A discussion of children, their welfare, well being and lives. We must protect them, they are our future.
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PostSubject: Re: HALEIGH CUMMINGS   Thu Aug 19, 2010 7:01 am

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PostSubject: Misty Croslin's Body Language Reveals She's Not Doing Very Well In Jail As Shock of Reality Sets In   Thu Aug 19, 2010 4:35 pm

Misty Croslin’s Body Language Reveals She’s Not Doing Very Well In Jail As Shock of Reality Sets In

Misty Croslin recently made a shocking revelation. She told investigators her cousin Joe Overstreet put little Haleigh in a black bag and left with her. She said that she heard Haleigh Cummings screaming and being attacked before she vanished, She also revealed that she was cowering beneath a blanket with Haleigh’s baby brother. If this is true then I believe she needs to get the harshest punishment for not relaying this information to authorities earlier.
As it is now, Misty is not faring very well behind bars. At first she was terrified, crying, and whining all the time that she wanted to get out. We witnessed her emotional outbursts during her jailhouse tapes when she spoke at length to her father and mother. Then we saw a defensiveness in her jailhouse tapes where she blamed everyone for her being locked up including the officers who arrested her. Then there was belligerence where she old the media t o kiss her a**”
Now that she is off drugs and able to completely process the reality of her situation, she has hardened. Her eyes have a steely gaze to them. Her jaw is tight. She has a resigned swagger as she faced the judge and pleaded no contest. Her cocked head to the side indicates that she is not completely sure of exactly what will happen to her. But she does know that the outcome of whatever does happen to her as she stands in front of the judge won’t be a good one.

Gone is the slim pretty faced long haired young 17 year old whom we first met when Haleigh went missing.
Now see a matronly overweight middle-aged looking woman with a hard cold stare and downturned lips. Even her hairstyle in a 1960′s flip is matronly. The physical transformation Misty has undergone is as shocking as her recent revelations about Haleigh. Misty is unrecognisable from the Misty we met two years ago.
Her obvious weight gain may be due to her getting off drugs which may have previously kept her wirey and thin. Perhaps she has been given medication in jail which contributed to her weight gain. Perhaps the prison food, visits to the canteen, lack of exercise. and not moving around as much has also made her chubby.
The stress of not being able to communicate honestly with anyone has also no doubt affected her. If what she recently admitted to investigators is true, then this was a horrible burden for her to keep to herself. It no doubt must have haunted her and still does.
Then there is the stress of knowing that not one, but both of her parents are now behind bars. Now there is no one to visit with her. There are no more long jail visits and conversations with her papa or her mamma because they are in the same boat she is in.
Reality has set in that it will be a very long time before she will be able to be with her family as she once knew it.
Finally, there is the stress of realizing that she is not going to get a light tap on the wrist. Instead, she knows that she is going to spend the best years of her life behind bars.
She won’t be able to come and go as she pleases. She won’t be running the show like she did with her parents and her friends. She won’t be able to have a boyfriend or have sex or even have kids. She may have even realized that by the time she does get out of prison she will be too old to start a family of her own.
Misty’s recent revelations about what happened to Haleigh were obviously made public in the hope that she would get a lesser sentence. I hope that this is not the case.
For all we know this may be another lie. Maybe she had something to do with Haleigh’s death. Maybe Ron himself had something to do with it. Maybe she called on Cousin Joe and brother Tommy to get rid of the body so she could make it look like a kidnapping.
I am still haunted by the 911 call. Something just doesn’t add up, especially with regards to Ron’s behavior. To me, Misty’s behavior always revealed “tells” that indicated she knew a lot more than she was saying.
If she did hurt Haleigh and kill her as Haleigh’s birth mother suspects, Misty should never see the light of day. On the other hand, if what she is saying about cousin Joe is true , and she didn’t alert authorities until now, that is a good enough reason as far as I am concerned to never her see the light of day again.
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PostSubject: Was Haleigh Strangled in Trailer?   Thu Aug 19, 2010 11:23 pm

Was Haleigh Strangled in Trailer?

By Art Harris, The Bald Truth, (c), all rights reserved
Tune in Nancy Grace Friday night (just switched) at 8 and 10 p on HLN when we’ll be discussing the latest revelation in the mystery of missing and presumed murdered Haleigh Cummings: Tommy Croslin’s claim his Tennessee cousin, Joe Overstreet, strangled her in her father’s Satsuma, Florida where he dropped by to steal a prized machine gun Ronald Cummings had showed off a few days earlier.
Overstreet denies any involvement, but Croslin’s lawyer, James Werter, said that’s what his client told law enforcement in April. “He didn’t actually see it,” Werter told The Bald Truth Thursday night, “but that’s what he speculated happened,” based on being there and riding to the river with Overstreet.
He said Overstreet was bossing around his very stoned client, high on Xanax, and because “he held the door for Joe, police threatened him with accessory to murder charges” if he didn’t reveal more information.
Werter believes Tommy might have coughed up other details had that threat not been made–and prosecutors offered his client immunity. But no deal was on the table, so he ordered his client to be silent unless he was present for interviews.
The Bald Truth has reported Croslin rode in the van with Haleigh’s body, and Overstreet driving only after cousin Joe threatened to kill him and his whole family, including wife and children, Misty and even his grandmother, Flora Hollars. That’s the only reason he went along, said Werter, who denied Croslin helped the alleged killer in any way, except to hold the door open.
Werter said Putnam County investigators taunted Croslin he’d get convicted of accessory to murder charges, and get strapped down for a lethal injection if he didn’t reveal more. That’s why he ordered him silent.
“My advice to him is, ‘Don’t talk,’” Werter told News4Jax Alexis Weed. “They’re threatening felony murder charges. How can I let him talk if he says he held the door open for Joe when they carried Haleigh’s body out of the house. I can’t make him an accessory after the facts of these little threats.”
Werter told me he believed prosecutors could have gotten more details from Croslin had he been offered immunity, as requested. But no deal was on the table. One source tells me, however, he may still have a chance to cough up more before he goes off to prison to begin serving 15 years on a recent drug trafficking conviction and argue he’s provided substantial cooperation.
Croslin’s family has told The Bald Truth Overstreet was fuming after they pulled Cummings off him one night, pounding him for purportedly stealing another gun that was recovered. “I had to get between them,” Hank Croslin, Sr. told The Bald Truth months ago. “Joe swore he’d get even.”
The machine gun, an automatic weapon Cummings loved to show off as part of his swamp gangster image, was his pride and joy, friends tell The Bald Truth. Over beers with Tommy and Joe a few days earlier, he pulled it out of a bedroom closet to show off.
Sources close to to the case tell me investigators have recovered a machine gun resembling the one Cummings had, but the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office denied any machine gun owned by Cummings was in their possession.
“That’s news to me,” Lt. Johnny Greenwood told The Bald Truth several weeks ago. My sources speculated that had it been recovered and Joe Overstreet’s prints found on it from that night of beer and bragging, it would have shored up Tommy and Misty’s credibility, at least a tiny bit.
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PostSubject: New, chilling details in case of Haleigh Cummings   Fri Aug 20, 2010 10:06 am

New, chilling details in case of HaLeigh Cummings

Posted: August 20, 2010 - 8:27am


Chilling new details about the fate of missing HaLiegh Cummings emerged Thursday from the attorney of Hank "Tommy" Croslin Jr., proposing that the 5-year-old was dead hours before her disappearance was reported.
Croslin, now 24, was with his cousin Joe Overstreet when the two went to a Putnam County boat ramp with the girl where she was dumped into the St. Johns River inside a bag, said attorney James Werter.
"He saw Joe take HaLeigh down to the dock," Werter said Thursday. "When he came back, he didn't have Haleigh."
Werter said Croslin has been telling authorities since April that he and Overstreet, who is from Tennessee, went to the Satsuma mobile home where HaLeigh was being watched by Croslin's sister and that Overstreet grabbed Haleigh.
This is not the first time Overstreet has been named as a core player in the disappearance. Detectives have interviewed him at least twice in the past 18 months but he has not been charged or named a suspect.
Werter said he would not say where Croslin was during the attack but said the two men drove to the dock with the kindergartner in a bag.
"According to Tommy, she was limp, quiet," Werter said. "She may have already been dead when she left the trailer."
Werter released the details two days after Robert Fields, the attorney for Croslin's sister, Misty Croslin, said Overstreet was at the mobile hiome and abducted HaLeigh that night in February 2009. HaLeigh has not been found and investigators with the Putnam County Sheriff's Office believe she is dead.
Fields, speaking Tuesday outside a hearing where Misty Croslin pleaded no contest to a drug charge, said she hid beneath the covers with HaLeigh's 3-year-old brother when the attack happened. He said she remembers hearing a van door slide open and close and saw a black bag or something similar placed over the girl.
Two weeks ago, her brother was sentenced to 15 years in prison on a drug trafficking charge from the same undercover operation. Werter said he has been angry with detectives who want cooperation from his client but have been threatening to charge him with felony murder.
Chief Rick Ryan of the Putnam County Sheriff's Office said investigators were not commenting on the case.
Werter said he has filed a motion to modify Croslin Jr.'s sentence, which is at least three times longer than the three to five years Werter believes was appropriate.
He said the Sheriff's Office should act on what his client and his sister have said.
That night, Overstreet drove to Croslin Jr.'s house in a van borrowed from another Croslin brother and went to the mobile home where Misty Croslin was with the children.
They went there around midnight, Werter said. HaLeigh's father, Ronald Cummings, was at work and the two were looking for a World War II-era machine gun to hunt deer.
Fields said this week that the gun had been taken somewhere else.
"Tommy put this out in April," Werter said. "Misty put it out in January."
Werter said Croslin Jr. never told his sister where HaLeigh was taken but took investigators to a boat ramp just north of Welaka on April 13. Divers spent days searching the water and interviewed Overstreet, who returned to Tennessee.
Overstreet's attorney, Shawn Sirgo, said Tuesday that Overstreet was with another relative when he learned Haleigh was missing.
He, family of the missing girl, and investigators have questioned the Croslins' credibility.

**St AugustineNews
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PostSubject: Haleigh's Dad Pleads To Drug Charges   Fri Aug 20, 2010 2:49 pm

Haleigh's Dad Pleads To Drug Charges

Father Of Missing Girl Faces Up To 90 Years In Prison

POSTED: Friday, August 20, 2010
UPDATED: 12:59 pm EDT August 20, 2010

PALATKA, Fla. -- The father of missing girl Haleigh Cummings pleaded guilty Friday morning to three of five drug trafficking charges against him in exchange for him agreeing to testify in any future criminal trial involving the disappearance of his daughter.

Ronald Cummings, along with his ex-wife, Misty Cummings, her brother, Hank Croslin Jr., and two other people were arrested in January after an undercover drug sting by St. Johns and Putnam County detectives. Misty Cummings and Croslin have pleaded no contest to the charges. Croslin received a 15-year sentence and Cummings faces sentencing in October.

Ronald Cummings could face a maximum of 90 years in prison. He will be sentenced Sept. 24.

