Kiara's physical and emotional safety are now at extreme risk," he said.

In July he claimed that Terri Horman suffered from postpartum depression following Kiara's birth.

Also included in the documents are over 20 pages of sexually explicit text messages between Terri Horman and Michael Cook, a high school friend of Kaine Horman, supposedly sent less than one month after Kyron disappeared, reports KOIN.

The messages also mention the use of a "clean phone" to avoid monitoring; and in one instance Terri allegedly asks Cook to deny that she visited him.

Kaine Horman claimed it was common to see Terri passed out on the couch after drinking, which affected their daughter's sleeping pattern, reports KOIN. He also described Terri as too concerned with her looks and her social media life, calling the amount of time she spent online "unhealthy."

Prior to these most recent filings, Kaine Horman filed for divorce and filed a restraining order against Terri Horman after police said she tried to hire a landscaper to kill him in December 2009

Posted by Seamus O Riley at 1:55 PM
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PostSubject: Terri's Attorneys Fight Back With A Motion Countering Kaine's   Mon Nov 01, 2010 10:35 am

Terri’s Attorneys Fight Back With A Motion Countering Kaine’s

On Friday, October 29, 2010, Terri Horman’s attorneys fired back with a new motion rebutting the motion filed earlier in the week by Kaine Horman’s attorney. They also addressed the sexting that Kaine’s attorneys released that transpired between Terri and Michael Cook to try and show what their motion said was true, that Terri is mentally unstable and unfit to be in contact with their child Kiara.

I’m going to lay a little ground work on this, just to make sure we are up to speed on everything that has transpired. This is the divorce case, and the subject at hand at this point is supervised visitation for Terri, with Kiara. This has nothing to do with the search for Kyron. However, as it would be expected, Kyron’s case is in it’s own way spilling over in this one. In fact Kyron Horman’s disappearance is the reason for all of this. Rightfully so. Who would stay with someone that they truly believed is the reason for their son’s disappearance and possibly his demise?
Now I’ve erred on the side of caution on this case, simply because of the lack of information in the public, no arrests, no evidence as to what happened to Kyron (that we know of), he has not been found, and so much of what we have gotten from the media on this one has been from the stand point of one side, without complete implication from law enforcement. They have repeatedly said that Terri is not a “suspect” or “person of interest”, and we have not had much to go on from Terri’s camp, or Terri, until the sexting was released, and also in the divorce proceedings, the arguments, and the motions. Now we have something from Terri’s camp. We had up and till this some things that raised doubt as to whether Terri may have done something to Kyron. It was obvious that law enforcement had her in their focus, but things were not panning out for some reason, and Kyron had not been found.
Now that we have things to go on from Terri’s camp, my opinion has been changing on this case, drastically. I always felt that Terri likely knew something, but I wasn’t sure as to the level of any guilt she could have in Kyron’s disappearance, and while I felt like she appeared to be one odd duck, I was so overwhelmed with the media campaign against her by Kyron’s parents, that it made me wonder if they had just made up their minds and were bitter, based on the focus being generally Terri, and her whereabouts that day, on June 4, 2010. I needed to see something other than Terri just walking away from the media, with no expression, no words, no emotion. After all, the media had basically decided Terri was guilty. I needed to see something from her, because we do not have enough from law enforcement, and I didn’t just want to take the distraught parents’ word for it, with law enforcement not always backing them up, and especially since they started with believing her and their beliefs and views did a 180 degree turn around in a short period of time. With each interview they had a little more to say negatively about Terri. I was trying to be fair, knowing that sometimes the wrong person can be the focus. With that said, before I give you my opinion of Terri’s attorney’s responses, I will give you first the link to my last post on this case, that is all about the motion that Kaine’s attorney filed along with the sexting, complete with the source links. The post:
The Back And Forth Between Kaine And Terri Over Kiara Continues……….
To be fair that does address the changes in what Kaine has maintained from the beginning. By far though the most important reason I linked back to that post is because the motion that the post addresses is what Terri’s attorney’s have filed her latest motion about. Before I address this motion I will give you the source links for the new motion filed by Houze and Bunch on Terri’s behalf. Check it out:
Lawyers: Kaine Horman Tries To Destroy Terri With “Vicious” Court Filing
The Houze & Bunch Motion
One more article on the motion:
Lawyers: Missing Ore. Boy’s Dad Out To “Sabotage” Stepmom
Okay, so I get the argument. I also get the fact that what Kaine and his attorney did was extreme, by releasing the “sexting”. I get all of that. Did they break the law? Well, some say yes, some say no, but I feel that if they really did, the legal proceedings will come. With that said, I see why they did it. I get protecting Kiara and I find it extremely odd that Terri’s attorneys are only asking for supervised visitations. If Terri really didn’t have anything to do with Kyron’s disappearance, well, you would think she would be going after full custody. Not only that but Terri’s attorneys have said that Terri would grant Kaine a full divorce, and split everything, and they said this at the abatement hearing, the only stipulation was that she wanted to put off custody issues and basically support/financial issues. THAT TO ME IS VERY TELLING. They claimed that she wanted that put off because of her being the focus of the investigation into Kyron’s disappearance. If she were not guilty of anything………wouldn’t you think she would go for broke and address all of this? She doesn’t want to be questioned in those issues, so put them off. She doesn’t want to be questioned in those issues, because it could incriminate her and she, by her attorney’s own admissions would have to plead the 5th. THAT IS VERY TELLING!!! Now the divorce proceedings were abated until January of next year.
Here’s where I’m running into a problem with this………Big name attorneys have paralegals, and full fledged PI’s that work for them as needed. If Terri had knowledge of who was responsible or what happened to Kyron, but she herself were not responsible, they could investigate what she knows, and see if they can come up with anything to exonerate their client. If she truly had nothing to do with it, you would think that they could prove that. I do understand that the Judge did say that he put it off until January, in hopes the matter would be resolved by then. Okay, did he see a possible resolution coming? Or was that a hope and that’s as long as he wanted to put it off??
I thought the sexting display was nasty. I find it disgusting that the stepmom of a beautiful missing boy, and the mother of a beautiful little girl that she had been separated from would be spending her time worrying about such filth. I’ve read what various people that were in Terri’s life have said about her, since this case started, some had good things to say, some had strange things to report, but the sexting took the cake. That and the fact that her attorneys do not want her questioned about custodial matters under oath, as it would incriminate her in Kyron’s case.
Bottom line, I no longer think it is possible that Terri is innocent of any wrong doing in Kyron’s case. I don’t blame Kaine for trying desperately to protect Kiara. Either Terri is directly responsible in my mind for Kyron’s disappearance and what happened to him, or she played an active role in it. I have no love loss for a person that would willingly harm a child, or deliberateley put a child in harm’s way. I realize that at this point she is still not considered a “person of interest” or a “suspect”, so this is just my opinion, but it is what it is. I’ve not seen anything out of her camp that exonerates her, but instead what would incriminate her. If I’m wrong, I’ll be the first to say so, but I don’t think I am.
Kyron still needs to be found and I believe he still can be. We all need to keep his face out there and the public needs to keep looking. We need to light a candle for Kyron, and say our prayers that he will be found soon. Let’s not let his case grow cold. The public kept looking in Caylee’s case, and her remains were found. I guess there could be a chance that Kyron is alive and it would be such a miracle if he is, but sadly I’m afraid he’s likely not. He still needs to be found.

