A discussion of children, their welfare, well being and lives. We must protect them, they are our future.
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PostSubject: Kaine Horman, Desiree & Tony Young called before grand jury   Mon Aug 02, 2010 8:22 pm

Kaine Horman, Desiree and Tony Young called before grand jury

Tony Young, Desiree Young and Kaine Horman appear Monday at the Multnomah County courthouse. (Bill Cortez, KOIN)

Tony Young, Desiree Young and Kaine Horman appeared before a Multnomah County grand jury for the first time Monday, less than a week after Terri Horman’s friend, DeDe Spicher, briefly appeared.

The trio, who have been adamant about Terri’s involvement in the disappearance of 7-year-old Kyron Horman, were stoic and speechless before a throng of cameras outside the courthouse on Southwest 4th avenue.

All three showed up just before noon; Tony and Desiree left the courthouse at 3 p.m., while Kaine left after 4 p.m. Their appearances were much longer than DeDe's, who was there for 10-15 minutes last week.

It’s unclear what charges the grand jury is pondering, but the only thing all those people - Kaine, Desiree, Tony and DeDe - have in common is Terri Horman and Kyron Horman.

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PostSubject: Kyron Horman's mother, Desiree Young, says Terri Horman has 'ice in her veins'   Mon Aug 02, 2010 8:28 pm

Kyron Horman’s mother, Desiree Young, says Terri Horman has ‘ice in her veins’ (video)

Aug 2, 2010 Author Melissa Finlay

Kyron Horman’s mother, Desiree Young, says Terri Horman has ‘ice in her veins’ (video)
Desiree Young hasn’t been shy about her feelings regarding Terri Horman, nor her belief that Terri was involved in the disappearance of her 7-year-old son Kyron. During an interview with reporters, Desiree said that Terri Horman has ‘ice in her veins.’ It has proved to be the strongest criticism Desiree has made of the woman last known to have seen Kyron before he disappeared. The comment was made to Prya David Clemens, a reporter with CBS. Desiree said, “There’s ice in those veins, there’s no feeling.”
Kaine and Desiree have both stated they suspect Terri of taking Kyron and hiding him somewhere. It has been 9 weeks since Kyron was last seen and the toll is evident on his parents. The two were noticeably frustrated and visibly upset during recent interviews, including one with ABC this morning. You may see video from the interview here.
CBS’ Early Show’s Erica Hill interviewed a former Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office captain Bruce McCain. Bruce spoke about the focus on Terri Horman’s friend, DeDe Spicher and her appearance before the Grand Jury. He also talked about recent rumors that an arrest may be imminent. He said it appears that they may not be ready to make an arrest or an indictment. He felt that investigators are still determining what the actual crime is.
“After nine weeks and a $500,000 the authorities are no closer to answering what happened to Kyron today as they were then,” Bruce McCain said
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PostSubject: Kyron Horman case: Possible insight into DeDe Spicher?   Tue Aug 03, 2010 9:29 am

Kyron Homan case: Possible insight into DeDe Spicher?

Posted on August 3rd, 2010 by Valhall
The Oregonian has written an article that goes into why DeDe Spicher may be under such scrutiny by MCSO in the investigation of missing 7-year-old Kyron Horman. The report states investigators learned that someone (implication being DeDe???) supplied Terri Horman with new cell phones after she became the focus in Kyron’s disappearance. This would appear to be Terri’s attempt to crawl outside the surveillance of investigators. We do not know at this time whether Terri needed the new phone to discuss information that might be helpful to the finding of Kyron Horman, or whether she needed the new phones so that she could sext in private. To be quite honest, it is unclear at this time to this writer which of these would have been more important to Terri Horman in the days following Kyron’s disappearance.
As an interesting side note, The Oregonian also brought up the questioning of Michael Cook, who was the recipient of the all-important wee-wee shots and sexting messages from Terri in the days immediately following the life-changing revelations she had been outed in an alleged attempt to have her husband snuffed; that her marriage was ending; and that she could no longer see her own baby daughter. I can’t help but wonder if the questioning of Michael Cook isn’t connected to investigators learning of the new cell phones. Maybe she did, in fact, have a friend acquire them for her so that her wee-wee shots could remain off law enforcement’s radar.
A bit more information was provided in The Oregonian article into what investigators may have been looking for at Spicher’s home when they searched it last month. The article reports investigators seized her phone and her computer. Hopefully there is helpful information on that computer that could assist MCSO in their continuing effort to find out what happened to Kyron.
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PostSubject: Tunnel Vision In Kyron's Case???   Wed Aug 04, 2010 1:05 am

Tunnel Vision In Kyron’s Case???

From almost day one Kyron Horman’s case has focused on the statements of Terri Horman, her whereabouts, if Kyron was seen at school with her that day. Was he seen leaving with her? All points questioning Terri and her story. That’s understandable, but there is one bit of a problem……….While Terri’s behavior has been somewhat suspect, Desiree Young continues to have all of the passed revelations about the kind of person Terri is/was (Kaine’s too), law enforcement has used the family as Public Relations puppets to some degree, rumors and allegations spiral in the media, with no arrests, KYRON HORMAN IS STILL MISSING AFTER 2 MONTHS. The only thing that has been achieved by the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department & Kaine Horman & Desiree Young is to make Terri Horman public enemy number 1. Did it do any good??? NO!!!!!!! Do they have enough evidence to truly point the finger at Terri? I believe if they did, she would be in jail. If they had enough evidence to prove the murder for hire/landscaper deal, Terri would be in jail, but she’s not in jail, not even named a suspect or person of interest. Which means either Terri is one real smart cookie, without a soul, or they all have it wrong. I found this article very interesting as it hits right at the point of why there have been no arrests. Check it out:
Arrest Not Likely Until Crime Has Been Defined
They have maintained almost from the beginning that Terri was the last person to see Kyron, but in the very beginning there was someone that said they saw him 15 minutes after Terri said she last saw him. Remember? If this is the same person in the following video, it appears that he also saw Terri leave the school without Kyron.

Some have questioned whether or not Terri was even at school with Kyron that day, but not only did Tanner see him, and Terri had those pictures that were taken, but 2 teachers have said they saw Kyron and Terri that morning, so he was at school that morning, and Terri may have left without him, if Tanner’s account is true, and it would match with what Terri has maintained.
A few weeks back DeDe Spicher became a regular name in this case. It was said by Kaine and Desiree that she is a friend of Terri’s and that she has been advising Terri not to cooperate and that she has been rendering aide to Terri and basically it was implied that she was keeping them from finding Kyron. A search warrant was delivered and her home was searched. Last Monday DeDe appeared before a grand jury after being subpoenaed. It was also reported that she really didn’t answer any questions or provide any testimony. Since then, Kaine and Desiree had a press conference in which they claimed that DeDe and her attorney were working with investigators, and they appeared to waffle a bit and tone things down from previous pressers. Desiree asked that anyone that knew DeDe or Terri should come forward and talk to investigators as they may know something, but Kaine added he’d like to expand on that and say anyone that knows Kyron or part of the family. Most of the media reports conveniently left that out. Remember this?:
Press Conference
Which was a bit of a switch from this:

Now on DeDe’s behalf and somewhat on Terri’s, friends are speaking out. Click on the following link and watch that video.
Friends Defend
Now we have Kaine, Desiree and Tony testifying before the grand jury on Monday of this week. Of course they did not comment on what took place, and that is to be expected. I’m not sure what if anything came from it, because to my knowledge there has still not been an arrest. I’m not sure why Tony had to testify, except to Terri’s behavior after Kyron went missing. Here are a couple of reports on the matter:
Kaine, Desiree, And Tony Testify
The Three Seen Leaving The Courthouse
More Explaining The Grand Jury Process At This Point
Now today the news is again on Terri, not Kyron, and I will give you all of the latest links in a bit, but suffice to say, Terri was in Portland today meeting with her attorney. A hearing has been set for August 25th on the issue of Kaine’s accusations about the money Terri paid her attorney. Another of Terri’s close friends is set to testify before the Grand Jury on Thursday. Now in the midst of all of these things investigators are still claiming the investigation is progressing, but from where I’m sitting the only thing that appears to be progressing is intent to put Terri in jail. I don’t see any progress in finding Kyron. It’s about him and while Kaine and Desiree claimed at the last presser they are only focusing on finding Kyron and not on Terri, that is really what’s happening. They are all focused on Terri and putting her in jail, and I truly hope they are making the effort to look at everything, because even by their own admission, she may never talk. There is that still small possibility she doesn’t know where Kyron is and truly didn’t do anything, and while it is small, it is still a real possibility. I hope for Kyron’s sake that they have it right, because if they do not, he’s gone forever, never to be found.
There is no evidence that Kyron is dead, that he’s alive, that he was kidnapped, or that he walked away. There is no evidence that Terri did or didn’t do it, and that is according to what the public has knowledge of. Law enforcement many times does have much more than we see. Most of what the public has to date is based on speculation and rumor and the words of Kaine, Desiree, and Tony. With that said, if they have this wrong, again they run the risk of Kyron never being found. No child just disappears without a trace, and usually if that is the way a case pans out, it is because evidence was overlooked, or because there was tunnel vision in the investigation, and the investigators refused to look at anything but what they thought was the most obvious. I pray they do not have tunnel vision and Kyron is found.
The most important question to date:
Where is Kyron???

Source links for the latest:
Terri Back In Portland
Subpoena Issued To Friend
Hearing Set On Kaine’s Motion
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PostSubject: Attention on DeDe   Wed Aug 04, 2010 9:35 am

Attention on DeDe

On Aug 4, 2010, at 4:36 AM, Heather Hyatt wrote:

KATU NEWS PORTLAND, Ore. - The parents of missing 7-year-old Kyron Horman testified before a grand jury Monday afternoon, according to a source at the Multnomah County Courthouse. Meanwhile, the property of the aunt of DeDe Spicher has been searched, according to sources.

Kyron’s mother, Desiree Young, and his stepfather, Tony Young, left the Multnomah County Courthouse out a side door following their testimony and were escorted by sheriff’s deputies.

They said nothing and left in an unmarked car.

Kyron’s father, Kaine Horman, left separately after more than three hours of speaking with jurors. He also had no comment.

DeDe Spicher, a close friend of Kyron’s stepmother,Terri Horman, was asked to testify before the grand jury last week but never actually spoke to jurors.

Sources have said Terri and DeDe have not been able toaccount for an hour and a half to two hours on the morning of June 4 the day Kyron disappeared.

According to sources, two detectives and a canine search dog scoured the property of DeDe Spicher’s aunt along Northwest Bishop Road in Helvetia within the last two weeks.

Neighbors said DeDe no longer lives there and hasn’t visited in a while. But they said detectives still wanted to know what they saw, if anything, on June 4.

Neither Terri Horman nor DeDe Spicher have been charged with any crimes or named suspects in the case, butthe family has said they believe Terri was involved in Kyron’s disappearance and that DeDe knows something.

Last Friday Desiree Young made a plea for anyone who knows Terri or DeDe to come forward.

“They need to come forward even if they have nothing, even if they have something small, they need to come forward because it could be the smallest piece that helps solve it,” she said. “If they know them or have talked to them ever, they need to come forward and just share what they know.”

KATU News has been told that Spicher is now talking to detectives but it is unknown if she will be called back to testify before jurors.

If she is forced to talk, she would be granted immunity under Oregon law.

The grand jury in this case could hear testimony for weeks or months and it could also hand off the case to a new grand jury. Experts say testimony usually wraps up within a couple of weeks and the process of getting answers and a possible indictment in the case is moving forward.

“It’s clear that the district attorney, who is the legal adviser to the grand jury, is now confident enough to start this process. Hopefully, that will lead to an indictment,” said Bruce McCain, an attorney and former Multnomah County sheriff’s captain.

“They (Kyron’s parents) are probably going to be the first in a long list of civilian witnesses who will be joining theinvestigators and boxes and boxes of evidence in this process,” he said.

The district attorney’s office wouldn’t confirm how long the grand jury has been seated or how long it expects jurors to hear testimony, but sources at the courthouse Kaine and Desiree are the beginning of a long list of witnesses who will be called to testify.