All three are central figures in the disappearance of Ronald Cummings' 5-year-old daughter in February 2009. After an Amber Alert, weeks of exhaustive searching and an investigation involving more than 4,000 leads, Haleigh remains missing. In April, the Putnam County sheriff said she is likely dead and described the case as a homicide investigation.

Earlier this week, attorneys for both Misty Cummings and Hank Croslin said their clients have told investigators a similar story of what happened the night Haleigh disappeared. They both said that a Croslin cousin, who lives in Tennessee, placed the screaming girl in a black bag and took her from Cummings' mobile home.

That cousin, Joe Overstreet, has been questioned at least twice by detectives, but never charged or named a suspect in Haleigh's case.

Channel 4's Tarik Minor was in the courtroom for the hearing. He will be getting reaction from those involved and learning more about this new development in the case. He will have complete reports on the local station beginning at 5 p.m.Ha
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PostSubject: Haleigh Cummings Case - Lisa Croslin Talks For The First Time   Fri Aug 20, 2010 3:09 pm

Haleigh Cummings Case – Lisa Croslin Talks For The First Time

Posted on August 20th, 2010
by Simon Barrett in Op-ed, crime
Read 16 times.

Unlike some of the family members associated with the Haleigh Cummings case Lisa Croslin has very much tried to keep out of the media spotlight. No one in their right mind could possibly think that Lisa or her husband Hank had any direct or indirect hand in Haleigh Cummings disappearance. That of course has not prevented them from coming under the media microscope. While they may not be contenders for the parents of the year award they do care deeply about their children. That is clear from the hours of jail tapes that I have watched. Their major crime is guilt by association.
Lisa Croslin was released from jail on Tuesday, she had no money, no place to go, and no street clothes. No one even bothered to tell Hank Croslin about her release until a good Samaritan visited him on Wednesday. That same good Samaritan lent Lisa some clothes, and helped her find a place to stay. The location is not being broadcast, but it is a safe environment.
I put a proposal to Lisa, I would send a list of questions in writing, and if she would answer them, I would publish both the questions and answers in their entirety, no spin!
Q – Lisa thanks for talking to us. As I understand it, you are now out of jail. I am sure that the press vultures are hovering around, and you are wanting to avoid them, so without sharing any details, what are your plans now?
ANSWER: I would really like to go back to school. I want to stay off the drugs. My new friend has me going to church, looking for work and volunteering at the church food bank on Tuesdays.
Q – Do you think that the drug world is behind you?
ANSWER: Yes, I do. Thirty days in jail was a reality check. I know that with the good Lord and my supportive friends, I can do anything,.
Q - There is little doubt that drugs are a big problem in the world today. Do you think that the Croslins were unfairly targeted because of the Haleigh case?
ANSWER: Yes, I really do. Nancy Grace opens her mouth before she gets evidence and continually drags us to the ground.
Q – A few days ago my wife Jan showed me a shocking article about a cold blooded killing in Florida, The killer received a 15 year sentence. Tommy got the same sentence for a bottle of pills. I am a believer in that is you break the law then you should pay the price. But equating murder to a bottle of pills seems ridiculous. Should the laws be rethought?
ANSWER: Yes, they really should. Taking a life should result in death row. A bottle of pills isn’t equal to murder.
Q – You are out on probation, will you be able to visit Hank now? How about Tommy and Misty?
ANSWER: I cannot visit Hank yet because I don’t have a picture id. My daughter-in-law, Chelsae came down while I was in jail and got my car and everything I had, even my purse. My SS card, drivers license, birth certificate and everything is with her. I came out of the jail in borrowed clothes. She even had the clothes I was arrested in. I can’t visit Tommy or Misty because I can’t leave the county until my fines are paid.
Q – I heard a rumor that Tommy and Misty can not currently even send letters to each other. Is this true?
Following yesterdays article BNN received several emails from people wanting to help Lisa Croslin. She does not need a hand out, she needs a hand up. She needs some good counselling, and a job, she also needs to be far away from the drug scene.
I am sure that there are people that will read this article and say “what a pointless interview, there is nothing new”. If you say that, then you need to take a deep breath and think. Most of us live in relative luxury, we have our computers, TV’s, food in the refrigerator, and even though life is hard, a roof over our heads.
I spent a number of years working with the homeless, people who have nothing but what they can carry. It is heartbreaking, and alas it is all too common today.
Lisa can not visit her husband Hank, or her children Misty and Tommy. She wants to go straight, to get away from the drug scene, but with her world in collapse can she succeed? Or to put this question another way, if you were in her position could you go straight?
Lisa’s answer to my final question was somewhat shorter than I had hoped for. I am being told by other sources that the reason Misty and Tommy cannot exchange letters is once again due to an identification issue. For reasons beyond sanity, Misty must produce a birth certificate as proof of identification! Do the jail authorities think that she is not Misty Croslin? My mind boggles!
Simon and Jan Barrett
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PostSubject: Attorney Blames Cousin Joe   Fri Aug 20, 2010 5:21 pm

Friday, August 20, 2010

Attorney Blames Cousin Joe

Misty and Tommy Croslin have both failed polygraphs; yet their attorneys want the public to believe that they were victims themselves, of cousin, Joe Overstreet.

However, there are things within their lies which are likely going to add up to reliable account. The news story follows, with quotes in italics, with statement analysis (and commentary) in bold type.

Attorney: Croslin's Cousin Killed Haleigh
Hank Croslin, Misty Cummings' Attorneys' Accounts Coincide

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. -- The attorney for Hank Croslin Jr. said Thursday that his client told him Joe Overstreet, Croslin's cousin, killed Haleigh Cummings in a Satsuma mobile home in February 2009 because he couldn't find the machine gun he came looking for.

"He took the body down to the dock and then he came back without the body, so there you have it," Croslin's attorney, James Werter, said. "At the dock that night, Joe Overstreet put Haleigh in the (St. Johns) (R)iver."

The attorney for Tommy Croslin places Tommy at the crime scene, and in the van on the way to the water, where Haleigh would be dumped.

Werters' statements corroborate what Misty Cummings' attorney, Robert Fields, said Tuesday. He said Misty Cummings, Haleigh's former stepmother, told investigators that her cousin, Overstreet, put Haleigh in a black bag and took her away. He said Haleigh was a "substitute" for the gun.

Note the article uses the word "corroborate". Did it take from February of 2009 until August 2010 for Tommy and Misty Croslin to get their accounts to match?

Joe Overstreet has said he does not know what happened to Haleigh Cummings. Hank Croslin Jr.'s attorney said his client claims Overstreet killed Haleigh and dumped her body in the St. Johns River.

Werter said Croslin rode in a van to a dock with Overstreet as Haleigh's lifeless body lay in the back seat.

"Haleigh was quiet, limp and not moving, like she was sleeping," Werter said.

This description suggests that Haleigh was still alive when she was dumped into the water.

Werter said Overstreet threatened to kill Croslin, which is why he went along with the plan.

"(Croslin) stayed in the vehicle in the passenger seat. He didn't drive. He didn't help in any sort of fashion," Werter said. "Joe was ordering him around, 'Come on. Let's go. Come on. Do this.'"

Since Croslin didn't drive, and stayed in the passenger seat, and did not help in "any sort of fashion" what orders did Joe give him? And if Joe did coerced Croslin into assisting by using a gun, what were the consequences for not helping "in any sort of fashion"? If the gun was only a bluff, why did Tommy Croslin even get into the passenger seat in the first place?

Tommy Croslin failed polygraphs, as did Misty, for good reason.

Werter said Putnam County investigators threatened Croslin with accessory to murder charges, which is why Werter will no longer allow Croslin to talk to tell his account. Werter said he wants immunity for his client.

This would indicate a need for immunity. Tommy Croslin was given 15 years for drug dealing. What Tommy Croslin did to Haleigh was something that made 15 years in prison seem inviting.

"My advice to him is that he does not talk because they keep threatening him with felony murder charges, which are unfounded and unwarranted," Werter said.

"keep threatening" present tense. This raises some questions as to why no plea deal was made, if true.
Note the charges of felony murder are "unfounded" and "unwarranted", but no mention is made of them being "untrue".

Lying is stressful and is avoided directly, when it can be.

"So how can I let him talk in that situation. How can I let him say he even held a door open for Joe as he carried out the body. That would make him, technically speaking, an accessory after the fact. I can't let him talk with even that stupid little threat."

Notice this is in the form of a question. In statement analysis, we view the words chosen, even when they are formed in a question, or in a statement.

The scenario set up by the attorney would make Croslin an accessory. This same attorney who asks "how" he can let Croslin talk is, reportedly, the one who did have him talk to police and take a polygraph. That didn't work out as the attorney may have wanted it to.

What is most concerning about the statement, however, is the wording used: "that stupid little threat".

By ridiculing an allegation of felony murder or even an allegation of accessory by calling it a "stupid" "little", the attorney is showing high sensitivity to the threat; even though it is not even a formal charge.

This belies the attempted confidence by the attorney. He is the one who allowed Croslin to talk. It is likely something he wishes he hadn't done, but ridiculing the serious, life changing allegation, shows how personally sensitive to the attorney the topic is.

An attorney can always stand behind, "this is what my client told me" when it is disproved. However, when an attorney presents a theory that he wishes to be believed, his own language (and body language) tell us whether he himself, believes the client's account or not.

This is from The Bald Truth's report:

Overstreet denies any involvement, but Croslin’s lawyer, James Werter, said that’s what his client told law enforcement in April. “He didn’t actually see it,” Werter told The Bald Truth Thursday night, “but that’s what he speculated happened,” based on being there and riding to the river with Overstreet.

In an open statement, a subject tells us what they saw, heard, and did. When a subject tells us what they didn't see, or what didn't happen, you may indicate for deception at this point.

It is vague and difficult to digest that Tommy was there, but "didn't see it". See what? Hear what? Was he under the covers with Misty? The attorney is an intelligent man and he faces a daunting challenge, but comments like these do not reflect well for him, and only cause the public to ask more questions. He "speculated" on it, based on being there?

Note also that Tommy didn't "actually" see it; not Tommy "didn't see it". Actually is a word used to compare two thoughts. We would need to ask the attorney what the comparison is in reference to. This sensitivity (use of "actually" where nothing appears to be set up for a comparison is an indicator of deception. Did Tommy Croslin tell his attorney, "I didn't actually see it"? I would not be surprised. Repeating it, however, should be thought out first, as there are many passionate about justice for Haleigh, who are listening for any clue as to what actually happened to Haleigh, rather than what has been said to have happened (note the use of "actually")

He said Overstreet was bossing around his very stoned client, high on Xanax, and because “he held the door for Joe, police threatened him with accessory to murder charges” if he didn’t reveal more information.

Or, was it that he did not help in any fashion? Note also the excuse building: "very stoned" client. We don't know if these are the attorney's own description or Harris'. ?

Werter believes Tommy might have coughed up other details had that threat not been made–and prosecutors offered his client immunity. But no deal was on the table, so he ordered his client to be silent unless he was present for interviews.

Note: Tommy might have given more detail if prosecutors had offered immunity.