Kyron At The Science Fair With His Project
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PostSubject: Kyron Horman Case: Terri Horman Sexts Sent To Kaine Horman's Phone....What?   Thu Nov 04, 2010 6:53 pm

Kyron Horman Case: Terri Horman Sexts Sent To Kaine Horman’s Phone…. WHAT?

Posted by Blink | Blink,Dede Spicher,Desiree Young,Kaine Horman,Kyron Horman,Laura Rackner,Michael Cook,Missing Child,Missing and Endangered,Stephen Houze,Terri Horman | Tuesday 2 November 2010 5:32 pm


In what can only be considered the latest bombshell development in the case of missing Portland boy, 7 year old Kyron Horman, has discovered that the recent sexually graphic text messages or sexts, allegedly exchanged between Terri Horman and mutual friend Michael Cook, may have been altered. Definitely, alter-able. has confirmed that the phone number which Kaine hand-wrote on the originally sealed emergency restraining order dated June 28, 2010, matches the cell phone number he also alleges, through his attorney Laura Rackner, was used by Michael Cook to RECEIVE the “sext” messages in question.

What’s the issue?

Kaine Horman owns the phone and the account it is registered to, and unless the allegation is that Terri Horman, using her own phone as purported by Kaine, is herself posing as Michael Cook and sexting herself, which would seem like a physical impossibility given some of her *glamour shots*, we have a serious problem.

In Kaine’s own handwriting on the June 28th Restraining Order, he pens that is an alternative number for Terri Horman.

In the contempt order filed by Kaine Horman on July 12, Ms. Rackner states that she has personally seen the “work phone” records of Michael Cook, and goes on to say “a search” of his cell phone reflected that he took snapshots on June 28th of the earlier served restraining order, which had been sealed, and was the basis for the contempt motion in the first place. He took pictures of sealed documents on the phone belonging to the other person bound by the same order prohibiting Terri Horman from showing anyone. As there are no texts on the work number until July, it is the only logical conclusion.

I am going to go out on a limb here and assume that at some point it occurred to someone that using good faith information in your affidavit, which when not alerting the court that your client has complete ownership and access to the data on the phone account in question, can look like bad faith in a nano-second, thus the withdrawal.

However, not everyone is on the same the playbill because the 21 pages of texts, which were released in PDF format, and do not include any numbers for Terri Horman herself, were supplied in an electronically redacted format; which again indicates this was not an original file.

It was not until the unredacted pdf’s became available October 26th and we converted them to HTML files could we see that based on the file format, it is clear these records came from the account owners and were not subpoenaed from the carrier. Original files, also provided to the respondent, are the requirement of the court. We all know texts can be sent from our phone online accounts, and from our phones directly; I think I even have voice command to text widget thingie.

Anyone that had access to the account, which is registered to Kaine Horman, could clone, spoof, or manipulate those messages, period. That aside, let’s consider the possibility that Terri Horman HAD implicated herself even slightly in any messages on phones that may be utilized to illicit information by a woman who demonstrated her complete knowledge that she understood what expectation of privacy parameters she was under the impression she was operating under, and engaging in, with the “textee”.

Terri Horman was represented by counsel, it would not be difficult for Stephen Houze allege that Kaine Horman was in constant contact with MCSO, had already been provided case sensitive information by them, and as such, was acting as an agent in soliciting the text messages. You see where I am going with this?

The fruit of that poisonous tree is more like the fruit of the poisonous orchard.

The implications of this scenario are abysmal. While I completely understand the desperation of a Father wanting to locate his child, since I have yet to really see anywhere Cook attempts to engage Terrri Horman about Kyron’s whereabouts at any time; I do not get the point of the exercise.

Ms. Rackner is a first rate “Super Lawyer”, but she is not above the burden of her duty to insure that what is being provided to her as a “good faith basis” is just that.

Does this information make Terri Horman any less vulgarly inappropriate at best? Hell to the No.

While it is true on the surface because of this information one will be hard pressed to prove it was definitely Terri Horman who sent the electronic ipecac none of us will soon forget, her attorneys have not denied it was her, nor do I expect them to, at least not until they read this.

What it does, yet again, is potentially compromise the criminal case involving the disappearance of Desiree Young and Kaine Horman’s son Kyron.