Several people have confirmed to KATU News that they, too, have been called and added to that list of witnesses.

McCain said if Terri Horman is the prime suspect in the case, she won’t be called to testify.

“Terri will not be called to the grand jury if she is in fact the prime suspect, because if you have your prime suspect testify to the grand jury, then you just granted them immunity in the process if you compel them to testify,” he said.

Grand jury proceedings in Oregon are secret and the district attorney won’t comment on them.

Sources also said that extra security has been added to the upper floors of the courthouse while the grand jury hearstestimony in the case. SOURCE: By Thom Jensen KATU News and Staff Story Published: Aug 3, 2010 at 7:17 AM PDT
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PostSubject: Possible Vandalism Found At Kyron Wall of Hope   Wed Aug 04, 2010 5:15 pm

Possible Vandalism Found At Kyron Wall Of Hope

POSTED: 11:24 am PDT August 4, 2010
UPDATED: 11:52 am PDT August 4, 2010

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Multnomah County deputies are looking into possible vandalism at the Wall of Hope at Skyline School, where missing 7-year-old Kyron Horman vanished on June 4.

It appeared someone tried to rip down a handmade, laminated banner with the message "Helping Hands for Kyron." The banner came from a Kindercare Center and was originally held up by 14 plastic binder ties.

The Wall of Hope is a display of flowers, supportive messages and other items placed there for Kyron.

Other people who were visiting the Wall of Hope said they were upset about a message someone wrote on a sign. The message read, "I love you daddy. You will see me in another time and place where 'I' Kyron (Special K) is no longer in pain, where 'she' can no longer hurt me. Dad I am safe. I love you pop."

Deputies said they took a report of possible vandalism Tuesday night and they found someone in the area who had mental health issues. The man denied any wrongdoing and wanted to perform his own search for Kyron. Deputies found no evidence that he committed a crime so they did not arrest him.

Denise Smith, a concerned parent visiting the Wall of Hope, said she was skeptical of the message found on the sign.

"If someone is trying to play a joke, that's a really sick joke," Smith said. "It kind of infers to a different message."

Kyron has not been seen since June 4.

For more information about the investigation into his disappearance, visit
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PostSubject: Arrest WHEN Grand Jury Finishes?   Thu Aug 05, 2010 9:01 am

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Arrest WHEN Grand Jury Finishes?

Sheriff's Captain: Kyron Case 'More Personal'
Kyron Horman Now Missing For 2 Months
POSTED: 3:34 pm PDT August 4, 2010
UPDATED: 5:48 pm PDT August 4, 2010
›› Email
›› Print
PORTLAND, Ore. -- A sheriff's captain close to the investigation into Kyron Horman's disappearance spoke candidly Wednesday about the search for the 7-year-old Portland boy and the future of the investigation.
On day one of the search for Kyron, Capt. Jason Gates was the spokesman for the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office and a public face in the case. He has not only worked closely with Kyron's family, but he held press conferences twice a day in the early stages of the investigation.
Like the rest of the community, Gates said the search for Kyron has been unlike anything he has experienced in his 18-year career. Gates admitted it's a landmark case and it hits close to home.
"It's a lot more personal in law enforcement when it's a child," he said. "Children are innocent. A 7-year-old boy, you know, and most of us are parents. You can relate to how that effects his family."
When Kyron vanished from Skyline School on June 4, Gates served as the incident commander at the school. He made pleas for the public's help early on. Since then, his role has changed, but he is still briefed daily.
Gates made it clear Wednesday that investigators were not backing down.
"This investigation is progressing," he said. "It's productive and there's been no discussion of this leading to a cold case at all."
Deputies have said they're receiving tips in the case on an hourly basis. Some of them have been dismissed right away, while others have been checked out.
Gates would not comment specifically about Terri Horman, DeDe Spicher or why there has not been an arrest, but he asked the community to remain patient.
"I totally understand the community's frustration," he said. "On a personal level, I'm frustrated too. We all want to make an arrest. We all want to solve this case, find Kyron and bring him home."
A grand jury is believed to be in session for Kyron's case this week. Chelsea Aleshire, a friend of Terri Horman's, said she was subpoenaed to appear in front of the grand jury on Thursday.

Posted by Seamus O Riley at 3:46 AM

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PostSubject: Kyron Horman case; Did DeDe Spicher's info renew groung search?   Mon Aug 09, 2010 10:41 am

Kyron Horman case: Did DeDe Spicher’s info renew ground search?

Posted on August 9th, 2010 by Valhall
FOX 12 (KPTV) out of Portland is reporting they have confirmed that a tip DeDe Spicher provided to law enforcement has search crews back in the area near Skyline Elementary. The report states search crews have been spotted in a field off Cornelius Pass road about 1 mile from the school as well as in a field off Cornell Road. While MCSO has confirmed to The Oregonian that the new searches are to follow up on tips, they have not confirmed who provided the information. However, the searches are coming at the end of a week in which several friends of Terri Horman were reported to have testified before the Grand Jury. In addition, the latest reports state that DeDe Spicher has become more cooperative with law enforcement. KOIN Local 6 reports the searches over the past weekend have been the largest witnessed in many weeks.
KGW reports that one of the pieces of properties searched this past weekend was the same property DeDe is said to have been working at on June 4th, the day Kyron went missing. It has been reported for some time now that at least two people working with DeDe at this particular location on June 4th have stated she disappeared sometime around 11:15 to 11:30 and did not return until sometime between 12:30 and 1:00. The KGW article states DeDe “has not been able to fully account for her whereabouts.” KGW describes the area being searched as a “heavily wooded area” approximately 10 minutes from Skyline Elementary.
KATU adds that searchers were spotted for two days in areas off Northwest Germantown Road. KATU describes some of the terrain in these areas as “so steep that teams had to rappel down cliff faces” in order to complete the search. This area had been previously searched immediately after Kyron went missing. Neighbors in the area told reporters that this past weekend investigators had been going door-to-door asking similar questions to those asked when Kyron first disappeared. Judith Emerson, a nearby resident, states investigators came to their door requesting permission to search streams on their property. KATU reports the searchers were using dogs in the search along NW Germantown Road.
KATU also states they have been told these new searches are due to information provided by DeDe Spicher. It is unknown at this time which of the sites reported by the various news agencies is the location at which DeDe was working on June 4th.
The Grand Jury has now been hearing testimony for at least two weeks and it appears to be connected to Kyron’s disappearance. (I state this because at first it was unclear whether they were hearing testimony abut the murder-for-hire-plot or Kyron’s case. It has since become more evident it is the latter.) Persons identified as coming from the Grand Jury hearings include: DeDe Spicher (who was reported to have not testified but was told she would be called back), Ben Keefer (principal of Skyline Elementary), Kaine Horman, Desiree Young, and Tony Young. In addition, at least two friends of Terri’s, Chelsea Aleshire, a woman who is reported to have talked with Terri on June 4th, and Andrea Leckey were reported to have testified this past week before the Grand Jury. There may also have been unnamed “friends” of Terri Horman who were called before the jury. It has been reported that at least one of these friends testified that pre-paid cell phones were purchased by two or three of the friends for Terri and themselves to use so that their conversations would not be monitored. It is reported that false names were used to purchase at least three of the phones. MCSO has stated they can, indeed, track pre-paid phones, it will just take them a bit longer.
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PostSubject: The Search For Kyron Is Heating Back Up...........   Tue Aug 10, 2010 1:02 am

The Search For Kyron Is Heating Back Up……….

It appears that a new search for Kyron has been taking place over the weekend and it is apparently still under way. Some are speculating that it is coming from a tip or tips from DeDe Spicher. Law enforcement is not commenting, except to say they are following up on tips and leads. It is unclear for sure what they are looking for, but it is not a search and rescue mission, but apparently more of a search and recovery. From the various media reports I’ve read, they have searched the woods near Kyron’s school, a field near where DeDe Spicher was landscaping on June 4th, which is also not far from the school, and all kinds of rugged terrain, even where there are steep cliffs, and there were hints of Sauvie Island once again. Some are speculating that they are not looking for Kyron, but the throw away cell phones that Terri and friends were using, while others are saying that they are looking for anything related to Kyron’s disappearance. I suspect they are looking for the latter.
Sources Of Information:
Police Search Woods Near Kyron’s School
Massive Search Renewed
Searchers Comb Through Rural Area
Search Crew Near Skyline School
Crews Search Again
I have no idea what the tips and leads they are searching on are based on, or whether they truly are based on a tip or tips from DeDe. I have no idea whether they are searching for Kyron, something related to his disappearance, or the throw away cell phones, but I do hope they find Kyron, one way or another.
There was also a balloon release this weekend for Kyron.
It has also been stated the the grand jury will be continuing to hear testimonies for about a week.
I hope and pray they find Kyron and the TRUTH about what truly happened to him, and that they do catch the person or persons responsible for what happened to him, which to date, I don’t think anyone really knows what did happened to him.
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PostSubject: Emails: Stepmom sensed suspicion on her day after disappearance   Tue Aug 10, 2010 10:33 am

E-mails: Stepmom sensed suspicion on her day after disappearance

By Anita Kissée KATU News and Staff


Long before the alleged murder-for-hire plot and sexting affairs, it seems Terri Moulton Horman knew suspicions settled on her, according to e-mails written by Horman and obtained by KATU News.

Story Published: Aug 9, 2010 at 11:14 PM PDT
Story Updated: Aug 9, 2010 at 11:55 PM PDT

PORTLAND, Ore. - Long before the alleged murder-for-hire plot and sexting affairs, it seems Terri Moulton Horman knew suspicions settled on her, according to e-mails written by Horman and obtained by KATU News.

“They are blaming me in the blogs. I just want to scream,” she wrote in one e-mail to a KATU News source the day after her stepson, Kyron Horman vanished from Skyline School during a science fair. Investigators say Terri Horman was the last person to see Kyron.

“The teacher thought I said I was going to take Kyron with Kitty for a doctor’s appt.,” she wrote on June 5, 2010. “I said I was going to look at other exhibits - how do you mess that up? His coat and backpack were still at school. I left the school at 9 and he was seen with a man ‘chaperone’ and 2 girls after I left. There were no men on the chaperone list. That and it was highly chaotic - had to been 300 people running around - no coordination ...”

The reference to her daughter’s doctor visit not mentioned again in a follow-up e-mail sent later that day:

"I didn't just drop him off, I spent time with him, took pictures and he was in safe hands I thought as I watched him walk down the hall.

“Kids saw him after I left. Teacher put him as absent at 10am. Someplace between 9-10 is when we think it happened.

“I have a receipt showing I was checking out at Fred Meyer 7 miles away at 9:12am. I went to another FM looking for meds for Kitty they didn't have at the first FM. Then I was trying to get Kitty to sleep in the truck for a few minutes, but no go, so off to the gym at 11:20. Out at 12:20. Home at 12:45. Kaine home at 2. Bus at 3:30. That was my day - they keep asking me. Now on my 5th interview with them ..."

Horman went on to talk about Kyron’s recent behavior.

"The past 2 weeks he's been acting really weird. Staring off into space. Can't remember anything. Walks into the room and then back out, stopping to stare and then move on. The doc thinks that he is having mini seizures and I made an appt on Thursday for next Friday to have him checked out."

That contradicts what multiple sources have told KATU News. In the days before the science fair, Terri informed Kyron’s teacher he had the appointment that day, June 4, which is why no one expected he would be in class and was marked absent.

Meanwhile on Monday, an acquaintance of Terri Horman said Terri was very upset the weeks before Kyron vanished because she said her husband, Kaine, was making her teenage son move out of the couple’s home.

Also on Monday, friends of Terri who worked out with her at 24-Hour Fitness testified before a grand jury.

According to sources, the friends were not extremely close to Terri but they were close enough that Terri often confided in them with issues from her home.

The Oregonian reported on Monday that investigators are trying to learn if another adult was sitting in the white pickup truck that Terri Horman drove to Skyline School on the day Kyron disappeared.

The newspaper reports the person may have been in the truck while Terri was with Kyron at the science fair.

Lt. Mary Lindstrand, spokeswoman for the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office, said Monday night she cannot comment on details of an open investigation.