The Bald Truth has reported Croslin rode in the van with Haleigh’s body, and Overstreet driving only after cousin Joe threatened to kill him and his whole family, including wife and children, Misty and even his grandmother, Flora Hollars. That’s the only reason he went along, said Werter, who denied Croslin helped the alleged killer in any way, except to hold the door open.

Werter said Putnam County investigators taunted Croslin he’d get convicted of accessory to murder charges, and get strapped down for a lethal injection if he didn’t reveal more. That’s why he ordered him silent.

My advice to him is, ‘Don’t talk,’” Werter told News4Jax Alexis Weed. “They’re threatening felony murder charges. How can I let him talk if he says he held the door open for Joe when they carried Haleigh’s body out of the house. I can’t make him an accessory after the facts of these little threats.”

Note: "they" plural, as to carrying the body.

Did the attorney just slip out that Tommy Croslin helped carry the body?

Werter told me he believed prosecutors could have gotten more details from Croslin had he been offered immunity, as requested. But no deal was on the table.

It is not just that there was no deal on the table. The offer was denied. Clarity.

One source tells me, however, he may still have a chance to cough up more before he goes off to prison to begin serving 15 years on a recent drug trafficking conviction and argue he’s provided substantial cooperation.

Tommy Croslin lied repeatedly and failed the polygraph. It took him and his sister 1 1/2 years to get their stories to match. If anyone whispers, "maybe prosecutors will still cut him a deal" does that make the whisperer a "source"?

Even when journalists conceal sources, it is sometimes done with some description in order to buttress credibility.

Is this the same source that reported Halieghs bones were found?

Tommy Croslin was given opportunities to tell all that he knew, but what he did to Haleigh Cummings was so horrific that 15 years in prison, during the most productive years of a young man's life, was preferable than facing the consequences if he revealed what happened.

As more lies come out, note the wording used; as it will continue to build a portrait of what happened to Haleigh Cummings on that fateful night.

Rope, brick, bag, van, water, blanket, are all significant.

It is also to be noted that law enforcement has not commented on any possible involvement by Joe Overstreet, but has been vocal about Misty holding the answers.

Tommy Croslin and Misty Croslin are both placed at the scene. Police have not as of yet stated that they believe Joe Overstreet was at the scene, or has been involved.

There have been no indication from prosecution that any deal is on the table for Misty or Tommy Croslin.

What kind of deal is being negotiated with Ronald Cummings?

Posted by Seamus O Riley at 10:18 AM

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PostSubject: Charges dropped against Lisa Croslin   Sat Aug 21, 2010 1:12 am

Charges dropped against Lisa Croslin

Last Update: 7:30 pm

PUTNAM COUNTY, Fla. -- The State Attorney's Office has dropped the drug charges against Lisa Croslin, Misty Cummings' mother.

Action News has learned the charges were dropped because of lack of evidence.

Last month, Croslin was arrested allegedly trying to buy cocaine.

She was put in jail with a $5,000 bond.

Lisa Croslin's daughter, Misty Cummings, is one of the last people to have seen Haleigh Cummings before she disappeared in February of 2009. This week, Misty's attorney said she did see what happened to Haleigh the night she vanished from her home in Satsuma. According to her attorney, Misty heard Haleigh being attacked by her cousin, Joe Overstreet. No one has been arrested in connection to Haleigh's disappearance.
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PostSubject: Exclusive: Misty Croslin - "I Would Have Shot Joe!" Watch The Bald Truth on JMV and NG Tonight!   Sat Aug 21, 2010 1:37 am

Exclusive: Misty Croslin–”I Would Have Shot Joe!” Watch The Bald Truth On JVM and NG Tonight!

NYT best-selling author Nancy Grace with journalist Art Harris on HLN set
By Art Harris, The Bald Truth, ©, all rights reserved
The Bald Truth has learned Misty Croslin usually slept with a gun under her pillow for protection inside the trailer she shared with Ronald Cummings and his two children while he worked nights outside Satsuma, Florida.
But on Feb. 9, 2009, the day after she returned from a three day party binge, she claims it wasn’t there when Tennessee cousin Joe Overstreet barged in to steal her boyfriend’s prized machine gun, then snatched Haleigh instead.
“She said, ‘I would have shot Joe if I’d had the gun,’” Flora Hollars, her grandmother, tells The Bald Truth exlusively. Misty Cummings lawyer Robert Fields, also confirms she told him she slept with a gun Ronald Cummings gave her –just in case there were intruders.
But Cummings had taken his guns out of the house, she said, including a vintage World War II machine gun, a weapon he never registered with the ATF as required for automatic weapons, sources tell me.
He kept the machine gun in the bedroom closet, but that was gone, too, says Misty Croslin, when cousin Joe came calling Feb. 9, 2010 with stealing on his mind. “But Tommy wasn’t there to steal it, he just wanted to use it to go shoot some deer at night,” says James Werter, his attorney. That’s called “poaching,” among the favorite illegal sports in rural Putnam County.
In fact, deer blood was found in the van the boys were driving that night when it was taken in for forensic testing, sources close to the case tell me, but not Haleigh’s blood, even though Tommy Croslin claims Joe laid her out in the back seat, where he assumed she was dead because she wasn’t breathing, says Werter.
Then, Croslin says Overstreet drove them to the St. John’s River, as Croslin told police in April, when he also claimed no role in the body disposal, that he sat in the van, high on Xanax, and watched Joe Overstreet, take the five year old’s body down to the end of the dock. He didn’t see him toss it, or a splash, he says, but Overstreet came back empty-handed. Tommy Croslin also believes Haleigh was strangled in the house before they left.
Why didn’t Tommy or Misty do anything to stop him? That’s the big question. Fear, intimidation. That’s what they say Joe Overstreet inspired, threatening to kill them and their families if they breathed a word, that despite his pipsqueak size and demeanor, he’s a pint-sized piece of rage on wheels.
But Ronald had put him down a week earlier, humiliated him in front of family, accusing him of stealing a handgun, Hank Croslin, Sr. told me. “I had to keep them apart,” he said. He said Overstreet vowed to get even, and that Cummings sloughed it off after he found the gun where he claims Overstreet hid it, in a drainage pipe that rans under the Croslin’s former driveway.
Investigators have interviewed Overstreet, who remains free, and maintains his innocence in the missing child case. He says he’s the Croslin family scapegoat, blamed to cover up the guilt of others.
Like Ronald Cummings, he also had a thing for guns, and his My Space page featured a shot of a smirking Overstreet aiming a handgun. As for Cummings, we’ve learned he often shoved what looked like a Beretta in his wasteband, and kept an M 16 in a closet–the same gun the Texas Equusearch director reported Ronald put in his mouth and threatened to pull the trigger on one visit to his house. And three ex live-ins tell The Bald Truth when he was high and acting crazy, angry or depressed, often hurling curses and threats…he liked to make a point by putting a gun barrel in his mouth and playing Ronald Roulette.
But why would he take away the gun he gave Misty? That Sunday night before Haleigh vanished, they’d been up all night talking. Misty was back from her three day weekend adventure with a girlfriend and Greg Paige, aka White Boy Greg, a light-skinned African American (first interviewed on The Bald Truth) who sources tell us passed a police polygraph. Misty galpal Nay Nay Prevatt told us Misty was angry Cummings had roughed her up, rolled her into a little ball and booted her out four days earlier, but they’d made up.
Why would he take her back? “I just love her,” he told me over dinner at MeMa’s in Palatka at the time… But there was a Haleigh motive, too. If she left, he’d lose the only person who knew what happened. “You keep your friends close, and your enemies closer,” Cummings told me.
So, was hed rightfully paranoid Misty might misuse his gun, maybe steal it and sell it for drug money—or use it on him? When Overstreet was in town, he’d accused him of stealing a handgun a week before Haleigh vanished, but found it. Over beer at his trailer, he’d also showed Tommy and Joe his WWII machine gun.
Misty’s lawyer tells me that’s why he believes Joe needed a bag Misty claims she saw him use to put Haleigh in.
“If he came looking for a machine gun, wouldn’t he need something to carry it out in, concealed, like a black bag?” Robert Fields asked in an exclusive interview with The Bald Truth.
After Joe exploded when he couldn’t find the gun, Misty claims he groped her sexually, manhandled her, and threatened to kill her. With no handgun, and paralyzed with fear, she claims she dove under the covers with Jr, frightened after she says Joe threatened to kill her with a black handled knife, as her lawyer says she told police in January.
From where she says she was hiding, Misty has told investigators she heard Haleigh scream, then a house door slam, then a car door that sounded like the mini van her brother drove. Only Overstreet was driving that night, said Tommy, and headed for the St. John’s River, with a child’s body on the backseat, then took her to the edge of a dock.
Tommy believes she was dead by then, telling his lawyer that he believes Overstreet strangled her at the trailer.
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PostSubject: Will jail time unlock secrets to Haleigh?   Sat Aug 21, 2010 10:37 am

Will jail time unlock secrets to Haleigh?

By Cindy Swirko
Staff writer

Published: Saturday, August 21, 2010 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Friday, August 20, 2010 at 11:02 p.m.

Soon, most of the key figures in the February 2009 disappearance of Haleigh Cummings will be in prison doing time on unrelated drug convictions.

Locked away with them will be whatever secrets they still might hold that could solve the case.

But legal experts say unraveling the mystery could hinge on classic legal tactics in which key figures already in prison feed investigators more information in the hopes that a judge might be willing to lighten their sentence.

After authorities in January arrested Misty Croslin and her brother Hank "Tommy" Croslin Jr. on drug charges, the two gave a new version of how Haleigh, then age 5, vanished from her Satsuma home.

But still, no arrests have been made in the girl's disappearance, and Haleigh has never been found.

Investigators with the Putnam County Sheriff's Office have declined to discuss the evidence they have gathered and whether they have been able to connect any suspects to the crime.

They also have declined to say whether they believe the Croslins, given the way their stories have changed over the past 18 months.

Now, the hope of Haleigh's family is that if the Croslins have anything more to say, stewing in prison could bring it out.

"They just need to say what they know," Haleigh's mother, Crystal Sheffield, said Friday. "I just want my baby back."

Attorneys for the Croslins this week related what their clients told authorities about events the night Haleigh disappeared.

Misty and Tommy Croslin contend a cousin, Joe Overstreet, came to the Cummings home to steal a gun. The gun wasn't there, so he attacked Haleigh and took her from the home, attorneys said.

Overstreet then drove in a van with Tommy Croslin to a nearby boat ramp, and Overstreet threw her in the St. Johns River, attorneys said.

The Croslins did not tell authorities earlier, the attorneys contended, because they were afraid of Overstreet.

A three-day search of the river in April between Satsuma and Welaka failed to turn up remains of Haleigh. Putnam County Sheriff Jeff Hardy said then that authorities believe Haleigh is dead.

Overstreet is from Tennessee and is jailed there on drug charges. He has previously denied involvement in Haleigh's disappearance, and his attorney has not returned messages left last week.

Putnam County authorities have interviewed Overstreet. They have declined to discuss the matter.

The tactics used by the Croslins' attorneys are not unusual, said University of Florida law professor Bob Dekle, a former defense attorney and prosecutor.