This afternoon, contributing editor and Legal Analyst, Lea Conner weighed in:

Kaine Horman claims that law enforcement provided the texts records to him, but that does not mean that the records came from the cell phone provider, nor does it mean that the conversations involve Michael Cook or Terri Horman.
In fact, there are indications that the text message transcripts filled by Mr. Horman are not as they appear. At least one of the phones purported to belong to “Michael Cook” is registered to Kaine Horman.
Just as important, none of these records indicate any information about the texts Mr. Horman alleges were sent by his wife. Mr. Horman does not list any cell phone number, not one message ID, not one cell record that indicates the identity of other party to the conversation let alone indicating Ms. Horman as the other party to the text message “conversations.” In the case of the phone with the “503″ prefix (503-XXX-XX76), Mr. Horman is the registered owner of the phone that was purportedly sending texts as “Michael Cook.”
More bizarre, Mr. Horman listed this number as belonging to Terri Horman in his application for a temporary restraining order. Was this a slip on the part of Mr. Horman? Mr. Horman claimed in a motion for remedial contempt that Ms. Horman showed a copy of the restraining order to Mr. Cook and allowed him to photograph the document.
Given that the phone Mr. Horman is the registered owner of the phone he purports was used by “Michael Cook,” it begs the question as to whether Ms. Horman ever allowed Mr. Cook access to the sealed restraining order. As a party to the action, Mr. Horman had the very same sealed documents. Mr. Horman, through Counsel Laura Rackner, claimed to have reviewed Mr. Cook’s “work cell phone records.”
It is not clear if the documents Ms. Rackner referenced as Mr. Cook’s “work” cell records are, in fact, for the phone registered to Mr. Horman. If the sealed documents referenced in Mr. Horman’s contempt motion were photographed with the phone registered to Mr Horman — the same phone that Mr. Horman claims was used by Mr. Cook — it might help explain why Mr. Horman withdrew his contempt motion.
Had he gone forward with the motion, he might have had to explain how it was the documents allegedly photographed by Mr. Cook were the same documents that he had in his possession, and that the phone used to photograph sealed court documents was registered to him, not Mr. Cook.
The records for the phone with a “971″ prefix (971-XXX-XX63) are unlisted. This phone also purported to send texts as “Michael Cook.” Due to the unavailability of any registration for this phone, it is impossible to tell to whom the phone belongs, or who was actually sending texts from this phone. The unredacted copy of the cell phone records filed on October 25, 2010, only identifies one caller on each set of cell phone records. This means that the records came from the phone, not the cell provider. Text records on pages 1 through 12 of Exhibit 1 are from (503) XXX-XX76 (“Cell Phone A”). These pages allegedly represent text messages sent between 10:17 pm on June 30, 2010 through 7:19 pm on July 1, 2010.
In separate court documents, “Michael Cook” is identified as the sender of text messages and the recipient of text messages is identified as “Terri Horman.” Cell Phone A is a Cingular/AT&T cell phone registered to Kaine Horman. It is also a phone number listed by Mr. Horman in his restraining order application as a phone number for Ms. Horman.
Pages 1 through 12 of Exhibit 1 does not list any phone number for the portion of the conversation attributed to Ms. Horman, only that the texts listed were received by (503) XXX-XX76. Text records on pages 13 through 17 of Exhibit 1 are from (971) XXX-XX63 (“Cell Phone B”).
These pages allegedly represent text messages sent between 6:49 pm on July 4, 2010 through 8:30 am on July 6, 2010. The bottom of page 17 has a partial text message sent on July 6, 2010, which purports to be sent after 8:30 am. Cell Phone B is an unlisted cell phone with AT&T (formerly Cingular).
In separate court documents, “Michael Cook” is identified as the sender of text messages and the recipient of text messages is identified as “Terri Horman.” Pages 13 through 17 of Exhibit 1 does not list any phone number for the portion of the text messages attributed to Ms. Horman, only that the texts listed were received by (971) XXX-XX63. All texts in Exhibit 2 are from Cell phone A, and allegedly represent text messages sent between 2:29 pm on July 3, 2010 through 9:40 am on July 4, 2010.
Exhibit 2 does not list any phone number for the portion of the text messages attributed to Ms. Horman, only that the texts listed were received by (503) XXX-XX76. All texts in Exhibit 3 are from Cell phone B, and allegedly represent text messages sent between 8:44 pm on July 6, 2010 through 8:41 am am on July 7, 2010. The top of page 1 of this exhibit has part of an undated message from 8:41 am., possibly on July 6, 2010, that states “I understand. I’m upset about kitty. I didn’t do [sic]”
Exhibit 3 does not list any phone number for the portion of the text messages attributed to Ms. Horman, only that the texts listed were received by (971) XXX-XX63. Surely investigators working on this case must know that the cell records filed by Mr. Horman as coming from Michael Cook’s phone were not from Mr. Cook’s phone, but from a phone registered in his own name.
Someone in law enforcement must have noticed that the number Mr. Horman claims belong to Michael Cook is also the number he claimed belonged to his wife in his TRO application. Mr. Horman signed his application for temporary restraining order on Monday June 28, 2010, prior to its filing at 4:39 pm that afternoon.
This was two days after the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office conducted its failed sting operation at the Horman residence on Saturday June 26, 2010. MCSO was unable to confirm the murder-for-hire plot that had been alleged by the landscaper. As a result, MCSO was not able to arrest Ms. Horman.
As such, why did law enforcement then give the green light to Mr. Horman to obtain a restraining order on the basis that his wife had hired to hire a hit man? Or did Mr. Horman act unilaterally without the endorsement of law enforcement? Surely Mr. Horman must have known that law enforcement could not verify the landscaper’s story, yet he went ahead and filed a restraining order based on the very allegations that law enforcement could not verify. So why did he sign his name to allegations that he knew were not true?
The text messages don’t check out. The murder for hire allegations don’t check out. The only common thread here is a man whose son disappeared on June 4, 2010. As tragic and anguishing as Mr. Horman’s circumstances may be, that does not excuse misrepresenting information to the court.
Mr. Horman cannot claim that the phone registered in his name is Michael Cook’s work cell phone, nor can he claim that the phone allegedly used by Michael Cook was used by Ms. Horman. When Sheriff Dan Staton talked about knowing things that might surprise people, could he have been talking about cell phone records? Maybe Stephen Houze and Peter Bunch will force the sheriff to reveal its source for the records.
Although the answer would not bring Kyron home, it might at least alleviate some of the blame heaped on Ms. Horman, as unpopular as that may be.