In a press release Monday afternoon, the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office said it plans to hold a news conference on Wednesday, Aug. 11 at 11 a.m. to release details in the case in an effort to get the public’s help in the case. plans to stream it live.
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PostSubject: Kyron Horman case update: Terri Horman says she saw Kyron with a man before he disappeared   Tue Aug 10, 2010 4:59 pm

Kyron Horman case update: Terri Horman says she saw Kyron with a man before he disappeared

August 10, 3:25 PMAmber Alerts ExaminerCharisse Van Horn

Kyron Horman
Family Photo

Kyron Horman case update: Terri Horman says she saw Kyron with a man before he disappeared

Terri Horman sent emails to an unidentified recipient and those emails have been turned over to KATU. In the emails, Terri Horman gives a timeline detailing some of the events that transpired on June 4, 2010. One of the most startling claims made in her emails is that when she last saw Kyron Horman he was with a ‘man chaperone.’

Kyron has been missing for ten weeks and at no point in the investigation have authorities with the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office mentioned the male chaperone seen by Terri with Kyron.

In the email Terri Horman wrote, “The teacher thought I said I was going to take Kyron with Kitty for a doctor’s appt. I said I was going to look at other exhibits - how do you mess that up?

His coat and backpack were still at school. I left the school at 9 and he was seen with a man ‘chaperone’ and 2 girls after I left. There were no men on the chaperone list. That and it was highly chaotic - had to been 300 people running around - no coordination ...”

A press conference will be held tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. PT and authorities will update the public regarding Kyron’s case. They say that new information will be released in Kyron’s case tomorrow as well.
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PostSubject: New Police Flier shows photos of Spicher, asks questions   Tue Aug 10, 2010 5:04 pm

New police flier shows photos of Spicher, asks questions


by Teresa Blackman, staff

Posted on August 10, 2010 at 12:54 PM

Updated today at 12:54 PM

PORTLAND – Police are circulating a new flier as part of the investigation into the disappearance of Kyron Horman and this time it has photos of his step-mom’s close friend, DeDe Spicher.
The police flier shows three photos of Spicher and asks, “Did you see DeDe Spicher anywhere in the area on June 4, 2010?”
More: Look at new police flier (.pdf)
It also contains more photos of Kyron’s step-mother, Terri Moulton Horman and her white truck, as well as questions about both.
The fliers were handed out to people who live near Skyline Elementary School, where Kyron was last seen on June 4.
A previous police flier featured Terri, but this was the first time investigators have zeroed in on Spicher in this way.
Reliable sources, including people who have spoken with investigators, have told KGW that Spicher was gardening at a home near Skyline Elementary School when Kyron vanished. The sources also said that Spicher left the area where she was gardening at 9:45 a.m. and was unaccounted for until 1 p.m., despite efforts to reach her by cell phone.
In addition, on Monday KGW learned that at least two people told police that they saw a second person with Terri in her truck on the day she took him to school and he vanished.
More: 2nd person seen in truck while Terri at Kyron’s school
Police have not identified who they believe that second person was, but they did schedule a press conference to discuss the latest developments for Wednesday at 11 a.m. KGW-TV and will carry the press conference live. - Bookmark this link for live streaming video
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PostSubject: Terri Horman's Emails: Critical Information   Wed Aug 11, 2010 12:10 am

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Terri Horman's Emails: Critical Information

Quotes from emails are in italics. Statement Analysis is in bold type. The article is in plain text.

PORTLAND, Ore. - Long before the alleged murder-for-hire plot and sexting affairs, it seems Terri Moulton Horman knew suspicions settled on her, according to e-mails written by Horman and obtained by KATU News.

They are blaming me in the blogs. I just want to scream,”

While we don't have the full emails, we look in an open statement for the simple words, "I didn't do it" which are not here. This is something innocent (judicially and practically) people say, easily, and early. Lying is stressful, which is why most deception is done by editing, or leaving out information, rather than directly fabricating reality.

she wrote in one e-mail to a KATU News source the day after her stepson, Kyron Horman vanished from Skyline School during a science fair. Investigators say Terri Horman was the last person to see Kyron.

“The teacher thought I said I was going to take Kyron with Kitty for a doctor’s appt.,” she wrote on June 5, 2010.

Note: the teacher "thought I said", which means, "I said" is found within the sentence. You may trust that the teacher reported accurately that Terri Horman verbally told her that she was going to take Kyron to a doctor's appointment. Within even a question, we look for the positive statement indicating information. For example, statistically, when someone says, "well, you think I did it" they likely "did it" as their mind framed the words in less than a micro second. This is something innocent people do not normally do.

“I said I was going to look at other exhibits - how do you mess that up? His coat and backpack were still at school. I left the school at 9 and he was seen with a man ‘chaperone’ and 2 girls after I left. There were no men on the chaperone list. That and it was highly chaotic - had to been 300 people running around - no coordination ...”

Here, Terri Horman "corrects" the teacher. It is likely that she did say to the teacher that she was going to look at other exhibits as well as her doctor appointment.

"how do you mess that up" is a distancing statement; rather than, "how did she mess that up" showing lack of commitment to the sentence.

His coat and backpack were still at school is an unusual statement in that the step mother of a missing child, especially so close to the time of his disappearance. It is not something we would expect to hear from a frantic parent of a missing child; but sounds more like scenario building than anything else.

We now come to a strong indicator of sensitivity and an indication of deception:

I left the school at 9 and he was seen with a man ‘chaperon’ and 2 girls after I left

We highlight "left" as sensitive but when we have two "lefts" in one sentence, we come to a high level of sensitivity. In color coding, "left" as a connecting verb, is highlighted in blue. When two are clustered together, we may be certain that Terri Horman is being deceptive here and is withholding critical information.

here is why:

"left" when itis an unnecessary verb which indicates that the subjectis withholding information; which may only be sensitive (70%) due to lateness, time, traffic etc and 30% likely withholding of critical information.

"I went to work. I left to go to McDonalds for lunch, and got back to work...". In order to go to McDonalds for lunch, the person would have to "leave"; making it unnecessary in its use. It would be an indication that there is sensitivity at that point; perhaps time pressure. However:

When two "lefts" are found in the same sentence, we have 100% likely that critical information is being withheld in order to deceive.

At this point, Terri Horman is deceptive via left out information in the editing process.

We also have "man chaperone" rather than "male chaperone" which is likely an indication that she is seeking to blame someone else. I think she likely saw a "man" in the school (father, teacher, etc) and it has crept into her language as part of her attempt to deceive.

That and it was highly chaotic - had to been 300 people running around - no coordination

"that" (versus "this") shows distance. Not only was it "chaotic" but "highly chaotic" showing increased sensitivity. "had to been 300 people running around-no coordination". The sentence is missing the word "there" as "there had to have been" indicating a distance from commitment. It is likely that in her highly aroused state, Terri Horman was feeling "highly chaotic" with adrenaline rushing over what she was doing. The police would have likely learned that the exhibit was orderly and not chaotic. This appears to be an attempt to continue to set up a scenario of abduction by Terri Horman.

"no coordination" may be an indication that Terri Horman used these words because they describe how she, herself felt, not only chaotic, but without coordination; that is, without someone helping her. This may be that DeDe Spicher was not involved at this time with Kyron's disappearance; that she had no "coordination" in structuring the disappearance, though Spicher may have come onto the scene afterwards to help Terri Horman.

To date, it still appears that Horman acted alone, but more information is needed. If Spicher assisted her, it may have been after Horman left school, thus, Horman felt chaotic and uncoordinated in what she was doing up to that point.

The reference to her daughter’s doctor visit not mentioned again in a follow-up e-mail sent later that day:

"I didn't just drop him off, I spent time with him, took pictures and he was in safe hands I thought as I watched him walk down the hall."

In a statement, subjects tell us what happened or what they did. When a subject tells us what didn't happen or what they didn't do, it is a "negation" and should be flagged for sensitivity. Here she tells us that she didn't "just drop him off", and this statement should be believed. She "didn't just drop him off" she did something with him. It is an indication that what she did with him slipped into her language. This is difficult as within deception, there lies much truth.
Note "with" which shows distance. As we have already seen from Kaine's statements, this day was not a normal day and Terri had been, apparently, angry at Kyron's noise level and that she had to help with the science project. Something in that morning may have triggered Terri to follow through with her plans. But what jumps out in this statement is this:

"he was in safe hands I thought as..."

When someone puts their thoughts or emotions in a statement during the event, it is a sign of deception. Honest statements have emotions and thoughts, but not during the event (within the statement) but in the portion of the statement after the event. This is a strong indicator of fabrication.

“Kids saw him after I left. Teacher put him as absent at 10am. Someplace between 9-10 is when we think it happened.

We have Terri's 3rd use of the word "left" indicating high sensitivity around the time she left. This should indicate to police the obvious: regarding the time she left the school, Terri Horman is being deceptive by the means of withholding information as well as attempting to cast attention away from her and onto a "man" or teacher.

“I have a receipt showing I was checking out at Fred Meyer 7 miles away at 9:12am. I went to another FM looking for meds for Kitty they didn't have at the first FM. Then I was trying to get Kitty to sleep in the truck for a few minutes, but no go, so off to the gym at 11:20. Out at 12:20. Home at 12:45. Kaine home at 2. Bus at 3:30. That was my day - they keep asking me. Now on my 5th interview with them ..."

Although written shortly after he went missing, Horman is already alibi building in her email. This is why she would even think of a receipt so close to his disappearance. Rather than construct an alibi, she is bringing suspicion to herself. But this paragraph tells us much more:

"gym at 11:20. Out at 12:20. Home at 12:45"

Note the time frame is void of pronouns.

Subjects drop personal pronouns when they wish to remove themselves from a time frame. Her email is not consistently without pronouns, so we do have a reference point. The pace of the email takes a dramatic change as well, indicating deception.

People normally write at about 3 lines per hour. When the drop to 1 line per hour or less, deception is present as they speed past the sensitive time. Early on, we can expect a person to give lots of details, more than 3 lines per hour, as the subject slows to pace, psychologically avoiding the upcoming deception due to stress.

Although this account is short, and we cannot pace out the lines exactly (reference point) we do see that she gives us lots of detail at the 9AM time frame (school) and afterwards, but then, even with her own reference, she speeds up greatly during the critical time period.

This is a strong indicator that from 9:07AM until almost 1PM, Terri Horman is being deceptive.

Horman went on to talk about Kyron’s recent behavior.

"The past 2 weeks he's been acting really weird. Staring off into space. Can't remember anything. Walks into the room and then back out, stopping to stare and then move on. The doc thinks that he is having mini seizures and I made an appt on Thursday for next Friday to have him checked out."

Linguistic indications from Kaine Horman's description (see previous analysis) show tension in the household, with both Kaine and Terri repeating that Kyron was a normal, rambunctious child; likely in reference to claims that Terri was making (complaints) about Kyron's behavior. This analysis was done weeks ago. Now we see that Terri herself is confirming what we suspected. Notice the dropped pronouns regarding Kyron. This indicates stress of using his proper name, or any pronouns that show endearment. Terri may also be making an attempt to justify what she did to Kyron by complaining about his behavior, so much so, that she thought medical intervention was necessary. We may hear more of this in trial.

That contradicts what multiple sources have told KATU News. In the days before the science fair, Terri informed Kyron’s teacher he had the appointment that day, June 4, which is why no one expected he would be in class and was marked absent.

(end of article)

Statement Analysis of the above email written by Terri Horman reveals deception.

It is likely that Terri Horman is withholding critical information about the disappearance of Kyron Horman, and about the time period from school until approximately 1PM.

It is likely that the high levels of sensitivity shown here are because Terri Horman knows what happened to Kyron Horman between the hours of 9AM and 1PM on June 4, 2010.

The results here likely mirror the results the police found when they polygraphed Terri Horman.

Peter Hyatt

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PostSubject: Terri Horman Family Tension   Thu Aug 12, 2010 11:57 am

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Terri Horman Family Tension

We may have more insight into the motive of Terri Horman, in the disappearance of Kyron Horman, 7.

We have already seen tension in the family as verbal indicators have shown Terri's likely frustration with a 7 year old rambunctious boy who, like all 7 year olds, had a penchant for both noise and energy.