It is not uncommon for defense attorneys to use information a client might have as leverage to get a lesser sentence, Dekle said.

The information has to prove valuable for the gambit to work, Dekle added.

It is also fairly common for people involved in a case to implicate someone else in a crime, Dekle said.

"As a prosecutor, whenever someone comes to you with that sort of an offer of information, you have to be extremely skeptical of the information and you have to have a way of satisfying yourself that the information is good information and not something that somebody made up just to get out of trouble," Dekle said. "Some people take their secrets to the grave. Some people, when those cold steel doors close behind them, start singing like a magpie."

Haleigh's father, Ronald Cummings, pleaded guilty Friday morning to three counts of trafficking in hydrocodone. His attorney says he hopes his client is sentenced to no more than 15 years in prison.

Ronald Cummings and other family members say they are skeptical someone would take a child because a gun was not there to steal. They also say the Croslins are still holding back information.

Cummings' attorney, Terry Shoemaker, said Friday that Cummings had met Overstreet several times but that they were not friends.

"(Ronald) is a little skeptical about the gun-to-Haleigh theory. It's hard to believe. I think he has a feeling there is still more to come out," Shoemaker said. "He didn't know (Overstreet) very well. They didn't get along. He never said he didn't like him, but they just didn't hit it off."

Haleigh was reported missing from her home about 3:30 a.m. Feb. 9, 2009. Ronald Cummings was at work while Misty Croslin, then Cummings' girlfriend, was at home with Haleigh and Ronald Cummings Jr.

Misty Croslin initially told investigators she woke up around 3 a.m. to go to the bathroom and found that Haleigh was gone.

Homes and heavily wooded areas along the nearby St. Johns River were searched for days.

In January, the Croslins, Cummings, Cummings' cousin and a friend of Misty Croslin were arrested after a series of drug buys in an undercover operation. They were charged with varying counts of trafficking prescription narcotics.

Tommy Croslin recently was sentenced to 15 years in prison for drug trafficking and possession. Misty Croslin has pleaded no contest to multiple charges of trafficking and awaits sentencing.

Even if they were to provide more information, evidence can be problematic in cases that involve family members, Dekle said.

If, for instance, Haleigh's hair was found in the van, it could be argued that it came from previous rides in the van.

Or if Overstreet's fingerprints were found in the home, they could have been left on previous visits.

"These all-in-the-family situations are very, very difficult for that very reason," Dekle said. "The ... crime scene is going to have both the victim's and the suspect's fingerprints and DNA and hair and whatnot all over the place."

Once sentenced and in prison, defendants still can receive a break should they provide crucial information. It would involve finding a judge who is willing to reopen the case so a new plea could be negotiated that would bring a reduced sentence.

Shoemaker has some hope that could happen.

"I think there is a better chance of them coming forward after they've sat in prison for a time," he said. "Once reality sets in and they say, oh boy, 15 years is a long time and 25 years is a long time, I think that will be a great motivator to try to rehash their plea agreement."

Contact Cindy Swirko at 374-5024 or
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PostSubject: Ron Cummings pleads Guilty   Sat Aug 21, 2010 6:09 pm

Ronald Cummings pleads guilty

By Kristin Chambers

Published: Saturday, August 21, 2010 1:03 AM EDT
Ronald Cummings, father of Haleigh Cummings, pleaded guilty Friday to three of five drug trafficking charges he faces in exchange for his testimony and cooperation involving the case of his missing daughter.

He has also agreed to provide the state with "substantial assistance" in the drug case, which led to his arrest along with four others last January following a month-long undercover narcotics bust.

"I don't think there is anything else he could give them," defense attorney Terry Shoemaker said.

"We have met with them numerous times and answered all their questions, but you never know," Shoemaker said. "If there ever was a trial in Haleigh's disappearance then they could ask him to come back and testify for that."

Walking into the courtroom, Cummings smiled as he glanced at his family sitting in the front row.

His mother, Teresa Neves, wiped her eyes as he pleaded to the three charges, which will give him a minimum mandatory of 15 years.

The charges stem from three transactions in which he sold 39.7 grams of hydrocodone worth $465 to undercover officers.

Circuit Judge Terry LaRue set Cummings' sentencing for Sept. 24.

Others arrested in the undercover operation include his cousin, Hope Sykes, 18; his ex-wife, Misty Croslin, 18; and her brother, Hank Croslin Jr, 24.

Videos secretly recorded during the transactions serve as the state's key evidence.

"It's not like there is a lot they could argue or fight in trial, so the evidence against them is what made everybody plea," Shoemaker said.

Misty Croslin was the last person to see Haleigh before the 5-year-old disappeared the night of Feb. 10, 2009.

Cummings was working a night shift at PDM Bridge in Palatka when Croslin reported Haleigh missing to police at 3:27 a.m.

Croslin married and later divorced Cummings, and was later caught on camera dealing drugs with him after they split.

She has also been called "the key to the investigation" several times by law enforcement due to her inconsistence accounts of what happened that night.

No suspects have been named in the case.

On Monday, accusations from Misty Croslin's attorney came out that her Tennessee cousin, Joe Overstreet, took Haleigh when he couldn't find a gun that belonged to Cummings.

Croslin's attorney, Robert Fields, said Croslin fought with Overstreet at the Satsuma trailer and then hid under the covers as she heard Haleigh struggle before the 5-year-old was stashed in a black bag and taken away in a van.

Fields said Croslin Jr. gave investigators a similar story to investigators last spring, which triggered a three-day search of the St. Johns River near the Shell Harbour boat ramp.

Nothing was found.

Shoemaker said his client is skeptical of the story.

"Ronald has a hard time understanding why someone would go to steal a gun and steal a child instead," Shoemaker said. "I think he has a feeling that there's still more that needs to come out."

When asked about Cummings' relationship with Overstreet, Shoemaker said the two did not get along.

"He said it was just one of those where he didn't know him but didn't have good feelings about him," Shoemaker said.

Overstreet was arrested in Tennessee on drug charges last week.

Authorities have questioned Overstreet on several occasions following Haleigh's disappearance. His attorney said Overstreet had no role in the disappearance.

Crystal Sheffield, Haleigh's mother, was also present at Friday's court hearing, and said afterward that it's time that someone talks.

"I don't care if they are in prison or not, they just need to tell what happened," Sheffield said. "The truth needs to come out so my baby can come home."

Putnam County authorities said what began as a child abduction case is now a homicide investigation, but several of Haleigh's family members insist they believe the child is alive.

Both Ronald Cummings and Crystal Sheffield have been ruled out as suspects, authorities said.
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PostSubject: The Haleigh Cummings Card   Sun Aug 22, 2010 1:16 am

The HaLeigh Cummings card
by Timothy Charles Holmseth
August 21, 2010
On August 20, 2010, a new defense tactic was created in Putnam County, Florida when a father received an advantageous and beneficial plea bargain in exchange for his assistance in the search for his missing daughter.
It’s called “The HaLeigh Cummings Card.”
Ronald Cummings was facing five serious felony drug charges when he bargained with the value of his little’s girl life.
HaLeigh Cummings, who was five years-old when she disappeared, had been missing for 18 months when the abomination occurred in Putnam County, Florida.
JUDGE TERRY J. LARUE signed the agreement that rewarded Ronald Cummings, Satsuma, Florida, for deciding to finally assist law enforcement in the search for his daughter who had been reported missing on February 10, 2009.
Since the child’s suspicious disappearance, rumors ranging from illegal change of custody by family to cold-blooded rape and murder have swirled throughout the national media.
The shocking lack of disregard for the sanctity and value of human life by JUDGE TERRY J. LARUE may have been the result of legal mis-calculations amidst improper activity occurring between attorney(s) and law enforcement behind the scenes.
Mainstream media headlines record a timeline that reveals Cummings’ ultimate fate may have always been known to prosecutors since the time of his arrest for drug trafficking in January of 2010 – possibly before it – leaving the possibility that Cummings is secretly slated to walk free in the end.
On May 14, 2010, WESH Orlando published an article under a headline that read: “Ronald Cummings Considers Plea Deal For Drug Charges.”
“It looks as though Ronald Cummings will need to testify against his ex-wife Misty Croslin. Cummings is considering a plea deal in exchange for his testimony. He would serve 15 years on drug charges and would also need to testify against Misty Croslin's brother, Hank "Tommy" Croslin, regarding drug charge,”
-WESH Orlando
Therefore, as early as May 14, 2010, Ronald Cummings was considering a plea deal. His plea would be in exchange for his testimony against Misty and Tommy Croslin regarding the drug charges they faced.
Two months later Cummings had apparently stopped ‘considering’ a plea deal and negotiations had begun. The negotiations were of a nature that the Court allowed parties another month to work them out. The need for so much time appeared odd because the drug transactions were captured on video leaving any testimony by Cummings insignificant.
On July 20, 2010, WESH Orlando published an article under headline that read “Ronald Cummings' Lawyers Work On Plea Deal.”
“Lawyers moved closer on Tuesday to negotiating a plea deal for the father of missing 5-year-old Haleigh Cummings. Ronald Cummings remains in jail on five drug trafficking charges. The deal would have Cummings plead guilty to three lesser charges. The two more serious charges would be dropped.”
-WESH Orlando
Cummings’ bargaining power in the drug case is considered by prosecutors to be strong enough to have the two most serious charges dropped. His negotiating power is supposed to be testimony he can provide against Misty and Tommy Croslin on drug charges they are facing.
That was apparently a cover.
On August 6, 2010, Hank ‘Tommy’ Croslin Jr. was sentenced to 15 years in prison for drug trafficking. Tommy Croslin had accepted a plea deal to the charges against him and no testimony from Ronald Cummings was required, needed, or used.
Ten days later on August 16, 2010, his sister, Misty Croslin, pled no contest to the drug charges she was facing. No testimony by Cummings was required, needed, or used.
The plea deals in the cases against the Croslin siblings rendered any limited testimony that Ronald Cummings may have had, completely obsolete. Because the drug charges were supported by video evidence, what evidence Ronal Cumming could have provided had always been unknown.
Four days later on August 20, 2010, although no testimony by Ronald Cummings against the Croslin siblings was needed or used, the benefits associated with the deal he had been negotiating months did not change whatsoever.
On August 20, 2010, New4Jax reported: “The father of missing girl Haleigh Cummings pleaded guilty Friday morning to three of five drug trafficking charges against him in exchange for him agreeing to testify in any future criminal trial involving the disappearance of his daughter,” News4Jax reported.
The plea bargain signed by JUDGE TERRY J. LARUE was seen as a morally violent attack on the value of children and the sanctity of life in the United States.
JUDGE TERRY J. LARUE agreed to allow the prosecution to dismiss the two most serious charges against the father of a missing child in exchange for nothing more than the father’s assurance that he would assist law enforcement “in developing a timeline leading up to Haleigh's disappearance.”
Since the moment Ronald Cummings’ daughter was reported missing, he has maintained he was at work and was innocent in all affairs.
In August, 2009, the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office officially cleared Cummings.
In August of 2010, with nothing to offer the prosecution, Cummings was inexplicably rewarded for suddenly agreeing to help law enforcement develop a timeline.
Cummings’ attorney, Terry Shoemaker, attempted to provide justification for the Court’s acceptance of a plea deal for rewarding a father’s new-found willingness to help law enforcement. “Ronald Cummings' attorney said that if Haleigh's body is never found, but police are able to make an arrest, testimony may be basis of a criminal prosecution. He said Ronald Cummings' relationships with each party is important in developing a timeline leading up to Haleigh's disappearance,” reported News4Jax.
This statement by Shoemaker declares that Ronald Cummings may know something about his daughter’s disappearance that he has not told authorities, and he has been secretly bargaining with it.
"If there ever was a trial in Haleigh's disappearance, they could ask him to come back and testify on the State's behalf," Shoemaker told News4Jax, explaining Cummings’ value.
On July 20, 2010 OCALA reported comments from Shoemaker: "Ronald's always been very forthright and talked to law enforcement every opportunity that he's had, when they've given him questions or had anything they wanted to talk to him about, and he continues to do that," Attorney Shoemaker said.
Investigative Author Timothy Charles Holmseth interviewed the missing child’s mother’s attorney, Kim Picazio, very early in the case. Picazio said she had open lines of communication with the lead investigator on the Haleigh Task Force, Detective Peggy Cone.
According to Attorney Picazio, Ronald Cummings was refusing to sit down with law enforcement. “Law enforcement can’t get Ronald in for another interrogation. Did you know that? I talked to [Lead Investigator] Peggy [Cone] the other day. She said ‘we can’t even get him in,’” Picazio said.
Picazio said Detective Cone told her they were trying very hard to get Cummings to come in and answer some questions but he would not. “We can’t get him in. He’s not coming in,” she said, paraphrasing her conversation with the lead detective.
“If my child was missing I’d be sitting at the cop station if they wanted me to – I’d sleep there,” Picazio said.
HaLeigh’s family also described Cummings as indifferent. “The only time I ever seen Ronald hunt was when [Texas] Equusearch was here and he was on the back of a horse for the cameras - that’s about all it was for,” said Johnny Sheffield, HaLeigh’s grandfather.
HaLeigh’s grandmother, Marie Griffis, expressed concern about Ronald Cummings’ relationship wit the legal community in Putnam County, Florida. “There are also people that claim HaLeigh's dad has a wealth of that info on PCSO and that is what is keeping this case at a stand still and I would tend to believe that,” she said.
Griffis said there is corruption in Putnam County, Florida and asked Holmseth to help her. “I would like too know what, or if, you have anything about [Chief of Homicide] John Merchant, because he is one of the ones Ronald has info on along with Ronald's family,” she said.
"I know that Merchant is a longtime family friend with the Cummings/Neves/Sykes clan and there are rumors all over South Putnam about it and that this is where the cover ups stem from," Griffis continued.
Griffis expressed great concern.
"For the record I believe if Miller would have been left on HaLeigh's case she may have been found. That was another odd thing -why did they moved him, they said they promoted him but IMO they demoted him giving him a higher rank and putting him back on the road, but they left Merchant and then brought in Cone as lead detective. Nothing is right in Putnam Co. Mr. Holmseth about the you are very right," she said.