Lea Conner, contributing editor,
Madeline Tanner, copy and contributing editor,
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PostSubject: Kyron Horman: National Exposure   Tue Nov 09, 2010 12:10 pm

Kyron Horman: National Exposure

This is a rather sad question, though, as Terri Horman has remained stoic in the face of allegations.

Will Kyron be found? free polls
Will Kyron Be Found?
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Recently, Terri Horman withdrew her request for visitation with her daughter. Her attorney has kept her silent, and for the most part, out of the media. Knowing well that public outrage would be heard, Horman's attorney shows restraint and patience. This next news, however, is not in keeping with his policy: Dateline will cover the Kyron Horman case.

From the first days, Statement Analysis has shown that Desire Young and Kaine Horman had no guilty knowledge of Kyron's whereabouts or what became of him.

They have worked hard at keeping up the pressure upon Terri Horman to reveal where Kyron may be found, so he can be brought home for a proper burial.

Inhumane cruelty, however, along with self interest, causes acute pain to the parents, inflicted by Horman and her attorney, which will make the parents face the cold winter months, knowing that Kyron's remains are exposed to the elements.

With just a whispered word, an anonymous tip, letter, phone call, done in the upmost secrecy, would allow Kyron to "come home" and allow Terri and Kaine to grieve for the child they could not save.

But, the risk to Terri Horman is apparently too great, for even this slightest of acts of mercy.

Is there a cruelty greater than this? To overcome all protective and natural instinct in order to take the life of the helpless; whereas most cringe to see a child fall off a bike, and rush to comfort, only the deepest evil, nurtured along for many years of seeking only to please one self, can overcome the God-given maternal instinct to snuff out the life of those who's natural cuteness was given so that the human response of nurturing would cause the best growth.

Children are, by design, adorable. They thrive, intellectually and emotionally, from the reaction to their cuteness; holding, hugging, jostling of the hair, and so on.

As teenagers, they are less cute and cuddly, and purposely so, by design, so that the same mother, who held tightly the little one on her lap, would now allow the teen to move towards independence. It is the way of design that gives the best results. Still affectionate, it is now different, and helps the teen move on to adulthood.

Kyron, at age 7, was still in that adorable stage where a mom would want to squeeze him until he could squirm his way out of her arms, to go and play, and explore the world.

The one face where tenderness and compassion would be found, especially when falling off a bike, or struggling in school, or any one of a thousand little hurts, was the face of evil, harshness, hardness, selfishness and threat.

How often did Kyron complain to his father about Terri Horman?

Please don't suggest that Terri Horman was a natural, loving, soft, tender hearted maternal type; the instinct to protect is too powerful. Mothers have, and always will, sacrifice their lives for their children. Whether it is a piece of candy she was about to eat, or the ultimate sacrifice that we saw examples of in times of war, mothers, by nature, put the needs and wants of the child before her own.

Terri Horman, on the other hand, spend more time staring at herself in the mirror, than she did smiling at Kryon.

An animal-like viciousness is not born in a day. It is cultivated, early on, and it was many years where Horman worked hard at the gym, pumping herself full of male hormones to build her aggression and make herself everything that a mother is not: hard, ripped, driven for self, manly. The caring mother cultivates, carefully, the sexuality of her son; teaching him to overcome difficulty, to respect the opposite sex, and to be a gentleman. Her feminitity becomes his blessing when he says "look at me, mom!" when he hits his first baseball.

Not so for this poor child.

He didn't choose Terri Horman to be his mother. It was thrust upon him, against his will.

Call her Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Sociopath, or anything else; Terri Horman is evil. It is who she is.

She continues to withhold the tiny secret that maybe, just maybe, will allow the mother, Desiree Young, to survive and continue to live her life.

It is not known if Desiree will survive. Her despair has at least turned to rage, which is good.

But as the case grows colder, and will be, sadly, forgotten by most, Terri Horman may go on thinking that all is well, but the tell tale heart will continue to beat in her ears. In due time, her foot will slide. The inevitable downfall into a cesspool of guilt will consume her in its entirety.

Desiree Young must go on.

Let's hope someone, somewhere, will be provoked by the program, and whisper something that will allow searchers to bring little Kyron home.

Desiree and Kaine can't bear the thought of him out in the cold, without a blanket.

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A new Dateline NBC will explore the latest developments in the Kyron Horman case.

The show airs November 12 and will feature interviews with parents and kids from Skyline Elementary, where the 7-year-old was last seen June 4.

The largest missing person search in Oregon's history has so far turned up no suspects.

Kyron's father and Terri Horman have a divorce hearing set for January. The Multnomah County Sheriff's Office is setting up a task force on the case.