As we saw an early indication of Terri's view on behavior (see early analysis on possible attempt to medicate Kyron by Terri) but now we see an even deeper, perhaps more volatile issue arising: Terri's teenaged son having to leave the home.

Another twist:

We have not seen any real indicators that Terri Horman worked with anyone, that is, until now.

Police have focused upon DeDe Spicher's possible involvement, in particular, in the sensitive time frame between 9AM and 1PM on June 4.

It is hard to imagine Terri Horman getting anyone to help her in premeditation, but afterwards, who knows what story she may have fed to DeDe Spicher.

I do find that Kaine and Desiree have used plain language, with no indicators of deception. It is therefore, likely that they have reported DeDe Spicher's alleged attempt to hinder others from talking to investigators in good faith; that is, that they acted upon reliable information.

This may have changed dramatically once Spicher retained an attorney and found herself in front of a Grand Jury.

What portrait is developing in terms of motive?

An embittered and angry woman, resentful of her 7 year old step son being "favored" over her own 16 year old, takes the ultimate revenge upon her husband with a punishment worse than killing him:

kill his son and force him to live with that pain for the rest of his life. ---------------------------------------------------------------

It seems his mother, Terri Horman, has told different people different things and sources say it has added to the confusion.

PORTLAND, Ore. - Two months before Kyron Horman vanished, his stepmother, Terri Moulton Horman, sent an e-mail to a KATU News source regarding her biological son that provides new insight into the tension that may have been brewing in the Horman household.

Throughout the two-and-a-half month search for Kyron, his older stepbrother, James Moulton, has stayed out of the spotlight. In March, James went to live in Roseburg, but the reason why depends on who is asked.

It seems his mother, Terri Horman, has told different people different things and sources say it has added to the confusion.

One version - in Horman’s own words - was recently forwarded to KATU News.

“I had my son go to live with my parents so he would be happy - went from D’s to straight A’s within one month of being away from Kaine,” she wrote in an April 6 e-mail.

That’s consistent with what James’ father, Ron Tarver, told Willamette Week, adding the 16-year-old had been acting out and butting heads with his stepfather. But Kaine Horman told The Oregonian their relationship was typical and that Terri and her son were the ones who didn’t get along. Kaine said he was often the mitigator between the two of them.

But that’s not what Terri’s friend from 24-Hour Fitness, who testified before the grand jury Monday, said they heard. In the weeks before Kyron disappeared, that person said Terri was upset, telling the friend her husband forced her son to move out.

It’s statements like that that former Portland police detective C.W. Jensen says investigators will be interested in.

People want to know what would be the motive for someone to do something to a child like this,” Jensen said. “And what we’ve seen in the past in cases like this where someone hurts a child, they’re doing it to get back at their spouse.”
Sources at the courthouse will not confirm whether they’re looking at this alleged rift between Terri and Kaine as a motive for Kyron’s disappearance.

E-mails to James’ father and to Kaine Horman have not yet been returned.

Investigators have not named any suspects or persons of interest in the disappearance of Kyron, and they have not made any arrests.

In other developments in the case Wednesday, investigators held a news conference and asked for witnesses to talk to them who may have seen the Horman family’s white Ford F250 pickup truck on the morning of Kyron’s disappearance.

They said they want to know if someone saw the pickup parked directly in front of Skyline School - on Skyline Road - and also a second location up the gravel road in front of the school about 60 feet from Skyline Road between 8:15 a.m. and 8:45 a.m.

Additionally, they’re hoping to talk with people who saw the truck at the Fred Meyer in Hillsboro on Imbrie Drive around 9 a.m. and at the Fred Meyer on Walker Road in Beaverton at 10 a.m.

After that they said there are specific areas they believe the truck may have traveled.

“We’re looking for witnesses who observed the white truck we’ve been talking about on or near Springville Road, Skyline Road, between Springville and Newberry to include Germantown and Old Germantown,” said Rod Underhill, Multnomah County’s chief deputy district attorney.

The grand jury looking into the disappearance of Kyron had Wednesday afternoon off after hearing other cases in the morning. They should start questioning other witnesses Thursday.

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PostSubject: Landscaper Terri allegedly tried to hire to kill Kaine appears before Grand Jury   Thu Aug 12, 2010 7:21 pm

Landscaper Terri allegedly tried to hire to kill Kaine appears before grand jury

Last Update: 7:33 am

Terri Horman back in Portland Tuesday. (Kyle Mallory, KOIN)

The landscaper in the alleged murder-for-hire plot involving Terri Horman testified before the grand jury, sources told KOIN Local 6.

In a story first reported by The Oregonian, Terri Horman allegedly tried to hire a landscaper to kill Kaine Horman six to seven months before Kyron Horman disappeared.

KL6 has confirmed investigators used an undercover agent on June 26 in an effort to get Terri to open up about the alleged plot. When the agent and the landscaper arrived at the Horman residence on Northwest Sheltered Nook Road that evening, Terri called 911 to report trespassers on the property, foiling the sting.

Law enforcement has not commented about the sting or whether it resulted in any evidence useful in their investigation.

According to retired Portland Police Capt. C.W. Jensen, the grand jury is looking at this because it paints them a picture of Terri's character.

"What you are doing in a grand jury - in an investigative grand jury - is you are painting a picture of everyone and you want to have all four corners of the page and so that’s what you’re doing here," Jensen said.

Jensen said this alleged plot plays a big role because this is the most significant thing that happened before Kyron's disappearance.

After Kaine became aware of the alleged plot, he hired a divorce lawyer, moved out and took the couple's daughter, Kiara, with him.

In other news: Investigators seek more information about the Horman's white truck and Terri's whereabouts in the hours surrounding Kyron's disappearance.

-Kacey Montoya, Kyle Mallory and Araksya Karapetyan

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PostSubject: The Wall of Hope, a tribute for missing Kyron Horman, to be moved away from Skyline School   Mon Aug 16, 2010 4:25 pm

The Wall of Hope, a tribute for missing Kyron Horman, to be moved away from Skyline School

Published: Monday, August 16, 2010, 8:35 AM Updated: Monday, August 16, 2010, 8:37 AM

The Oregonian

Andrew Burton/The OregonianDays after the Wall of Hope was started, dozens of balloons and letters to Kyron Horman were placed on the fence near Skyline School.

The Wall of Hope, a tribute for missing 7-year-old Kyron Horman, will soon be moved away from Skyline School, according to Kaine Horman, the boy's father.

» Kyron Horman special coverage
Your guide to the story
» Timeline
» All stories
» All photos
» All videos

Kaine Horman said the new location has not yet been determined.

The wall was started about two and a half weeks after Kyron was last seen at Skyline School on June 4, and myriad balloons and letters have since been added to the memorial.

The ongoing investigation into Kyron's disappearance is now entering its eleventh week, and investigators recently sent search teams back out to areas near the school.

-- The Oregonian
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PostSubject: DeDe Spicher Statement Analysis   Tue Aug 17, 2010 6:35 pm

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

DeDe Spicher Statement Analyzed

This is an article from People Magazine. Statements are in italics, with analysis in bold type.

'Mystery Woman' DeDe Spicher Defends Stepmom in Kyron Horman Case

Since 7-year-old Kyron Horman went missing in June, DeDe Spicher has been called everything from uncooperative to suspicious. But Spicher, the so-called "mystery woman" in the case, says she's just a good friend of Kyron's stepmom's, and that neither of them has anything to hide.

Asked by PEOPLE in an exclusive new interview whether she thinks stepmom Terri Horman was involved in Kyron's disappearance, Spicher, 43, says, "I just really don't. In my heart, I really don't. In all of these years [as her friend], I have not seen anything that would lead me to believe that she is capable or motivated in any way to do something like this."

I just really don't.

The first thing we notice is that Spicher adds in two additional words that are unnecessary to complete the sentence. She could have said "I don't" but adds "just" and "really" doubling the sensitivity. This is not a strong statement and shows the doubt that Spicher has regarding what Terri Horman has done.

In my heart, I really don't.

This is an indication of deception. "In my heart" she "really" doesn't think, but what about her head? What about the rest of her? This shows that although Spicher is denying Horman's involvement, she would appear to think otherwise. Repetition is sensitive and here we have the 2nd "really don't" immediately following the first.

The "in my heart" is sometimes used when a person is conflicted and their "heart" (emotions) tells them one thing, but their "head" (intellect) tells them another.

We take the indicators of sensitivity together as well as note how closely related they are.

In all of these years, I have not seen anything that would lead me to believe that she is capable or motivated in any way to do something like this

This is an interesting statement. Many people would say that over years they have not seen elements within a personality that would lead them to believe someone is capable of harming a child. But with Spicher, she gives us a hint into her thinking. She claims to have not seen anything, over the years, that would lead her to believe that Horman was capable of such an act, but she adds in the word "motivated".

This changes the statement from a typical one, used by many, to an unusal statement.

"motivated" means an incentive for action. Spicher reports that she has not seen anything, over the years that would indicate to her that Terri Horman would have an incentive to cause the disappearance of a child.

This tells us that Spicher chose this word because she suspects (as her earlier weak words indicate) that she believes Terri Horman caused Kyron's disappearance but she does not know the motive. This may be why Spicher struggles with additional words in her weak assertion that Horman is innocent; she wants to know Horman's motive. Spicher, I believe, doesn't know why Horman did this, but certainly knows that Horman did. Spicher wants to know what has motivated her friend to take such drastic steps.

Spicher says she's told police the same thing. "They wanted me to tell them that Terri did it or that Terri knew something," she says. "I told them everything that I knew, over and over again. But I didn't tell them what they wanted to hear."

Police didn't believe her, just as I don't believe her when she attempts to deny Horman's involvement. It is impossible to tell anyone "everything" we know, and when you hear someone say "and that's all I know" it is usually a sign of deception. No one can be certain that they've told everything and honest people will search their memory for any further detail. We saw this same statement by Misty Croslin when she told a reporter, "and that's all I know". It is an indication of DeDe Spicher being deceptive.

Note: "over and over" means that police likely know she is being deceptive so they are taxing her memory. Is there an indication that DeDe Spicher knows more than what she told them?

But I didn't tell them is found within her sentence.

DeDe Spicher withheld information that either Terri Horman gave her, or that she knows first hand; in spite of the pressure put on her by the police.

DeDe Spicher withheld information from the police about the disappearance of Kyron Horman.

DeDe Spicher has been deceptive regarding the disappearance of 7 year old Kyron Horman; a little boy who has likely been murdered by his step mother.

She held on to her friendship with is measured in "years" and although she doesn't understand why Terri Horman did this, she has remained loyal to her friend.

Terri Horman and Spicher, friends since meeting at a gym in 2002, have both come under scrutiny in the case. Kyron's mother, Desiree Young, has said she thinks Terri planned the boy's abduction. Kyron's father, Kaine Horman, also thinks Terri was involved – and separated from her following Kyron's disappearance.

Just last week, police released a new flyer asking for information from anyone who might have seen Terri or Spicher or anyone else near the white pickup truck Terri was driving on June 4, the morning Kyron disappeared from the Skyline School outside Portland, Ore.

Asked about her own whereabouts on June 4, Spicher says was at a 38-acre nursery preparing for a garden tour the following day. "I never left the property that day," she says.

NOTE: in Statement Analysis, "never" is not a substitute for "no". My guess is that police suspect that she did, in deed, leave the property "that" day.

Spicher says she stayed at Terri's house for 11 days after Kyron vanished, and that they were afraid for their own safety after getting death threats. But she wanted to be there for Terri.

"There's this horror that my friend is going through," she says.

"this" horror indicates closeness.
"my" friend; personal possessive pronoun.
"is" is present tense. Was this the horror of death threats (back then, past tense) or the horror (present tense) of being found out?

"If I thought for a second that she was capable of, I would not have been there. She would not have been my friend in the first place."

Is DeDe still friends with Terri Horman? In an interview, I would like to explore her relationship with Terri Horman, and learn how far DeDe Spicher woudl go to maintain her relationship with Terri Horman.

Hopefully, the Grand Jury has asked the right questions of DeDe Spicher.