Picazio told Holmseth that Putnam County Law Enforcement and Florida Department of Children and Families officials had extremely incriminating information about Ronald Cummings that she was asked to be quiet about.
“The FBI or someone else needs to go in and take this case over,” Griffis said.

In Re: HaLeigh Cummings
Questions? Contact


Here's another one making BLOOD money off a missing and possibly a murdered child.....
He's even advertising it.......
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PostSubject: Haleigh Cummings: Spreading a Lie On TV   Sun Aug 22, 2010 9:21 am

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Haleigh Cummings: Spreading a Lie On TV

On television, a journalist and an attorney both reported (and affirmed) the theory that Misty and Tommy Croslin weren't responsible for the death of Haleigh Cummings; cousin Joe Overstreet was, and that Tommy was a stoned by-stander, and Misty hid under the covers.

Don't buy it.

The police don't.

Tommy got 15 years for selling pills. He has offered story after story and the prosecution was fed up. Misty also had her chance to make a deal, and she didn't and now faces years in prison.

Why didn't they, the Croslin siblings, come clean in exchange for lighter sentences?

Tommy Croslin preferred 15 years in prison to what he would have gotten had he told the truth. If other prisons learn what he did, he may have a tough time surviving prison life.

When people lie, they often employ specific words that have meaning to them, personally, even when attempting to deceive. The words liars choose are essential in the investigation.

In fact, investigators CRINGE when a "tv" investigator says:

"I know when Misty is lying: her lips are moving!" and he smirks at the camera, pleased with his own cleverness.

Not so.

Investigators know that liars choose language based upon their memory banks and experience and lies have meaning which warrants careful study.

Remember Cindy Anthony's "George and I don't believe Caylee's in the woods, or anything" months before she was found, less than a half a block away from home, in the woods. The statistics said that the body was likely close to the home, and Cindy gave verbal confirmation. (we later learned she sent her private investigator into the same area to search)

Although difficult to discern, the lies are studied. The words of liars are valuable.

It is important to listen to what the Casey Anthonys, Cindy Anthonys, Misty Croslins and Tommy Croslins of this world say: their words may reveal truth, even while they attempt to deceive.

Beginning with Misty Croslin's deceptive 911 call, we have many particular words which gave us indicators worth examining. It is her words which showed us how her 911 call was deceptive.

I don't know what happened to Haleigh Cummings.

However, I do have ideas, based upon not only the profile of those involved, but in the very lies that these people involved have given us.

The 911 call gave us "brick" and "hair" and the accounts that followed gave us yellow rope and most recently, "blanket" and "trade". Misty's purpose in calling was to persuade; not report.

Misty gave us "wash" and "blanket" and later changed to hiding under the blanket. In an open statement, washing, water, covering, blankets, towels, etc, are often linked to sexual assaults. When an investigation into sexual homicide is conducted, for instance, any mentioning of "washing" may indicate the time of sexual assault. It is only an indicator, and not proof, nor evidence, as linguistic indicators are something we follow, especially for further questioning in the interview.

Tommy placed himself at the crime scene, several times, but later changed his account, even as he sought to blame cousin Joe.

His lawyer told a national audience that the reason Tommy and Misty's accounts differed may be due to drugs. The journalist, Art Harris, affirmed this position by adding that Misty's timeline seemed to match.

What likely happened to Haleigh Cummings was so horrific as to make Tommy and Misty Croslin remain silent for a year and a half, in spite of all sorts of pressure and failed polygraphs.

Those here knew she was lying from the beginning.

I think Tommy Croslin sexually assaulted Haleigh Cummings.

I think Misty sold Haleigh to him, for drugs or money.

I think Haleigh was the "substitute" for Misty, who was exhausted from days of binging on sex and drugs and wanted to sleep.

I think Misty drugged Haleigh to make her compliant for Tommy.

I think they were unable to revive her.

I think they worked together, wrapping the body, perhaps in a black bag, tied a cinder block to the body, and dumped her in water; perhaps the St. John's River. If a bag was used, the blanket may have had DNA on it and was disposed of as well. They probably used the van. The wording used in their attempt to blame Joe Overstreet likely offers valid information.

Here, at the Statement Analysis blog, we have already learned the words that often are indicators of sexual abuse, including "washing", "water" and "covering" "blankets" as well as having viewed the indicators of deception and the language of violence.

from prior analysis:


The inclusion of a blanket, towel, or a description of a covering is most often linked with sexual abuse. (LSI research)

"For example, when someone takes a shower, it is presupposed by the reader, that the subject used a towel to dry off. Yet, if it was important enough for the subject to include this in the statement and we must ask "why?". In one case, a subject had denied sexual abuse, but then acknowledged that he had PTSD from being in the Middle East and, psychologically, suffered and in his thoughts, he uses "towel" as a way to "cover" or "protect" himself; which is why it is important enough to enter a statement. This is the exception. The constant is regarding issues of sexual abuse and the need to "cover" which may be "conceal" and not just "protect" (it depends upon who is making the statement and it is an indicator in which the Interviewer then explores the topic with the subject in order to gain information).

This inclusion of "blanket" and "hiding", though not credible in the account by Misty overall, (I don't think Misty hid beneath the blankets) likely crept into Misty's language due to sexual abuse."
(See: Linguistic Indicators)

Study the analysis, and review the entries, beginning with the 911 call. Study the entry of the Geraldo interview.

Tommy Croslin didn't accept a 15 year sentence because he is afraid of Cousin Joe Overstreet.

Misty Croslin has lied, poorly, since the beginning and has only covered one person: Misty Croslin. She only cares about one person in this case.

Misty cares about Misty.
Tommy cares about Tommy.

If they were not both related in crime to this case, either one would have implicated the other within DAYS of the murder of Haleigh Cummings.

Instead, they have now, after 1 1/2 year of failed polygraphs and changing stories, have turned their full attention (they floated this before) to Joe Overstreet, and have an attorney and a journalist attempting to persuade the public that this is true. The police seem as disinterested now as they have been over the past year.

I think that Haleigh was sexually abused by Tommy, set up by Misty, and then died of an overdose. This is why Misty couldn't blame Tommy, and Tommy couldn't blame Misty.

They are both guilty.

OBJECTION: Misty cannot remember due to alcohol/drug blackout.

Answer: Alcohol blackout is real. However, the body would not react to the polygraph on subjects one does not remember. Misty failed ("miserably" and "off the charts") meaning that she had physiological reactions indicating strong guilt over simple questions, such as "what happened to Haleigh?" or "did you cause Haleigh harm?". IF she was in blackout, she would not have recall of which to react to. This is something that, as far as I can tell, has not been addressed on the talk shows each time it is brought up.

My scenario is based upon the language they have employed, and the culture in which they lived. I have heard reports that Tommy and Misty were sexually involved since childhood. They were both hard core drug addicts and drug dealers. They both lied and the lies have been easy to catch.

Neither appears to have a soul.

What is Ronald Cummings involvement? I don't know, but I do think he has known and had Cousin Joe killed Haleigh, he would have killed Cousin Joe.

Ronald has some involvement because Misty and Tommy were able to keep him silent (remember the rat's head?) and it is in the form of "guilty" knowledge where he needed to protect himself. This may indicate that he was gave Haleigh drugs that night to make her sleep for the unwilling babysitter, Misty Croslin.

NOTE: It is not uncommon for addicts to give babies small dosages of drugs to keep them asleep. Babies routinely test positive and are quickly placed in state custody or with relatives. Addicts want to sleep and not be bothered. For many state Child and Family caseworkers, getting a child of addicts tested is routine.

Ronald is deceptive in his interview to Geraldo. Also, I do not buy into the oft-repeated "keep your enemies closer" quote from the Godfather. I think it is more of a "Buzz line" from a journalist than either a fact, or of importance.

Ronald admitted, early on, while on TV, that he was attracted to young girls.

Did Ronald leave work?

Was Ronald involved in sexual abuse of Haleigh, including pimping her out?

We may get some answers soon.