Posted by Seamus O Riley at 6:16 AM
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PostSubject: Kyron Horman case: Dateline to focus on Kyron's case   Fri Nov 12, 2010 9:48 am

Kyron Horman case: Dateline to focus on Kyron’s case

Posted on November 12th, 2010 by Valhall
Just leaving a heads up to those who may not have heard about the Dateline special that will air tonight. It is entitled Searching for Kyron, and will air at 9 p.m./8 central. I am glad they bringing some attention back to the case. With so little coming out in the investigation I had been sad that little Kyron’s name had started to fade away.
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PostSubject: Kyron Horman case: Kaine files further court documents   Sat Nov 13, 2010 11:08 am

Kyron Horman case: Kaine files further court documents

Posted on November 13th, 2010 by Valhall
Yesterday Kaine Horman’s attorney filed Petitioner’s Response Regarding Respondent’s Motion for Dismissal in the custody/divorce proceedings between Terri Horman (respondent) and Kaine Horman (petitioner). There are some interesting points to bring out in this document. The first thing that Laura Rackner, family law attorney for Kaine Horman, points out, is that Terri Horman’s voluminous motion for dismissal is an attempt for her and her lawyer (criminal lawyer Houze that is) to afford her the opportunity to informal testify without taking the stand, taking an oath, and being subjected to cross-examination that, in the words of previous filings, most likely will incriminate her. Rackner points this out by noting that a party is not required to explain why they are requesting dismissal, they just request it and be done with it. But Terri and her attorneys didn’t do that. They filed a motion for a dismissal that included a five-page “declaration” of why she was doing so.
Rackner then goes on to state Kaine (and, of course, Rackner) debated filing a request to have the declaration, which they fill was Terri’s attempt to “rewrite history” and malign Kaine, stricken from the record, but they instead chose to let it stand and rebut the allegations contained in the declaration. Kaine’s rebuttal is as follows:

  • His son has been missing now for over 5 months. He has received information that leads him to believe Terri Horman is responsible for Kyron’s disappearance.
  • Terri Horman never signed an affidavit in support of her request to have parenting time with Kiara, but merely requested the court trust her attorney’s word that time with Terri was in the best interest of Kiara. (Actually, that didn’t come at first. At first all Terri’s attorney said was that she couldn’t take the stand to prove her position because she would incriminate herself. It wasn’t about what was best for Kiara. Then they followed up with…and, trust us, it’s best for Kiara.)
  • Terri Horman has not taken the stand and has not invoked her 5th Amendment rights not to get herself in a nine-line-bind concerning Kyron’s disappearance and instead informed the court she would be seeking to have certain discovery subpoenas quashed because they would incriminate her. Rackner points out that the 5th Amendment generally applies to not having to make statements that self-incriminate during a criminal proceeding. However, the 5th Amendment right is not a blanket right to refuse to testify in a non-criminal proceeding, which is what the situation is here. Rackner cites that the fact that testimony in a non-criminal proceeding might bring on “disgrace and practical excommunication from society” is not foundation for the 5th Amendment right to apply. In other words, you still can earn your Scarlet Letter these days if you’ve done something unacceptable that must be disclosed for the purposes of a court determining the best interests of a child.
  • Rackner then points out that Terri’s document indicates she will continue to seek parenting time with Kiara after the 90-day abatement period ends. And then this is where it gets important. Rackner points out this is a civil case and, unlike a criminal case, refusing to testify against allegations lodged in a civil case can be taken as the party refusing to address those allegations trying to avoid adverse information coming out against them in the matter at hand. She goes on to state that if at trial Terri continues to refuse to testify concerning the allegations that Kaine has filed in his previous documents, Kaine (she) will ask the Court to take Terri’s silence as admission that Kaine’s allegations are factual. Rackner then cites case law where, during a divorce proceeding, a woman refused to testify to allegations her husband had made that she had attempted a murder-for hire plot against him. The presiding Court of that case granted the woman relief in the form of temporary maintenance (alimony) and attorney fees. An appellate court struck that ruling down stating that the trial court had “abused its discretion by granting relief to a concealing party while the concealment continued”. Rackner cites a second divorce case in which the husband refused to testify, citing his 5th Amendment right of protection from self-incrimination, about accusations made about him, the court ruled in favor of the wife in the matter.
  • Rackner then addresses what Horman’s court documents seem to imply. Stating that Oregon law states that an attorney in a civil proceeding must certify that the position being stated is based on “reasonable knowledge, information and belief, formed after the making of such inquiry as is reasonable under the circumstances”. Since Bunch filed a court document stating that Terri would be exercising her 5th Amendment right to prevent self-incrimination, the reasonable conclusion must be that Bunch is stating that after he made reasonable inquiry into the matter, Terri’s testimony will incriminate her! And until Terri takes the stand against Kaine’s allegations, there’s really no other reasonable inference to be drawn from her motion.
  • Rackner then points out that while Terri’s response to Kaine’s allegations had plenty of verbage stating what she and Bunch wanted the Court (and the public???) to think about Kaine’s motion (i.e. to vilify her, to inflame, and poison public opinion against her and to sabotage the mother/child relationship), it did not address at all Kaine’s relevant points that he is concerned about Terri’s mental state, believes she was involved in the disappearance of Kyron, and poses a threat to the welfare of Kiara.
  • Then a major “pawn” occurs. Terri has stated that Kaine’s reference to her two failed polygraphs was inappropriate because failing a polygraph is not admissible in court. Once again Rackner notes that might be true in a criminal case, but (citing law once again!) it isn’t necessarily true in a non-criminal proceeding. She then references a divorce/custody case in which the court ruled in favor of the mother because knowledge of those failed polygraphs had been erroneously excluded from prior hearings concerning the mother’s fear the father had been sexually abusing their child.
  • The second “pawn” comes when Rackner cites Bunch’s very well constructed argument that if Kaine does not respond to Terri’s request for resolving issues in the divorce proceeding by November 5th then Terri and Bunch will take that nonresponse as Kaine’s refusal to “entertain any kind of compromise or settlement issue”. Bunch cites ORCP 54 Offer of Compromise. But Rackner cites case law that shows the courts have ruled that ORCP 54E “does not apply to proposed stipulated dissolution judgments”…which this is.
  • And then the coup de gras, so to speak. Rackner points out that because Terri and Bunch have cited ORCP 54E and introduced, by reference, Terri’s “settlement demand”, it actually frees Kaine up to make that “settlement demand” public if he so chooses. Rackner ends with the statement Kaine has decided not to do that at this time, but…”Father will simply state that he does not believe it is just and equitable to provide spousal support to the person he believes is responsible for the disappearance of his son.” In other words, the non-cooperative, non-talking, queen of the cellular wee-wee pics has had the audacity to request alimony payments while refusing to participate in a civil proceeding to determine the best interests of her daughter.