DeDe Spicher appears deceptive in these few statements, which may add credibility to Kaine and Desiree's belief that DeDe Spicher sought to inspire others in the community to remain silent and not cooperate with the police.

DeDe Spicher knows more about what happened to Kyron Horman on June 4, 2010, than she would like us to believe.

If DeDe Spicher has immunity because she cooperated with the Grand Jury, it is likely that DeDe Spicher needed immunity.

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PostSubject: DeDe Spicher: Ex Boyfriend Writes   Thu Aug 19, 2010 4:43 pm

Thursday, August 19, 2010

DeDe Spicher: Ex Boyfriend Writes

What follows is a letter just published by DeDe Spicher's ex boyfriend. The letter is in italics, with statement analysis and commentary followed by bold type. Please note that some words within the statement are highlighted to call the student of Statement Analysis' attention, though they may not be commented upon, as is may be redundant.

I met DeDe Spicher in late September of 2008 at the Rock Creek Campus of PCC in
chemistry 100 lecture and lab class taught by Dr. Harry Davis. She completed the
Portland Marathon during the first couple weeks of class and my first discussion with her
was regarding this event. I was impressed with her high intelligence, energy and
straightforward matter-of-fact attitude. I had returned to school in the spring of 2007 at
the University of Phoenix in Tigard for Criminal Justice and had transferred to PCC for a
health then a chemistry class and had achieved a 4.0 GPA the entire time. I realized after
the first two weeks of class that I may lose my GPA with this chemistry class and
hooked-up with DeDe as a study partner. I spend many hours with her, and with other
students outside of class in independent study groups.

NOTE: It is important to author that he be viewed as intelligent. He gives verifiable details which suggests sensitivity. He may have been accused of lying about DeDe Spicher and his relationship, since media exposure has reached Spicher. This is an indication where sensitivity should not be viewed as deception. In detecting deception, we view an abundance of details, just as we view vagueness, as possible deception. Context is important. When an abundance of verifiable details are present, the author invites his audience to check into these things, and more times than not, is telling the truth. One notable exception was when Scott Peterson, on live television, said he had just spoken to John Walsh, host of America's Most Wanted, who was later infuriated that Peterson used his name. That is the exception to the rule and is rare. If it occurs, it is likely to be found in extemporaneous conversation, rather than the more deliberate written word.

I found DeDe to be a very unique individual in that she was extremely neat and clean
and very organized

Sensitive: before describing what may be OCD like behavior he says "very" and "unique", but then uses the word "individual" which is gender free; as former boyfriend, he does not call her a unique woman, but a "very unique individual" which may be an indication of sexual dysfunction in the relationship. Because she is downgraded to "individual" we will focus upon descriptions of the relationship, including when, (or if) she is returned to status of "woman".

You could eat off her garage floor it was so clean.
NOTE: DeDe Spicher is described as a person of detail, which may prove important if Horman turned to her for answers or help in disposing of Kyron, or in assistance of how to build an alibi and cover the many details of criminal tracks.

I discovered that
that at age 42, she never had a boyfriend or any children.

This is in reference to the "very unique individual" and is indicative of a sexual problem between them. Note that he "discovered" this, which suggests that it wasn't something he had expected.

DeDe also participated in the
Centurion bike ride in 2008 and was in very good physical condition.

That she was in "very good physical condition" is important to the author, as it speaks to appearance. We now look for anything else within this theme by the author. The author may have received criticism or may have felt that it wasn't politically correct to take a natural view and speak of physical attraction.

She worked in Tigard as a receptionist and she invited me to her company Christmas party in December 2008.
Her daily routine was to get-up and work-out very early in the morning, go to work and then come to school.

I only saw DeDe in make-up once in the 10 months I knew her.

He does not make us wait long to see the theme: her appearance. Note that this statement appears out of context as he is talking about her ordered life before and after. This suggests a "self restraint" on his part: her physical appearance is important to him, yet he does not want it to be seen by readers. This letter was written for media publication and his persona is important to him; yet the truth comes out, nonetheless. Author had trouble with her physical appearance and their relationship was likely sexually dysfunctional and he appears to blame DeDe.

She would prepare all her meals on Sunday and place them in Tupperware containers for the rest of the week. She had a very strict diet and ate 5 small healthy meals per day.

He adds "healthy" in what otherwise appears to suggest (at least a suggestion to further investigate) OCD, Obsessive Cumpulsive Disorder an extremely ordered and detailed life style.

NOTE: Victims of early childhood abuse (or even of domestic violence later in life) feel comforted by order, as it gives them a sense of "control" over their lives; something we all like to feel. For a victim of a violent and/or sexual assault, it becomes essential to a feeling of personal safety. Note that in DeDe Spicher's own interview with People Magazine, she reported that Horman's parents asked her to move in with Terri Horman to keep Terri safe; yet she talks about her own safety in the interview. It is likely that DeDe Spicher may have experienced a violent and/or sexual trauma at an early age. This may also indicate why she had such a strong bond with Terri Horman that she would support a woman who failed two polygraphs regarding the disappearance of her 7 year old stepson.

I met DeDe’s Mother in the spring of 2009 when she came up for a visit with DeDe. I
almost met her Dad when he came up to Portland for some sort of training for his
position as a reserve officer with the Klamath County Sheriff’s office.

Author may be seeking credibility with readers. It is not likely someone would add in an "almost" meeting with someone, unless they felt that this person was a person of prominence. This is why author adds in DeDe's father's status as a "reserve" officer; stressing importance in the label.

She talked of her
brother who reportedly had a tree service business and a shop where he bought and sold
cars and had restored old muscle cars. She was very close with her family and talked of
them much. I came to the conclusion that she had a very good family and was raised

He now seeks justification on why he became involved with someone who he cannot describe as a woman.
I was told that when DeDe came up to Portland from K-Falls after she graduated in

"I was told" is passive and not reliable. This means that the information that follows is sensitive.

she moved in with her Aunt in the Helvetia area. She reported that her cousins with
this Aunt became like siblings to her

"This aunt" (closeness) may indicate that there are other cousins, or other family members in which DeDe Spicher may not be quite so close with.

She worked at a hospital then eventually got an
apartment off cedar hills blvd. in Beaverton.
DeDe told me that in about 1994, she went to live in Japan to teach English. She is
familiar with the Japanese language as a result.

Note he doesn't say that she speaks or is fluent in Japanese. For someone to teach English in Japan, I would expect them to be more than just "familiar" with the language. A friend taught there for years and was more than "familiar" with the language.

I want to reiterate that DeDe presented to be of very high intelligence and when inspired,
possessed great drive and determination

He wants to reiterate, but he has not told us that she is of "very high" intelligence outside of the reference that she was part of the study group. He presses the issue of her intelligence, making this sensitive to him.

I can’t recollect her mentioning Terri or Kaine’s
name during the time I knew her. She did tell me repeatedly that I was going to be the
last man in her life and if it didn’t work out with us, that she would never pursue another
man again, and I believed her.

In a statement, a person is supposed to tell us what happened and what they remember; not what didn't happen, nor something he didn't think or remember. It is a negation and it many circumstances, it is an indication of deception. Here, it is not.

He tells us that he does not remember her mentioning the names above, which, in context, is not a negation, as the reason he is writing this is due to the connection with Kyron Horman, and his parents. However, within this statement about the parents, he gives us a powerful statement of his opinion of her sexualty:

He would be the "last" man in her life and "I believed her". The first person singular, past tense, shows reliability. He believed her because he knew of the sexual dysfunctions between them. Notice just how sensitive this is to him: the sentence follows what is supposed to be the reason for the letter: the Hormans and their missing son; yet, his says "repeatedly", as this is strongly in his mind. There appears to be a strong sensitivity connected here, which may be embitteredness. "I believed her" is strong and he has reasons, likely "repeated reasons" for believing that DeDe Spicher would never be with a man again. He is not bragging nor boasting,

In the winter of 2009, we became so close, that we had
discussed marriage

Author feels the need to justify marriage; which indicates more dysfunction.

DeDe had many casual friendships and communicated with some of these people on

Source of sensitivty: "these" people (close; interfering?)

DeDe got laid-off from work sometime in January of 2009. Prior to this, she
claimed that she could get another job at the snap of her fingers. But when she did get
laid-off she took her neighbors advice and just lived off unemployment. When she got
laid-off and went on unemployment, her personality did a 180 degree turn and she did not
take any more classes, completely stopped working out and riding her bike and diet went
out the window. This sudden and dramatic turn of events in her life was a turn-off for me

No, her physical appearance was the turn off.

and I lost respect for her.

He lost respect for her as she let her physical appearance deteriorate and would now have a reason to get out of a sexually dysfunctional relationshiop.

She would just talk to her friends on the phone and have little
luncheon get-together’s with her friends almost daily.

This may be an indication of bitterness and jealousy. It may be a sign that he was serious about marriage and wanted her attention to himself. This was not something DeDe Spicher was able to give him as she was an "individual" and not a "woman" in author's view.

DeDe told me she previously served on the HOA board where she lived. After going on
unemployment, she contemplated going back and serving on the board again. I tried to
discourage her from committing to this as it was unpaid and she was opening a
dysfunctional can of worms that was a needless vacuum of time for her

The issue of DeDe Spicher's time is raised again but additional words give us information: "unpaid" is important to the author. The "snap of the fingers" suggested that Spicher could get money flowing again easily, but chose not to; to live off unemployment. He ties in the lack of motivation (remember the earlier description) with working out and "healthy" eating; which reflects in appearance. Money is an issue for the author here and likely followed sexual dysfunction, appearance and jealousy in the collapse of the relationship. Author is likely revealing more about Spicher than she may have wished.

when she should
be getting back on track with her life.

He felt there were things she "should" be doing; perhaps suggesting either control or concern; but it is strong. At this point, he believes she "should" be doing things, yet has not told us that they were engaged to be married.

The event that threw a cold, wet blanket on our relationship

"the event" is singular to him. It may have been the "final straw". Note: it is not just a "wet blanket" but a "cold wet blanket"; something specific to the Pacific Northwest? The phrase "wet blanket" is usually used to described someone who ruins the fun. The realtionship between Jason and DeDe has not been described as "fun" thus far in his letter.

was that sometime in the
early spring of last year she came to me with some drawings for 4 planter boxes and four
stands with exact measurements and materials to be used.

Here comes the bitterness. She "came ho him", putting her in a position of suboordination to him.

At that time the economy had
tanked and I was working for almost nothing, I was eating top-ramen and day-old bread
money was so tight. She wanted me to buy this material and assemble these 8 items free
of charge.

Note: the bitterness is strong. He describes a situation that he wants us to believe, was so dire, that he was forced to consume stale bread. This may strain credibility for some, especially those who work in social fields where food is distributed. Regardless, he wants to paint a portrait of someone so dire, that he has insufficient food, yet DeDe would be so calloused and so selfish that she wanted him to buy "this" material (close: bitter) and then assemble "these" items "free of charge".

We now have a clearer insight into the author.

If you loved a woman so much that you talked marriage with her, would you "charge" her to assemble something? He even mentions the exact number of the items: 8.

When details like this are recalled with stark clarity, it is a sign that the bitterness has now taken root. He presents this as an insult to him, and portrays a self absorbed "individual" who cared not for his own starving condition.

Should we view DeDe Spicher in any favorable light after seeing her so incredibly selfish?

How does the author think people will view him as wanting to charge his near fiance for labor?

He is bitter to the soul. The needless details (this was supposed to be about missing 7 year old Kyron Horman, and Spicher's possible involvement in his disappeance, yet the author is spilling out his personal anger towards her. Although not his intention, he has shown himself, but more importantly, he has shown a side of DeDe Spicher that may suggest (again) that Desiree was telling the truth when she charged that Spicher was discouraging cooperation with investigators, among neighbors, as even the author shows how social she was.

It took about $200.00 in material and about 20 hours time to complete what
she wanted. I was slow in getting everything to her as I was working 15 hour days while
she was sitting at home collecting unemployment. It was like she was demanding a
$1200.00 gift from me and I was not acting fast enough. She even said that she was going
to finish it on her own if I didn’t deliver it fast enough. This was a very huge turn-off for
me and after I delivered everything, I backed off substantially. DeDe decided to serve on
her HOA board again and this distanced us even further. I basically lost respect for her
and just did my child advocacy work and worked every day trying to stay in business. I
could not afford the money or time to continue my criminal justice degree last year.