As much as the lying is propagated on TV, we expect more from journalists and those who claim to search for justice.

The latest "Joe did it" likely has elements of truth, perhaps minor details given by the Croslins in attempt to persuade; including Tommy putting his head into his hands while in the van; it could have happened. Most lies contain all sorts of elements of truth.

NOTE; Just because someone speaks from memory, an investigation must verify that the subject is speaking from personal memory, and not something they have been told.

Last night, an attorney and a journalist reported "this what was told to me" but both offered additional information that sought to buttress the theories they reported.

Regarding the murder of Haleigh Cummings, the police have the right people in jail.

But, it is not enough. Perhaps Ronald Cummings will make a deal with prosecutors for less years in prison for substantial information that will bring some justice for Haleigh Cummings.

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PostSubject: Exclusive: Arm Seen Around Haleigh Cummings?   Mon Aug 23, 2010 9:18 am

Exclusive: Arm Seen Around Haleigh Cummings?

Art Harris on Jane Velez Mitchell: Tommy Croslin Account of How Haleigh Died
By Art Harris, The Bald Truth, ©, all rights reserved
With Tommy Croslin claiming his Tennessee cousin strangled Haleigh Cummings in the trailer where she was staying with his sister, Misty, in Satsuma, Florida, we pressed his defense team to explain, what did he see and when did he see it?
The Bald Truth has now learned that Tommy Croslin elaborated he actually saw Joe Overstreet holding five year old Haleigh Cummings “with his arm around her chest” inside the bedroom of the trailer where his sister Misty Croslin was babysitting Feb. 9, 2009.
At that point, he claims Haleigh was wasn’t moving, that she appeared limp as a ragdoll. His lawyer, James Werter, says Croslin came clean with the details in April, when he told investigators he drove to the trailer with Overstreet—who denies any involvement in the missing child —to “borrow” a machine gun Ronald Cummings showed off one night over beer.
Croslin claims it was Overstreet who aimed to steal it; he just wanted to use it to shoot deer at night after catching them frozen in the car headlights, a true Satsuma sportsman.
Now it’s Croslin who could be a deer in the headlights of the tangled web of a missing and presumed murdered five year old his sister was babysitting that night, along with Haleigh’s brother, JR.
“Joe picked up Tommy from his house to borrow the gun to shoot deer at night,” Werter tells The Bald Truth. “He sat on the couch while Joe looked for it.”
When he couldn’t find it because Ronald had taken all the guns out of the house, Misty says “Joe went crazy,” her lawyer told me, pulled out his knife, threatened and sexually groped her, and warned he’d kill her and her family if she told.
She’s also told investigators she heard Haleigh screaming after Joe grabbed her and she dove under the covers and held her little brother tight.
Meanwhile, her brother, Tommy, heard the commotion, says his private investigator, Steve Brown, a former FBI agent, in an exclusive interview with The Bald Truth. That prompted him to get up off the couch in the living room and “look around the corner” into the bedroom.
“That’s when he saw Joe holding Haleigh with his arm around her chest,” Brown told me. “She wasn’t moving then, and she wasn’t moving (later) when he looked over his shoulder after Overstreet put her in the van and she was lying in the back.”
No blood was found in the trailer, says Brown, and Misty heard Haleigh stop screaming before they left the trailer. “That tells me and lead Tommy to believe she was strangled in the trailer,” Brown told The Bald Truth.
According to Werter, any slight conflicts in stories between Misty and Tommy can be accounted for by “the various viewpoints” where each saw the violence unfold.
Friday night, Werter was fuming at remarks by other attorneys claiming he’d admitted his client had perhaps implicated Croslin as an accessory to murder by saying he’d helped Overstreet get rid of the body by holding the door open as he loaded Haleigh into the van. He specifically mentioned Alex Sanchez, a criminal defense lawyer on the Nancy Grace Show. We found that exchange.
ALEX SANCHEZ, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: …Tommy Croslin`s attorney revealing that Tommy Croslin was there and held the door open — he may have helped build a case against his own client!
GRACE: He really did. But the problem is, you can`t ask a client if they take the stand — you cannot ask the defendant about statements their lawyer made to the press.
SANCHEZ: No. No. But the lawyer could be called as a witness against his own client. ‘Did your client tell you that he was there that night and helped escape with the body?’”
“Tommy did not hold the door,” Werter told The Bald Truth later, “and that in no way makes him an accessory after the fact. He was just following orders from Overstreet to get in the van. He’d threatened to kill him and his family. He was afraid of Overstreet…He stayed in the van while Overstreet dumped the body” in the river.
Overstreet denies any wrongdoing and says he’s a convenient scapegoat for the guilty parties. He’s been interviewed by investigators but not arrested or charged in connection with the missing child.
Croslin has told police, according to his lawyer, that he sat in the van, head in hands, high on Xanax, and did not help Overstreet dump the body.
Later, Misty’s lawyer tells me she’s told investigators she was walking with Tommy near the river and asked what happened that night, and he said, ‘Cousin Joe threw Haleigh off the dock.’” Robert Fields told The Bald Truth.
The Bald Truth has also obtained contents of a letter Misty wrote her sister in law, Chelsea Croslin, with similar details.
” We were walking by the boat ramp by our house and I said, “Tommy, did Joe tell you what happened that night to Haleigh?” He said, “Joe threw her in the river.” He didn’t say which one so I thought it was the one by our house. ”
It was that confusion that lead police to bring Misty Croslin down to the docks on the river to see if that was the dock Tommy pointed out to her, The Bald Truth has reported.
In another excerpt from the same letter to Chelsea, Misty writes, “ …I am telling the truth. Tommy is the one that took them to that spot and said that Joe killed her. I said it was Joe from the start but no one would listen to me. But like I always said the truth would come out. No, Haleigh did not OD. I don’t know why people keep saying that. Joe took her. That is what happened. Ya’ll don’t understand what he has done to me. You don’t know how bad I feel.”
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PostSubject: Haleigh Cummings Update - Lisa Croslin Crashes And Burns?   Mon Aug 23, 2010 6:24 pm

Haleigh Cummings Update – Lisa Croslin Crashes And Burns?

Posted on August 23rd, 2010
by Simon Barrett in Op-ed, Society and Culture
Read 1,004 times.

Late last night Jan and I received a phone call. It was a call that while not unexpected, was to say the least not one that I thought would come so soon. As the phone call wound down the inevitable question of when was I going to publish reared its ugly head. My decision was to ‘Sleep on it’. The news had no direct bearing on the search for Haleigh Cummings, a few hours delay on releasing the story would not have any effect on the case.
Last Tuesday Lisa Croslin was released from the Putnam County jail, the ‘Crack’ buying charges had been dropped. She had no possessions, not even any street clothes. A good Samaritan loaned her some clothes. Lisa has no where to go, she has no home, and alas her most of her family all seems to be residing behind bars. Her solution was to return to the same boarding house that she had been living in with her husband Hank before the ‘crack’ incident. It is unclear as to the exact details, however she was told that she could stay there for three days. Maybe the Croslin’s still had a credit on a room?
The next day the good Samaritan found Lisa Croslin a more stable environment. A place where she could be safe, and away from the drug scene. There was a price associated with her stay, it was not money, but rather a zero tolerance policy to alcohol and drugs.
Last nights phone call revealed a number of facts that I found very disturbing. Lisa Croslin was at a local emergency facility, drunk, and higher than a kite on Xanax. She was released at some point overnight.
Her whereabouts at this time are unknown. She is no longer welcome at the shelter that she was staying at because of the zero tolerance policy. She is not at the the boarding house, through someone ‘on the ground’ we have been told that she is not welcome back there either.
While none of this story is likely to come as any big surprise to readers that have been following the Haleigh Cummings case, there are questions that still need to be answered.
The Xanax apparently was prescription rather than bought off the street. Of the 90 tablets obtained a few days ago, only 17 remained in the bottle last night. This is a usage of more than 10 per day! Who was the doctor that could possibly prescribe 90 tablets to an addict?
Where did Lisa Croslin get the money from to buy the drugs? And where did the money for the booze come from?
Lisa herself mentioned two names last night. These names were relayed to Jan and I from the good Samaritan. I was shocked to say the least. As I have been unable to confirm or deny the allegations yet, I will leave the names out at this stage. One I feel was just trying to be another good (if misguided) Samaritan, the other conjures up more sinister journalistic ambitions.
It would be easy to throw Lisa Croslin back in jail, but what does that solve? She doesn’t need punishment, she needs help! If you see her on the street, give her something to eat, help her find a safe place to stay, but DO NOT enable her with money.
I do know that Lisa Croslin does read Jan and my articles on occasion. So Lisa, if you read this, we both are very concerned. Find some help. Find it quickly. You told us that spending 30 days behind bars was an awakening. The next trip might be far longer.
Simon and Jan Barrett
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PostSubject: Ronald Cummings' Involvement   Tue Aug 24, 2010 11:41 pm

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ronald Cummings' Involvment

What is Ronald Cummings' Involvement in the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings?

I'd like to link to an article about Ronald Cummings that I think most will find it interesting, if not provocative.

Ronald Cummings has reason to silence Tommy Croslin, as was seen in the threat of the decapitated rat.

Misty Croslin was considered his "enemy" whom he needed to keep "closer" than his friends (a la The Godfather).

Tommy Croslin is in prison serving 15 years for drugs.

Misty is facing sentencing that could yield as little as 6 years as a youthful offender, or, possibly, a sentence that would effectively mean living the rest of her life in prison. I don't think the judge will grant full status but we will have to wait to see...I think she is looking at a long sentence and may even be viewed as more than just a participant, but perhaps as a "ring leader" based upon viewing the undercover tapes.

Tommy "talked" but he lied; and now some are peddling his lies in order to blame Joe Overstreet. The police don't seem terribly impressed.

Through the haze of lies, we see an emerging picture based upon the words employed by the liars.

Ronald is said to be making some form of a deal in exchange for knocking off some of the charges.

What can he offer to prosecutors in exchange for getting a lighter sentence??

1. Tommy Croslin did something to Haleigh Cummings that made his 15 year sentence preferable to what the consequences would have been had he told the truth.

2. Misty Croslin did not get a deal in exchange for information about Haleigh. Misty's involvement is such that after seeing Hope Sykes get 15 years, and Tommy get 15 years, she won't tell the truth either.

Since we know that Misty is driven by self interest, it is the same conclusion for her that is for Tommy:

Misty did something to Haleigh so horrific that she would prefer a 15 year sentence rather than speak the truth. Misty may be risking a much longer sentence, but in the least, should her attorney successfully argue youthful status for both counties, experts tell us that she would face 6 years. We can also say that Misty would rather spend the next 6 years in prison than tell what she knows about Haleigh.

But what of Ronald Cummings?

What do we know?

1. He is violent and he is violent against women. He speaks the language of domestic violence and has a reputation for violence, including violence against Misty, and a threat of violence against Crystal, as well as reports from the area of violence against prior girlfriends. Guns, threats, and reports are enough to convince me that he is a force to be reckoned with.

2. He is a liar.

Begin with the Geraldo Interview.

He lied about violence, drugs, and parenting.

