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 Joran Van Der Sloot's Insincere Body Language During Courtroom Confession Lands His 28 Years in Prison

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PostSubject: Joran Van Der Sloot's Insincere Body Language During Courtroom Confession Lands His 28 Years in Prison   Sat Jan 14, 2012 11:52 am

Joran Van Der Sloot’s Insincere Body Language During Courtoom Confession Lands His 28 Years In Prison

We see a very different looking Joran Van der slot when he was first arrested and frightened after being arrested for killing Stephanie Flores in Peru and paraded around. Then we saw a wide eyed frightened Joran. Today we see a heavier and more cocky Joran. The cocked head to the side and the tight lipped appearance indicate his insincerity.

His shoulder shrugs as you can see int his photo when he spoke the words Yes I want to plead guilty. I wanted from the first moment to confess sincerely. As he states these words you can see many signals of deception. The statement analysis indicates deception as well based on the words he chose. It is not true that Joran wanted to plead guilty from the first moment to confess.He was adamant from the beginning that he was innocent and then claimed he was coerced into a confession by the Peruvian authorities. Also the word sincerely is also significant as there eis nothing sincere about his confession.

Also the repetition of the word ”wanted” speaks to yet another issue- his seeing himself as a victim in all of this. In essence he says that he wanted to do so at the beginning but no one would let him. We clearly know that this is not so based on reports of his actions early on during his arrest and subsequent incarceration.

His monotone voice along with his cocked head belie his words as he continues to say I am truly sorry for this bad act. He shrugs his shoulders looks up, away from the three judges as he cocks his head. Not only does he shrug his shoulder, he keeps it in the same raised position which indicates that he is literally giving the “cold shoulder” to match his cold monotoned voice pattern.

His words indicate the opposite based on his body language behaviors. He is not sorry at all and does not consider this a bad act. he has no feeling and no remorse whatsoever and it shows.

Then he immediately switches up the words and says I am truly sorry for this act. I feel bad. The fact that he repeats his apology as he alters the word order confirms that he is lying about feeling sorry for his “bad act”.

But now he is actually showing signals of honesty when he makes this latest statement. He now focuses his eyes back on the judges as he l looks directly at them as he now bows his head in sorrow. Yes he is sorry, but NOT for killing Stephanie Flores. He is sorry for getting caught . In fact he is truly sorry he got caught. Now he does not call it a bad act as he did initially. Now he simply calls it an act .In essence he is saying that he is sorry he was caught for his act of killing Stephanie Flores which he does not consider bad , but merely an act.

Then he says I feel very bad. This is true based on his body language. He feels very bad because he was caught doing this act that he did not consider bad. Note how the position of the words bad and act have changed in his statement. It is not longer a bad act. Now he feels bad he was caught in the act.

He is still nervous and anxious as she shows signs of this rocking back and forth freighting movements which his legs constantly moving as he sat and waited to speak, through his profuse sweating and itching as you can see int he photo above.

However he cannot help but leak out his arrogance and self righteousness through his erect posture and raised shoulder literally giving the judges a cold shoulder via his insincere confession . He does however feel vulnerable as you can see by his hands clasped over his private area. While he believe he was justified in what he did to Stephanie and feels forced to confess for the reward to a lighter sentence, he is still nervous and frightened by what the sentence will be. Also if you look at the muscle tension of his hands as he clasps them over his groin area you can see that he is indeed exhibiting a lot of nervousness and tension as he is holding on to himself for dear life.

Another change in Joran is that there is a lot of puffiness under his eyes which may indicate he is not getting a lot of sleep in prison and/ or possibly doing drugs. It has been said that for the right amount of money one can get just about anything in this prison.

Joran’s legal defense was that he had Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from the Natalie Holloway incident because he was hounded by the press for her alleged killing. Perhaps this was the best defense that his attorney could come up with because there was certainly no other defense as to why Joran would kill a lovely Peruvian girl with a bright future ahead of her. This lame defense got him two years less than the maximum 30 years he would have received had he not confessed.

As we see from Joran’s photos, prison life has not been good to him. He looks bad and as he lingers in prison for the next close to three decades, he will look even worse and prison life will be worse to him. Based on his actions during his court proceedings he knows this as well.

His slovenly appearance shows that he did not care how he looked or came across. He may have been told by his attorney that his confession would result in less prison time. because of his arrogance he may have interpreted this less prison time to be only a a few years. That would explain why he was visibly angry when the judge ordered him to 28 years in prison. He was reported to have cursed out loud as she was also ordered to pay $75,000 in reparations.

But Under Peru’s laws, however, van der Sloot could get out after serving half of his sentence. This means the 24 year old could be out when he is 38. That means he would have a long life ahead of him to live freely. With book, film and TV interviews he could be a very wealthy man, continue his gambling lifestyle and life like nothing ever happened.

But that will not be the case if the US has anything to do about it. He may be extradited to the US for extortion in the Natalie Holloway case. If found guilty, he would be put away for more time and serve it in the US.

It is unclear to date whether Joran will stay at Castro Castro prison where he has been isolated from the other prisoners or whether now that he has been sentenced, he will be among the general population there. it is unclear as to whether he will be transferred to a more harsher prison in Peru and placed int he general population.

If placed the general population Joran will be a walking dead man as there is fierce loyalty even among prisoners when it comes to a national hero- Stephanie Flores’ father.If another prisoner does not kill him, disease such as TB and AIDS may do it, thus making it doubtful that we will see Joran on the streets of Aruba, the Netherlands or any other place int he world.

If by some fluke of nature he does come out of prison alive at age 38, he will no doubt suffer the same fate as OJ and so many others where they commit another bad act to land themselves in prison for life.

While nothing can bring back Stephanie Flores, justice was finally served as she can now rest in peace. Let’s hope the same justice can be served for Natalie Holloway so she too can rest in peace and so her loving mother Beth can also have some peace.
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Joran Van Der Sloot's Insincere Body Language During Courtroom Confession Lands His 28 Years in Prison
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