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PostSubject: Terri Horman Dateline   Sat Nov 13, 2010 10:49 pm

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Terri Horman Dateline

From the Dateline show, no new information was revealed, though promised.

Statements are in italics, with Statement Analysis in bold type. Note the inclusion of quotes from Terri Horman's emails.

The two hours in which Terri Horman cannot account for on June 4 are critical, but the failed polygraphs and changing story as well as the desire for secrecy showed the police who it was that caused Kyron's demise.

Suspicion came almost immediately as Kaine questioned his wife, Terri, as Terri changed her story. Lying causes internal stress, for a variety of reasons, but the most obvious is that it is difficult to keep track of lies sincde they do not come from memory. Once a lie has been repeated often enough, it can now come from memory, though it is not "experiential" memory. This includes dreams, books, stories, TV shows, etc, in which a person can give recall, but not from personal experience.

The level of intelligence of the subject is also a factor. The greater the memory, the less likely details will be confused.

Terri Horman has kept silent; which stuns many. The days after Kyron went missing, she wrote emails complaining about "bloggers" who accused her. It is hard for many to imagine maternal instincts caring about self image while a child is missing. She was also busy "sexting", sending sexually explicit text messages to a former high school friend of Kaine. This shows not simply the level of callousness that has been pointed out many times, but the desire to inflict pain, as if what she inflicted upon Kyron, Kaine, and Desiree was not enough to satisfy her hunger for revenge for perceived hurts and slights. The evil of Terri Horman does not know boundaries.

Ex boyfriend gets his longed for 15 minutes on Dateline:

"I don't feel Terri is capable of harming a child; period." ex boyfriend, Tom said. "caring, loving and being a really good mom" even though he had not known her as a mother. Tom wrote an article previously (see analysis) in which he portrayed Terri Horman as a cheap mercenary who bled him financially.

Tom also appears to seek fame, as he imputed himself early in the case, though he had nothing to add.

Note the weakness:

"I don't feel Terri is capable of harming a child; period."

Note that additional words give us additional information:

"feel" is an emotion and he leaves room for others to "feel" differently.

"harming" is minimizing language. This is often heard in court testimony when a child is murdered.

"period" is an extra word which tom feels the need to add, showing even further weakness, as he would like to put a "period" on his statement.

His appearance on Dateline appears to be a coup for his seeking of fame. Earlier, he had written to the public using serial killers' names alongside of Terri Horman in a transparent quest for attention.

As the Casey Anthony case has shown us: there is no end to the number of ghouls who come out of the woodwork; from phoney witnesses in diners, to fame seeking attorneys, to wannabees.

After failing 2 polygraphs, lying about his disappearance, walking out on a 3rd, refusing to assist searchers, and stonewalling the investgation, how kind is it that Tom would say such things? What is his motive?

If you read his statement, you will know more about the drives within him.

Terri's emails came within the first 2 weeks of June.

“They are blaming me in the blogs. I just want to scream,”

While we don't have the full emails, we look in an open statement for the simple words, "I didn't do it" which are not here. This is something innocent (judicially and practically) people say, easily, and early. Lying is stressful, which is why most deception is done by editing, or leaving out information, rather than directly fabricating reality.

she wrote in one e-mail to a KATU News source the day after her stepson, Kyron Horman vanished from Skyline School during a science fair. Investigators say Terri Horman was the last person to see Kyron.

“The teacher thought I said I was going to take Kyron with Kitty for a doctor’s appt.,” she wrote on June 5, 2010.

Note: the teacher "thought I said", which means, "I said" is found within the sentence. You may trust that the teacher reported accurately that Terri Horman verbally told her that she was going to take Kyron to a doctor's appointment. Within even a question, we look for the positive statement indicating information. For example, statistically, when someone says, "well, you think I did it" they likely "did it" as their mind framed the words in less than a micro second. This is something innocent people do not normally do.

“I said I was going to look at other exhibits - how do you mess that up? His coat and backpack were still at school. I left the school at 9 and he was seen with a man ‘chaperone’ and 2 girls after I left. There were no men on the chaperone list. That and it was highly chaotic - had to been 300 people running around - no coordination ...”

Here, Terri Horman "corrects" the teacher. It is likely that she did say to the teacher that she was going to look at other exhibits as well as her doctor appointment.

"how do you mess that up" is a distancing statement; rather than, "how did she mess that up" showing lack of commitment to the sentence.

His coat and backpack were still at school is an unusual statement in that the step mother of a missing child, especially so close to the time of his disappearance. It is not something we would expect to hear from a frantic parent of a missing child; but sounds more like scenario building than anything else.

We now come to a strong indicator of sensitivity and an indication of deception:

I left the school at 9 and he was seen with a man ‘chaperon’ and 2 girls after I left

We highlight "left" as sensitive but when we have two "lefts" in one sentence, we come to a high level of sensitivity. In color coding, "left" as a connecting verb, is highlighted in blue. When two are clustered together, we may be certain that Terri Horman is being deceptive here and is withholding critical information.

here is why:

"left" when itis an unnecessary verb which indicates that the subjectis withholding information; which may only be sensitive (70%) due to lateness, time, traffic etc and 30% likely withholding of critical information.

"I went to work. I left to go to McDonalds for lunch, and got back to work...". In order to go to McDonalds for lunch, the person would have to "leave"; making it unnecessary in its use. It would be an indication that there is sensitivity at that point; perhaps time pressure. However:

When two "lefts" are found in the same sentence, we have 100% likely that critical information is being withheld in order to deceive.

At this point, Terri Horman is deceptive via left out information in the editing process.

We also have "man chaperone" rather than "male chaperone" which is likely an indication that she is seeking to blame someone else. I think she likely saw a "man" in the school (father, teacher, etc) and it has crept into her language as part of her attempt to deceive.