3. He is a drug user and a drug seller. See his interview with Geraldo.

4. He is sexually attracted to young girls. (see his interview with Nancy Grace where she directly asked him). This doesn't mean he is attracted to pre-pubescent, but it should be explored given the nature of language we find in the case that indicates possible sexual abuse.

5. He has a history of being arrested and a history of child protective services involvement. (he revealed this). Florida Child and Family will not disclose details due to laws of confidentiality. We do know that on the night of Haleigh's disappearance, he had stopped at 3AM to get beer to drink with Misty. This means that there must have been an expectation on his part that his toddler and 5 year old would "sleep in" rather than get up early as children do. He likely had been drugging them, one way or another, as addicts sometimes do; whether it be cold medicine or narcotics; he was going to want his sleep, and we know that Misty had been up on a sex/drug binge for days and wanted to sleep. This is child abuse.

6. Rather than out looking for his missing child, he was idle. He enjoyed local celebrity, but did not return to work nor did he go out on searches, or organize search efforts. He got his tattoos to show off but then returned to the business at hand: selling drugs.

Ronald and Misty complained that they could not go anywhere without being followed, yet were foolish enough to go out to sell drugs and not think they would be caught. Tommy, on tape, complained that they could sell drugs without constraint before this "Haleigh thing".

Ronald called Misty his "enemy" and told media that this is why he married her.

Ronald needed to keep Misty quiet.

Ronald needed to keep Tommy quiet; even under the threat of violence.

What is Ronald Cummings involvement?

Posted by Seamus O Riley at 7:18 AM

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PostSubject: Kim Picazio Outs BNN's Lies About Lisa Croslin   Wed Aug 25, 2010 12:02 am

Kim Picazio Outs BNN’s Lies About Lisa Croslin

August 24, 2010 in John H. Gohde | Tags: Casey Anthony, Tabloid Journalism, Haleigh, Haleigh Cummings, Misty Croslin, Yellow Journalism, Kim Picazio, Misty Cummings, BlogTalkRadio, Simon Barrett, Blog Talk Radio, Putnam County, Florida, BNN, Lisa Croslin, PCSO, Orlando, Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, Satsuma, Chelsea Croslin, Bloggers, Blogs, Press, Blogger News Network, Bogger News Network | by John H. Gohde

Did Simon Barrett give Lisa Croslin money in exchange for answers to his questions?
Have the BNN boys stooped to a new all time low, just to get more hits to their Web site? In an exclusive telephone interview, Kim Picazio vents over the out right lies allegedly told by Simon Barrett about Lisa Croslin. As a person who was down on her luck and who has been trying very hard to get back on her feet, Simon wrongly portrayed Lisa as being “drunk, and higher than a kite on Xanax.”

Lisa Croslin was Roughed Up!

This Blogger last caught up with the BNN boys in Simon Barrett – Stupid is as Stupid Wrote. Simon seems to enjoy using every opportunity available to him to get back at a certain Emmy Award-winning journalist on BNN. Recently, he knocked out a couple of posts about Lisa Croslin that rubbed me the wrong way. And, he definitely has managed to get the attention of at least two other persons who contacted me by email.
In Haleigh Cummings Update – Lisa Croslin Crashes And Burns Simon Barrett wrote:

“Where did Lisa Croslin get the money from to buy the drugs? And where did the money for the booze come from?
Lisa herself mentioned two names last night. … One I feel was just trying to be another good (if misguided) Samaritan, the other conjures up more sinister journalistic ambitions.”
That sounds awfully like a thinly veiled swiped aimed at a certain journalist by Simon Barrett to me. Further Simon asks the specific question:

“Where did Lisa Croslin get the money from to buy the drugs?”
In Haleigh Cummings Case – Lisa Croslin Talks For The First Time Simon asked a series of questions that were allegedly answered by Lisa Croslin. So, I have a question of my own for Simon Barrett to answer.

Did Lisa Croslin answer those questions of yours in exchange for money?
Now that Simon himself has raised the question, it sounds like a definite possibility to me.
I further ask why in the world did this BNN fool feel the need to write about Lisa Croslin, at this point in time? Could it be all about getting more hits to BNN? Or, how about Simon taking yet another underhanded attack at a person that he threw under the bus a long time ago?
Lisa Croslin was NOT drunk or high on Xanax!

Today, I received a couple of emails from some prominent people who have been actively involved in the Haleigh Cummings case all along. One of them was from a well known Florida based attorney, Kim Picazio, who wrote:

“Please give me a call … I am fed slap up. Thank you.”
So, I spent 23 minutes talking with Kim as she heatedly vented about the underhanded tactics of the BNN boys who had taken yet another low-down swipe at one of Kim’s friends. As you may recall, Kim Picazio was the original attorney for Crystal Sheffiel, the biological mother of Haleigh Cummings. Ms. Picazio is more involved in the Haleigh case than most people realize.
According to what Kim told me on the phone, Simon’s snitch or source for his misinformation about Lisa Croslin being “drunk, and higher than a kite on Xanax” was allegedly Harriet Sweet.
What actually happened was that Chelsea Croslin previously had come down from Massachusetts to retrieve all of her mother’s belongings. She must have feared the worst as she took virtually everything back up North with her, including Lisa’s street clothes and ID.
Then quite unexpectedly, Lisa Croslin was released from jail.
Kim Picazio being aware of the situation and concerned about Lisa Croslin’s welfare stepped in with her contacts and money for a phone, clothes, and a few basic living essentials that were bought from a dollar store by Lisa.
Lisa’s probation officer was aware of and approved her prescription for Xanax. Lisa takes only three pills a day.
Kim’s good Samaritan contact managed to put up Lisa in a Christian Women’s homeless shelter. Later that night, a women at the same homeless shelter discovered that Lisa had Xanax on her, jumped her, stole her medication, and roughed her up. The staff at the shelter had to take Lisa Croslin to a medical center out of fear that she might have some broken bones. Lisa was thoroughly examined by a doctor at the emergency center. At no point was Lisa Croslin ever drunk or high on Xanax as erroneously reported by Simon Barrett.
Lisa Croslin was kicked out of the Women’s homeless shelter because they, also, do not allow any prescription medication on the premises. Presumably, at this point, Simon’s snitch called the Barretts and lied about Lisa Croslin being “drunk, and higher than a kite on Xanax”.
Kim Picazio has assured me that Lisa Croslin is presently safely residing at an undisclosed location in Satsuma, Florida. And, that she has subsequently been in contact with both her and Chelsea Croslin by telephone. Lisa wont be able to visit the Putnam County jail until she first obtains a picture ID.
Is it time for a retraction, Simon Barrett?

Truth in journalism is just as much about what you fail to report as it is about what you subtly imply, or outright suggest. Is a retraction of your erroneous Haleigh Cummings Update – Lisa Croslin Crashes And Burns article in order? I most certainly think so!

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PostSubject: Haleigh Cummings - Its Not The Case Its The Spin!   Wed Aug 25, 2010 12:12 am

Haleigh Cummings – Its Not The Case Its The Spin!

Posted on August 24th, 2010
by Simon Barrett in All News, Op-ed
Read 586 times.

If you pick up your average dictionary and look up the word ’spin’ the definitions talk about revolving over an axis. As a kid I had a gyroscope, it was a wonderful toy, it mattered not where you put it, if it was spinning it would stay there. Of course after a while the spinning disc would slow down. This magic toy would eventually fall over. As it lost momentum it also lost the ability to remain upright, it would wobble around, and finally fall to the ground.
In today’s world ’spin’ has an additional definition. It is how you ’spin’ a story. How you can maximize the good, and minimize the bad. There is little doubt in my mind that the finest example of ’spin’ comes from the oil spill in The Gulf Of Mexico. Official ‘Spin’ tells us that 75% of the oil has gone. Scientists claim that 75% is still in the water? Who is right?
The answer is, I don’t know.
The Haleigh Cummings case has become that same gyroscope. In some ways it is amusing. In other ways I am appalled!
The press is just as polarized. Most of us try and remain a neutral stance. We at BNN may not always be right, but we do try our very best to tell the story as it is being told to us by people on the street.
Our flag is that we tell the truth! I have been watching many other situations engineered by the press. A fine example is Nancy Grace and her favorite nephew Art Harris. Nancy faces a very serious court case on November 1, was she responsible for a woman taking her own life as a direct result of an on air interview?
Nancy Grace’s favorite (press) nephew is in even deeper trouble. I have thousands of pages of court documents. But here are just a couple.
AH One
AH Two
The question becomes one of money. Does the Bald Truth report as an independent reporter, or is he a hired gun? What does the term ‘Media Consultant’ mean?
Does this mean that you are independent?
Even Kim Picazio (well known lawyer for the folks with no money) claimed that Art Harris was the Media Consultant for Crystal Sheffield. If he was not, Kim Picazio lied in a court document.
Kim and I do not see eye to eye, there are few people that would argue that point. However she seems bound and determined to reinsert herself into a case that she has no place in.
Who is she representing this time?
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PostSubject: Donna Brock To Be Sentenced Sept 1   Wed Aug 25, 2010 10:23 am

August 25, 2010
Donna Brock To Be Sentenced Sept 1

Donna Brock is scheduled to be sentenced next week, September 1, 2010.

This is a pathetic twist to the case of missing 5 year old Haleigh Cummings.

Donna Brock is 44 years old, and is facing the minimum mandator sentence of 25 years in prison.

to be edited:

I am seeking background information and statements Brock has made. Specifically:

married? children? prior arrests? hx of drug abuse?
reason why she volunteered? prior employment?

Any info that could help us understand Donna Brock and the tragic twist in her life. I am looking to post an article with analysis.

Donna Brock appears with her attorney Michael Hines in front of Circuit Court Judge Wendy Berger at the St. Johns County Courthouse on Tuesday morning. Brock pleaded no contest to dealing between 14 and 28 grams of oxycodone.

A woman who befriended the last person to see HaLeigh Cummings alive in February 2009 is facing at least 15 years in prison after pleading Tuesday to a drug trafficking charge.

Donna Michelle Brock, 44, who was arrested with Misty Croslin in an undercover operation in January, pleaded no contest to dealing between 14 and 28 grams of oxycodone.

The first-degree felony carries a maximum punishment of 30 years in prison. It calls for a minimum mandatory sentence of 15 years and a $100,000 fine.

Brock stood unmoved with little change in expression as Assistant State Attorney Jackie Roys explained the terms of the plea offer.

Brock originally had been charged with trafficking in 28 grams to 30 kilograms of oxycodone. The minimum mandatory on that charge is 25 years and a $500,000 fine.

Defense attorney Michael P. Hines said he hoped to give the judge reasons to go below the minimum mandatory at his client's Sept. 1 sentencing.

St. Johns Circuit Judge Wendy W. Berger said she didn't believe she had the authority to do that but would research it.

She said she at least would be willing to consider anything Hines could offer to make sure the sentence stayed near 15 years.

Brock also agreed to testify truthfully against "any co-defendants" if the prosecution asks her.

That means Croslin, her only co-defendant.