We find the author subtly blaming Spicher for derailing his career and ambitions. He mentions being "turned off" by DeDe, rather than annoyed by her entitlement and demands. The phrase "turned off" is usually uesed in reference to sexual relationships.

I could not believe the total change in DeDe’s personality in such a relatively short
amount of time

Notice the sensitivity connected to the "total" change.

Never once did I see or hear her say anything mean or evil, even at the
end of our relationship on or about August 1, 2009.

In Statement Analysis, "never" is not taken for "no" even while it is presented.

He tells us that he "never" saw anything "mean" or "evil". This lacks credibility as he just finished describing, in detail, just how mean spirited and cold hearted she could be. To see a man working 15 hours per day, having no money, having to eat day old bread, Spicher then taps him for what little financial and phsysical resources he has left.

"Never" does not mean "no".

I am convinced today that DeDe
Spicher would have no part of harming anyone, let alone a little boy.

Weak assertion: note the future tense "would". When people are certain, they simply state: "DeDe had nothing to do with it"; yet he cannot state this. "I am convinced" is a qualifying, leaving open the door for him to be convinced by someone or something else, even as his letter may convince readers just how cold hearted she can be.

I believe that she
would have no part of hiding a dead body

Future tense; unreliable. Future tense is the same as saying that someone may have done something but now has learned the lesson and won't ever do it again. It is common among guilty subjects. "I would never steal!". It is also likely true. Once caught stealing, the person won't again, in the future. At the time of the statement, the subject likely believes this to be true.

Although the author is attempting to portray his belief that DeDe Spicher is not involved, his true feelings come through the weak assertion. He believes she may be involved, and likely has thought out how she may have been drawn into it, and what she may have done.

She knows right from wrong and has a good

Is this a reference to her upbringing? Or, is it a reference to her health?

I ask myself why DeDe would become involved with Terri and risk her reputation and
freedom and possibly engage in multiple felonies in connection with Kyron’s

the author confirms for us the very doubts he raised by his weak assertions above. When someone asks themselves questions, this means they are not convinced; but are still entertaining scenarios and thinking of various angles. The author is intelligent and is reasoning with himself and it comes out in his writing. He not only confirms the doubts, but takes it to the point of risking her "freedom" (incarceration) and then brings us to a different subject:

"multiple felonies".

He either knows something, or, more likely, he suspects that DeDe became involved after the fact and has done things (plural) that are criminal; perhaps he knows or has heard that she attempted to thwart the investigation by telling others not to talk on their cell phones, but buy new ones.

Why? Why would DeDe not want Kyron to be found? Is she as cold hearted as he describes here?

What would make someone’s friendship bond so close that they would
risk everything?

note the word "make", as someone may have caused DeDe to do something.
Note that this "bond" would appear much stronger than the bond he shared with her, where she didn't care for his poverty nor hunger.

Last year Terri Horman was not that close of a friend of DeDe’s
otherwise I would have remembered her name.

Here we have his echo back to her as an "individual" not a woman with the suggestion of sexual disfunction.

I suspect that sometime after we broke-up on August 1st, 2009, DeDe reconnected with

Although not said openly, he has "suspected" DeDe of being a lesbian.

and Terri found DeDe to be a good listener, provided sound feedback and possibly
provided each other with emotional respite. This cultivated to gaining DeDe’s trust and

The author now gives reason on how DeDe may have been deceived or manipulated by Terri Horman.

Terri Horman has been described as very intelligent and I read where she had
earned a Master’s degree.
Terri may have told DeDe some story that Kyron was in danger and that Kaine was a bad
dad and husband and that she needed to find a safe place for Kyron for a few days while
she was dealing with Kaine in some way that would produce a long term solution. Some
close variation of this scenario is plausible.

The ex boyfriend of DeDe Spicher now presents the audience with a speculation of just how DeDe Spicher may be involved in the disappearance of Kyron Horman. This supports the weak assertions he gave earlier about her not being involved. Although he cannot think of how she might be involved, he goes into specific detail of how she might be involved.

On and before June 4th, there was no frame of reference to how big and serious the
public and law enforcement would take Kyron’s disappearance. Little did they realize
that they would be up against the collective knowledge and united resources of law
enforcement of the post nine-eleven era

What strikes me in this sentence is the use of "they". Who is the "they" who had not thought through how seriously law enforcement would take the kidnapping and perhaps murder of a 7 year old boy?

Author places DeDe Spicher in with Terri Horman as "they" denotes a partnering of them.

The reference to the terrorist attack of September 11, may be his way of attempting to describe the large media coverage of this disappearance. If this disappearance is as important as September 11, the author is now involved in something very important.

It was just everyday life for DeDe at this point in
the game.

The word "game" is not something most would use regarding the disappearance of a 7 year old boy. It may refernce the attitude that DeDe Spicher's body language gave off as she came out of the courthouse and smirked at the camera. Spicher may learn, soon enough, that this is not a game.

If DeDe is indeed involved, she probably thought she was helping protect
Kyron and that she was somehow doing an act of child advocacy as well as helping a
friend get out of a bad and unsafe situation.

Although straining logic, the author has painted a dark picture of DeDe Spicher for his readers, and now wishes to attribute some form of noble attribute in her possible motive. This is a frightening statement by someone involved in child advocacy because if Kyron were in danger, anyone in the field would know to contact law enforcement and child and family services and not take matters into their own hands. We know that all sorts are drawn to child advocacy positions; but not all should be involved. This excuse making is concerning as it sounds more like a non-parent than a parent. We want those in child advocacy positions to grasp the risks posed to children are tangible, and not to be dismissed lightly.
I believe in my heart that Kyron is still alive and stashed at a safe house.

There is nothing in the letter to suggest that the author has any knowledge of the case outside what he has read in media, yet considers this case of "national importance" as well as his own opinion. "I believe" suggests other credible beliefs, but "in my heart" weakens the assertion even more so. It may be unpopular to say "Kyron is dead" but most believe that by this time, he is deceased. "Stashed" at a "safe" house strains crediblity.

The DeDe that I knew very well for 10 months would have no part of harm to a child or getting rid of a
body, no way.

Weak assertion. Note: "very well" (and the time frame added)
"would" is future tense; but then he adds to "harm of a child"
"getting rid of body"; weakened even more with "no way".

This tells us that he believes that DeDe of now is different than of the 10 months he knew her (he described a cold, insensitive, selfish, asexual person) and the DeDe now is capable of helping hide a child's remains. His doubts leak. There are two different DeDe's; the one he knew, and the one who developed and spiraled downward after being with him. Yet, by his own description, DeDe Spicher does not appear to be different; just not exercising.

Adding to my belief that Kyron is still alive is the nature of the implications of what
must have happened for Kyron to be killed and buried. This is a series of events that is so
unimaginably evil in nature, not even Ted Bundy, Charles Manson or John Wayne Gacy
were that evil late into their murder careers. They never killed a 7 year old innocent child
that just moments previously was smiling proudly for the camera with his science project.

The author introduces the names of famous murderers into the subject of DeDe Spicher, though he does not possess understanding of what went into the development of the killers' personalities; he just assumes that they were "less" evil at certain points of their murder "careers" (strange wording, but note importance of "career, business, money, grades, etc" are to the author).

This should remove any doubts of the weak assertions he has previously made in "defense" of Spicher, as it reveals what he has given thought to. As shocking as it may be to read, these are his thoughts and Spicher's name is related to the names of Bundy, Manson and Gacy, in the author's mind.

That level of evilness is so egregious that it would have manifested itself in some way
previously. This is a step way beyond trying to recruit someone to kill your husband.

Notice the progression of thought? In attempt to understand and wrap his brain around the shocking crime of killing a boy, the author actually builds a step by step thought process and "connects the dots". This reveals more about the author's own struggle to grasp the harming of a child than insight into DeDe Spicher. The author feels the shock that innocent people feel, even as a bystander or one who reads the news accounts. This is a demonstration of just how complete strangers are deeply impacted by such cases and why the public can be emotionally abused by those who withhold information, lie, or assist a killer in any way. It is also an indication that the author is not someone who would harm a child.

To extinguish the life from an innocent and tender boy under this scenario is way beyond
reasonable comprehension.

The sensitive indicators in this sentence tell us otherwise: he is able to "reason" that which appears beyond reason and is another indicator that he not only suspects Terri Horman, but thinks DeDe Spicher's sexual bond as well as DeDe's harsh insensitivity to the needs of another have caused her to be involved, perhaps, after the fact, but involved, nonetheless. This is why we have the words "way" beyond, "reasonable" comprehension which actually weaken the assertion. He could have said "is beyond comprehension" but due to the sensitivity attached (his emotions are in conflict: he wants to say that DeDe is okay, but he feels otherwise) so the additional words are added.

Then to go about your routine and act surprised when the kid
is not on the bus, and act like a distraught Susan Smith for the media and law

He compares Terri Horman to Susan Smith, who drowned her two children and reported a car jacking by a black male. This case was solved by Statement Analysis. While road blocks were being set up for black males, Statement Analysis showed that the killer had already implicated herself during her TV appearance when she said, "my children needed me" in the past tense; indicating knowledge that they were not part of a car jacking, but were, in deed, dead. Mothers of missing children only speak of them in the past tense if they know the children are dead (see Casey Anthony, Misty Croslin analysis).

I just fail to believe that this happened, God would not allow it.

"just fail" is also weak. He doesn't want to believe, and he struggles with kind Providence allowing evil, as we all do, but the author knows.

The question is then presented as to why DeDe would act the way she did following June

This also confirms the weak assertions above. If DeDe was not involved, why speculate on the details? Statement Analysis showed earlier that his assertion that DeDe not be involved is not strong, and now the author shows how his mind has been working, attempting first to understand why anyone would do this, and then how it may have happened.

A possible answer is that she was acting on principal and being loyal to a “goodfriend”,
not having any frame of reference of what was to develop and how serious this
case got so fast

He does not have first hand knowledge of what DeDe did, which is indicated by a "possible" answer. "Good friend" is italicized, showing that it would not be the author's own description, but DeDe's thoughts.

DeDe is an intelligent and head strong woman.

DeDe is only a "woman" now that she is not with him. Prior, during the time together, she was the genderless "individual". This is why context is so important as it speaks to the sexual dysfunction in the relationship. Now she is no longer with him and he calls her "woman". Note present tense. "Head strong" may not be complementary.

I never exchanged bad,
ugly or disrespectful words with her.

This has the "negation" feel to it; the offering of unprompted informtion (including a lack of prompting from the subject matter; not just an interviewer or media)

Note that "I never"; not "we never exchanged". He does not say "we never" which would indicate cooperation. He does not link himself with her (distance: notice also the pronoun "I" is furtherst in distance from "her". The absence of "we" may indicate that DeDe may have used "bad, ugly, disrespectful" words. Again, "never" is flagged and questions about what exactly was said would need to be explored. Because they were close enough to talk about marriage, but then insulted enough to describe her as uncaring while he was destitute and eating day old bread, it is likely that unpleasant words accompanied the break up; especially given the extra details that show the high level of bitterness he felt at her calloused attempt to take advantage of him at a low level in his life.

If ever a woman is going to “lose-it” it will most
likely be at the break-up stage. This never happened. She even carefully mailed back my
Hood to Coast run photo I gave her.

This appears to be an attempt to persuade, rather than report, though if no angry words passed, it may be an indication of passive aggressive behavior where he holds a large arsenal of angry words he wished he said. It is also in the general sense, "if ever a woman" is not specifically DeDe. It would need to be explored in an interview. Yet whether angry words did cross or not, angry thoughts are present.

I have no media experience and now regret doing some television interviews.

Yet is still garnishing attention by this letter. This would appear unprovoked, but I speculate that he may have been under some criticism from being interviewed previously by media

I am a child advocate who has more volunteer time helping endangered and displaced Multnomah
county children than any other man out there.