That and it was highly chaotic - had to been 300 people running around - no coordination

"that" (versus "this") shows distance. Not only was it "chaotic" but "highly chaotic" showing increased sensitivity. "had to been 300 people running around-no coordination". The sentence is missing the word "there" as "there had to have been" indicating a distance from commitment. It is likely that in her highly aroused state, Terri Horman was feeling "highly chaotic" with adrenaline rushing over what she was doing. The police would have likely learned that the exhibit was orderly and not chaotic. This appears to be an attempt to continue to set up a scenario of abduction by Terri Horman.

"no coordination" may be an indication that Terri Horman used these words because they describe how she, herself felt, not only chaotic, but without coordination; that is, without someone helping her. This may be that DeDe Spicher was not involved at this time with Kyron's disappearance; that she had no "coordination" in structuring the disappearance, though Spicher may have come onto the scene afterwards to help Terri Horman.

To date, it still appears that Horman acted alone, but more information is needed. If Spicher assisted her, it may have been after Horman left school, thus, Horman felt chaotic and uncoordinated in what she was doing up to that point.

The reference to her daughter’s doctor visit not mentioned again in a follow-up e-mail sent later that day:

"I didn't just drop him off, I spent time with him, took pictures and he was in safe hands I thought as I watched him walk down the hall."

In a statement, subjects tell us what happened or what they did. When a subject tells us what didn't happen or what they didn't do, it is a "negation" and should be flagged for sensitivity. Here she tells us that she didn't "just drop him off", and this statement should be believed. She "didn't just drop him off" she did something with him. It is an indication that what she did with him slipped into her language. This is difficult as within deception, there lies much truth.
Note "with" which shows distance. As we have already seen from Kaine's statements, this day was not a normal day and Terri had been, apparently, angry at Kyron's noise level and that she had to help with the science project. Something in that morning may have triggered Terri to follow through with her plans. But what jumps out in this statement is this:

"he was in safe hands I thought as..."

When someone puts their thoughts or emotions in a statement during the event, it is a sign of deception. Honest statements have emotions and thoughts, but not during the event (within the statement) but in the portion of the statement after the event. This is a strong indicator of fabrication.

“Kids saw him after I left. Teacher put him as absent at 10am. Someplace between 9-10 is when we think it happened.

We have Terri's 3rd use of the word "left" indicating high sensitivity around the time she left. This should indicate to police the obvious: regarding the time she left the school, Terri Horman is being deceptive by the means of withholding information as well as attempting to cast attention away from her and onto a "man" or teacher.

“I have a receipt showing I was checking out at Fred Meyer 7 miles away at 9:12am. I went to another FM looking for meds for Kitty they didn't have at the first FM. Then I was trying to get Kitty to sleep in the truck for a few minutes, but no go, so off to the gym at 11:20. Out at 12:20. Home at 12:45. Kaine home at 2. Bus at 3:30. That was my day - they keep asking me. Now on my 5th interview with them ..."

Although written shortly after he went missing, Horman is already alibi building in her email. This is why she would even think of a receipt so close to his disappearance. Rather than construct an alibi, she is bringing suspicion to herself. But this paragraph tells us much more:

"gym at 11:20. Out at 12:20. Home at 12:45"

Note the time frame is void of pronouns.

Subjects drop personal pronouns when they wish to remove themselves from a time frame. Her email is not consistently without pronouns, so we do have a reference point. The pace of the email takes a dramatic change as well, indicating deception.

People normally write at about 3 lines per hour. When the drop to 1 line per hour or less, deception is present as they speed past the sensitive time. Early on, we can expect a person to give lots of details, more than 3 lines per hour, as the subject slows to pace, psychologically avoiding the upcoming deception due to stress.

Although this account is short, and we cannot pace out the lines exactly (reference point) we do see that she gives us lots of detail at the 9AM time frame (school) and afterwards, but then, even with her own reference, she speeds up greatly during the critical time period.

This is a strong indicator that from 9:07AM until almost 1PM, Terri Horman is being deceptive.

Horman went on to talk about Kyron’s recent behavior.

"The past 2 weeks he's been acting really weird. Staring off into space. Can't remember anything. Walks into the room and then back out, stopping to stare and then move on. The doc thinks that he is having mini seizures and I made an appt on Thursday for next Friday to have him checked out."

Linguistic indications from Kaine Horman's description (see previous analysis) show tension in the household, with both Kaine and Terri repeating that Kyron was a normal, rambunctious child; likely in reference to claims that Terri was making (complaints) about Kyron's behavior. This analysis was done weeks ago. Now we see that Terri herself is confirming what we suspected. Notice the dropped pronouns regarding Kyron. This indicates stress of using his proper name, or any pronouns that show endearment. Terri may also be making an attempt to justify what she did to Kyron by complaining about his behavior, so much so, that she thought medical intervention was necessary. We may hear more of this in trial.

That contradicts what multiple sources have told KATU News. In the days before the science fair, Terri informed Kyron’s teacher he had the appointment that day, June 4, which is why no one expected he would be in class and was marked absent.

(end of article)

Statement Analysis of the above email written by Terri Horman reveals deception.

It is likely that Terri Horman is withholding critical information about the disappearance of Kyron Horman, and about the time period from school until approximately 1PM.

It is likely that the high levels of sensitivity shown here are because Terri Horman knows what happened to Kyron Horman between the hours of 9AM and 1PM on June 4, 2010.

The results here likely mirror the results the police found when they polygraphed Terri Horman

Monday: Inside Kyron's family circleKate Snow reports from inside the family circle of missing 7-year-old Kyron Horman to bring viewers the latest developments in the case, and an emotional and candid interview with his biological parents, Kaine Horman and Desiree Young. In addition, she has an exclusive sit-down interview with Desiree and her husband, Tony Young, who brings a detective's take on how this case has unfolded over the last seven weeks, and reveals new details about the investigation. The hour-long report will air Monday, July 26 (10:00 PM/ET).

Below are excerpts.