Croslin, 18, is tentatively scheduled to go to trial in August on the same charge Brock originally faced -- trafficking in 28 grams to 30 kilograms of oxycodone.

She also faces another seven trafficking charges in Palatka.

Circuit Judge Terry LaRue in Palatka told her on June 3 that Aug. 16 is her "last-chance plea date" to work out a deal with the state on those charges.

Croslin was Ronald Cummings' live-in girlfriend and was babysitting for HaLeigh Cummings and her younger brother when the little girl disappeared from her father's Satsuma mobile home the night of Feb. 9, 2009.

Croslin and Cummings were married March 12, one month after the child disappeared.

They were divorced in October.

Brock has been identified as a former volunteer with Equusearch Mounted Search and Recovery in Dickinson, Texas, just northwest of Galveston. HaLeigh Cummings' family called on the group shortly after the 5-year-old child's disappearance.

Tim Miller, owner of Equusearch, later became openly critical of Croslin, insisting she knew more than she was telling investigators.

Last October, a driver on Interstate 4 called 911 last October and said the driver of a car Croslin was riding in had threatened her with a handgun as they raced down the roadway.

A Seminole County Sheriff's deputy had the car pull off at the Lake Mary exit.

Croslin and Brock were handcuffed and the car searched. They were released when no weapon was found.

Three others were also arrested during the January sting operation: Ronald Cummings; Croslin's brother, Hank Thomas "Tommy" Croslin Jr.; and Cummings' cousin, Hope A. Sykes.

Sykes was sentenced April 26 to 15 years in prison.

Tommy Croslin pleaded no contest to trafficking and drug possession on June 3. He is scheduled to be sentenced this summer.

Ronald Cummings is negotiating for a 15-year sentence on five trafficking charges in exchange for testimony at any future trial.

His ex-wife is now the only defendant left who has not pled.

Law enforcement officers have repeatedly denied that the trafficking arrests were designed as a way to put pressure on the defendants to talk about the little girl's disappearance.

Posted by Seamus O Riley at 5:08 AM
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PostSubject: No Program - But I Do Have Some Thoughts And Updates   Sun Aug 29, 2010 8:14 pm

No Program – But I Do Have Some Thoughts And Updates

Posted on August 29th, 2010
by Simon Barrett in All News, Op-ed, Society and Culture
Read 109 times.

Jan spoke with Zachary Pittman’s mother Christy Ragas earlier today. There was a search for Zachary on Saturday. Nothing of value in the case was found. Christy is understandably down, but she does have high hopes in the new detective that has been assigned to the case. What must be admired is this woman’s drive to bring this case to a conclusion. She has no illusions about finding her son alive, she merely wants to find a way to close this sad chapter in her life.
Both Jan and I wish that we had heard about Zachary Pittman at the time he disappeared. I doubt that we could have been of direct help, but it is possible that we might have been able to generate interest so that the local press picked up the story and could have created a greater awareness in the local area. What is interesting is that although this happened over a year ago, not all trails have gone cold.
On the Eric Preimesberger case more details are gradually emerging. I know that Jan has been talking to mother Kay Wilson and we have been asked to publish a short article by Kay. We hope to be doing that in the next few days.
In the Haleigh Cummings case the blogosphere was lit up this week by an article that BNN published regarding Lisa Croslin. Sorry folks, but I am sticking to my guns on this one. Let me ask a question? If I was wrong, where is the police report? If I was a top notch lawyer I would want to have an ounce of proof before I went around tossing mud at people. I think I would also be tempted to have my explanation of the events published by the main stream media, rather than play in the comments section of a web site. Of course the answer to this question of where is the police report is simple, from what we have heard there isn’t one!
If you know the right people to talk to you find a very different story to what the high power lawyer is telling. Why were the paramedics and a member of the Police dispatched to the shelter? What was the dispatch message? Did it claim assault or something else? Drugs maybe? Is it possible that a lowly site such as BNN knows this answer and a wazoo lawyer does not?
It will be interesting to watch this sideshow unfold.
Simon Barrett
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PostSubject: Haleigh Cummings - I Have Had Enough   Tue Aug 31, 2010 10:38 pm

Haleigh Cummings – I Have Had Enough

Posted on August 31st, 2010
by Simon Barrett in All News, Op-ed
Read 237 times.

I have given this some considerable thought. When push comes to shove, I really don’t give a damn what is thrown at me, I do however get very concerned when people start picking on my wife. As a result I have decided to stop reporting on the Haleigh Cummings case. It has become such a polarized case that it does not matter what is reported, some idiot will still attack us. If we earned the big bucks that people accuse us of, I might shrug it off. However this case represents no revenue and just a whole lot of aggravation.
I have not discussed this decision with Jan, if she wishes to continue with this case, that is her choice. I am so fed up with the whole nonsense that I cannot even be bothered to write an article about some documents supposedly purporting to a foreclosure involving a $million dollar property that a well known lawyer involved in the case apparently is intimately involved with. It just does not matter. I don’t care where she lives.
The justice system is coming down hard on those that they clearly suspect in the case, while I would be far happier knowing that they were behind bars for murder, I take solace in the fact that at least they are behind bars for something. Lets face it, 15 years is a long time. Many killers do not score 15 years! If they all score this magic number could we agree that justice, in a strange way has been meted out?
I have no doubt that this article will be lauded as a victory to the folks that have not agreed with my coverage. Their victory is a hollow one, it will take a few hours before they realize that they need a new target.
Have fun! There are lots of targets out there!
I care about missing people, they can be adult, or just a toddler. They are still missing. Have fun knowing that you likely have changed a caring person into a cynic.
Simon Barrett
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PostSubject: Jan's Comment regarding Haleigh Cummings Case    Tue Aug 31, 2010 10:52 pm

Jan Barrett said,
in August 31st, 2010 at 8:00 pm

I am not quite sure what to say about this article. I know in our hearts we tried our best to keep Haleigh’s name in the headlines. We care about what happened to Haleigh and you can bet we haven’t covered it for any money like some other money-hungry people have. When we were offered money for help in retrieving tapes we refused to take it because we figured if we can’t do it ourselves then we just can’t.
I love you all that has stood by us in all this mess, and we all know that is exactly what this case has turned into.
I am keeping our forum open and I am going to be leaving a message to everyone in there to read, so if you are a member you can find it there.
Please don’t lose faith in us. I will never give up trying to keep Haleigh’s name out there until she is found one way or another.
God bless you all!
Jan Barrett
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PostSubject: Misty's Friend Gets 15 years In Prison   Wed Sep 01, 2010 5:02 pm

Misty's Friend Gets 15 Years In Prison

Donna Brock Sentenced On Drug Trafficking Charges

POSTED: Wednesday, September 1, 2010
UPDATED: 3:41 pm EDT September 1, 2010

PUTNAM COUNTY, Fla. -- Donna Brock, a friend and co-defendant of Misty Cummings, a central figure in the case of missing 5-year-old Haleigh Cummings, was sentenced Wednesday to a mandatory minimum 15 years in prison for selling prescription drugs.

Police said surveillance video showed Brock involved in the drug trafficking.
Ronald and Misty Cummings and Hank Croslin Jr., Misty's brother, have all entered pleas on similar drug charges unrelated to the Haleigh case. Ronald and Misty Cummings are awaiting sentencing. Croslin was sentenced to 15 years in prison.
Haleigh disappeared from her Satsuma home in February 2009. Investigators said she is likely dead, but no one has been arrested in the case.
Channel 4’s Tarik Minor is learning more about the sentencing. He’ll have complete reports on the local station beginning at 5 p.m.
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PostSubject: Croslin accomplice Donna Brock gets 15 years   Wed Sep 01, 2010 9:58 pm

Croslin accomplice Donna Brock gets 15 years

Updated: Wednesday, 01 Sep 2010, 8:10 PM EDT
Published : Wednesday, 01 Sep 2010, 8:10 PM EDT

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. (WAWS TV) - One of 5 people arrested in a drug trafficking ring involving Ronald Cummings and Misty Croslin was sentenced Wednesday in St. Johns County court.
Donna Brock, a friend of Misty Croslin, told the judge that she only participated in selling the drugs so that she could get Misty to open up to her about the disappearance of 5 year-old Haleigh.
The judge asked her why she didn't just tell police what she was doing and she said she didn't know.
Brock was sentenced to 15 years in jail and $100,000 fine.
Brock, Cummings, Misty and Hank Croslin and Hope Sykes were arrested on charges of drug trafficking in January.

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PostSubject: Woman in Haleigh case gets 15 years   Thu Sep 02, 2010 4:38 pm

Woman in HaLeigh case gets 15 years

Brock befriended Croslin to learn about child's disappearance

Posted: September 2, 2010 - 12:00am

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By Bob Self, Morris News Service
Donna Brock sheds a tear as she recounts her life leading up to being arrested with Misty Cummings after Brock sold her prescription drugs to an undercover officer. Donna Brock was sentenced to a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years in prison on drug trafficking charges Wednesday afternoon at the St. Johns County Courthouse after she was arrested with Misty Cummings selling prescription drugs to an undercover officer.

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By Bob Self, Morris News Service
Donna Brock stands before the judge as she awaited sentencing on drug trafficking charges Wednesday afternoon.

By Dana Treen

A woman arrested with one of the key players in the case of missing HaLeigh Cummings was sentenced to 15 years in prison Wednesday in St. Johns County on one count of trafficking in prescription drugs.
Donna M. Brock, 44, pleaded guilty after selling oxycodone pills to an undercover officer in January at a truck stop off Interstate 95. She was with Misty Croslin, who reported 5-year-old HaLeigh missing in February 2009.
Croslin has pleaded no contest to the same charge and seven other similar counts.
Judge Wendy Berger also fined Brock $100,000. At the hour-long hearing, Brock told the judge how she had searched for other missing children and said she was trying to gain Croslin's trust to learn about HaLeigh's disappearance.
She admitted she gave the drugs to Croslin initially after the 18-year-old had some teeth pulled, but then took part in their illegal sale.
"I ended up giving her my prescription and that was the prescription she sold," she said.
The judge said Brock had opportunities not to sell the pills but didn't.
"You made a choice, and it was a bad choice," Berger said. She said under state guidelines she could not sentence Brock to less that 15 years despite Brock's lack of a criminal record, years of volunteer work and testimony of two people who appealed for leniency.
Brock was arrested with Croslin in January days after an undercover officer bought 155 oxycodone pills from the pair at a St. Johns County truck stop.
The two met the officer about 4:30 a.m. at the Flying J on Florida 206 off Interstate 95.
Brock befriended Croslin early in the search for HaLeigh.
Brock is from North Carolina but rented place in Orlando where she worked on searches with EquuSearch, a Texas volunteer group that conducts missing-person searches. Founder Tim Miller encouraged the friendship to try and learn what Croslin knew about HaLeigh's disappearance. He later lost trust in Brock and cut ties with her.
In early October, when Brock and Croslin were in Seminole County, a woman called police to say two women in a blue Dodge were harassing her and waving a gun. When police pulled the Dodge over to investigate the road rage complaint, Brock and Croslin were inside. They were handcuffed but released when no gun was found.
Croslin still faces sentencing in her cases.

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