The sensitivity comes to the surface. How does he know, as a volunteer, that he has logged more hours than any other "man"? Does this, in his mind, exclude women who volunteer? The defensive posture is high. He is defending himself which suggests attacks.

I care more than anyone can realize and
pray hard for Kyron’s safe return

the author feels misunderstood. By whom? I don't know.

I haven't seen anything in his writings or transcripts that suggest that he does not care for the welfare of children; yet he feels the need to state it here, which tells us something. It may be due to criticism levied against him for speaking to the press; as emotions run high in cases like these.

Even though his letter may appear to be an attempt to defend DeDe Spicher, the author actually shows a calloused and selfish personality who, when faced with another's own difficult plight, could think only of herself.

I know in my heart that law enforcement will be
successful and bring Kyron back home, and hold all those responsible for his
disappearance to account for their actions in court

Author is less than confident; as many now feel, with the passing of time, that law enforcement will be successful. We had DeDe Spicher's attorney, weeks ago, state that an arrest is soon, yet it has not been, and many are frustrated. Terri Horman's silence is infuriating, as was DeDe Spicher's smirk before the camera. Why?

Because people, including the author, cannot help but picture Kyron's smile; and the helplessness that is a 7 year old boy, perhaps in the rage of a steroid-built angry, hatefilled sociopath, hell bent upon revenge against real or perceived wrongs.

Regardless of how they feel about the author speaking to the media, most people are passionate about this case and want resolution.

We will see this happen, I have no doubt. I will continue to ask God to guide and direct the investigators to Kyron’s

When someone says "I have no doubt" it is sensitive and may indicate either that they have doubts, or, that the sensitivity is due to having doubts in the past, but having convinced themselves others. (there are other explanations of emotions involved, but in this case, contextually, we have seen a battle fof sorts, where the author, at times, appears to be attempting a defense of Spicher, but at other times reveals his fear that she is involved.) The switch from "we" to "I" is noted, as is the additional "I have no doubt" as further expressions of weakness. The author fears, as do many, that law enforcement may not solve this case, yet expresses words indicating more of a personal "hope" that they will, rather than confidence.

Respectfully submitted on this 18th day of August, Twenty-ten
Jason Wishert

I doubt DeDe Spicher will consider this "respectful"; though the author exhibited some restraint in describing DeDe's treatment of him.

Stark detail indicates strong sensitivity as we saw in his precision of exactly how much money DeDe wanted from him, and the amount of hours he was working that appeared to be of no consequence to her.

He portrayed her as someone who has a sexual identity problem, along with narcissistic traits, and has used her name in the same page as not only Terri Horman, but of infamous killers.

If evidence shows that DeDe Spicher has had involvement in the disappearance of Kyron Horman, even after the fact, people may look back at his letter and see how accurate the author was in describing her personality.

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PostSubject: Re: KYRON HORMAN: MISSING ENDANGERED CHILD   Sun Aug 22, 2010 2:56 am

Subject: Grand Jury Monday for Case of Missing 7 year Old? Sat Jul 24, 2010 10:57 am
Saturday, July 24, 2010

Grand Jury Monday for Case of Missing 7 year old?

anyone has info regarding this post please let me know. The poster
reported "jury Monday" which, if true, would mean Grand Jury.

news article says Dedi left off gardening at 11:15am and was not heard
from after 1pm. Other posts report both weightlifters and suggestions of
being involved in a relationship. We know the parents have accused her
of advising others to not cooperate with the investigation which would
enrage any parent of a missing child.

One news site is reporting that police are saying that DeDe has information about Terri's whereabouts on June 4.

It may be that we see an arrest coming? An indictment?

Terri failed two polygraphs for a reason.

It may be that DeDe is involved via knowledge after the fact.

This will be updated as news comes in

Update: The original quote was claimed by "Tom Jones" who claims to be a cousin of DeDe Spicher. More to follow.

Analysis to follow.


For some reason getting a BS flag doesn't hurt my feelings
fathers name is Donald Lee Spicher, I said he was a sherriff, not the
sherriff. He is the lake cop that works the mountain lakes in the area.
He is a good man, this is giong to kill him, he has heart issues.
havnt had much contact with Dede in the last ten years, we both live
here but about twenty miles apart. I was close with her as children, she
was the frist girl to kiss me, I know cousins/ Joe dirt jokes comin.
I remember slamming into her while riding mini bikes, I remember Christmas after Christmas with her and our grandparents hose.
I can hear her contagious laugh.
I think about Kyron.
I think about my own kids and yours too.
If she is guilty we will see.
It's just a jury/ court thing, I never said grand once
I will keep this up dated as I hear it.

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PostSubject: Kaine Horman, Terri Horman expected in court today   Wed Aug 25, 2010 2:44 pm

Kaine Horman, Terri Horman expected in court today

Last Update: 9:34 am

Kaine Horman and attorney Laura Rackner. (KOIN)

Terri Horman is expected back in Portland today to appear in court for a hearing on divorce proceedings from her estranged husband, Kaine Horman.

Kaine wants to push the divorce proceedings along, while Terri wants to wait until the criminal investigation into Kyron Horman's disappearance is complete.

Terri was the last person seen with Kyron, who vanished from Skyline School on June 4.

Kaine and Desiree Young, Kyron's mother, said previously that Terri isn't fully cooperating with law enforcement.

Continuing coverage of the Kyron Horman investigation

Terri wants the divorce delayed, and if the judge grants her motion, the divorce could be put on hold for up to two years.

The court may also force Terri to show where she got the $350,000 she claims it cost to retain criminal attorney Stephen Houze.

"Kaine is arguing that there is no reason to set this over, and her (Terri's) personal reasons are not going to trump his right to have a divorce," said Bruce McCain, an attorney and former Multnomah County Sheriff's Captain.

As this happens, the grand jury in the case will be meeting as well.

-KOIN Local 6, and

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PostSubject: Kyron Horman case: Terri Horman Attorneys Call Her A Suspect   Thu Aug 26, 2010 8:16 pm

Kyron Horman Case: Terri Horman Attorneys Call Her A Suspect

Posted by Blink

Thursday 26 August 2010 2:33 pm

In court papers filed Wednesday, Bunch went further, noting that Terri Horman is a “de facto suspect” in the second-grader’s disappearance…”

Portland, OR- In a voluntary appearance in court yesterday for matters relating to the pending divorce motion by estranged husband Kaine; Terri Horman showed her face for the first time since the week after her stepson, Kyron, vanished from Skyline School.
Although Kaine Horman opted to be represented by his counsel Laura Rackner and not appear personally to protect himself emotionally, according to Rackner, Terri Horman braved the fray.
Arriving with attorneys Peter Bunch and Stephen Houze, the trio was immediately met and escorted by MCSO deputies in “the box” formation to the 5th floor courtroom where local media scurried in from behind. Within 45 minutes, Judge Meisenheimer ruled in Kaine Horman’s favor and granted his request that the issues of the mortgage-sized retainer, allegedly furnished by Terri to Houze and other distribution and custody issues will be heard in a hearing on October 7, denying her request to have the issues bifurcated.
During the proceeding, Bunch argued that his Client cannot properly litigate the divorce and custody actions currently because she is.”..unable to proceed in the ordinary course to protect her rights as to discovery, property division, support and, particularly, custody and parenting time issues.”
In fact, for the first time publicly, we learn a very important detail about the criminal investigation into Kyron Horman’s disappearance.
According to her counsel, who would certainly be “in the know”, Terri Horman has NOT been named a suspect by MCSO in Kyron’s case, but she is painfully aware she is one.
Loosely translated, a defacto suspect is an unofficially declared suspect, but for all intents and purposes is definitely the target of the investigative crosshairs.
The Microsaccade Moment

Microsaccades are tiny involuntary movements of the eye generally caused by visual fixation. The result on visual perception can cause the beholder to question if they are “really seeing what they are seeing.”
I had a few of those yesterday while analyzing footage of the day’s events in conjunction with known facts of this case.
They Are:
The MCSO guard detail dispatched at the courthouse assigned to Terri and counsel et al for a family court appearance. I have spoken with a few local family lawyers who do not wish to be identified, with a combined 26 years of practice. None have ever seen this practice in a similar matter in Multnomah County. Specifically, the deputies went inside the actual hearing and waited to escort the trio out the back.
During the hearing, there was not a syllable mentioned about the driving force behind the request for expedition of the case in the first place. The very substantive weight that was used to secure an emergency custody and restraining order, which remains uncontested to date: The Alleged Murder for Hire Plot. Why wouldn’t a family lawyer looking to abate the divorce case strike at the very merits on which the plaintiff’s arguments are based? The plaintiff in this case uses an almost one year old mfh plot allegation, which was not carried out, and no person has been declared a suspect or arrested, to control every filing to date and counsel does not refute the claims therein? What possible reason could that be?
A recent interview with Terri Horman’s son James, in which he states that his Mother cannot have a computer, cell phone, or leave her parents home in Roseburg.

Blink Analysis Editorial: Sealed Criminal Indictment OR Civil Commitment?

A Civil commitment, which would have had to been voluntary, such as a concern for Ms. Horman injuring herself, or some sort of dependency is a possibility, but a highly unlikely one considering she appeared in court yesterday.
Strictly my opinion of course, but based on my microsaccades, I think it is entirely possible that Terri Horman is under a pre-arrest indictment in the matter of the alleged murder for hire plot, or some derivative thereof.
It would certainly be unlikely that she could have been booked and granted bail without a leak, but a sealed indictment, which may or may not include a sealed arrest warrant, would follow Oregon’s propensity to use the grand jury as a form of “preliminary hearing.” In light of the fact that there is an ongoing criminal investigation into Kyron’s disappearance involving Federal, county and State investigative assets, it would be entirely appropriate.
The public would not know until such time as the indictment and any potentially attached writs are unsealed. Throw in the possibility there is always the chance that Clackamas County may be the charging county for such an offense and not Multnomah.
In which case, this is about to get very interesting. Recall MCSO chief Dan Staton saying Clackamas County Major Crimes Team is involved in the case? That would suggest at least part of a crime has been established in their jurisdiction. Rudy Sanchez resides in Clackamas County.
Clackamas County District Attorney John Foote and Criminal defense attorney Stephen Houze are well acquainted. You might say that Foote owes his very job to Houze in a way-
John Foote lost as the incumbent DA in 1996 to his own deputy district attorney Terese “Terry” Gustafson. Terry was in the middle of fighting an Oregon Bar complaint at the time which cleared her name just days before the inauguration.
The embattled DA did not take long to be the subject of more ethics violations including felony perjury charges for lying to a circuit judge about releasing the file of a juvenile that was ordered to be destroyed. Gustafson was disbarred.
Who filed the Bar complaint who also represented the accused boy who was subsequently acquitted?
Who was the prosecuting attorney for the Oregon Bar?
Stephen Houze.
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PostSubject: Is Kyro Horman's Case Going Cold? Is It Far From Being Solved?   Fri Aug 27, 2010 8:24 am

Is Kyron Horman’s Case Going Cold? Is It Far From Being Solved??