On Kaine Horman reacts to hearing about the murder-for-hire plot that his wife Terri allegedly hatched to try to kill him before Kyron went missing:
KATE SNOW: You've been informed that she was trying to hire someone to murder you.

KAINE HORMAN: I didn't believe it at first. It was something that I couldn't even wrap my head around at the time--

SNOW: There'd been no indication in your marriage--


SNOW: --that things were that bad or that she was upset with you.


SNOW: Do you fear for your safety now, Kaine? For your daughter?

KAINE HORMAN: I fear for my daughter.

SNOW: Do you think she is capable of hurting a child?

KAINE HORMAN: If you asked me before this situation, my answer's no. Based on what I know now, I don't know.

KAINE HORMAN: I think anything is possible, based on the way things have gone over the past few weeks.

On Desiree's husband Tony says that as early as the first night of the investigation, the very day Kyron went missing, he explained to the family what to expect from detectives. Tony expresses surprise at Terri Horman's reaction:
TONY YOUNG: I explained to each person that now our lives are not private anymore, that the investigators are going to want to know very detailed information about our lives ...

TONY YOUNG: She instantly started to express some displeasure at that and not wanting -- feeling like she was persecuted. And I thought that was kind of an unusual reaction that early.

Tony reveals to "Dateline" that the police asked Terri Horman to submit to a polygraph more than once:
TONY YOUNG: I thought something must not be right. Something must not be allowing them to check her off the list.

KATE SNOW: Is it possible, though, that she was just nervous, that she didn't pass her lie detector test with flying colors because she was emotional or upset or--

TONY YOUNG: There's more to it than just that... The information that you're giving, does it does it hit your ear and sound right? Does it make sense?

KATE SNOW: She wasn't making sense?
TONY YOUNG: Not from the information I heard from her.

On Kyron's mother, Desiree Young, in Kyron's bedroom that she's left just as it was the last day Kyron was there:
DESIREE YOUNG: His bed I still can't bring myself to make it. It's the same as it was when he last slept in it. And I can't put away his laundry. His cars are still out -- he was playing with his little car wash last time he was here.

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PostSubject: Kyron's parents -- Kaine Horman and Desiree Young -- at odds in separate media appearances   Tue Nov 16, 2010 1:18 am

Kyron's parents -- Kaine Horman and Desiree Young -- at odds in separate media appearances

Published: Monday, November 15, 2010, 8:00 PM Updated: Monday, November 15, 2010, 8:41 PM

Lynne Terry, The Oregonian

Hours after Kyron Horman's mother lashed out at his father on national television, the father of the missing Portland boy held a media appearance of his own.

Kaine Horman and Desiree Young -- speaking solo several hundred miles apart -- voiced different points of view.

In an interview on NBC's "Today" show, Young accused the boy's stepmother, Terri Moulton Horman, of having a "severe hatred" of Kyron.

"I now believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that not only is she capable of hurting Kyron, it is clear that she could have hurt him in the worst possible way," Young said.

She also criticized her former husband.

Desiree Young, who appeared on the Today Show Monday morning, is shown here at the Wall of Hope in early October.
"I just can't stand by and support the choices that he's making," Young said. "He had several opportunities to let Tony and I know what was going on and he did not," she said, referring to her husband, Tony Young.

Kaine Horman said he has never withheld information and never felt that his estranged wife posed a threat to Kyron.

"I didn't feel he was in danger," he said.

This is the first time since the Skyline School second-grader disappeared June 4 that his parents have held dueling media appearances.

But as fractures appear in their united front, Young and Horman both want Kyron home and both believe that Terri Horman is responsible for his disappearance.

Standing in front of the Wall of Hope near the Northwest Portland school, Kaine Horman spoke about court filings in the divorce case in which he accused Terri Horman of having a drinking problem.

He said that he had observed "behaviors" but that only recently, in conversations with family and friends, did he start to think she was an alcoholic.

» Kyron Horman special coverage
Your guide to the story
» Timeline
» All stories
» All photos
» All videos

"All of a sudden it comes right into focus," he said. "We're dealing with someone who is a master of deception."

In previous interviews, Horman said he learned that Terri Horman secretly drank in 2005 while competing in a bodybuilding contest. She was arrested that year for drunken driving and completed a diversion course. Horman said things were fine after that until Terri Horman gave birth to Kiara in 2008.

But on Monday he indicated that things were not fine.

"I think the alcohol was the tip of the iceberg," he said.

He accused his estranged wife, again, of being a demanding mother and stepmother, carrying out "inappropriate punishment."

"It was excessive in nature," he said, adding that Kyron suffered.

"It is evident the relationship between them was strained," he said.

Terri Horman, who's living with her parents in Roseburg, has not said anything publicly about the case. Although she's not been named a suspect or a person of interest, she's been the focus of the police investigation.

This weekend, dive teams returned to Sauvie Island, looking for clues. Crews have searched segments of the island on foot, ATVs and horseback but apparently nothing has been found.

Kaine Horman said that effort could continue for months to come.

"Sauvie Island is huge -- it's bigger than Manhattan island," he said. "I would imagine at this point in time that the search on Sauvie Island will continue until they cover all of the areas that they need to cover or until they find something."

As the case drags on, he said, each day is difficult. He said he tries to focus on his responsibilities, including taking care of Kiara.

View full sizeJamie Francis/The OregonianKaine Horman met with reporters on Monday at the "Wall of Hope" to talk about the latest developments in the case of the disappearance of his son, Kyron.
Repeating what was in motions filed in the divorce proceedings, Horman said he does not want his estranged wife to have a supervised visit with their daughter. He also said that Kiara, who just turned 2, does not ask about her mother at all.

"No," he said.

But he said Kiara does ask about Kyron. Choking up, Kaine Horman said he reads to his daughter on the bed the way Kyron did.

Although it's been nearly six months since Kyron disappeared at age 7, Horman has not lost hope that his son is alive.

"I believe he's alive," he said. "We need his face out there more."

– Lynne Terry
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