Even though I’ve been away from the blogs for a bit, and have had numerous times in which I have had to be. I still have kept up with the latest in Kyron’s case. With each article I found, as I normally do when pressed for time, I just bookmarked it to come back to. I’ve read the profile of Terri that was put out and about the hearing, for the divorce proceedings from yesterday. I’ve also read some other articles that I think are more telling than any of the other news items I’ve seen. Actually there are 2 that I found most telling. Sadly both articles will leave you feeling as though Kyron’s case will not be solved any time soon. They leave you feeling as though it is far from being solved. From what I’m reading, we’re talking months, maybe even years.
Article 1:
Investigators Far From Solving Kyron’s Case
Article 2 is basically about another murder case that took 10 years to get an arrest on, and then it compares it to Kyron’s case.
Article 2:
Arrest Made A Decade Later
I’ve read that Kyron’s parents are planning another press conference tomorrow and really this is all it will involve:

Desiree Young and Kaine Horman plan to update the public on several topics, including Kyron’s Wall of Hope at Skyline School, a Sept. 1 fundraiser and Kyron’s upcoming birthday.
Kyron’s Parents Plan Friday Press Conference
I would like to think that Kyron is alive, but I do not. If Terri is indeed responsible, Kyron is not being stashed somewhere. If a stranger is responsible I’m doubting that Kyron is just being stashed somewhere. I realize that Elizabeth Smart and Jaycee Dugard‘s stories gave us hope, but they were also being used for sex slaves or to wife, and they were female. Kyron is a male, which is working against him here. I do realize there is human trafficking, and kiddie porn and disgusting things of the like, but I don’t think that is the case here. Law enforcement and Kyron’s family have basically pointed to this being done by Terri or someone known by Terri, and if that is true, he’s dead. I’ve never heard of a stepmother taking off with a child and hiding them somewhere for spite, and after more than 3 months and the scrutiny she’s been under, I find it even more unlikely for her to be able to successfully pull that off. With that said, I am not going to say that it is completely impossible and I think the family is entitled to their hope.
The reason I’m posting this is that I feel it has become fruitless to post on every little bit that the public is being fed, as I feel that if Kyron was abducted by a stranger, or even if he was abducted by someone close to the family, or Terri, or even if Terri is solely responsible, that the critical window of opportunity for sharp memories and following up on every possibility, has been closed. I do not think that not issuing an Amber Alert was a wise decision. I do not think that not finding out every person that was at the school that day (doing back ground checks as well) or parked in those different areas was something that should have waited for 3 months down the line. I do not think that focusing solely on Terri from the get go was wise. No matter what she’s not going to break this way, and that should be obvious and law enforcement should not have depended on the family media circus to break Terri. That was a bad move and I’m afraid that it cost way too much. I have lost hope that Kyron will be found, unless he’s found by accident. I’ve lost hope of anyone having memory enough to describe things accurately enough now, as far as parking lots and strangers. Memories fade. Life is busy. Time is critical in these cases. I find it completely amazing that the groundskeeper was missed as being there and had to go to the media almost 3 months later, then he went law enforcement. To me that is a red flag. Law enforcement should have been made aware of every single person working at that school that day in first week. This tells me they were solely focused on Terri, and while I do believe she knows something, and she did have some strange behaviors, I do not think she is that smart. Look at the stuff she’s slipped up and said in emails and social networking. Like the $3500 retainer she claimed she gave her attorney. She’s just not the brightest light light bulb in the pack. Which means there’s something missing here and while Kyron is the biggest thing that’s missing, there is something more. Terri is too chatty with her friends and too defensive to not have made mistakes. The cops know about the pre paid cell phones, so likely they already have at least one of them, if not more, which means they already have access to phone records on them. With all of Terri’s friends going before the grand jury and the grand jury going as long as it has, they do not have anything concrete. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, the murder for hire debacle did not pan out, or Terri would be in jail, period. I think that it is probably completely bogus. All of the soap opera antics have done nothing to help in finding Kyron and what happened to him, and in my honest opinion, I think they may be the reason why this case will grow cold. I hope I’m wrong.
If anything of significance comes out, I’ll post on it, otherwise I will not be posting on Kyron’s case anymore. It’s fruitless. I will continue to pray for Kyron, for Justice For Kyron, and for the Truth to be told, no matter who is responsible, I want them brought to Justice. I’m just not going to feed off of the soap opera. It in no way helps Kyron Horman.

I pray I’m wrong, and I still pray that Kyron will be found. God Bless Kyron

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PostSubject: Kyron's parents accuse Terri Horman of kidnapping   Sat Aug 28, 2010 10:07 am

Kyron’s parents accuse Terri Horman of kidnapping

By Anna Canzano KATU News Staff


The biological parents of missing 7-year-old Kyron Horman on Friday accused his stepmother, Terri Moulton Horman, of kidnapping and warned her she will go to jail if she doesn’t cooperate with investigators.

Story Published: Aug 27, 2010 at 4:04 PM PDT
Story Updated: Aug 28, 2010 at 12:28 AM PDT

Kaine Horman and Desiree Young being interviewed by KATU News reporter Anna Canzano Friday.

BEAVERTON, Ore. - The biological parents of missing 7-year-old Kyron Horman on Friday accused his stepmother, Terri Moulton Horman, of kidnapping him and warned her she will go to jail if she doesn’t cooperate with investigators.

  • Watch: Interview with Kyron's parents
  • Watch: Interview with Kyron's parents part 2
  • Watch: Anna's 6 p.m. version of this story (Click on the above video tab for the 5 p.m.)
  • Godfather's Pizza Fundraiser (pdf)

“Terri, you’re at a crossroads in your life,” Kyron’s biological mother, Desiree Young said in an interview with KATU News reporter Anna Canzano. “We don’t always like what life has to give us, but we don’t have a choice in that. The one thing we have a choice in is how we handle these moments.

“You really have to do the right thing and make the right choice and help us bring Kyron home.

“That’s ultimately my message to her. She just needs to choose to do the right thing.”

It was the harshest accusations yet directed at Terri Horman from Kyron’s parents. Desiree said she doesn’t think she and Kaine know why Terri would kidnap Kyron and whether it was to seek revenge against her or Kaine.

“We’re just trying to figure out what happened in this whole thing. I think we have thought that may be that could be the motivation: anger, revenge,” she said.

They said they believe Kyron is still alive and needs to be rescued.

Kaine and Desiree also spoke in great detail about Terri’s behavior.

“Speaking for myself, she was a great actress,” said Desiree. “I never knew she was unhappy in any way shape or form. But I didn’t live with her.”

But Kaine did, and he said, “I thought I knew her the best, but apparently I didn’t, based on all the information that’s come out – things that she’s done, the way that she operates. There’s a lot I don’t know.”

When asked how he would describe Terri, since by all appearances in her Facebook photographs she’s a loving, devoted mother and loving wife, Kaine said that was the image she wanted to portray to him, too.

“That’s the image I saw,” he said. “Much more so in the beginning, not so much towards the end, but that’s how she came across to me at least for the first four or five years: very loving, very focused on children, wanting to do the right thing, and then it became much more about her and a lot more selfishness involved; how she was, I guess, apparently unhappy with our marriage. But yet, not willing to work through it or talk to me about it.”

Kaine said he doesn’t know what she was unhappy about.

“She wasn’t talking to me about it,” he said. “She was talking to other people about things that would happen and putting her spin on things, and I think in a lot of cases, trying to manipulate people to see a relationship that she felt was focused in a certain direction as opposed to where, maybe, it was really focused. I don’t know; I was only the recipient of the information. I’m only finding out about it after the fact.”

Even though Terri wasn’t under any legal obligation to show up to court this week for a hearing in her and Kaine’s divorce proceedings, Kaine described it as a “free appearance” because she didn’t have to testify or say anything.

“You can kind of let people know that you’re not in lockdown, that you are ‘out’, so to speak,” Kaine said. “I think a lot of people have the impression that she’s in prison, and I think it was an opportunity for them to try and portray a different side of it.”

When asked whether they find it strange how Terri’s reported interactions with the landscaper in the alleged murder-for-hire plot to kill Kaine and with Mike Cook, Kaine’s high-school classmate, all had sexual overtones, Kaine and Desiree said that is one of the ways Terri manipulates people.

“I think based on where we’ve been over the last three months I don’t know how you can predict or guess – anything’s possible,” Kaine said. “So I couldn’t say no at this particular point in time, because I’ve got no idea what else is coming.”

Desiree said “on the surface” Terri may think she will get away with whatever she did, but “deep down, I think she’s scared. She knows. We’re not going to stop. The investigation got way bigger than she ever thought it would.”

Desiree said when she’s out in public people are “generally very sweet and supportive, and it makes me feel good to know that people are out there thinking about Kyron, that it’s in the forefront of their minds.”

They also said they think Terri has someone helping her and is holding Kyron.

Kyron disappeared from Skyline School on June 4 and after extensive searches, not a trace of him has been found.

Terri Horman is the last known adult to have seen Kyron after she dropped him off at school the morning of June 4, and the investigation has increasingly focused on her.

Investigators, however, have not named her a suspect or even a person of interest in the case, and they have made no arrests.

Meanwhile, Kyron’s Wall of Hope outside of his school will be coming down on Sunday and late Friday afternoon Kyron’s parents said the wall will be moving to the Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue station nearby.

Desiree said if anyone wants to help move it, to please arrive at Skyline School at 8:30 a.m. on Sunday, Aug. 29.

With the start of school on Sept. 7, the decision was made to move the wall in the interest of school safety.

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PostSubject: Kyron Horman's mother, Desiree Young, says his stepmom Terri Moulton Horman risk jail   Sun Aug 29, 2010 3:14 pm

Kyron Horman's mother, Desiree Young, says his stepmom Terri Moulton Horman risks jail

Published: Friday, August 27, 2010, 5:34 PM
Updated: Friday, August 27, 2010, 7:57 PM

Lynne Terry, The Oregonian

BEAVERTON -- Kyron Horman's mother directed a new appeal on Friday at the boy's stepmother but this time her plea was pointed, warning Terri Moulton Horman that she could go to jail.

"The police will not stop until they find Kyron," Desiree Young said. "You will go to jail and whoever who has been helping you will have to talk or they will go to jail. I believe that you really want to make the right choice and bring Kyron home."

That statement, urging Terri Horman to cooperate with investigators, concluded a short news conference with Young and the Kyron's father Kaine Horman at a Beaverton hotel. With the investigation stretching into the 13th week and fliers of Kyron starting to come down, Young said that she and Kaine Horman were trying to keep Kyron's story alive in hopes that someone will spot him.

She said she and Kaine Horman still hope he will come home.

View full sizeBenjamin Brink/The OregonianDesiree Young, Kyron Horman's mother, talks to reporters during a news conference this morning in Beaverton. Kyron's father, Kaine Horman, is in the background.
"We honestly believe that he's alive," Young said, "and that Terri had planned this for awhile and manipulated the situation to take Kyron."

Kaine Horman would not speculate on any possible motive. But Young accused Terri Horman of being filled with anger.

"Obviously, she's angry," Young said. "Whatever she's angry about, I don't know that we know that for sure, but anger is a motivator for people."

Now, though, Young said Terri Horman faces a choice that could color the rest of her life -- and her legacy.

"Terri, I feel like you are at a crossroads in your life," Young said in her statement. "Our lives present moments like these, and we're not always going to like what life gives us. We don't have much choice in that, but what we do have a choice in is what we do with these moments. What you are going to be remembered for is what you do with these choices and how you handle it."

Terri Horman, who has said nothing publicly since Kyron disappeared June 4, has been sequestered at her parent's home in Roseburg. Kaine Horman, who obtained a restraining order against her and custody of their infant daughter, Kiara, has filed for divorce.

» Kyron Horman special coverage
Your guide to the story
» Timeline
» All stories
» All photos
» All videos

He's questioned how she's paying for her high profile defense lawyer, Stephen Houze. In court documents, he quoted her as saying the payment was $350,000. Her divorce lawyer, Peter Bunch, said that amount was inaccurate.

On Friday, The Oregonian learned that Terri Horman's parents recently refinanced their home with a $165,450 mortgage, paying off the previous mortgage of $86,000. The deed of trust was filed Aug. 17 in Douglas County.

Neither Houze nor Terri Horman's parents could be reached for comment Friday about money.

Their daughter is believed to be the last person to have seen Kyron at Skyline School the morning of June 4.

Soon after he disappeared, a "Wall of Hope" festooned with balloons, cards and toys blossomed on the fence outside the school. The tribute will be moved on Sunday, before classes start at Skyline School on Sept. 7, to the Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue site a few doors.

Kyron's parents also plan a fundraiser next Wednesday at 12 Godfather's Pizza locations in the Portland area to benefit search efforts by the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office. Twenty-five percent of sales will go to the sheriff's office, along with proceeds from sales of bracelets and gift baskets.

But the biggest -- and most difficult -- date ahead is Sept. 9, Kyron's eighth birthday. His parents are planning community events in Medford and the Portland area.

"We're not giving up hope," Kaine Horman said. "He's not home yet and until he is we won't stop."

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PostSubject: Re: KYRON HORMAN: MISSING ENDANGERED CHILD   Fri Sep 03, 2010 12:50 am

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